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  • Openarms
    08-13 02:25 PM
    Obama playing a safe politics in this time of economics.... against open commerce....I wonder what happens when other countries charge COCA Cola and lot of other companies 20% tax on profit margin.... think about foot print of American companies across the globe... This is not good for America.

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  • immi2006
    11-06 10:03 AM
    What is new in your post ? It was like that for a few weekes now.
    I see that for EB2 the PD is 01 APR 2004 now. I want to know if I-485 approvals is linked to this PD date or they will work independent to these days.


    PD : Feb'07
    I-140 - Pending
    I-131 - Approved
    I-485 - Pending

    Recieved EAD Card and FP done.

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    06-02 03:00 PM
    thanks guys...

    what other alternatives do i have... this other firm is ready to take me if do not ask them to do a h1transfer.

    One option is to do a h1 thru one of the desi employers and then join as a consultant.
    Are there any other options ?

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  • piyu7444
    05-08 02:21 PM
    I am changing job and moving to EAD from h1b. My 140 is approved and 485 has been pending more than 180 days. I am in EB2 category.

    Question 1 - New employer wants to inform USCIS about job change and I dont want to do so as it just might delay AOS process? suggestions/thoughsts?

    Question 2 - New employer wants to apply for EAD and AP via corporate attorney and I prefer that my attorney do that but if i will have no choice I will have to give up BUT can corporate lawyers apply for my EAD and AP without me changing my legal rep with USCIS?

    Question 3 - The job title was "Sr Systems Analyst" and now it would be "System Quality Analyst 5" 5 is the highest level in this company after which it goes to Tech. Manager. I dont see issue with the you see any issue? (job description are similar-I would say about 70%)

    Question 4 - Salary at the time of filing 140 was 60k offered for the Sr. System Analyst position and now with the new job is 100k. Can that be a problem?


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  • bala50
    12-12 06:02 PM
    You don't need receipt notice. Valid AP and Passport should do.

    Welcome to IV . Which state are you from. Please consider joining your state chapter.


    I have an approved H1 until 2009 but expired visa in my passport. I have AP and EAD approved. My lawyer has the original I-485 receipt notice - I only have a fax of it. I am travelling to India in Jan-08.

    I am planning to re-enter the USA on AP. Do I need original I-485 receipt to re-enter? OR is AP documents enough? Do I need to carry approved H1-B notice or any other docs?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Ramba
    08-26 04:29 PM
    I am also in the same boat. I have my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I had filed for H1B with companies A & B as Mechanical Engineer and have worked with them for 1.5 years each.

    Recently I had switched to desi company (C) and had to file my H1B as Software Engineer. I got my H1B without issues. I am crossing my fingers and planning to apply for Labor Certification as Software Engineer in EB2. (MS -Mech Engg + 1 year experience).

    Other members pls share your experience if your case is simillar. I know lot of people who did their masters in other fields and changed to Software when they were in OPT. But do not know some one who has worked in H1b as Mechanical engineer and then got another H1 as software engineer. Has anyone with my simillar background, gone past the I140 stage?

    It is all depend on how your employer specifies the education requirement for the position in LC. If that position requires engineering in any branch, then you will be fine. Otherwise, if the position requires education in particular branch and if you do not have that branch of study, then it may be a problem in LC or 140.


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  • anindya1234
    07-17 10:08 PM
    I-140 was from TSC; I filed on July 2..but the employment letter was addressed to NSC. Will that be a problem?

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  • neoneo
    07-17 12:49 AM
    My attorney is requesting that I need to submit Tax return for filing AOS.
    I had sent W2 forms
    Is tax return separate from W2 , I am confused..:confused:

    Pls help

    W-2 is the form you would have received from your employer. Against which you field your tax returns. relax and send both. W2- says what you've earned. Tax returns explains what IRS has earned on you. Everyone's happy.

    there are cases where people earned W2 but did not pay tax differences ie did not file returns.

    Well, some of this maybe extra information. Basically the attorney is trying to play safe.


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  • anindya1234
    07-17 10:32 PM
    The link is not working

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  • admin
    04-02 03:08 PM

    Please take a look at our National Interest Fact Sheet.


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  • tabletpc
    11-30 12:37 PM

    Thanks for sharing you are expereince.

    I just sent my application. I also claimed for 16 points. I have indian BS degree and US MS degree both in CS. Can i anticipate any request for more information from consulate..???

    I felt kind of ashmed today after mailing the application. it took me not more than 30 mins in total to finish the application and i was dragging this from almsot 1+ years.

    Most of the time things are not as difficult/time consuming as we assume it to be. Lesson learnt...!!!

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  • ashkam
    08-07 10:44 AM
    if my wife is already in US on H4 do i need to file a I-134 ,I-864 too ??

    Also do i need to add my tax return, my I20 and my paystubs with application. She just came into country so she does not have any tax rerurn of her own nor any I20 or any paystubs of her own.. Please suggest.


    The tax returns, W2s, paystubs etc should be yours, not hers, since she is filing as a dependent. I'm not sure if you need to attach your I-20. I'm not sure if you need to file an I-134 but my attorney recommended me to file an I-864 although I-485 instructions are not clear on whether its inclusion is necessary or not. But I would say why not file it just to be safe.


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  • myeb2gc
    02-24 02:38 PM
    Hi , My 140 is cleared. But my consulting company is smaller. I am in search of job, some marketing companys were asking me to change employer..... confused whether to stick with my employer OR change to a new employer.

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  • pd_recapturing
    09-26 10:51 AM
    You made my day. Thanks so much. :):):):):):):)

    I don't understand why people are right now so worried about priority date retrogression. If you have passed 180 days after I140 approval, go ahead, change your job and incase your 485 gets denied, reapply with new employer, with new new job description, using old PD and get GC soon as your priority date will be current. Am I missing something?

    There is no way I am going to spend 6-7 years in the same job with the same title(maybe even same company).
    ohhhh wow !! .. Man ...It not so easy as it looks on paper ...U will find tons of ppl in the stage of limbo after doing all this ... (including me though :(
    My sincere advice, DO not even think about it ..


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  • Maverick1
    05-14 01:53 PM
    Point taken.

    I did look under the visa bulletin section of the forums, I did not see anything on pages 1 and 2 so I posted.

    But, point taken.

    Mocking me so much shows you in bad taste, my friends.
    This is the last thing you will see me posting here.

    And it is a "her".

    New_phd , Just take it easy.

    Hope you continue to visit this. :) :)

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  • aamchimumbai
    09-04 03:00 AM
    I called my Civil Surgeon yesterday and asked her if she was willing to fill out a new I-693 form because it has been changed. Well, she was willing to fill out but said the old data (May 2008) is not valid, precisely TB test/Blood work/Physical exam. I thought it was ridiculous because all she had to do was validate her own results from the last exam. She was open for validating any vaccination records but not her own tests that she conducted.

    I really don't want to spend $200/person again for the tests which she has already conducted. Anyways. I guess I'll have to pay her and get the new forms signed.

    Is anyone in the same situation?



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  • ronhira
    07-11 02:16 PM
    My EAD and AP application was received June 19, 2009 at TSC. To my pleasant shocking & surprise USCIS approved mine and wife's application in 20 days and we received the card today.

    We are happy with the speed and efficiency USCIS and wish they could do everything the same way. we received two year EAD but concerned as receiving a two year EAD indicates that it may take a while to get my PD (Dec 2005).


    that was a mistake :p ..... they meant to take 200 days..... but the guy who was doing data entry typed 20 instead of 200. So your EAD/AP got processed in 20 days..... in the end uscis did something right by mistake ...... we all just have to hope that uscis will continue to do these mistakes ..... without which no application can get processed in a timely manner.

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  • kumarh1b
    01-28 05:16 PM
    Can some please advice me how to proceed further Please find the denial notice for your reference. All your inputs means a lot to me. Please help me and guide in proper direction.

    on Nov 19,2009, the petitioner responded by submitting a copy of a Contract or consulting Services agreement betwwen the petitioner and another software consulting firm, Company X-Which will further Contract the benificiary's services with other firms needing computer related positions to complete thier projects - to show that the petitioner has work for the beneficiary.

    However, without valid contracts between CompanyX and the actual end-client firm ultimately involved with the eneficiary's computer related duties, the evidence does not establish the work to be completed; that the duties to be performed are those of a systems administrator and thus a specialty occupation Position and that the work will be avilable for the beneficiary.

    The present record fails to demonstrate the specific duties the beneficiary would perform under contract for petitioners clients.The court in defensorv.meissner,201F.3d 384 (5th cir.2000) held that for purposes of determining whether apreferred positions is a specialty occupation,a petitioner acting ina similar manner as the present petitioner is merely a "token employer", while the entity for which the services are to be performed is the "more relevant employer". the defensor court recognized that evidence of the client companies job requirements is critical where the work to be performed is for an entity other than the petitioner. Accordingly, the court held that the legacy immigration and Naturalization service ( Service now CIS) had reasonably interpreted the Act and regulations to require that a petitioner produce evidence that the proffered position qualifies as a specialty occupation on the basis of the requirements imposed by the entities using the beneficiary's services.

    As Such, the petitioner has not established that the duties of the proferred position for the beneficiary require a speciality occupation and that it has sufficient work for the required priod of intended employment. There for the beneficiary is ineligible for classificationas a specialty occupation worker.

    Pursuant to INA 291, the burden of the proof in these proceedings rests solely with the petitioner. Here that burden has been met.

    Consequently, the petiton is hereby denied.

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  • vbkris77
    12-27 02:29 PM
    So many bills are introduced but most don't even see day of light.. I personally don't see this ever passing the congress.. For most treaty countries this feature is already available and its called E1/E2 visa.. There is no limit on number of people and number years for visa.

    Hope some of you might have seen the Wall Street Journal story this weekend on visas/Green Cards for owners of start-up businesses. (Foreign Entrepreneurs Eye StartUp Visa Act - ( )

    According to the story there is broad consensus for a program to offer green card to foreign nationals who can bring in as low as $100,000 to start a new business in U.S. While this may not be an option for most of the folks in this forum, the premise of the proposed law has something in common with all of us.

    The law is proposed by senators John Kerry (D) and Richard Lugar (R) on the principle that immigrants are more willing to be entrepreneurial and hence offering permanent residency to foreigners who will open a small business will increase the employment opportunities in U.S. Endorsing the entrepreneurial mind of new immigrants WSJ sights that; �Immigrants are nearly 30% more likely to start a business than non-immigrants � and �about a third of Silicon Valley technology firms were started by Indian or Chinese entrepreneurs� . If the proposed bill is attempting to attract skilled and entrepreneurial minded immigrants into U.S. as a means to increase employment why not U.S. look into the pool of highly skilled and eager folks waiting for a green card for many years? Wouldn�t these folks be highly likely to open a new small business than someone from outside of the U.S. with no U.S. business background? If we are to take cues from the one third of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs wouldn�t a good number of these people waiting for green card open up the starts up businesses that senators Kerry and Lugar are hoping to .

    Would it be worth writing on behalf of Immigration Voice to senators Kerry and Lugar to consider the pool of potential entrepreneurs minded people already in U.S. and have been waiting for an opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial dreams? I don�t have the actual numbers. Aren�t there about 30 or 40,000 people who have been in U.S. with an approved immigration petition but waiting for a green card for many years? Could IV put forward a win-win propositions for everyone?

    06-10 02:10 PM
    I was tested positive with the skin test and by chest x-ray turned out to be negative. Also my family doctor prescribed a medication for 6 months course and I got the letter from the doctor after 6 months confirming the course of medication. The USCIS sent an RFE when they were about to process my I-485 and I sent the letter from the doctor confirming my chest x-ray was negative and the letter supporting the completion of 6 months medication.


    10-27 07:09 PM
    I have applied for my H1B extension in july and got the approval in Aug...:D

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