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  • letstalklc
    10-07 10:37 AM
    Is there anything specific that can be done after 15 months? I was justing waiting for someone to look at my case at DOL. Can you please shed some more light on this?

    I tried to find information on the web, but I could not find anything anything particular to a case pending for 15 months or more.

    Please share your understanding with us all. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are in the similar situation.


    If your case is not filed by Fragomen and if it's passed 15 months period you can ask your lawyer to enquire about your case status, the DOL informed in the stake holders meeting to AILA no's that they are welcomed enquires to the cases that has been passed 15 months time period...for more information you can see in this web site under labor audit's endless delay thread (this is in the section of labor processing)

    Final conclusion - if your case is pending for more than 15 months and not filed by fragomen you can ask your employer to enquire about it.

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  • go_guy123
    01-26 03:49 PM
    US needs EB1 and Ph.Ds

    Others not contribute as much

    Actually US needs innovation and good talent. Not all PhD are that extra ordinary.
    One goes through the motions of adding incremental knowledge (that quality also depends of the reputation of the university). Most PhDs struggle from one post doc to another.

    Piled Higher and Deeper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

    PS: I mylelf dropped out of PhD like many of my friends. My experience was that
    only a few PhD students were doing "good" and relevant research. Rest were very acedemic in nature and all about working on questionable commercial value of DARPA and NSF grants.

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  • GCVictim
    10-14 04:57 PM
    It is not necessary approve before you leave this country. You can leave before they make decision. But you can not return USA using expired AP.

    You can not return into USA using expired AP. In order to use new AP which you have already applied. It should be approved before you leave USA.

    Other option you have H1B stamping if you are maintaining H1B. thanks

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  • rockstart
    03-11 09:43 AM
    Isnt Labor & I 140 property of the employer and labor can be transferred to some one else (not allowed now but was in past) the employee comes into picture only at the 485 stage and that is when the intent should be looked into. Its a pretty complicated question so lawyer is the best person to answer.


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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    07-31 10:08 AM
    I would like to know what are the primary reasons why employers revokes approved I-140 after invoking AC21 after 180 days.

    a. I think one of the reason is Labor substitution. If they want to use it for someone else. Now that this is eliminated, I think there will be minimal chances of revocation in future.

    b. Do big companies like Infy, Wipro do this?

    c. They could revoke because of problems between employer and employees...I think we need to be patient and work this out..

    Please reply with ur inputs.

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  • willigetgc?
    01-21 01:15 PM
    To avoid being like the thread running a few days ago, I don't want to be responding to each response. However, I do want clear a few things:
    I am not promoting one parenting technique over the other.
    As I said, I agree with a few things and disagree with a few things the author talks about.

    Having kids myself, I cannot think of a parent who would do harm to their own child. Each set of parents come with their own parenting skills that works for them and their children. I leave it at that.

    I only posted this because my doc asked me of my opinion and I in turn asked the opinion of IV members. If this thread is going to turn ugly, lets stop it, that was not my intention.


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  • Lil#39; Wayne

  • styrum
    02-18 12:22 PM
    I can't recall Democratic senators helping LEGAL immigrants during the CIR debate last year!

    Maria Cantwell (D-WA) introduced the only amendment favorable for us.

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  • stxvr
    07-07 04:24 PM
    I am on H1B. I am palnning to file AOS. Category F1 is Child of unmarried son of US citizen(family based).

    The LCA and Petition papers used for the my H1 Visa (at consulate interview) has the Job Title Programmer I and location A. But before coming to USA I got reassigned and I got a new LCA from the company (I got new LCA in India itself). Recently I looked into that New LCA it has recorded my Job Title as Programmer II and my current location location B.
    I have following question.

    My questions:
    1. Does this Probrammer I/ Probrammer II change in LCAs affects my AOS.
    2. If my oroginal petition and LCA has the job title programmer I and after that I got new LCA for new location with Job title programmer II than it is OK Or I must have to have the job title programmer I (same as matching with original petition)


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  • m.e.g.
    04-01 01:22 PM
    Ok, sadly there is no option in Illustrator 9. At least nothing convenient like when you go to save. I've tried searching in the preferences for anything that would let me save it as a PDF compatible, but no luck. Guess it finally time to upgrade. :emb:

    On the bright side there is a lot of good info on sunnypixels about what happens with gradients, strokes, etc. when you import them into Blend.
    Thank you!

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  • SivaMayam
    07-17 07:35 PM
    Dear Nachi,

    I was listening to Rajiv's recent/previous conference call recordins(mp3 foramat can be found on main page) in which he said some of his clients were in similar situations and did not have any issues.
    Please listen to one of those(recent 2 recordings) you will get some answer. Also consult with your lawyer if you filed through an attorney. Keep all the papers ready just in case you need to refile...
    Good luck



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  • mrdelhiite
    08-07 05:55 AM
    I filed my 485 on 2nd July and I am in process of filing 485 for my wife soon. I wana document and ask if there anything different from my 485 filing. Also can someone provide a list of supporting documents that I need attach to her application. I do have a rough list of mine but i wana make sure i dont miss anything.

    Thus can someone share the list of docs required for Spouse 485 application

    Changes that I need to watch out ?

    Form revisions I need to use for 485/ead/AP, I think fee will be same ie for
    485 –> $325+$70, EAD --> $180 , AP --> $170 ( as released in update1)

    I mailed my application to Nebraska, I am based in Florida … thus according to new rule should I send my wife’s application to Taxes?

    Should I include my supporting documents like I20, SSN, EAD ( of OPT) etc in her application.

    should i put some bright color note on application saying that i filed my application as Single on July 2nd and now filing my wifes application as i got married on July 29th ?

    Do i need to put my original employement letter with her application too or the copy will do ?

    I am not using a lawyer thus any help is appreciated.

    -M :)

    lil wayne tattoo pictures. Lil Wayne
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  • GooblyWoobly
    07-18 07:00 PM
    read the last paragraph of the link you posted

    Adjustment applications and ancillary benefits – The new application fee for an I-485 is a package fee that includes associated EAD and advance parole applications. Thus, if you file an I-485 with the fee listed above, while you will still need to submit applications for an EAD and advance parole, you will not need to pay a separate fee so long as your adjustment application is pending. However, if you filed your I-485 before this fee change, to apply for or renew your EAD or advance parole, you must file a new application with the new fee for those applications.

    Thanks. Clear as day!! This sucks.

    This meand all the people here filing in July will have to shell out 340$ for EAD and 305$ for AP each year.

    Can someone answer Q2?


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  • Kitiara
    06-14 08:01 AM
    Well, poll is over, and Soul wins with 29 votes. :)

    Normally this calls for some kind of congratulations, but in the light of how truly awful that site is, I'm not sure.... :)

    You're a very bad man. :) :beam:

    Well done all. :)

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  • basav
    08-04 06:57 PM
    Hi , Thanks again for the reply.

    Related to Point 3 ,reason why im trying to this is to avoid all of us leaving country due to non approval of my COS, I dont have luxury to stay on L1 beyond next 2 months..


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  • rangakutta
    02-10 12:16 PM
    SO who will decide wether its EB2 or EB3 ,. wether my consulatnt company when he is gonna put an add in the job site or the USCIS ???

    Thanks for all yur advise. Ia m very new in this

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  • thomachan72
    01-19 03:43 PM
    Let us start a thread to list of EB3 Immigrants that have done well in USA.

    We always say Einstein or Noble prize winner names. But those people are EB2 or EB1. What about EB3 that is most backlogged. There will be lot of great people who came in this category. Let us find their names and list here.

    I think this is indeed a great idea.... but it might be difficult to get this information. Let me start by giving one name...
    1) waitingwating
    Others pls add more if you know:D:D


    lil wayne tattoo pictures. Lil#39; Wayne has created a
  • Lil#39; Wayne has created a

  • hsingh82
    05-07 12:02 AM
    Did the police officers say anything against the deities or your culture? From your post, I assume no..if that's the case then you should understand the police officers are trained not to take their shoes off and take protective measures for themselves first when they are in these situations. In fact , even an internet cable guy won't take his/her shoes off when at work. As long as their purpose was not to harass you and they came with good intensions to help your family (in case something was really going on) you should take positives out of it that they acted quickly but only you can tell how they behaved and if your race or culture affected their behavior.

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  • aph0025
    11-12 09:41 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    It's amazing to see all the good work here! Please keep it up.
    My question is:
    I graduated with a Master's (MBA) from US in Dec. 06, have H1B approved from Oct. 1st 2007, through Comp. A (consultant). However, I have never worked with Comp. A, as they couldn't secure a project for me. Now, Comp. B has come forward to possibly hire me (non-consultant). How do I get my H1B transferred without the pay stubs, considering that Comp. B is a non-consulting company, and would need a very smooth transfer?

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  • waitnwatch
    01-06 02:26 AM
    This thing is driving me crazy...

    Do we need to send an invitation letter in a .txt format? How do I send an invitation letter with letterhead and signature in a .txt format?

    As far as I can remember this invitation letter part is only applicable if this is the first time someone is travelling to the US to study or work. I donot think this is needed if you have gone from the US to India for a vacation and are trying to get your visa renewed.

    This is what I recollect. By the way I think you can send a Microsoft Word Document.

    Hope this helps.

    11-25 06:01 PM
    To all IV members (and others), who have decided not to participate in the rally due to various reasons, I request you to give a very serious thought, and consideration, before reaching the final decision.

    It's highly critical that we do this Rally and/or Lobby Day before CIR 2009 is introduced. If we miss the CIR next year, it may be difficult to get any relief to our community for many years. I agree with you that times are tough. But if we don't act now, it'll keep getting tougher & tougher.

    I don't live near DC, and if you are too, understand where you are coming from. However, there is still several months time for the planned rally. If you book in advance, you should be able to lock-in a lower airfare on a budget airline. It may be a good idea to cash-in any Frequent flyer miles etc. you might be having ( I'm just throwing ideas here)

    Get in touch with your State chapter or nearest state active chapter. If enough members like you step forward, you guys can sponsor a few members willing to participate.

    If you still think you can't, please pledge or contribute donations/contributions for the planned Rally. If enough members like you, step forward IV may be to sponsor some members willing to participate, but can't due to economic hardship (out of job etc.) IV would also need funds to organize an event of this magnitude, to advertise it and arrange it.

    If you decide to contribute now, you can do so by clicking the 'Contribute' option on the Homepage. If you decide to pledge, please post your pledge of support here.

    I am confident that we will make it a success with your support.

    02-01 08:12 AM

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