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  • hpandey
    06-02 03:16 PM
    you are right, but isnt that found only when you are travelling outside of the USA? If I am in USA till i get a gc and then add my wife, how will anyone know if she is out of status ?

    As people have said above as soon as you move from H1 to EAD your H1 would be no longer be valid and hence the corresponding H-4 status will no longer be valid and since you cannot file for AOS for your wife now , your wife will be out of status.

    This information will come up in future when you apply for I-485 for your wife.It does not matter if your wife is still in the US or not. She will be out of status if you lose your H1 status ( just like anyone who loses his H1 status the dependent also loses his status ).

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  • Navigator
    05-19 02:23 PM
    Hello fellas...i had quit WIPRO @ USA giving 2 weeks notice on 2009.WIPRO Mangers tried to withdraw my resignation in all means.They even told that they ll sue me for breaking the contract that i have signed.
    After this WIPRO bangalore office sent me 5 letters asking me to pay 6 lac rs indian money to them.I refused and didnt respond to it .

    As general rule who ever resign the company should provide insurance for next 30 days as a coverage .I guess they didnt do that for me .
    Also they didnt send me the relieving letter and others indian PF etc.

    They even paid less that that was specified in the LCA.

    I would like to know if you had complaint DOL on this ?


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  • qasleuth
    09-17 11:37 AM
    Why even bother?

    Forget worrying about about CNN and Lou Dobbs. They are NOBODY and of no significance for the quest for immigration reform.

    If CNN drops Lou that will not pass CIR or recapture. There are so much Lou Dobbs are there in USA. It is a waste of time.

    Wrong and Wrong.

    Lou is broadcasting his radio show from Federation for American Immigration Reform's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" legislative advocacy event. No points for guessing what the event is advocating for. Just wait for CNN to drop Lou and Fox embraces him. It will be just in time when CIR comes back on radar.

    If you have been even remotely following the healthcare debate, the fewest (however idiotic or uninformed they are) make the loudest noise, scaring lawmakers. THAT is guaranteed to affect you and I (well not senthil as he already has his GC).

    Lou Dobbs | Media Matters for America (

    Here is a good read on the why's/what's

    Timothy Karr: What Beck, Dobbs and Limbaugh Are Really Afraid Of (

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  • LookingForGC
    02-01 03:46 PM
    Congratulation Mr. You experience is always needed here, please stay in touch here.

    Good luck!


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  • chanduv23
    09-04 04:14 PM
    Remember, the NOID/RFE goes to your Attorney if you have submitted G-28 form. If not, it comes to you.

    Usually they send 2 copies - one to your home address and another to your Attorney. Always make sure your current address is on file with USCIS

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  • msp1976
    10-16 10:14 AM
    What are you saying? Health Services dismal? I thought it was better than US in many aspects. The cost is cheap for treatment (unless you have some uncommon disease. Since the system is churning up so many doctors, there is a lot of competition. Even in small villages you will find many doctors competing for patients. Maybe that is not true for everywhere, but that is what I have seen in my home state Haryana.

    Also the education system may not be perfect, but kids don't have to go to private schools, because public schools have run out of capacity. There are problems like not all-around development, and not all kids doing great in studies. But that is true even in US, unless you are sending your kids to a fine private school (which by the way you can do in India, if you have money). JMHO

    You can get reasonable education and health care in India if you are in the top 10% income range. You can get reasonable eduction and health care in US if you are in the top 50% income rage. That is the main difference...


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  • pappu
    11-06 10:13 AM
    I see that for EB2 the PD is 01 APR 2004 now. I want to know if I-485 approvals is linked to this PD date or they will work independent to these days.


    PD : Feb'07
    I-140 - Pending
    I-131 - Approved
    I-485 - Pending

    Recieved EAD Card and FP done.

    with a PD of Feb'07, be prepared for a several years of wait time. Unless any law passes.
    However there is a silver lining:
    You should thank IV members whose hard work enabled the I485 filing for everyone. Even people with PD of 2007, could file their AOS. You can enjoy your EAD and its benefits.

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  • amulchandra
    02-22 06:35 PM
    Unless its absolutely necessary that you go out of the country I would not advise you to leave. In recent days I have heard of people with even valid H1 stamps and with projects on hand being turned back from POE by IO's despite getting assurances from the employee's manager that the position is critical. The question from the IO was they could find ton's of people here in the US who have similar skills and there is no need for a H1 guy to do it.

    Do not want to spread the panic but ....Be careful..

    - good luck

    Can you please give some specific examples? If the IOs at POE are going to decide the admissibility of a person based on his/her job demand and availability of US citizens for that job, what the heck is DOL for? Why we need LCAs at all?

    To the best of my knowledge the IOs at POE do not decide the admissibility of a person based on his educational back ground ,demand for the job he/she is doing or the availability of US citizens. That job is done by USCIS,DOL and the genuineness of the candidate is checked by the visa issuing consulate. Th IOs at POE check whether the person is otherwise inadmissible into US (Visa validity,Candidate's intention to work for the same employer and criminal/background checks).

    Please stop spreading rumors.

    Thank you


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  • zerozerozeven
    04-10 03:36 PM

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  • ash27
    06-07 12:32 AM
    Thanks Chandu! Reasons to relocate are family and weather. At this point, I've a decent job in Chicago. Do you think this may be the right time to relocate to an Atlanta area given the economic climate....Also, how r the overall job prospects..


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  • immi_seeker
    09-13 12:46 PM
    EB2 and EB3 at one point were in the same boat. Now that EB2 is advancing and is way ahead of EB3, the EB3 applicants are upset and angry. Their anger is very much justified. However, their anger should not be directed towards EB2 applicants.

    As I pointed out in another post, we are all players here and we are all playing by the rules. The system is not fair. Anger should be directed towards the system and not towards EB2s.

    "hate the game, don't hate the playa....Chris Rock" is appropriate here.

    Most of the EB2s, if not all, are supportive of reform and are supportive towards EB3 friends. The anger may lead to the disruption of this support.

    We are all in this together. We all need to stay together.

    Agree. Problem has been with some folks saying the spill over distribution should be changed. But nobody is sure whether it will help EB3I because on a vertical roll over scenario, the spill over will only help EB3 ROW as they have huge backlog too. So attitude seems to be, we are in this boat, so why not we make sure you guys will also be in same boat eventhough the change doesnt help us. And thats where the problem lies

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  • Nil
    11-10 02:54 PM


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  • Administrator2
    01-25 07:34 PM
    Congressman Flake reintroduces STAPLE Act to renew the focus on competitiveness.

    Congressman Flake Reintroduces the STAPLE Act
    Bill Will Help to Keep U.S. Technology Industry Competitive Globally

    Washington, D.C., Jan 25 - Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona�s Sixth District, today re-introduced the STAPLE Act (H.R. 399), which would exempt foreign students who have earned a Ph.D. degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics from a U.S. university and have a job offer in the U.S. from visa quotas.

    �Unless we want to see the next Google or Intel created overseas, we�ve got to enact legal immigration reforms that allow foreign-born, U.S.-educated students who have earned advanced degrees to remain and work in the country after they�ve graduated,� said Flake.

    �At a time when there�s a lot of focus on keeping the U.S. competitive globally, if we don�t keep these highly-skilled workers in the U.S. after they�ve graduated, we�re going to see the next round of high tech companies created overseas rather than here in the United States.�

    US Congressman Jeff Flake (

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  • qualified_trash
    11-30 12:11 PM
    I have Labor (PERM) and I140 approved from my current employer.
    can I apply trasfer and extension with new employer.

    Advice is highly appreciated.
    you can!!

    BUT, your new employer has to do your PERM and I140 all over again. you can retain your old PD though!!


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  • senthil1
    07-08 02:51 PM
    It is not just IV. He does not give any other source where he is getting information. In IV some persons always try to find fault with others whether pro immigrants or Anti immigrants. IV is dealing with only very small part of immigration that is Green card for highly skilled persons. But other groups like AILA is trying to get benefit for all the section of immigration. Of course there is no surprise in seeing their welfare first before seeing others. Lawyers will give more importance to their profession than the common people
    Given that (I believe) he regularly visits IV and gets information from here, but never wants to give IV the credit for it.

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  • maine_gc
    04-20 03:30 PM
    Thankk You Sunny1000. This is very helpful information. I will go to the nearest international airport and get it corrected. Thank you all for your advice. I will post here when i resolved the issue


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  • keerthi
    05-10 03:01 PM
    We asked the AAO for an update since the case status has not been changed for the past 3 months and this is what we got from them...

    "Appeals of an I-129 petition take about 6 to 8 months to process. It starts from the date your file was received into the Administrative Appeals Office. Please wait patiently for your case to be reviewed, thank you."

    My case was transferred to the AAO by February 9, 2009 (as per the USCIS website). So, should I wait until October 8, 2009 for a decision or should I withdraw the case and re-file again?

    What are my chances of getting it approved before October 2009?

    Also, I only hold a 3 years Bachelor's degree and possess 6 years of work experience of which 5 years goes to the petitioning company. Is there a chance that I would be rejected based on the grounds of my degree?

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  • gcpain
    06-25 03:09 PM
    You guys are great. Guys like you are making this world better place to live. I wish you both good luck.

    I decided to apply I485 as future employment. My attorney charged complete GC fees when I got I140 approval. So now I have to pay only application fees but not any attorney charges. Do you guys know info about following?

    I485 applicatio fee:
    I-131 applicatio fee:
    I765 applicatio fee:

    Once again thanks for your advice.

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  • sw33t
    05-07 12:25 AM
    The Civil Rights Division's Coordination and Review Section can handle individual complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, and religion by State and local law enforcement agencies that receive financial assistance from the Department of Justice.

    Most major city police departments receive grants from the DOJ.

    Here is the Dept. of Justice website giving more information -

    Don't try going to the department directly or filing a form directly. Not recommended as they will not be friendly.

    Also contact your local community organization leaders and let them know about the incident.

    It might be a good idea to setup a protocol or a process in place in the event something like this happens again. Memorize a contact number and educate your family members on what to do.

    Here is more information on your rights if you are detained or arrested -

    The above link is a compilation by the Maryland Bar Association but it is pretty close to what you can do and what you can't.

    File a complaint over here - if you live in a small town/city. Its Free.

    BTW, this is a very popular technique to evict a neighbor who is not wanted around. :) But then again, I might be speculating about your living situation.

    I hope you did not commit an act of domestic violence.

    09-24 01:47 PM
    Thanks for the clear answer thepaew. That is what I thought. I currently have the opportunity to start the green card process with my employer under EB3 ROW, but I am also planning to go for an MBA in the US within the next few years. I am just into my 5th year of H1. It seems that I should not start the green card process if I am sure about going for an MBA in the US within the next few years. That would be terrible if you get into a school you like but cannot attend since you cannot switch from H1 to F1.


    If you don't plan to start your GC process for the next few years (waiting to enroll in an MBA program), how do you intend to extend your H-1 beyond the alloted 6-year time frame?

    05-10 12:43 PM
    I too vote not use ICICI...

    I have always used ICICI in the past...and recently started using SBI....they pay slightly more exchange rate than ICICI...and moreover it is a national bank....makes me feel good to use SBI compared to ICICI....

    (sorry to go off topic)
    BTW...talking of Banks....I just rencely knew that the FED Bank in the US is privately owned....(might be old info for many...but not for me)...
    so here money is printed and lended out to the US by someone private...(Rothschild family, if you have not heard of them google the name)


    Do you guys send >20K? via wire transfer?

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