Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • gc_check
    01-08 10:22 AM
    I got it in a week, I got it from SF Consulate.

    This might be a simple stupid question,

    Can you please update, if you used a standard 2*2 passport taken here in the applicaiton form or got one 3.5 cm * 3.5 cm as put in the passport form. If yes, where did you took one. The standard size Passport Photo appears to be a little bigger than the one specified in the Passport application.

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  • iamlost
    07-24 09:59 PM
    Hi all,

    My I-140 was approved 2.5 years back and I-485 was also approved more than an year back.

    But, today the status on my I-140 got changed to "REQUEST FOR INITIAL EVIDENCE SENT, CASE PLACED ON HOLD". I am not sure, why did they reopen the case again. I checked with my company and they assured me that they didn't revoke my I-140.

    Could anyone suggest me what's happening to my case. Has anyone seen an similar kind of an issue and suggest me how to proceed ?

    Thanks in advance !

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  • PavanV
    04-30 10:29 AM
    May be 10% might have become entrepreneurs...? Definitely not everyone has started a 10person or even 1 person company....People are doing good but they just work as programmers or so called project know its not a big deal to become a Project manager in India..

    But 150K entrepreneurs...:p
    The rate at which the economy in India is growing, that figure might not be incorrect. Do not underestimate what people can do, times are changing and changing fast, all i can say is, green card ke chakkar mein duniya aage nikal gayi.

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  • SlowRoasted
    06-06 01:58 PM
    awe SHUCKS, so hard to decide.


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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 09:50 AM
    I think, it makes more sense for us to strive for 'I-485 filing without PD being current' and 'removal of hard country quota' issues rather than striving for the 'self GC application'..

    Let us focus on issues which is an extension of the current framework for legal immigration. I do not think it will be in our interest to compare our provisions with the ones of undocumented workers.

    Just my opinion!!!; IV core team can best decide on the approach. Is there any updates on our attempts to ammend for the 'I-485 filing clause' and the 'removal of hard country quota' clause?

    Yes if you are able to prove your illegal stay here and willing to wait for 6 years before applying for your GC, then you can do go this route. Also remember, it is possible that as of now there is no specific category under which these undocumented people can file their GCs. It is possible that you might have to wait another god know how many years before you actually get it.

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  • rockstart
    06-11 08:09 AM
    Its not possible to keep photo copies of each and every I94 issued. I think as long as you have all you I20 and H1B docs you should be good. Plus tracking I94 records is their job not your's


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  • Kitiara
    05-27 10:25 AM
    Consider it a back handed compliment. :)

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  • wandmaker
    11-18 10:37 AM
    shutterbabe: Prior to July fiasco, EAD is issued after regular FP; but I have not heard of separate FP to process EAD for Paperfiling cases. If you (have) efile(d) your AP, you will get a separate notice to FP for EAD without that your EAD will not be issued. I would advise you to take an inforpass appointment and discuss with I/O. At the worst case, you have them open a SR and take it from there.


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  • anandrajesh
    05-04 01:59 PM
    Hi Madhuri,

    Do you have any more information regarding this.
    I am in the same boat .
    My LC got approved through perm in my 6th year
    and I140 applied and pending .
    6th year expires in Sept06.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    You can get your H1 extended based on Approved Labor / Pending Labor for 365 days. You get H1 extensions in 1 yr increments. If your 140 is approved as well then you get your H1 in 3 yr increments.

    I got my labor/140 done and my 6th Yr H1 is expiring Aug 31 and i shld be eligible for 3 yr extension due to Visa Number Unavailability.

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  • posmd
    04-06 10:18 PM
    All this is a lot of posturing. I think they will get a bill out of senate. Dems. want as few modifications as possible, Reps. want to weaken its pro immigrant provisions as much as possible. It is surprising to me that even with a minority 45 in the senate they are weilding more power as they are more united 40 or so solidly behind kennedy, compared to Reps. who are divided and so weakened. The bill is hence being shaped more to the pro immigrant Dems.
    I doubt the Reps. will kill it on the senate floor, they will atleast wait until house/senate conference to do that.
    Will be interesting tomorrow. Lets Pray as Cardinal Mahoney suggested.


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  • rockets12345
    10-30 01:04 PM
    Any one please?

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  • stuckinretro
    10-13 11:16 PM
    Wear a formal. Not that that's what they require, but just as a formality. However, be prepared to wait for 2-3 hrs in the queue.

    Is it mandatory to wear business formal? I am going to get visa stamping with my wife, she is applying for H4.



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  • chaituk
    10-21 11:42 AM
    Hi, I am in the same boat as you. Can you please provide your experience with filing the future employment I-485 and if AC21 is possible.

    My question is: Can you continue to work for employer B while employer A files future employment I-485 and can we use AC-21 after 180 days without being employed with employer A?

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-23 02:11 AM

    Yesterday my lawyer received receipts for my spouse and kids (485/EAD/AP) but not for myself. Now my lawyer is insisting upon sending me the copies of the receipts and do not want to send me the originals. With respect to that I have following questions:

    1) Is that o.k having copies only or we should have originals? If we do not
    have originals what bad may happen?

    2) Either my lawyer or I have not received any of my receipts but we
    received all receipts of my family. Is this normal? How long should we wait
    for my receipts before contacting USCIS? By the way USCIS already gave
    me my all numbers for teh receipts and according to USCIS my receipts
    already mailed on Sept 14th. What would be advisable action for me in
    this case?

    3) None of the receipts of my family contain Priority Date. PD field is blank on all receipts. Is this O.K.?


    - BharatPremi

    1. we also only have the copies of our receipts. Lawyers say the originals are property of the employer. Does not matter I think, as what we needed were the receipt numbers to track status, and a copy in case we communicate with USCIS (if we communicate with USCIS for something, we'll only include a copy of the receipt, dont need original). If you ever feel you need the original receipt (esp. of the 485) you can point them to the regulation that says you need original 485 receipt if you travel when you have AOS pending. there was a thread earlier on IV, and also lots of Google references: avel+adjustment&sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS230US230

    2. people have got receipts (even fingerprinting notices, appointments) weeks apart from their co-applicant. I would say hang on a week before you contact uscis.

    3. our receipt also had the PD field blank. Apparently thats normal


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  • vikrantp
    12-23 01:35 PM
    Can I port a PD from Company A when the company got bankrupt and closed after I moved to Company B and started my new LC and I140.

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  • sravani
    05-15 01:05 PM
    Here's a rather strange and may be uncommon situation for someone I know who needs suggestions from gurus here...such huge PD movements do result in strange situations such as these :)

    EB3 India Labor + I-140 certified with PD Feb 2003
    EB2-140 pending at NSC hoping to port the EB3 PD date

    So both cases are now current, which leads to a couple of options for AOS:

    1. File based on approved EB3 (and risk a potential retrogression in future)

    2. File based on pending EB2 140 before it is approved (and risk potential RFE, etc. and who knows if it would be too late to revert to the EB3)

    The other option is to upgrade the EB2 140 to PP, but could you please list the relative merits of the above two options?

    My case is also similar and I decided to go with EB2

    My EB3 PD is Nov 2002. I got promotion this year and same company applied for my EB2 labor via Perm and got approved with in couple of months.

    My attorney already filed my 485 application concurrently while applying for EB2 I-140 PD (PP) last month. I got an RFE(edu: 3 year Engineering degree). My EB2 I-140 is approved yesterday after receiving the RFE response. It's better to utilize the EB2 category if you can, in case if they decide to retrogress again, it's likely that you will get the GC soon with EB2 PD than EB3 PD.


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  • Rakson
    03-03 06:58 PM
    You have added important point for consideration. Thanks!

    I am including response from Rajeev Khanna. I took paid consultation today and paid him $220 for above queries. He is excellent. I would recommend him for all immigration queries...

    A. Can USCIS revoke extended period ( after Jan 29, 2011) if current company(A) revokes their approved I-140 before new company(B) gets approval of new PERM and I-140?

    Rajeev >> USCIS can but they have not done this till today ( as per history in Rajeev's database).

    B. Can new company (B) start new PERM application during my extension period (after Jan 29, 2011)?

    Rajeev >> YES, they can. It is recommended to start before start of 7th year but not MUST.

    C. Can new company (B) transfer Priority date even if existing company(A) revokes their I-140?

    Rajeev >> Yes, its possible if revoke is not due to fraud filing..

    1. What kind of trend is there now a days on PERM labor approval? Lot of queries and rejections ?

    Rajeev >> No, this is not true. USCIS is still approving as before.

    2. Can my new PERM or I-140 be denied for any reason? It was approved for me twice in past.

    Rajeev >> Yes, this could happen as every filing is new and handled from starting.

    3. Can I keep running existing GC without continuing with old company? When should I join them back for safe GC processing? After GC? After EAD? During 485 filing?

    Rajeev >> Ideally after GC you must join but it is recommended to join back during 485 filing.

    4. My wife worked on L2+EAD for 3 years. Is L2+ EAD period counted towards 6 years work visa like (H1 + L1).

    Rajeev >> No, L2+EAD period is not counted like H1 & L1.

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  • black_logs
    04-13 08:47 AM
    Guys please send your comments befor it is too late.

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  • peer123
    04-09 01:47 PM
    I guess you won't find much love for labor transfer cases in these forums but AFAIK AC21 has nothing to do with whom the labor was filed for.

    I appreciate your help, but just to justify you, I have been in this country for more than 8 years now and I have no clue what happened to my labor, I applied it way back in 2001 and one more 2004.

    anyway, I think many have been helped. and I wish everyone the best...

    02-17 09:59 PM
    Its probably wise to lobby both Sen. Dick Durbin and Sen. John Cornyn together.

    03-05 04:44 PM
    I had two soft LUDs on 3rd and 4th of March. Did anyone else also have similar LUDs recently?
    I know my PD is not current so nothing really going to happen.

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