Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • jliechty
    May 23rd, 2005, 10:00 AM
    The second one is good, but I feel that it's too heavily "weighted" on the right side, with nothing to balance things out on the left side. I only wish that the foreground plant was conveniently moved a yard / meter to the left for you. ;)

    However, I'll go with the others and vote for the first one being the best. :)

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  • same_old_guy
    02-23 02:01 PM
    Dont worry you will get your RFE soon. I saw pretty much everyone is getting RFE for H1 extension ( beyond 6 yr) these days !

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  • cygent
    11-12 06:33 PM
    Is that even if I-140 is not approved (pending), after I-485 is pending for 180 days, one can change jobs using the EAD?

    Read about the AC21 analysis - You can change with either H1 or EAD. You can also do so before 180 days, but not without some risk (case by case basis).

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  • john2255
    07-20 02:44 PM
    I am sorry to start a new thread but I feel the following thread is not getting the importance it should get. Everyone please dont miss the following thread. Its a big defeat during our celebrations.

    Major loss to us Cornyn amendment rejected


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  • gc_kaavaali
    12-10 02:53 PM
    Please consider contributing IV...IV need your help to resolve our immigration problems.

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  • gcadream
    02-24 02:17 PM
    But is there a risk that if you work at client site and doesn't have a PO for at least 6 months then in that case the H1 extension may get denied ?


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  • istrategist
    05-07 05:37 PM
    Found out rates today (for their highest bracket)
    SBI: 45.25 (no fees)
    Citi ACH: 45.27 (Rs 55.15 per transaction)
    ICICI : 45.32 (Rs 25 fee per transaction)

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-22 02:53 PM
    This sound like a good idea...our first option is to attend the rally. But if for some reason we are not able to make it...we can identify a place in all the states on the same day to show support for the DC rally.. I tried to find someone in Buffalo...but noone responded..dont know whether I will be able to attend the rally in DC.

    I know some of you will be attending the Rally in DC on Sep 18th.

    But most wont be attending the rally in DC on the 18th. Wouldnt it be good if the people who are not able to attend the DC rally conduct a rally in Texas at the same day.

    This way, there will be a multi pronged effect. In fact, it would have an even greater effect if simultaneous rallies are held in other places too. Like

    West Coast (Bay area )
    Midwest (Chicago)
    Texas (one of the major cities - Dallas, Austin or Houston)

    Think of all the local media attention this gets & also the ripple effect into national media.

    Any thoughts ??


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  • Siddharta
    09-26 12:02 AM
    1)Incase my 485 application gets denied, can I start the process again and use the PD of my current application?

    2) Can I move to and start the GC process with another company and use the current PD (I140 approved, 180 days passed), even if my current company revokes I140 and my Job description is very different --- I'm assuming yes.

    3) What if I leave the country and come back after 2-3 years and reapply. Can I reuse the PD of my current application?

    I was told by a friend that the priority date is mine forever since my I140 is approved. Is that correct?


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  • maine_gc
    04-20 12:11 PM
    So do i need to go to any International airport that has immigration services or the local USCIS office can help?


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  • freakin_gc
    01-31 05:00 PM
    Thanks for your time guys...just curious hopefully SB can help do I find out my I-140 subcategory(skilled category or Professional).In my I-140 receipt notice under section it mentioned as Skilled worker or Professional, sec.203(b)(3)A(i) or (ii)

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  • b2visahelp
    06-15 06:22 PM

    My parents' and 2 brothers' B2 visas got rejected yesterday. The VO didn't state the refusal reason. He didn't stamp anything on their passports. I got my GC through asylum, and will get married in Nov. 2009. I supplied a formal letter from my pastor about the wedding that it's real. And my parents stated that they are not bringing my youngest brother to the US because he has school. During the interview, the VO asked them about me. He knew that I got my GC through asylum. He asked if I work or go to school. My parents answered honestly that I'm currently working to support myself.

    My parents didn't show their bank account, certificate of properties and business because the VO didn't ask for it. Should they show them to VO eventhough he didn't ask to see it?

    Now, we're preparing to apply B2 visa for a second time. Here are my questions:
    1. When do you think they should apply for the visa again?
    2. What can we prepare to show proofs that they will definitely go back to their country? Should we prepare a letter stating reasons why they won't immigrate to US?
    3. They are taking care of my elderly grandfather, 80 years old. Should they bring a picture of him?
    3. Will they have a better chance if they left all my 3 siblings at home to give more reason they will definitely go back?

    My parents definitely don't want to immigrate to the US. really want them to attend my wedding.

    Thanks a bunch for all of your advise!


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  • zCool
    03-24 04:25 PM
    I heard whole segment and it was great advocacy Mark.
    I think the guy who called afterwards nailed it right..
    I don't know why folks don't emphasis injustice built-in per country quota..
    If discrimination is prohibited anywhere else based on persons's national origin why is it allowed to continue in Green Card queue??
    We should hammer this point everywhere..
    I have spoken abt it and no one can really say any good counter-point..
    IF the pain was shared across all the nations, you bet there would be more support across the board..
    Also per-country quotas are really relic of pre-1965 European only immigration policy..
    Before anything else I would like simple just queue formed.. This is new "Asian Exclusion Law" and that should be #1 target!

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  • 53885
    08-02 04:00 AM
    Here is my prediction.
    With July Fiasco INS has learnt their lessons.
    They have potential to process and approve 40K cases in one month.

    Once all receipting is done by Sept 17th for all late Aug 17th filers, they will immediately start processing all oct 08 current cases.
    I think they might even issue again 40K cases in october ?
    Why not ?
    So it is important to quickly do the FP and after FP within 3 weeks the name check gets cleared.
    So anyone who does FP in Sept and who is current in oct , be ready to get your GC soon.
    I would say dont be surprised if it takes just one month to approve ?????


    Discussing this topic all day will not get you any closer to getting GC.

    Though this has been mentioned many times, I will say that the only thing in your hand right now is to take some ACTIONS.

    Make sure Congress members hear your voice.

    If you have not already check these threads out


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  • chanduv23
    01-31 12:36 PM
    Who is United Nations? From your views, it seems like United Nations is a pretty strong asset. Please post more information.

    he is extremely knowledgable person in terms of immigration, he has 5000+ posts on immigration forums and has helped countless people with immigration issues. His name seems to be Nadeem and is a Canadian immigrant and is a CPA and his EB3 petition is in retrogression.
    In recent times he started stereotyping immigrants and make every immigrant feel that they are breaking laws in some way or the other and became unpopular.
    He was not in support of IV and was under a strong feeling that a bunch of immigrants are wasting precious time and money. But now he seems to change his stance and has stepped into IV and has become a member. He is very helpful in terms of his skills and willingness to share his knowledge and help people.
    He does audit to a lot of h1b dependent employers and has direct influence and can strongly recommend them to contribute for this cause. Most of his analysis about patterns of visa distribution comee out as expected but in recent times there were instances where his analysis went wrong too.
    Overall he is definitely of great help if he wishes to dedicate some time of his to this cause and help in all ways possible.

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  • jackisback
    02-14 02:07 PM
    I would have loved to attend, but since this a long weekend I am going out on Friday and will not be back until Monday.

    Just FYI.. I did send the letters last week.



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  • americandesi
    08-31 01:42 PM
    OK so we're 1 million in the backlog. That could be a small country.

    Instead of spending hundreds of thousands on lobbying, we can just buy a piece of land somewhere (big enough to have a passport office building), get immediate citizenship in our new country and then USCIS will be able to process our GC applications within a year.

    Someone from Taiwan (and smaller neighboring countries) can get GC in 1 year but if you're from China you will wait 6-10 years. I am not sure of how much cultural differences exist between these two countries, all I know is that my Taiwanese friend speaks Chinese, goes to Chinese church. So much for diversity.

    So.. if anyone has the info on how to register a new country, I'd like to know.

    Sorry, its the wee hours and I just felt like posting this. Please close thread as and when desired.

    Sidenote: Hear IV Rally announcement on Dallas Radio ( in the following slots (Central Time)
    8/31:7.45am & 6pm;
    9/3: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/4: 7.45am & 6pm;
    9/5: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/6: 7.45am & 6pm;
    9/7: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/10: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/11: 7.45am & 6pm;

    Also live discussion for few minutes about IV Rally on Saturday during immigration show at 3pm central

    Sponsored by members of TX chapter of IV ( &
    the Law offices of Sherin Thawer and TX chapter of IV

    Wanna know the fastest way to get a GC with no strings attached?. Apply in EB1 under "Foreign nationals that are managers and executives subject to international transfer to the United States". Here are the steps

    1) Work as a Manager/CEO/CFO in India (or) any other country for 2 years with a company that has a branch in US.

    2) Get tranferred to US branch of the company with the same designation and command a salary matching the prevailing wage for Manager/CEO/CFO at that location.

    3) You are all set to apply in EB1.

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  • raghureddy
    03-18 04:08 PM
    I have substituted a Labor in 2004, My priority date is 4/4/2002. My I-140 is pending since May 2004 and i renew my EAD every year, EAD expires in July 2008. I got my 9th year H1 extensions till july 2007 from the same company/employer.

    I tried to change the employer and file a new H1 which was denied this month. The reason for denial is USCIS is not satisfied with the place of work, I have re-applied H1 again on the same company. Now can i apply another NEW H1 from a different company.

    I am tensed as my I-140 has been pending since so long....can someone please help me in this matter and suggest me what to do.


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  • thomachan72
    07-20 03:14 PM
    the link does not work. pls check

    06-17 09:12 PM
    TOTALLY unknown...

    No one knows what they look at and won't look at while deciding on your I485. If you one of the "chosen" one, you may get called for personal interview and I have heard lots of horror stories about the stuff they asked at the interview. At the same most of the people get the GC without hitch.

    So, the morale of the story is stop worrying. There is nothing you can do/prepare to effect decision on your I-485. Since you have played by book and assuming you don't have any law related issues, you should be fine.



    Thank you.

    10-05 08:12 AM
    Recently a friend of mine hot has GC approved. He is EB2, PD Dec 2005.

    Nothing makes sense.


    Are you serious? what country is he from... just curious... i am EB2 sep 2005, sounds like I should not loose my hope...:cool:

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