Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • bigboy007
    12-10 02:20 PM
    I dont know i can try making it "superset" of what my GC Labor is that way it adds to what they have already its a bigger company btw so hassles in these issues are expected but what is the procedure in intimating USCIS many said no it but where does this Employment verification letter come in to picture.

    Check with the new company whether they can give an Employment verification letter which matches the roles mentioned in ur labor?
    Designation and pay doesnt matter.

    What matters is a permanenet job offer letter and duties should match the

    Rajesh Alex

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  • boreal
    09-23 12:07 PM
    Hi boreal,
    I had a problem with my wifes AP- they had not acted on it for 4 months I asked them to expedite it since we wanted to visit my father in law who was hospitalized for a medical condition- they did not respond to that request so I contacted my Senators office and asked if they could assist in this matter. They asked me for some medical documentation and faxed it to USCIS.. I noticed yesterday that her online status had changed to document mailed..we are still to get it but are optimistic that we should receive it soon.

    In the absence of any compelling circumstances though I am not sure how it would work. but I would definitely recommend contacting your Senators office.

    Thanks seeking_GC..i dont have such emergencies though...not visiting home country for four years probably wont qualify as an emergency :-)

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  • arihant
    06-22 01:17 PM
    Maybe he should volunteer for a pay cut of 30%. ONLY 30%. See, its trivial little teeny weeny 30%. Its nothing. You wont even feel it. How about that director?

    I like your Logic. :D

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-05 10:58 PM
    this number has been thrown around a lot
    per uscis as of July 27 they had 75K pieces of mail
    so maybe 125K applications including families.
    this will increase a bit, so let's say 175K or 200K
    still quite different from 700K

    per that visa bulletin preediction mail from Jan Pedersons lawfirm USCIS recevied 75k applications within 2 days of July. NOT by July 27th. Anyway will need to wait for USCIS stats to see how many they get by Aug 17th, but looking at how most lawfirms are still very busy with 485 filing I would expect a number midway between 200K and 700K (atleast!)


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  • Ram_C
    09-25 04:46 PM
    I am a Master's student and had applied for H1B through a consultant under master quota 2007. I was devastated when the consultant told me today that my H1B was not approved. When i checked online with my WAC no, as expected it said that a decision was mailed to the employer which in most cases means H1B denied.

    I have OPT left until dec 07. I haven't yet found a job while on OPT but have been applying for jobs rigorously. I was really banking on the H1B visa for getting a job and then transferring it over to whoever hires me.

    With my H1B not approved, I am totally clueless now. Please advice if my H1B application can be reconsidered/re-appealed/ resubmitted. Any other options/suggestions welcome.

    sorry to hear about your H1, but you are not at all in bad situation.
    here is what I would do if I were you.

    1. extend your F1 visa for Spring 08, so that you have a safety net.
    2. appeal your H1 Denial (if there is a chance)

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  • santa123
    08-15 07:21 AM
    Welcome back vdlrao...
    what does the SEP VB indicate to you?
    you had predicted that there will be a mild retro and does the fwd movement indicate better days ahead?

    We IVians look fwd to your analysis and insight. Thanks!


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  • waitnwatch
    07-15 04:27 PM
    As far as I know you donot need to file another I485.

    Hi Gurus,
    1) Is it possible to have 2 different I-485 with 2 different employers at the same time?

    I already have an EB3 I-485 pending through my current employer. I have EB2, I-140 approval with future employer,

    2) Is it possible to file second EB2 I-485 through my future employer?

    3) If file second 485, what will be affect on pending I-485?


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  • gc_dream07
    08-05 06:30 AM
    I am in similar situation.

    I have AP valid till Oct 3rd, 2010. My new AP application is with USCIS and have not received the approval. I will be traveling to Canada on August 15th for one week. I am planning to return on current AP. My question is: if my new AP gets approved when I am in Canada, will that cause any issue in my I-485 or re-entry to US.

    i was in same situation. couldn't get new AP in time. went for stamping in India.

    my attorney's advise was, u can't use the new AP, if u weren't here in US when it was approved. but after u come back using old valid AP or H stamp, u can use the new AP, for travel next time.

    if u read 131 instructions, it talks about abandoning app.

    basically, if u have no other status like H status, if u are using EAD for work and AP for travel,
    and if u leave US before approval of AP, ur 485 considered abandoned.


    Page 4, Section E.


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  • chintals
    09-03 11:43 AM
    I have got an LUD on 09/01/2009 for both the cases, but the status is still pending.

    I am worried, did any have similar experience?

    I am in the same boat as you.. See SLUD on both bases on 09/01/09 with EAC08** pending at TSC. Waiting.

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  • pappu
    02-25 07:13 PM
    Please, the date does not mean what it should mean. Otherwise nobody can explain the fact that this date can go backwards. For TSC, it went back from May 24 to April 10.

    The dates do mean something. While it does not mean anyone after the processing date will not be processed, people before these processing dates get a chance to raise a service request due to these processing times. Service centers project dates based on their workload. Lot of people are now eligible for AOS benefits due to the recent namecheck Memo. The EB3 ROW dates have also moved ahead in March Bulletin. There was a huge June , July rush of applications last year. All that may slow down the processing dates. IV has recently raised the issue of processing with USCIS and we are expecting some details be made public in the coming days.


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  • sledge_hammer
    06-15 03:44 PM
    Hi kak1978,

    what's the process for getting the "Account verification letter for Immigration purposes" from BOA?


    I had a account in Bank of America, and they sent me a letter when i asked them to send a "Account verification letter for Immigration purposes" They charged me $10 for that and took around a week. See if you can open a account at a local bank and try transfering the money to that account, Before you decide on opening a account , confirm if they issue such a letter.

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  • gconmymind
    06-02 01:09 PM
    If you use your EAD, your wife will need to maintain her own status like L1, H1, F1, etc. There is no dependent status on EAD (like H4 for H1).


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  • GCBy3000
    04-15 06:35 PM
    I have been in this situation but my work location changed more than 100miles within the same state. My attorney asked me to start another labor.

    1. If you think that you will move back one the 485 is adjucated, then you dont have to worry. OTherwise, you have file a new labor. Atleast you are safe since your 140 is approved. You can port your PD.

    2. If it is within few miles then it should not affect. Still you have to check with your attorney. Few miles sometimes puts you in different couty or state or even in different country. So the term "Few Miles" is relative one and it is better to check with attorney.

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  • ak_manu
    04-09 03:27 PM

    My current EAD will expire in September 2008. It is applied through Company A. I want to change my employer in July to Company B. But I would think during
    that time frame I would have already applied for my EAD renewal.

    Can I transfer to Company B during this renewal process?



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  • indyanguy
    10-19 02:10 PM
    Interesting thread. For all those who've gotten their hands dirty in the stock market, can you recommend any message boards that conducts healthy discussions for taking advantage of the volatility in the short term. I have looked at yahoo, aol, msn and google and most of them are non sensible discussions without much factual info.


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  • gc28262
    04-12 12:45 AM
    Since his denial was on March 31st, would the overstay clock starts from March 31st or from original I-94 expiry date? My understanding was that one can work legally using H1B receipt notice. Hence, OP was legal atleast till March 31st, 2009, correct?


    Yes OP was in legal status till Mar 31st. ( One is in status while H1B is pending)


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  • vik352
    12-03 01:21 PM
    My wife is not H4, she is working on EAD and we applied her I-485 last July. She has to travel to India for an emegency. We applied for AP last month, have the receipt but it is not approved. Is it okay if she travels to India without AP approval? I will be here and I can take her approved AP when I go there after two months.

    I heard that if she travels without AP, her I-485 is considered abonded. Is this true? Can we apply for her H4 (as I am still on H1). Any advice on how to get her back?


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  • yanj
    12-14 12:18 PM

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  • tonyHK12
    01-07 09:17 PM
    THe Lottery is the dumbest piece to obtain GC. Imagine some guy who does nothing to the USA applies, comes here sucks the $$ out of the system by coming here, staying here and enjoying all monetray benefits of a GC like unemployment benefits etc

    People who have been paying taxes for 6-10+ years and working in the US economy get only 50,000 Green cards a year, while 50,000 complete strangers in a foreign country get Green card in a year because they happen to be lucky and win a lottery !! :mad:

    08-16 03:00 PM
    You have a valid H1 with the new employer (client), so there should be nothing wrong working with the client.

    Have you or your client signed a contract with the parent company? If you have not signed a contract, there is nothing to worry. I would assume your client may have signed a contract with your parent company(old employer). If that's the case the issue is between you current employer (client) and you parent company (old employer).

    You may also want to check with your attorney.

    There is not direct signed contract with the client and old employer. There are like 3 layers inbetween client and the old employer. old employer have contract with the middle vendor not the client.

    But, one problem is this old employer made me sign the Employee Agreement document when i was going for my visa stamping. He is using that Agreement and using it against me. And also in the offer letter which he gave me he said he will revise or increase my pay every 6 months but never did that and he didn't gave any medical benifits also.


    08-02 04:45 PM
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    Anyone else interested from North Florida?

    South Florida members please inform me about your travel plans. I will like to join you guys, in case I don't find anyone from North Florida. Thanks.

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