Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • GC20??
    08-17 12:25 PM
    go exact same reply..please let me know if you hear anything about your case

    I got the same reply when contacted through two Texas senators.

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  • lskreddy
    08-22 03:48 PM
    Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP - San Francisco - just Google should be able to find contact information. They've treated me wonderfully!!

    Were you kidding or serious? You just quoted the very same name that guy is to avoid.

    Fragomen is the only part missing in the name you mentioned. I hope the other three didn't ditch Fragomen to start DBL..

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  • krishnam70
    02-22 09:40 PM
    Hi Kris,

    Can you please give the source from where you heard about this info? There are a lot of rumors being spread without any reason behind them. So this is important to find the source of the info before we get panic or make decision.



    I can assure you this is not a rumor and has happened recently in my colleague's team. I agree that this might cause lot of doubts in people's minds but I just wanted to share the info so that people don't get in to trouble. It is quite possible that this is a one off incident. People should share such information if it come's to their attention. This guy was told to return from POE

    Regarding the rights of the IO at POE. I am not sure if it is within the right of the IO to decide in this case but I have read somewhere that the IO has the power to decide whom to allow or not according to the interpretation of law. I am not sure what law was used to interpret the situation here by the IO

    If this post has caused unnecessary concerns I urge you to ignore it. If people who are back from visiting other countries or trips back home can post their experiences at the POE or any contradicting information then this one could just be a one off case..

    good luck

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  • delax
    07-16 07:31 PM
    I think IV did great today. BUT
    lets not act as children and pick fights with AILA. Please remember, due to their vested interest, there is NO ONE else who is more PRO-immigrant than AILA.. not even tech-employers..
    So if they are saying situation might be fluid and if they are saying not to spread rumours.. then so BE it..
    I hope I am wrong but seems like tiny access and frustration is causing few IV core members BIG heads ..
    This is time to be calm, AND YES DISCREET!!!!

    Before people start dumping on me.. please note.. we are among friends here and one of the ways to keep in check these things is to call upon friends when you feel they made a mistake.. and I FEEL IV made a mistake.. NOT in disclosing the knowledge but making an issue out of AILA warning and picking fights with them..! So lets take that out.. we know you stand by.. why keep it..?

    Well said - The greatness of a person lies in the humility that goes with success.

    I cant imagine the Mahatma thumping his chest with arrogant pride when India attained independence. So much for our committment to Gandhigiri that at the first sign of success - the daggers are out of the cloak.


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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-20 02:06 PM
    Can someone advise on this. My 6 yrs of H1 expires in Jan 2008. Employer says they will only apply 90 days prior to H1-b expiration.

    They already applied my 485 and AP.
    What should I be doing?
    1. Can I apply EAD myself?
    2. will I get in trouble if I do not have EAD and my H1 expires?
    3. Can I move to new employer using AC21 without EAD?

    You can apply for EAD
    I believe you have to have either EAD or valid H1B
    You can move to new employer using AC21 WITH EAD

    Contributed $100.00 so far.

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  • psam
    08-26 04:17 PM
    Hello all,

    It appears that my green card is lost in mail.
    My spouse received her 10 days back. Our 485 was approved on same day, so I think mine must be lost.

    I will wait for another couple of days for it to appear. Meanwhile I had few questions
    1. What is the process to getting a duplicate?
    2. If I just get GC stamped on my passport, will I be able to transit from Paris or London airport?


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  • neoklaus
    11-14 02:19 PM
    As per my family experience: for my husband and daughter they issued EADs without
    FP 3 weeks befor FP app-t, but mine EAD was ordered, as I've been informed by e-mail,
    in a 4 days after FP was done.

    So, even if Biometricals are not mandatory for EAD, but EAD Card has place for FP on it,
    in some cases they(USCIS) may pretend that there are a requirements( depends from officer)

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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    06-01 01:45 PM
    Are you sure of this? I, of course, hope you are right. It would be great!
    Please post this where it's VISIBLE


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  • browncow
    06-08 10:53 PM
    I do not support this.

    one, We simply do not want a temporary fix to our big genuine bureaucratic issue. and two, we are not alone, there are others who are filing/have filed labor/i140s and are waiting to file 485s.

    also, it will mellow down our resolve to overcome this injustice.
    money is really not the issue, as if they issue a 10 year EAD, they are definitely gonna make it that much more expensive, and USCIS cannot delay EAD APs, as that would make our case even stronger.

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  • sbabunle
    08-23 06:24 PM
    I think in 2000 some of the unused visa's are recaptured and allocated.
    That would be the reason the numbers are not looking exact in each year


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  • posmd
    04-06 10:18 PM
    All this is a lot of posturing. I think they will get a bill out of senate. Dems. want as few modifications as possible, Reps. want to weaken its pro immigrant provisions as much as possible. It is surprising to me that even with a minority 45 in the senate they are weilding more power as they are more united 40 or so solidly behind kennedy, compared to Reps. who are divided and so weakened. The bill is hence being shaped more to the pro immigrant Dems.
    I doubt the Reps. will kill it on the senate floor, they will atleast wait until house/senate conference to do that.
    Will be interesting tomorrow. Lets Pray as Cardinal Mahoney suggested.

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  • WaldenPond
    01-02 10:42 AM
    Excellent idea logiclife.


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  • sekasi
    11-30 02:16 AM
    I think I misread the OP about moving from the flash IDE to flex builder although I strongly prefer both FD and FDT to flex builder..

    and no Jeff, it wasn't directed at you although I'm sure you have no idea what you're talking about either :P

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  • gc4me
    07-05 09:02 PM
    Please let me know if anyone/your friend has port PD using receipt#. Logically it should be possible, as USCIS should pull everything from DB using receipt#. The question is has anyone successfully done this?


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  • martinvisalaw
    10-07 02:04 PM
    I received my H-1B approval for one year but my I-797 arrived without an I-94....

    The notice also states that approved I-129 has been sent to Hyderabad Consulate upon request.

    Can someone provide some insight on how to proceed and what are the options? Is there a chance to obtain authorisation by re-entering through a POE? What does this mean to my future in the states. Please clarify.

    You need to leave the US and return showing the new approval notice. You may be able to just go to Canada or Mexico (depending on those countries' immigration rules) and return showing the old H-1B visa and the new approval. You should do this ASAP because you have been out of status for quite a while now.

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  • unseenguy
    06-16 02:16 AM
    Thank you so much for all your advice. I will let them know immediately. However, I have one more question. Is it better to apply the visa from a computer in Indonesia compare to I help them apply from my computer in the US or it really doesn't matter? I'm not sure if the embassy tracks IP address or probably has something against it. Just a thought because we're very careful not to mess it up.

    If you prepare the application, you should sign as preparer and they as applicant. If they prepare it, only they need to sign.


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  • americandesi
    09-10 12:05 AM
    Hi - How to complain to USCIS about a fradulant company, What would be the affect of the complain on the employee ? Please advise and provide with any information. I know abot a cheater who exploites innocent students, are there any threads or blogs where there is informtion about fradulant companies, I guess there should be thread about such kind of companes and people running them, so that people do not get into their trap..


    Here's the form to complain H1 violations to DOL.

    If you are on H1, better to get it transferred to another employer before complaining, so that your old employer doesn't retaliate by withdrawing your H1.

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  • bfadlia
    02-21 12:11 PM

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  • txh1b
    08-06 07:36 PM
    I came to US 5 years back in H4. My husband processed GC and 140 is cleared and 485 pending. I got my EAD and now working. My husband and I have problems and he is threatening to ruin my life.
    Can I know a few things
    1. Can he take me out of the GC ?
    2. Can he revoke my EAD ?
    3. Can my employee extend my EAD which is expiring in 2010 and continue my GC.
    please help...

    If you are on a H4, you can be taken out of the pending 485 if you go through a divorce.

    1. Possibly can with a divorce.
    2. #1, can be considered automatically revoked if divorced.
    3. No

    12-03 10:17 PM
    Thanks for the update. I have an appointment at Nogales in mid-Dec.

    Can you please let me know what the Banamex draft looks like? Also, any help regarding supporting docs would be helpful.

    They gave the banamex draft for $151. It just looks like a normal receipt (like grocery store receipts in US). Why do you ask?

    See my previous reply for supporting docs.

    07-19 10:27 PM

    Either you or your wife have to curb the career growth.

    As of today EB2 is progressing well. There is a gossip out there that EB2 will be current in a year. If you stay with your current company you will get your Green Card.

    If you stay in EB2 you may have to cut the career progression for 2 more years (Assumption - EB2 will be current in a year). If you move to Eb3 then it will be 10 yrs or more.

    How sure are you that they will process her Green Card in EB2 or atleast they will file for a GC? If your wife only wants to join a company that processes GC in EB2 then there may be a chance that they will pay your wife less.

    Decide on your own.

    My personal suggestion.

    Do not get into EB3 hell.


    1. Do not take the offer. IMO.
    2. Yes
    3. No

    Note : I am in EB3 and my wife is in health care. She will get her job next year.

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