Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • diptam
    07-17 12:09 AM
    I mean i filed without both of those. Theyare required in the 140 phase , not in 485.

    But keep them handy - in case they wants mail by next day air
    My attorney is requesting that I need to submit Tax return for filing AOS.
    I had sent W2 forms
    Is tax return separate from W2 , I am confused..:confused:

    Pls help

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  • gparr
    May 23rd, 2005, 07:27 PM
    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. All of it is very helpful and the kind of comments I hope to get for critiques.
    Queen, Chris: Interesting that the white rock bothered you. It didn't me until I cloned it out. It was very distracting.
    Bob: In #1 I focused on the dwarf Joshua tree in the foreground so everything beyond that should be in focus. I think the image suffers from compression and that's why the plantlife looks out of focus in the mid-ground. According to the lens, at f/10 everything beyond 3ft. should be in focus. I can see all of the individual branches in the full-sized image.
    Nik: Not sure I understand what you mean about the polarizer. Didn't know I had that kind of control over the polarized light. Can you educate me?
    Don, Josh, and rr3: My plan in #2 was to make the eye start at the yucca in the bottom right and flow through the image to the back left of the scene. In retrospect Don, you're right. It's too cramped. I only wish it was a crop, but it's full frame so I'm stuck with it. Josh, good point about something to balance the image. Not sure I could have done anything about it but I'll watch for a balancing element next time.
    Queen: I included the path in #2 for that very reason. To get to the base of the rocks would have taken much more hiking time than I had. The next time I go to Vegas, I hope to have time to hike one of those trails and experience the rocks up close. The third image is not a crop. It's a different image shot with my 105mm macro. Wanted to show the color changes in the different rock levels. It is a portion of the second shot.
    Brad: You're right. The timeframe at sunrise and sunset for excellent light is very short. Once that point is past, the light quickly becomes very harsh and seems to start bouncing all over the place. I have minimal experience shooting in such wide open spaces and with massive rock surfaces and found it very challenging both times I was there. The polarizer helped a lot this time, but much of doing these landscapes well seems to be knowing the area and timing and positioning.
    Queen: I'd hire you in a heartbeat, but don't want you to have the misconception that business travel is pleasant. Getting to do a little shooting on the side is a small payback.

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  • njboy
    09-25 05:27 PM
    venky is right..find out why it was sure an rfe was requested..right? did you finish your MS by april?
    however, venky, your suggestions are not very sound..did you hear that that h1 quota is over? how can his future employer file for him? he can only start working oct 08 earliest

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  • arrarrgee
    07-13 11:29 AM
    Read on CNN that west coast is hitting 125 in some places...if thats the case guess you guys should be good not wearing any suits...would look odd:eek:

    Its a good idea but make sure you guyz are comfortable. It must be hot out there.


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  • kevinkris
    11-21 03:37 PM
    My friend did the same thing. Not h1 extention but re-instatement of AP to H1.

    It's same as applying for H1 (form 129 etc) but the option you select
    is different.

    Part 2. Information about this petition. * (See instructions for fee information.)

    Basis for Classification (Check one):
    Check 2nd option:

    Continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer.

    I do not think this statement is correct "Since you applied for H1 extension it means that you are out of parolee status and on H1 again."

    As long as H1B is the underlying petition for your GC application H1 extension does not negate your AP status. You have dual travel papers.

    Caution - Please talk to lawyer as there is some stuff around abandoning your petition is you go out of country before approval...

    I have had a valid H1 and AP for a while now and travelled on AP without issues.

    Hope it helped.

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  • eeezzz
    02-19 01:18 PM
    I still don't see where this "spill from EB-1 ABC country to EB-2 ABC country" idea coming from.
    We all know there's no fixed number of quota for any country in each EB category. There's only "up to" limit for each country. Although some countries may hit their limit early, but that doesn't mean that is reserved quota for that counrty. Since there's no reserved quota for any country, where is the "spill from EB-1 ABC country to EB-2 ABC country" idea coming from ?

    "There is some possibility that India EB-2 could again become available if it appears that the demand for India EB-1 will not exceed the annual limit, but, that determination will not be able to be made until the second half of the fiscal year"
    I think this means
    1. If EB-3 RoW Current, unused quota goes to other countries which is not current, from EB-1 -> EB-2 -> EB-3, either randomly or again by country limit to use these extra quota.
    2. If EB-3 Row not current. unused quota goes to other countries which is not current, from EB-1 -> EB-2 ->EB-3, either randomly or again by country limit to use these extra quota at 4th quarter in order to not waste any quota.


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  • Cheran
    04-06 10:28 AM
    This is talking about I-140 and not I-485.....

    My I-140 filed with TSC is still pending since August 2007. I hope I get a decision ( hopefully positive) by Sep 2009!

    Could you elaborate why you say this is about I140? I couldn't derive that from the posting. Anyhow this whole this is utter nonsense from the immigration department. I don't think there will be any action, period.
    The whole thing is written as if June 2007 happened by mistake, I don't buy that.

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  • rsdang1
    06-24 03:47 PM
    I understand where you are coming from but more awareness and publicity will only help and hopefully drive action...

    Go Mayor Go... get us CIR...:D


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  • hsd31
    03-17 07:24 AM
    From your post it looks like option 1 is a no-go. You will waste more time and you will have to start back at square one again if the appeal is rejected (which it most likely will, given that the facts are against you). It will be more advisable to re-start the process and go with option 2.

    I will also suggest that you get yourself a new lawyer. You should have never applied in EB-2 given you had a degree dated 2002.

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  • permfiling
    02-09 04:22 PM
    A correction, it is for 3 years infact not 4 and the I-94 stamped at POE was 1 month short of 3 years.


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  • inskrish
    08-04 11:45 PM
    I got the magic mail today ---Card production ordered!!! Just for me.
    The status of my wife's I485 remains the same ---> Received and pending?

    Any one in similar situation?

    Good to see a 2003 case is getting approved. I believe you are a TSC filer. Hope your wife's case get approved soon.:)

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  • lagsam
    07-22 07:26 PM
    We have the same case. Our AP's (mine, my wife's and daughter's) are expiring next month. Fortunately, I have a close friend and an immigration attorney.

    He said that it is not mandatory to renew the APs. Unless to you wanted to travel outside of the US, then you will need to renew your APs. If they are expired, you need to apply for a new one.

    Three of us are paroled.

    He also explained that it will not affect your AOS.

    I hope I was able to help you.

    FYI--this was the explaination of my immigration attorney. I am not an immigration attorney myself.



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  • aquarianf
    07-19 08:45 AM
    my attorney did not ask for w2 or tax return, my company uses berry, appleman and leiden,

    wonder why different attorneys have different requirements

    Even my attorney didn't include any paystub,w2s or tax returns. According to them employment letter is enough.

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  • jkays94
    04-17 10:37 PM
    This is what I got to share with my friends from the site after I signed the petition :

    Did You Hear What Happened in Washington?

    Dear Friend,

    As you may have heard in the news, Senator Kennedy has been at the forefront of immigration reform; he's built a bipartisan coalition around a tough but fair approach that is rapidly gaining popular support among Americans.

    Sixty-three percent of Americans believe that immigrants who have lived in the country for a certain period of time should be allowed to go through the process of obtaining citizenship. But the out-of-touch Republican leadership is pushing back and many hope to make these would-be citizens felons.

    I've added my signature of support to Senator Kennedy's efforts to protect the American worker. Will you join me?

    I'm standing with Senator Kennedy, and fighting to ensure that our country values hard work. I hope you will too.

    Thank you!


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  • Dhundhun
    09-20 10:33 PM
    What is GC?
    What is it anyway?

    If it is philosophical question, then it is something which takes away couple of years of life of some of those people born in India and China (wait and wait and wait and ...), who want to have it. In return it frees them from bond of slavery.

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  • same_old_guy
    11-10 03:42 PM


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  • optimystic
    04-21 04:24 PM
    hi friends,
    even my PD is current. but my case is transferred from texas to vermont. though my PD is current my processing date is not current. what is the reason for transferring I- 485 case from one center to other.
    any response is appreciated

    Load balancing is one of the primary reasons.

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  • kish006
    12-27 04:01 PM
    It took about 4 weeks. Do you have H1-B extension? If so, I would suggest to use that instead of waiting for AP. The AP has new date instead of old one. Good Luck in getting the AP sooner.

    IF your EAD and AP got approved with incorrect Photo. What actions ur lawyer is taking for her I-485 application. IF you 485 approved her card will come with different photo. so you lawyer suggested to you and what actions ur taking to prevent.

    Let me know as I am also in same boat.
    My lawyer is stupid guy he wont respond to me. he will only respond to my employer.

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  • perm2gc
    02-09 11:40 AM h_govt/articleshow/1586856.cms

    Anybody thinking of trying a lawsuit in US should better think again. It's of NO USE. It will only aggravate the average Americans and you will lose whatever little support we have from moderates. Lawsuit will yeild nothing.

    We must try Gandhian approach of appealing to their innate sense of justice.

    Only President bush can do something if somehow he can be convinced.
    People already sued USCIS couple of years back and lost the battle.Sad to hear about 15,000 people with their futures undecided.I also heard that many doctors are leaving US as they are unable to find a residency program.

    02-29 08:56 AM
    Receipts usually sends to Attorney, who represent your case, if you signed G-28 form. You only get Notice for FP, Original EAD, AP. So don't worry abt the receipt. It should be with your attroney.

    03-14 01:11 PM
    hopein07 - thanks a ton again

    Any idea about Australia?

    Not much idea about Australia but you don't want to go Down Under. It's very racist and discriminatory in every aspect. Besides, the accent.... OMG... simply unbearable :mad:

    You can get some info from a forum for British expats in oz:

    All in all Oz is a bigger hell. The only thing good there is the 3 Bs - Beer, Beaches and the Babes. But you better stay away from them because they are not very approachable for the people of color.

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