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  • howzatt
    07-12 09:33 AM
    This and the new rumor that two senators were influencing USCIS clearly implies that the whole mess is a result of the CIR bill.

    I can recall watching c-span a few days before the july bulletin came out. He said something on these lines "If we have 400-500,000 legal immigrants in the backlog for the past 4-5 years, how do you think we will able to provide GC to 11 million illegal immigrants?"

    A few days after this, the July visa bulletin is released. CIR dies on June 26th or 27th and the two senators(whoever they are) influenced USCIS to "use up" all the numbers. THe more you read into this mess, it becomes clear that CIR was the root cause for the roller coaster ride of emotions.

    This stuff is not a revelation but it confirms our suspicion all along that this was a political drama. I dont think this had anything to do with the fee increase.

    I hope 60 minutes covers this scandal. If anyone has contacted 60 minutes, can you please let us know their email address?

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  • rimzhim
    06-01 01:38 PM
    "Masters and PhDs would be exempt from the cap on H-1Bs and green cards," said Hoffman.
    Are you sure of this? I, of course, hope you are right. It would be great!

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  • Hermione
    09-27 08:49 AM
    Law abiding? I beg to differ. Application for asylum goes to court only if the petitioner spent more than one year illegally in the US.

    That does not change the fact that the immigration system is broken, I just want to point out that what is considered to be "law abiding" or "law breaker" is aften very-very relative. We are all in the same boat.

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  • logiclife
    05-14 04:41 PM
    Message from the core group :

    Even though there is a huge movement forward in PDs for EB2 and EB3, the immigration voice core group is not scaling back. We are going to continue our efforts in full speed ahead . For those who are out of the retrogression in June, CONGRATS...we really are happy about the current movement.

    The core group is still committed to getting retrogression issue addressed by congress. In fact, I am right now in DC and I am attending a briefing event tommorow where Senator Alexander and Senator Bingaman will be present and the event is about high-skills immigration. Aman and Pratik were here last week thursday and Friday and will be here again next week. We are continuing efforts regardless of this big jump because we know that dates can move in reverse direction as it has in the past. In Oct 2005, EB3 dates took a huge movement backwards into 1998 and such reverse movements can happen again this year in October or in last quarter of fiscal year 2007. So we are taking this with cautious optimism and continuing our work with this.

    Core group's job is not over until all dates are current and significant other reforms are brought to Greencard process and other related issues.


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  • saileshdude
    04-27 10:11 PM
    a lot of people who applied during July 2007 are getting RFE on 485, I guess this because of pre processing but 99% of these people who are getting RFE are from NSC. I same only one or two people from TSC who got RFE. From this seems like NSC is pre processing but TSC is not.

    No TSC is not. TSC goes by priority date and not processing date. TSC I have seen follows different processing style. For e.g. if your namecheck/security check or some kind of check is pending they dont send you FP notice. Also they process applications if your PD is current/close to recent bulletin.

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  • sanjay02
    01-07 06:03 PM
    You dont need to inform USCIS about new passport, but make sure you carry your old as well as new passport, dont discard the old passport as yet.


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  • jonty_11
    11-02 10:51 AM
    Please don't give wrong information so authoritatively :)

    Labor Certification(LC) for Green Card processing has nothing to with Labor Condition Agreement(LCA) attached to H1-B.

    If you moved to a different state from intended work place when your employer filed H1-B (extension included), your company need to get a new LCA.

    Do not confuse between (Permanent) Labor Certification from Labor Condition Agreement, simply because of the abbreviations(LC vs LCA).

    Disclaimer: I'm NOT an immigration specialist. This can not be taken as an immigration advice.

    Please read posts carefully, as nelsonagn has pointed out..

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  • ramrrec
    03-08 10:06 AM
    Extremely sorry Prem for interrupting your thread.
    Hi Ann Ruben,
    I am kindly requesting you to respond to my thread mentioned below as soon as possible as it is really URGENT.
    My Thread Title: URGENT-Is it legally allowed to enter US with H1B visa stamp of 'CLOSED' company? .
    This thread is available in same category on this site.
    Appreciate your quick response in advance!!
    Thanks and regards


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  • jthomas
    05-18 11:15 AM
    Thanks for more information
    1. I guess you don't have a H1B visa
    2. You never had a EAD card. because you need your W2 verified by USCIS
    3. Once you leave company 1 employer-employee relation does not exist. So you can never apply for EAD.

    you are a fake guy. you just wanted one more anti-immigrant to answer this post by the way you think and start opposing us.

    J thomas

    Thanks for responding to my question.Many thanks
    Here is the Sequence of events :
    Joined company 1
    <>Labor filed in Nov 2005 under EB2 and approved
    <>-I-140 Approved somewhere Aug 06
    <> I then left Company 1 and joined a multi national IT Giant in India - Infosy. Joined Info - Jan 07 in India . BUT I was in good terms with Company 1
    <>Came back to USA , as Infosys Employee around Sep 07 on B1 visa from India for 3 months . Went back to India.
    <>Rejoined Company 1 ( my Original Company ) in Jan 08 ( Petition approved) . Got visa stamp around June 08 and entered US. Got Project Aug 08 and since then on project till date.
    <> While on project Aug 08 I apply for I485 as my category EB2 became current. Got my FP done.
    Then Around Nov 08 I got EAD and AP papers. So I have an EAD and AP

    My Q's are
    <> I heard that EB2 is retrogressing to 2000 for India . Now does not apply to folks whose LC and I140 Is approved or only for those who are stuck up at I140 Stage.
    Please clarify on this. If I am in a stage where I am expecting my GC and already for EAD does it apply to me
    <> What is a VISA Number. There is an A# Number on MY EAD and that same number shows up on AP Document ( I512-L Authorization for parole ) . Is this the same as an Immigrant Visa # or that is something that issues when I am granted my GC.
    <> 6 months have passed since I got my EAD. If I join a new Employer and start using this EAD , can I renew it infinitely, till I get GC . What if My Visa is Not valid and I travel out of US to India solely on EAD? What happens then ? is there a chance that at port of entry my entry is denied based on my immigrant future intentions? I know on paper EAD gives you right to travel BUT is this a genuine risk of not being allowed at PO Entry
    <> On the other hand - lets say I KEEP my EAD and not use it at all till my H1 expires . Then ,CAN I STILL BY ON H1 AND KEEP RENEWING MY EAD OR SINCE I NEVER USED IT IN PAST , IT IS MIGHT REJECT FOR RENEWAL.

    I just dont know know with all this EB2 retrogression what is the best plan of action.
    MANY Thanks Again

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  • kirupa
    11-26 03:52 AM
    You'll be surprised at all the things that I pretend to know.


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  • thandan
    03-17 11:33 AM
    I am not sure I agree with you on that EAD will go invalid if the primary applicant stops working fulltime. This is because the greencard application and everything associated with it is for a FUTURE job offer.

    What I am trying to see is the analysis of this situation from the point of view of an attorney. It would be great if one of the attorneys can chime in here!

    Couple of more points in case it wasn't clear in my original post

    1) I am the primary applicant for this greencard application.
    2) The option of going to MBA after I get the greencard will not work. For one, it will take me (eb3 india) years to get it, at which point going for an MBA will be too late. Also I got this opportunity to attend a top-3 MBA after so much hardwork and I do not want that to go to waste.

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  • benbear
    11-09 09:07 AM
    It is safe to say notice date in Sept equal to receipting by USCIS in Sept, because at notice date, USCIS actually open your file then send receipt.

    So,from , EB receipt in Sept vs. receipt in Oct = 2:1

    150k in Sept. include both EB(100K) and FB (50K).
    (Note: assume received FB every month 50K. 50K is a reasonable assumption,
    otherwise it's no way for USCIS to approve 800K AOS a year.)

    Since EB in Sept vs. Oct is 2:1, so total EB receipting in Oct. should be 50K.

    Out of the 655k total, the key is lead time for FB approval, how many month?
    This is the key! If we assume average FB approval takes 6 month,
    then EB out of the 655k is 655K-50Kx6=355K.

    Add the 50K EB in Oct. Total EB backlog is 405K.

    Still the key is average FB approval time, any gurus has any idea.
    I am sure the time is not 12 month. If it's 12 month,
    then EB backlog= 655K-50Kx12+50K=105k. :D:D:D Which is impossible!!

    That same link you gave tells us that 655k is pending/back-log for AOS....


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  • reallow23
    12-25 10:06 AM
    I just receive the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for?? My name check and background check is clear after 2 years.....Now I'm receive my GC so I can start traveling......All my interview was approve so now they are (order card)....Enjoy ur Holiday.......

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  • hpandey
    04-15 04:32 PM
    Yeah thanks to all the efforts being put in by IV . Its a hope for all of US. At least we have a voice now.

    Btw congrats on your GC !


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    07-11 03:53 PM
    I am not sure if my previous employer will support, even i am not sure if they have sent a I-140 cancellation request to USCIS.

    Can i file 485 through my current employer based on previously approved I-140 as my current I-140 has priority date recapture request.

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  • desi485
    02-01 12:19 PM
    Finally after nine years in US my Green Card is approved.

    On this very day in 2001 i was in flight to USA

    1) Came to US on Feb 1st 2001
    2) Changed employer in 2002 and GC applied in 2003 in EB3
    3) After 2 years, changed the employer in 2004 and applied GC in EB2 at the end of 2004
    4) Application with the DOL sent to the BEC
    5) DOL approved the petition in Jan 2007
    6) Applied I140 in April 2007
    7) Applied I485 in July 2007
    8) FP completed and EAD received in September 2007
    9) I140 RFE Aug 2008
    10) I140 denied in March 2009 - Reason is Too may petitions from the employer
    11) Appeal sent in April 2009
    12) Once the dates are current in Sep 2009, i talked to the attorney and decided to file a new I140 with the same labor
    13) New I140 filed in Sep 2009
    14) Received a notice from USCIS to withdraw the appeal inorder to process the new I140
    15) Appeal withdrawn in October 2009
    16) New I140 approved in Nov 2009
    17) FP notices received in November for I485
    18) FP done in December 2009
    19) Infopass appointment in Jan 2010. Background check is completed
    20) Received CPO emails for both the cases on Jan 21st 2010
    21) Welcome notice mailed on Jan 22nd 2010
    22) Welcome Notice and Cards received on Jan 30th.
    22) I485 approval notices sent on Jan 26th 2010 - Did not received yet.

    For me it is a bumpy ride. I went through most of the steps in the immigration (RFE's, Denials, MTR's, Appeals ..)

    I wish all the best for all IV memebers waiting in GC queue or waiting to apply for I485.


    Congratulations! Don't forget to check this Wiki ( for things to do now....

    Wish you good luck, and very happy for you. I wish all others good luck too.:)


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  • samsu
    04-21 08:36 AM
    Thanks for your reply guys. I just came back from international travel and I thought I should share here for the benefits of others.

    My lawyer at new company suggested we apply for AC21 just to be safe and we did the same before I traveled and I kept copy of it with me. I was told that officer doesn't generally ask for employment but I was asked about it during first inspection. He asked me where I work now and who filed for my GC. When he found out that I work for different employer he said "I thought you can't change job while this is pending". I didn't respond as his question was casual and I knew I would be going through secondary inspection. I didn't want to go into AC21 discussion with him unless he insisted. He didn't say anything and sent me to secondary inspection.
    No question asked at secondary inspection at all.

    I hope it helps other. just be prepare in case.

    Thanks again.

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  • chinna2003
    03-11 09:21 AM
    I worked for an employer in WY 2004 as a physician and since then i resigned and moved onto another job with a new labor and I-140. However last year at the time of July isa bulletin fiasco, I asked my employer from WY in 2004 to file for an I-140 based on the previous approved labor condition in 2004 to retain that priority date under EB -2.
    Employer knows I have no intent of joining them after the green card and I have my own practice , so i donot intend to join the practice.

    In this scenario, if this considered a misuse of retaining priority date and how do i prove the intent and will the USCIS allow a situation like this?

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  • nixstor
    08-24 04:14 PM
    Did you consider the 20k cap for Masters students? If they can plan to graduate in summer instead of spring they can safely use all OPT and get H1B with out pain. I know many guys who didnt use all of OPT (used half of it) and landed on H1B to be in status. I agree with the loan situation you mentioned though.

    I think thats what SKIL is trying to do by making OPT 2 yrs. It gives the much needed leeway for students to move from F1 to H1 and finding a better employer instead of running to consultants for H1B.

    B T W Are you the same guy who was looking for Pre approved labor on the other site.

    11-15 02:51 PM
    We are actively meeting with lawmakers across Southern California in OC, LA and San Diego. New members, please sign in to our local chapter, details are in my signature. Join in on local lawmakers meetings and help in raising awareness of our issues. We have experienced members in our group who can provide guidance and answer all your questions if you have never done anything like this before. We do need active members in various constituencies though, to help us reach out to all the lawmakers in our region. Read about our local lobbying activities on Southern California yahoo groups and perhaps you could contribute something to our efforts.

    04-18 03:23 PM
    i understand it now.

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