Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • rnvd
    10-31 10:10 AM
    Hi Ramba,
    The POE offier given I-94 based on the visa expiry eventhough i showed new H1b approval. I told office i am working for this new company.

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  • GC_ASP
    08-14 02:50 PM
    $ 745 is the total fee for I-485, I-131, I-765 & biometrics. Many people sent single check of $745 per application. It is weird to see that kind of rejection.

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  • talash
    04-25 03:15 PM
    I 140 denaie d.please help to start new thread

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  • shivarajan
    07-26 02:38 AM
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  • rsrikant
    08-09 08:59 AM
    i filed my 140 on july 12th. Received receipt notice from TSC on jul 23rd.
    My attorney filed for 485 on aug 2nd. But he filed with old fee and old 485 forms. He says i fall under july visa bulletin, so i can file with older fee.

    Is he correct? Will there be no problem with my application?

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  • mbartosik
    08-20 06:35 PM
    I'm a UK citizen (waiting for GC), and one obversation that I have is:

    If you are very good in your profession odds are that you'll suceed in either country. But if you are average (and by definition most are) then you'll be at a disadvantage with respect to the locals when you go somewhere new, especially if you don't have good contacts.

    So I'd recommend thinking dispassionately about how good you are at your profession, and just as importantly how well that comes across in resume or interview. Do you have good contacts in UK?

    I'm not sure if "indefinite leave to stay" gives you access to the whole EU, but it's a path to UK citizenship which does give you access to the whole EU job market (language barriers permitting). It does suck that UK gov effectively retrospectively changed the rules for "indefinite leave to stay", but at least in UK there is an end date (unless they push it out each year). Here for some there is no obvious end date for the waiting.

    I also think that "indefinite leave to stay" may have a few strings (like GC six month in country requirement).


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  • lskreddy
    12-05 12:04 AM

    you live your life dude, don't let any other M'fer control it!!!

    I think that about sums it up the best way possible. Gosh, I wish a chernobyl would happen in the areas that mofos come from and wipe them out.

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  • quizzer
    10-23 04:28 PM

    Congrats!!! Did it take an year for the RFE itself???

    Romesh and naresh,

    Any updates?



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  • senthil1
    04-15 01:40 PM

    Your post does look like anti immigrant who want to make fun of potential immigrants or undermining US citizenship by immigrants. I hope those observations are incorrect

    Hello, I think I made a mistake. I recently went from GC to citizenship and it cost me my job. I was
    fired shortly after becoming a citizen. I am from a country other than yours. Sorry about that. There is no particular website that represents immigration from the country I immigrated from.

    The employer replaced me with a visa card holder. After I trained him, I was fired and my boss was fired.

    I am a skilled programmer with advanced degree. Employers from the website refuse to even acknowledge my resumes. Being unemployed is no way to be a new citizen. So I am ready to give up searching and move to India,in search of programming work. All I want to do is write code. I do not desire to make a point or to annoy anyone, I just want to work and write source code and try to get on with my life.

    What are my chances to find work with the giant IT corporations of India? I am ready to move today. Can I revoke my US citizenship and immigrate to your country??? Sorry sorry sorry if this offends anyone, I do not mean to annoy any of you. I just want to have a job and write code and I will be on my way.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for permitting me to present my delima to this your website.

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  • intheyan
    08-20 02:34 PM
    The same here. The primary got approved and the dependent is still pending.


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  • jonty_11
    01-18 01:05 PM
    No actually its seems different from the receipt numbers which usually starts with SRC-xxxxxxxxxx

    This one seems different like : PIT-xxxxxxxxxxTSC

    It doesn't seems to work anywhere.
    did u call 18003755283....and given them this receipt number...

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  • jsb
    10-30 04:01 PM
    I have future GC filed from Company X, the priority date is February 2006.
    I am currently working for Company Y on H1B. This H1B will expire in April 2009. Company Y is also ready to file my GC and I would like to work with Company Y till by future GC is approved, my question is if I have already filed for 485, EAD and AP through Company X, scenario will it be advisable to file another labour and I-140 through Company Y now?
    What could be the implications?

    It is advisable if work at Y is significantly different than what is in LC filed at X. There is no other negative impact of that, other than filing fees. If Y is willing to file for your LC go for it. That way you are not restricted by rules of AC21. There is no limit on how many I-140 or LC's you can have.


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  • sprash
    10-15 06:00 PM
    My lawyer strongly suggests not to leave US unless you have your AP in hand or a valid visa stamped.

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  • kshitijnt
    07-17 01:00 PM
    I am confused with regards to AOS Vs. CP and which one to choose.

    My visa status is L1B with Company A and my green card for future employment is with Company B.

    Since I am on L1B, should I choose AOS (Adjustment of status) or CP (Counslar processing) for my I485 processing. Which one wld be the best for me, since I may be in India when the dates become current or may be here in the US ? The timing is a big unknown.

    IF I choose CP, what are the steps after I140 approval?
    How hard is it to switch from AOS to CP or vice- versa?
    What are the pros and cons for AOS Vs CP?

    I am looking for some guidance from anyone who has gone through this / familiar with this situation. Thanks!

    I initially chose CP on my form but now going to file 485. You can switch it either way

    Switching from CP to AOS:
    Just file 485, nothing else needs to be done. No need (as of now), to wait for I140 approval. If you do not switch to AOS downside is you cant make use of attorney certified I140 and must make appointment through consular process.

    Switching from AOS to CP:
    I140 must be approved. Then you need to file I824. Once I824 receipt notice is received, you can talk to the consulate and schedule an appointment. No need to go through NVC. However, if you have already filed 485, it will be abandoned, at the least all the money paid for it, you have to pay for visa again & travel cost to your home country.


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  • alien2006
    06-13 01:44 PM
    My guess is you will be current in September 2006, may be October latest. But keep your fingers crossed. Logic does not apply too well with these things.

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  • saurav_4096
    12-22 03:36 PM
    Does one have to stick to old employer for 180 days after I-140 is approved before person can start with new employer and port priority date from previous job ?


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  • h1b_holder
    03-15 11:20 PM
    can someone please give me some advices about this situation?

    I'm in US since Aug 2006 with F1 visa (and F2 my spouse).
    Nothing changed in 2007, and I didn't leave US at all.
    Then in June 2008, my visa status changed to H1B (and H4 for spouse).
    I am also receiving tuition waiver as employment benefits (I got the 1098T form for that).
    Spouse does not have ITIN and never filed any returns in US. By the way, is there a problem I didn't request an ITIN for my spouse by now? should F2 always have an ITIN even if spouse has never had any income of any sort?
    I have always filed 1040NR-EZ (for 2006 and 2007) but didn't claim spouse these 2 years (while on F2)

    My question is whether I have substantial presence in US after 3 years or not, and which form should I file. How about spouse's (with no ITIN) tax forms? Thank you.

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  • chanduv23
    04-13 11:08 AM
    Also, one should know we are not getting help from our group, I know many guys who are effected by GCs in my office in my neighbourhood, I can't even get them to make one call to senator office,

    how do you expect some other organization to help us, when we can't help ourselves

    People make fun of me and call me "Immigration specialist" when I take up this issue with them. No one understands the complexity of the situation and no one wants to talk about it. But I am sure many actually monitor these sites for some news they want to hear and pretend to be silent.
    No one wants to contribute for a good cause but want to reap benefits when others work hard for it

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  • r50000
    07-27 08:04 PM
    Why would your employer do that unless you did something inappropriate?

    As long as the employee does not not step out of line. He has nothing to worry. In this case, the only problem is layoffs for unavoidable reasons in which case it is not the employee's fault. In such situations, the employer will not revoke the 140.

    whatever is the reason of revoking ? I just want to know if employer revokes an approved I140 withing 180 days of filling, will the employee know about it.


    04-27 06:00 PM
    Hagel Introduces Legislation to Deal with Illegal Immigrants Living in the U.S.

    So, on the Illegal side we have:

    Senate Bill: Hagel with The Immigrant Accountability Act of 2007
    House Bill: Flake with the STRIVE

    On the Legal and High-Tech side we have:

    Senate Bill: Cornyn with SKIL Bill
    House Bill: Shadegg with SKIL Bill

    Senate Discussion: Last two weeks of May 2007.

    Let the engines start.

    Are they going to discuss all the bills in last week of May or just the Hagel Bill.

    01-31 04:43 PM
    Please let me know whether my I-140 will be approved under EB3.I have 3 year bachelors degree(Maths) from India and 2yr diploma from Aptech. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated

    Column 14

    Grade School : 8 years
    High School : 4 years
    College : 4 years

    College Degree(Required) : Bachelor's Degree
    Major Fied of Study : Computer Science*

    Column 15

    Travel and/or relocation required

    *compluter Applications, Computer Information Systems, Electrical, Mechanical, Mathematcis, Physics or its foriegn Education Equivalent. Will accept any suitable combination of Education , training or expeirence in lieu of stated requirements.

    You are fine my friend if you applied in EB3. In EB3 you can apply as skilled worker or professional, if you applied as skilled worker you will get the approval for sure. If you applied as professional you may need to get education evaluation done, ofcourse you can combine your degrees to make equivalent to US bachelors as your labor allows it.

    If your application is in texas, they will not reject based on education for sure( i don't know about your company financial status) they are very liberal. If your application is in Nebraska they may send RFE for education evaulation (if you didnt submit it with your application).

    On the whole don't worry about education column as your labor gives the flexibity of combining the degrees, you will get approval for sure if your company financial status is good.

    Hope this information helps..

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