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  • a lot of mixed babies seem

  • mrajatish
    06-08 03:18 PM
    I agree - better be safe than sorry. My take - you are just unlucky, USCIS randomly picks folks who have been in the country for a while to see if they have ever been out of status. Likely, they are doing that with you.

    Have you kept your I-20? Can you call your old Univ. to get payroll stubs (I think you can do that)?

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  • Lasantha
    02-06 06:48 PM
    H1B Stamping in Halifax Canada (only for revalidation)

    She told me ( as with other applicants) that my information is not in the new system called PIMPS, so its possible that I could not get my passport the next day at 3 pm.

    PIMPS? :D
    I think it's PIMS. :cool:

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  • tedious: Asian Americans

  • mach1343
    10-13 03:01 PM
    Doesn't matter casuals or formals.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    05-21 12:46 PM
    The example he has given is a special case. The guy needs H1, because his son was out of status. Something is missing in the case. The child came to US 10 years back on B2 and stayed on B2 forever without extending or changing the status???

    We need H1 only when we are not married or we have not filed I-485 for the dependants.

    I agree. This was a special case and the attorney initially filling the 485 should have caught this error.


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  • mixed babies are the cutest!

  • nhfirefighter13
    November 25th, 2005, 07:51 AM
    The first one isn't doing anything for me. I like the second one better but agree with the others that it needs a bit more DOF...and I'd go so far as to see if you could make the image (flower) as large as the lighter version.

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  • Cute aby girl smilling

  • Mumbai_girl
    12-02 12:06 PM
    Dear Friend:
    I will also be going to the Kolkata Consulate to get my H1B stamped in May 2008 (HIB expires Aug 2008). Since getting an appointment at the US Consulate requires a prior payment of visa fees at a Consulate designated bank, I would apprecitae if you would let me know how this process works: I.e: (1) How to pay the visa application fee and the visa issuance fee at that bank; and (2) how to book an appointment at the Consulate at Kolkata. Thanks again.

    This link should explain all your queries


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  • Cutest Mix Baby**CLOSED**

  • FraudGultee
    04-21 11:00 AM
    You will find the weather challenging if you are moving from North East

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  • smuggymba
    09-24 04:22 PM
    Hi All,

    Is there anyone planning to get H1-B/any visa stamping in Matamoras, Mexico in the next couple months? (I'm from dallas)

    Is there anyone who already went for stamping in matamoras recently....

    Please share your thoughts...

    I'm planning to get my H1-B renewal stamping next month...

    Thanks for all your replies in advance!!!


    It's nice to see many ppl going to Mexico and getting renewals....I have my renewal coming up next year and this seems to be a good idea. Saves the hassle of travelling to India and getting stamping.


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  • lack and chinese mixed race.

  • amsgc
    04-07 08:49 PM
    The non-profit organizations that meet the following criteria are cap exempt:

    1. A nonprofit organization or entity related to or affiliated with an institution of higher education, as such institutions of higher education are defined in the Higher Education Act of 1965, section 101(a), 20 U.S.C. section 1001(a)

    2. A nonprofit research organization or a governmental research organization, as defined in 8 CFR 214.2(h)(19)(iii)(C)

    Now read page : 54 of the following link for (2):

    Please share your understanding.
    I have questions about working for a nonprofit that is not a research organization.

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  • Virtually all Asian babies

  • gparr
    March 15th, 2004, 11:10 AM
    Steven brings up a good point about those camera phones. I fear them to a degree. Someone told me recently that they had read/heard advice that when you're using a credit card at a store make sure you keep the numbers covered up. Apparently, people with camera phones have been known to take a picture of your card to get the numbers and expiration date.


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  • mixed baby… an Asian chick

  • cyclone_p
    06-21 12:24 AM
    Hello :

    My EAD is valid till August 10, 2010. This is my second EAD. 1st filed with I-485 in 2007 and second renewed in 2008.

    First Renewal Attempt :

    I therefore sent my papers to my employer in early April 2010 (120 days in advance). My employer to 10 days to file with USCIS (Snail Mail - Phoenix Lockbox). Then USCIS took another 30 days to look at my papers. They rejected it. Reason :

    The check amount is incorrect, or has not been provided. Please review the Form Instructions for fee information. Please resubmit the application/petition package with the appropriate fees to the USCIS address listed on the bottom of this notice.

    The eligibility code you provide on your I-765 requires proof that an I-485 has been submitted. Please resubmit your Form I-765 with a copy of your Form I-485 receipt notice (I-797).

    Turns out my employer did provide checks were provided in the correct amount but the name on the check was incorrect "USCIS Vermont Office"...Go figure.

    Further, I had never received my I-485 receipt notice in mail (filed when the flood gates opened in July/August 2007). I had however received my ASC FP notice and had used it in my previous EAD renewal in 2008. I had sent in a copy of this with my paperwork. That did not seem to have worked. So I called USCIS NSC and they informed me that I need to attach a cover letter with my application explaining that I did not receive the I-797 for the I-485.

    Second Renewal Attempt :

    So this time, I filed my application to the Phoenix Lockbox myself via snail mail (never efiled so thought why take a chance). I sent my own checks payable to "US Department Of Homeland Security" as mentioned in the I-765 instructions. I also included a cover letter about my missing I-485 receipt notice and sent in the I-485 ASC FP notice copy along with a printout of the pending I-485 from USCIS website.

    This new app reached USCIS on June 1, 2010.

    It got rejected again and reached me yesterday on June 19, 2010. Reasons...Exactly the same as before.

    Needless to say, I was confused, frustrated, angry, sad...and everything in between.

    Starting Third Attempt :

    Given that only 50 days are left for my current EAD to expire. I e-Filed again yesterday (June 20 2010) hoping that by doing so, I will bypass the Phoenix Lockbox and will avoid the reason for rejection regarding the check.

    I will be mailing my supporting documents tomorrow. They will reach USCIS on June 22 2010. The only thing/s addtional that I am sending in now are...

    a) The top tear-off from the original EAD mailer (had forgotten to send it in last two times as I thought it was not necessary)

    b) A request for correction on the eFiled EAD as I mentioned "Country Of Citizenship" as "USA" instead of "India" (Thanks to my frustrated mood and the poor usability of the I-765 online form).

    Request advice...

    I know that I will have to stop working on August 11 2010 and I can't earn for as long as I don't have a valid EAD in my hand. I also know that it does not affect my Green Card I-485 app as long as I don't work without and EAD.

    So what should I do from here on? Should I wait...I still have 50 days to hope to get my renewed EAD in. Should I call USCIS and request expedited processing of my case...but I haven't even received my receipt notices yet. Should I book and INFOPASS appt...but INFOPASS appointments for I-765 are only issued if it has been more than 90 days since the application was filed?

    I will really appreciate any comments/suggestion regarding my case.

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  • Edison99
    09-23 06:57 AM
    What a foresight�

    Corporations save more than 10K.. It doesn't work..

    Average cost of employment in US for high tech is around 90$ per hour and social security
    percentage is 6%, So the max is less than 10K per year or less than 0.5 USD per hour.

    These companies actually pay far less than 90$ for offshore resources..

    Since it really doesn't work, it has high chances of passage into bill :rolleyes: and president will promptly sign it before this session recesses.. :cool:

    It will also be passed in an unanimous consent by both parties..


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  • aww she is adorable. my aby

  • chanduv23
    04-13 10:43 AM
    You are very correct. For them immigration issue means, family based greencard system. They will be happy if EB greencard is eliminated so that all greencards are given to their families.

    My friend contacted such organization and they said that they will help us by putting our issue on their website. For that I should ask IV to contribute to their cause. They refused to contribute anything or do anything for IV. They said that by putting IV's name on their site, they are doing us a favor by enhancing our profile and that is a big help. I am now repulsed by such ABCDs.

    This is so much in contrast to hispanic orgs or Irish orgs or jewish orgs who care for their people.

    yes, our community is divided. The main reason is, all these years, majority people used short cuts methods or got lucky or effortlessly immigrated and jumped to the other side. Things were not so tough for them as compared to us and we are competitive. They hate us for being competitive so they influence the law makers and the results is obvious EB green card is 10% and FB system is bringing in 60%. They take advantage of the the H1b system to live on us and influence the policies making it tougher.
    We are better off not seeking their help, but if people think otherwise, go for it. A lot of these organizations are formed for convinience and self interest and they really do not have any interest in the community as a whole.

    Take example of ATA and TANA. ATA is called American telugu Association and TANA is called Telugu association of North America. They say ATA is for Reddys and TANA is for Khammas.

    Look at the Gujjus. They are strongly bound their community only. Look at all the Tamil sangams, Kannada Sangams, ......

    I am not blaming them, but just saying that their agendas are not ours. We may be better off not spending time with these people.

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  • a lot of mixed babies seem

  • gapala
    02-24 12:24 PM
    its depends ...

    1) my and wife air ticket to india for visa stamping.
    2) All visa fees
    3) all hotel exp.
    4) All attorney and USCIS fees .
    but check with your CPA .

    Jeezz.. travel to India? Is this personal or business travel? If business didn't you get paid for international travel?
    I guess everything related to conducting your business can be itemized as tax deductable.


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  • txh1b
    05-06 11:51 PM
    No one can enter your property without your permission or consent unless they have a warrant. The officer has to ask you if they can come in and you might have said yes and hence the result. You could very well say no and walk outside the door to talk to them.

    Some PDs have educational videos to the police officers. A good example and a must watch link below.

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  • mixed babies are the cutest!

  • fuzzy logic
    07-01 10:22 AM
    Thanks for your replies.

    I understand the use of AC21 and I think I am fine as far as GC process goes. My main concern is the continuity of the H1B visa. Since the designation and the location of the employment will change, will there have to be H1B amendment, since the employer is same so there won't be any H1B transfer.

    I am eventually going to contact the employer's lawyer, but wanted to do my own research ahead of that. I couldn't get very clear answer from online sources and blogs. Any suggestion here would be very help full. Thanks!


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  • -Paula Abdul (White/Black)

  • mg_chase
    12-24 10:13 AM
    Guys. Assuming the same set of conditions as being discussed in this thread (Intent to change employers, I-140 already approved etc..)... Would I be able to retain my PD even if I change my field when I move to a new employer (shift from IT to Marketing after getting my MBA).

    Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • ram_ram
    03-18 04:48 PM
    No and as per Murthy chat questions many employers do not do anything with I-140.

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  • rb_248
    03-30 10:54 AM
    Try making a baby and see if it works.

    04-21 05:09 PM

    I am working in US on L1 and my company would start my green card filling in next few months.

    I also have valid H1B pettion stamped and can switch to H1B which would mean that I can work freely here at US.

    But many of my friends told me that green card processing is faster on L1.

    I am not able to make decision whether I should continue working on L1 or change my status to H1 to get better hike and more opportunity.

    Pls can anyone tell me which would be wise choice. Is green card processing for L1 visa is faster?

    Thanks in advance.


    GC in L1 is not faster than H1. Its just that L1-As are typically multinational managers who qualify for EB1, and H1s typically are engineers/worker-bees who qualify for the longer EB2/EB3 Process. So first find out what your category is going to be, EB1 or one of the other two.
    If you qualify for EB1, your GC process will be fast (~6 months), if its EB2 or EB3, hunker down for a long (5?10 years?) wait. This is irrespective of whether you are in L1 Or H1.

    advantages of H1
    - can be extended indefinately past 6 years in 1-3 year increments; once you have a GC going (LC >365 days old or I-140 approved).
    - can change employers in the US.

    advantages of L1
    - if your spouse is on L2, he/she can get an EAD and work.

    so main issues with your current status of L1:
    - If you have not filed your 485 within your L1 time, you need to change status to something else or return to home country. You cant get the extensions that you can get with H1.
    - if you lose your job, if you already had an H1 In the past you can move to that status, otherwise you need to go to home country and then get lucky in next years lottery.
    - there are no salary restrictions, so the employer can potentially legally underpay you. With H1 you must atleast be paid the prevailing wage.

    So unless you have a spouse that is currently on an L2-EAD, I would think moving to H1 makes more sense. (time in L1 counts agianst your time for H1 and vice-versa)

    11-09 09:21 PM
    Hello gurus,

    I have one doubt abt requirements to port EB2.

    my EB3 priority date is Aug 2005, now i am planning to apply EB2 with different employer. do i need 5 yrs experience as of my Eb3 priority date in order to port Eb3 priority date to Eb3 ? my lawyer is saying i need 5 yrs experience as of Aug 2005 is it true ?

    thanks a lot for your help

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