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  • gc_chahiye
    10-31 03:32 AM
    Ideally you are supposed to apply ur H1B atleast before 1 month, at the same time you can apply ur H1B extension within 45 days after expiry date with a genuine reason.

    where did you see these 30/45 days numbers? you can apply an H1 extension upto 180 days in advance of the expiry of your current H1 (basically 180 days before the new start-date)

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    12-03 05:40 PM
    Bump ^^^^

    Keep pledging. We need to make this happen.

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  • snathan
    08-18 05:08 PM
    No, not correct. Since she got a new I-94 her status changed to H1 w.e.f October 1, 2008.
    However, because she did not work she is currently out of status. She will have to change her status back to H4 either by going out of country and re-entering with H4 visa or filing I-539.

    She can correct the status by going out of the country. But any time USCIS can ask for the pay stub for that period during the GC process. If you are not able to provide the Paystub, your GC will be in soup. So the best would be to ge the pay stub.


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  • inspectorfox
    07-17 02:18 PM
    Excerpt from Gregs blog and comments :(

    "Things are going SOUTH . No agreement and No relief.
    Class action is the only option. USCIS just wanted to test the waters and now they don't want to settle. Every thing else is just rumor mill. Every one who claimed to know the insider info was just taken for a ride. Welcome to beltway politics 101."
    What's the point of starting a new thread to throw in your opinion?
    Servers and all members are already very stressed.


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  • desi3933
    06-12 01:37 PM
    Severance package includes all benefits including health care. As per the law no can be paid full salary with deductions being made for Medicare and social security, if there is no valid status. My friends have gone through this stage in Big5, they can NOT cancel H1B until the last day of severance package validity.
    Also remember that by law, employer has to arrange a one way ticket to the departing employee (not to the family members) to his/her foreign country and show it in record that they made all arrangements to send away the employee so that there is no overstay or illegal stay after severance package.
    I have seen this happening so many times
    If employee choses a different option to stay legally, that's up to the employee

    Severance Package is NOT salary. One can receive unemployment benefits during the period of severance pay. Please check with your attorney/lawyer. H1 status is valid until last day of employment.

    If one applies for H1 transfer during brief period (couple of weeks) after H1 status expiry, USCIS generally approves H1 transfer with new I-94. If the new I-94 is not attached, the one is required is travel abroad to get new visa stamp and re-entry into US gets that person into valid H1 status.

    One way ticket is provided only if the employee is fired or laid off. Please check rules before posting. No one-way ticket is required if employee resigns (or made to resign, as some may say).

    Also, one need to aware of the risk of losing PD porting, if the existing I-140 is revoked or canceled by the employer.

    Please verify details with your attorney/lawyer.

    Only a qualified attorney can offer legal advice and I am not an attorney therefore I am not offering any advice, only personal opinion and/or information.

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  • arjun007
    01-26 12:53 PM
    H1B Stamping in Halifax Canada (only for revalidation)

    If this is your first H1 do not book your appointment. I had my H1 from my first company and I was going for the stamp for my third company.

    I Scheduled the appointment on the website. While scheduling it the page for entering the I-797 information (notice date, receipt date, receipt number) did not show up. But a few days before the appointment I logged in again to my account with the passport number and reference number, this page showed up and I entered the information. It is important to fill out this information and DS 156 online.
    I would suggest filling up a sample DS-156 offline and after reviewing it filling it up online. You should get 3 pages for the DS 156 and 2 of them have a barcode.
    *Do not glue the 2x2 photograph on the form.
    *Also do not leave any blank spaces (.... write NA)

    At the airport

    As soon as I got out of the immigration at Halifax, a few yards down the airport lounge I saw the Travelex foreign exchange and converted a few us dollars. there is a 7 $ fee for every transaction. If you have somebody with you, I would recommend both of you to do the transaction in one go. I recommend not taking a cab to the city. It costs 54 Canadan $. There is a shuttle service managed by AIRPORTER. Its 18 $ per person. Book your ticket in the airport terminal itself. Ask the driver to drop you at Delta Halifax (Hotel).

    -Scotia Bank
    Once you get down at Delta Halifax you will see the Scotia Bank Sign. Get into the building. The bank is in this building (Scotia Mall) right behind a fountain.
    Deposit the money and get the deposit slips stamped. I converted another 50 US $ for a 2 $ fee ( Cheaper than the airport). The food court is next to the bank. I ate at TASTE OF INDIA, but I would recommend the Chicken kabob platter at the Lebanese joint. After lunch I walked all the way through the skywalk to the PURDY WHARFS TOWER 2, behind the Casino, to check out the consulate, so that I do not have to struggle the next day to find it. The security at the reception area called a cab for us to my Dartmouth motel.

    I booked a motel (air+hotel package on ORBITZ) in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia (Comfort Inn, 456 Windmill rd) $ 72 per night for a 2 bed room. Its 20 minutes away from the city. 14 $ by cab. You can also take the bus number 51 (2$ coins only) right across the motel to the place called Bridge (it literally takes you to the bridge which connects Dartmouth and Halifax city). Remember to take the transfer stub and change the bus. Most of the buses from the bridge go to the Scotia Mall in Halifax. We travelled by bus for most of the day. It was very cold. January and temperature were around -20 C. There is a Chinese restaurant and a Pizza/Sub place right across the Motel. Also the Bridge area has a few places like Wendy's.

    -day of the interview
    My appt was at 9:30 , I was there by 8. They took me in. Gave me a list of documents to be kept ready (I was missing the travel itenary, fortunately my friend who was travelling with me had an extra copy). The security guy checks the documents and gives you a stub for the passport. Keep this stub safely, you have to show it the next day to get back your passport. (Its cool even if you lose it.The security guy is very freindly. He remembers people. A few had lost it, but no issue)

    - how long you have been in US
    - what degree (Masters or Bachelors)
    - how long with this company
    - why did you leave the first company
    - why did you leave the second company
    - when did you leave the company

    She told me ( as with other applicants) that my information is not in the new system called PIMPS, so its possible that I could not get my passport the next day at 3 pm.

    After the interview we went back to the scotia mall, had lebonese food, took a bus number 1 to the park lane mall ( you could also walk) and watched an awesome movie (Kite Runner)

    Next Tense day
    This was friday, my flight was at 6:15 pm. The US immigration closes at 5:30, so I had to be back to the airport at the most by 5:15 pm.
    I was at the consulate at 2:50 pm. I security guy let us in. Has a small chat with us. Said only a few passports are ready. unfortunate none of them were ours. We waited till 3:15 pm but the passports werent ready. There were 7 of us , only 2 were H1B. He asked us to come back at 4:30 pm, if not by then he ased us to enjoy our weekend at Halifax !! We went back to the Scotia mall, ate some more, came back at 4:00, clock was ticking...all 7 of us were there by 4:30 pm. All were very tensed, they had booked their tickets like us. 4:45 nothing yet....4:56 I got my passport, 4:59 my friends got my passport. We ran down to the reception, the security called a cab,
    All of us had got the Passports. The Taxi driver (Indian) drove like crazy to get us to the airport. It was rush hour and the Bridge is packed. The most amazing driving I have seen. We got to the airport at 5:30 pm, but they didnt let us check in as the Immigration was closed. I paid 200$ for 2 if us to rebook the next available flight next morning and stayed the whole night at the airport.

    Hope this information was useful. Too detail, but I was in the mood of writing after watching Kite Runner. Do watch it !


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  • nixstor
    09-25 04:39 PM

    While thinking proactively to get businesses support is a great, but this point is way tooo long for having any shot. I agree that 20% of the US economy runs on housing. How ever, There are no verbal assurances that can pass over from IV members to NAHB who inturn will push for some sort of bill or do monetary help to IV.

    How will it sound if some one said lets convert the 12 miliion ILL legal and they will buy atleast 5 mil homes.

    On the flip side, I have noticed so many people who are on H1B and bought houses when the mortage interests were low. ( both double and single income families )

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  • ryanjoe_99
    05-29 09:47 AM
    I have an emergency to go to India to take care of my sickly mom and I need to return back to work on July first. I am also trying to get emergency appointment. I couldnt. Could you please suggest the way I can get emergency appointment in any of the consulate.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-17 03:40 PM
    Hello Gurus,
    If I get my AP approved before I leave then NO Issues, I will again use my AP to re-enter USA in Feb 2009.

    But let's assume I don't get it Approved before I leave.

    a) Am I allowed to travel outside USA while my AP is Pending ?
    Yes, You can travel.

    b) If allowed, Can my AP get approved while I am outside US (i.e in India) ? Or will they Cancel my AP application?
    It is very unlikely they would cancel your AP

    c) I know I should get my H1B Visa stamping done while in India to re-enter on H1B Status. Do you see any problems that the consular officer/POE officer can create like
    why did I leave the country while my AP application is Pending ?
    No, you are perfectly alright to get H1B visa.
    Why are applying for H1B Visa while you could have used your AP?
    No, In fact applying for H1B is the right thing to do. Since you want to maintain your H status.


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  • DDash
    09-23 04:44 PM
    Hi boreal,
    I had a problem with my wifes AP- they had not acted on it for 4 months I asked them to expedite it since we wanted to visit my father in law who was hospitalized for a medical condition- they did not respond to that request so I contacted my Senators office and asked if they could assist in this matter. They asked me for some medical documentation and faxed it to USCIS.. I noticed yesterday that her online status had changed to document mailed..we are still to get it but are optimistic that we should receive it soon.

    In the absence of any compelling circumstances though I am not sure how it would work. but I would definitely recommend contacting your Senators office.

    Thanks for this info. Would you mind sharing the fax number? Thanks in advance.


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  • Ramba
    12-23 04:11 PM
    If i-485 has been pending for more than 6 months and I suddenly get laid off can i leave the country and come back when it's approved? Or can I leave the country and come back in a few months with or without job offer?

    No you cant do that. One should not leave country when 485 pending. Once you laid off from sponsor you can not do counsural processing also. Travelling in AP should be for a mimimum period. It will be big mistake, if you leave country without job offer. No one knows when they issue RFE for employment verification during your 485 pending period. If you do not have job when they issue RFE, thats it. Bottomline is, it is better to be employed during 485 pending and stay in the country to reply any RFE.

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  • scorpioduo
    10-14 03:42 PM
    Hi all,

    I have to go to India on 1st jan , 2009 for 2 weeks , for my brother's marriage on jan 14,2009, but my existing advance parole expires on jan 12 2009.

    I have filed for the renewal of advance parole but I want to know as to what other option do I have , if I dont get my renewal advance parole by jan 1st ?

    If my AP expires on jan 12th and I come back on jan 16th and tell the customs agents that i have applied for a renewal and just didnt get it before I left, is that acceptable?

    Thanks for your help in advance!


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  • dpp
    10-23 11:57 AM
    You are 100% correct. They look for PD while accepting I-485 and then they see it only at the time of approval. There is no FIFO. It all depends on luck.

    I think 485 processing is not dependent on PD being current. It is only the adjudication or final approval for which the PD needs to be current.

    All 485 processing takes place based on it's receipt date and after it is complete the application is put on hold for approval untill the PD becomes current for that application.

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  • nfinity
    03-17 10:55 PM
    Can someone who has added his/her spouse please provide with a list of documents required to file spouse i-485 after primary has been filed? Can we collect a list? There seem to be a lot of people in this situation.

    Here is what I think is required

    I-485 - Adjustment
    G-325A - Biographic Info
    I-134 - Affidavit of support
    I-765 - EAD
    I-131 - Advance Parole
    I-693 - Medical Exam

    What else is required? Please add to the list. Also, has anyone done this on their own?



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  • Gravitation
    12-09 08:28 PM
    BTW, what are some of the online MS / MBA schools that the H1B community is attending ? Please share this information as I plan to take up one, and wanted to learn from your experirnce.

    Thanks in advance.

    I know many people who're going for part-time MBA, including myself. A good way of making best out of a stagnant career phase while waiting for GC.

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  • gjoe
    10-05 10:59 AM
    This is what the law says:

    INA Section 203(e) provides that family-sponsored and employment-based preference visas be issued to eligible immigrants in the order in which a petition in behalf of each has been filed.

    What is your argument to sue?

    How can someone with EB3 with a later PD get GC before me? If he has been approved there should be valid reason why mine is not approved, the reason should be something other than USCIS ineffeciency.


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  • hiralal
    09-30 10:11 PM
    Before you get all mushy about AILA and start bashing USCIS take deep look and see if AILA is really acting as a friend or a adversary in friends disguise?
    atleast they are doing something. I have not recd a RFE but I can understand the tension that a family undergoes because of RFE ..I don't understand your problems with AILA though ?? less RFE's mean less lawyers fees and it is high time that someone talks about the unprofessional USCIS

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  • Libra
    07-30 02:57 PM
    I can't believe you guys are still answering his question.......go to rally threads and contribute, admin i think we should close this thread now.

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  • leo2606
    07-29 01:22 PM
    I see green box back. :) :) :)

    good joke too
    will try redress your reputation...

    11-13 12:53 PM
    How do we know that I-140 is "approvable"?

    04-23 03:39 PM
    I am glad, member's comments helped you. All said and done. What is the right thing to do now? Expose "this company" as you call them..
    Why don't you post the name of company as you already posted the state and city they operate from, and name of the person with whom you have been going back and forth as you said in your post? That will help everybody including the authorities to take them to task if they are doing anything illegal..

    gapala, I agree with you. However, please let me talk to my friend and I will probably PM you about the details. I do not believe its a good idea to post out here. Sorry.

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