Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • maverick_s39
    01-20 11:11 AM
    looking at the recent trend i am not so sure if dems are going to do anything on CIR anyway, MA senate race is more like a referendum to president and congress policies, if president or dems think otherwise they are making a huge mistake, time to push aside health care reform and concentrate on economy and jobs, any immigration reform bill in this economy is not going to happen, i hope they do something to revive the economy!

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  • nlssubbu
    10-08 08:12 PM
    i think once you use EAD to work, your H4 status has to expire. as someone said above, H4 by definition is a dependent visa and does not allow independent earnings (no job, no business nothing)

    as per your next question, usually a person with valid H1B would not use AP to re-enter. Only a person on EAD would use AP to re-enter. Now what if one applies, gets and uses AP to re-enter even after having valid H1B (and no EAD), I don't know what the resultant status is?

    Many used AP to enter and still continue to work with the same H1B employer without issue. I myself did this thrice and using AP does not invalidate your H1, but using EAD on I-9 form will do.

    To reply to the original question, using EAD to earn by H4 derivative does invalidate the H4. H4 does not come with work permit and not allowed to earn wages. When you start using EAD and earn wages, that does conflict with the dependent nature and USCIS will not renew the H4. This is what I understand and please check with your attorney regarding future extension of H4.

    (PS: I am not a lawyer and please use my advice based on your own discretion)

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  • paskal
    08-05 09:23 PM
    delighted to hear you are finalizing your plans
    let me know when you have things in place, also if i can help you in any way. we should encourage more mn members to join us in DC, maybe even plan on making some calls. your motivation should serve as inspiration to others!

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  • Maverick1
    08-30 09:11 PM
    I believe there is only one processing center for PERM now. Only Atlanta is doing the PERM processing. All cases are trasfered to atlanta from chicago. Thats what I heared from Ron Gocher.


    All the ingredients of yet another back log center.


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  • MatsP
    November 25th, 2005, 04:14 AM
    I prefer the light one. But I'm with David C that if you had more depth of field in the second one, that may well make that one "better".


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  • bp333
    02-19 10:50 AM
    We (me, my wife and my son) are submitted 485 applications on July 7th to Nebraska service center latter they transferred to Vermont from there it again transferred to Taxes Service. Unfortunately I forgot to write the amount in wordings in my wife's 485 application check so they rejected my wife's application on Oct 9th, they enclosed the letter to re submit the application by using the new fee. We re submitted on Oct 15th by enclose the two checks $325 and $1010 along with the covering letter and the letter what they are given.

    Again they rejected the application in Dec 12th by mentioning Visa number is not available for this application. That time my attorney is not there He went to India so no body inform to me. He came back on Jan 28th we re submitted again by explaining all the details, but they reject on Feb 14th mentioning the same reason Visa Number is not available.

    I have seen so many people are got their receipt numbers if they re submitted the application for any mistakes. Me my son got the receipt numbers and Fingerprint every thing.

    My Attorney is telling we need to wait for PD current. Mine is PD for EB2 India 6/6.

    My wife doesn't get her receipt 485 number I am not able to use my EAD.

    Can any body suggest how to approach this case? Or is any one face same issue.


    If its rejected due to "missing or incorrect fee" you can send the package back with a special cover letter to by-pass the mail room. The letter has to say something in the lines of: "Attention CRU Supervisor, case improperly rejected due to fee".. search for these in google. You will find a template.
    Mine was rejected for the same and Supervisor accepted my refile.
    Good luck.


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  • rongha_2000
    10-02 11:57 AM
    You may be generally right about this, but in my case the attorney fees are borne by my company and it is my company who advised me to apply for EAD and still said that they will maintain my H1 till my AOS is approved, and thats where all these questions started popping in my mind.

    The only real reason why your lawyer wanted you to apply for EAD is to collect their fees. If you are maintaining H1, there is no need to EAD. If you lose your job, you will most likely have time to get an EAD, or you may even end up doing an H1 transfer.

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  • ram112
    09-03 03:52 AM
    gc approved on sept 1.


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  • msp1976
    05-19 10:41 AM
    I need some advice from the people on this board.

    My labor certification was recently approved via PERM. My employer will soon be signing the paperwork to file the I-140 with INS. My contract with him expires in February 2007, and he wants me to continue working for him beyond that. I, however, have expressed my desire NOT to stay with him any longer than I need to. Obviously, I will need to stay until 6 months have passed from the filing of my I-485 for portability to kick in.

    the whole employment thing works with the premise that you are going to work for him after you get your GC...However unjust that might be that is how it is...So you got to reconcile with that fact...And you have to cultivate better relations with your employer....You should not speak about him/lawyer about leaving him. If you have already said that you have done damage to your cause and you have to do some damage control.....I know that employers are a pain in you know what but if you want GC you would need to take the pain ....

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  • rbachu21
    02-03 12:04 AM
    Is your FOIA request completed? Did you get your I-140 Approval Notice? If yes, how long did it take?


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  • immilaw
    09-17 05:58 PM

    I need some guidance from experienced folks particularly those who hold MBBS degree from India and are already in US in medical profession.

    My brother has received MBBS about 5 years go and he is doing his practice in rural area. His wife is also MBBS and also holds a diploma on OB/GYN area.

    My question is if they want to immigrate to US what are various paths they can follow to get here?

    Thanks in advance.

    It looks like your brother is on J-1 Visa waiver program. My advise to him is to speak with an attorney.

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  • immigrationvoice1
    12-09 10:00 PM
    I know many people who're going for part-time MBA, including myself. A good way of making best out of a stagnant career phase while waiting for GC.

    Please post the URL of the school you are attending.


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  • gjoe
    10-05 12:04 PM
    Because his RD is before yours. When a PD is current , GC is isssued based on RD.So if your PD is May 2002, but RD is July 2007. and another guys PD is May 2004 but his RD is June 2007...The other guy will get GC first.

    In july uscis assigned visa numbers to variious cases with older RD regardless of PD.Hence, you will see approvals in the coming month, inspite of the fact that their PD is not current.

    For no fault of mine why should I suffer? I didn't file in July2007 because I didn't want to do it earlier. It was USCIS fault for not being able to come up the correct cuoff dates and DOL's problem in approving Labor certs with two different systems.
    I think bad managment affecting your life is a good reason for sueing for damage

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  • jkays94
    04-18 07:49 AM
    The McCain-Kennedy bill is what had the EB provisions in the first place long before Frist or Martinez-Hagel put their bills. Senator Kennedy has been fighting for immigrants rights for almost 40 years (longer than someone of us have been alive) including legal immigration. His own brother President John F. Kennedy wrote a book called - We are a nation of immigrants.

    I am sorry but with all due respect to Sen Kennedy he could address the rally of bunch of illegals waiving Mexican Flag and demanding their "RIGHTS" in Spanish. We have sent faxes in English to Senetor Kennedy requesting to support Bill that will provide relief to Legal immigrant communites but still nothing specific to our cause.

    Please let us refrain from making conclusions as to who was at the rally, there were many legal immigrants and citizens at the DC rally of many nationalities and backgrounds, it was covered live on CSPAN twice for its entire 4 hr duration -- CSPAN as you know is funded by US public funds and would not cover an event dominated by illegals. The US constitution guarantees constitutional freedoms and rights to all who are within its borders and that would include the right to assembly and freedom of speech. FYI, there are 43 million Hispanic-Americans in the US. The DC rally had just as many American flags as many other rallies around the country on April 10. Senator Kennedy has done a lot for legal immigrants, but lets face it, with no CIR, there will be no separate bill for legal immigrants, we would have to rely on ammendments to other bills and those ammendments would be subject to the fate of sections 8001 and 8002 of S1932. CIR originated in the Senate through McCain-Kennedy, the EB number provisions were in this bill, so lets give credit where its due and not say that nothing has been done for legal immigrants by the Senator.


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  • estrela21
    02-08 11:23 PM
    he is a great person with a big heart, he made a mistake.. everybody have and do stupid decision.

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  • kirupa
    06-06 02:41 PM
    haha - I just removed the first green stamp and added 1 to his other stamp :)


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  • saileshdude
    04-27 10:11 PM
    a lot of people who applied during July 2007 are getting RFE on 485, I guess this because of pre processing but 99% of these people who are getting RFE are from NSC. I same only one or two people from TSC who got RFE. From this seems like NSC is pre processing but TSC is not.

    No TSC is not. TSC goes by priority date and not processing date. TSC I have seen follows different processing style. For e.g. if your namecheck/security check or some kind of check is pending they dont send you FP notice. Also they process applications if your PD is current/close to recent bulletin.

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  • priderock
    06-25 02:42 PM
    That's correct.
    There are many unemployed, but there are not many qualified willing people available.
    Trying hard to recruit IT people for a month. Hardly finding any.

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  • inspectorfox
    07-17 02:18 PM
    Excerpt from Gregs blog and comments :(

    "Things are going SOUTH . No agreement and No relief.
    Class action is the only option. USCIS just wanted to test the waters and now they don't want to settle. Every thing else is just rumor mill. Every one who claimed to know the insider info was just taken for a ride. Welcome to beltway politics 101."
    What's the point of starting a new thread to throw in your opinion?
    Servers and all members are already very stressed.

    06-25 03:02 PM
    It looks like my lawyer has already mailed the application to USCIS. The priority dates becomes current only on July 1st.

    What are my options here? Does anyone has faced such a situation?

    Wow... You have a great over-enthusiast lawyer. People try to push their lawyer to file their application but looks like your lawyer pushed you to file your application. :)
    You can always file new application on July 1st.

    Sath thesmilingstar
    02-24 05:09 PM
    Yes.. u can apply for FAFSA.. U do qualify. U can either PM me or Call them directly. They are very helpful.

    Good Luck..

    "AP is Advance Parole" to enter US.

    yes i did call them and they were asking me for a social security number which i donot have so how do i deal with this.

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