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  • piyu7444
    04-11 12:08 AM
    They did not ask for old pay stubs. Interview was in Feb 08 so asked for 07 pay stub but not for 06 05 or 04.

    About job responsibility.......I actually started stating what my current job responsibility is.........for real what is on LC is a subset of what I was describing so my guess is that the officer must have concluded that it matches to LC (she was looking at the document which had LC job responsibilities) and she moved to next question. If it did not match or there was some fumbling in answering the question she might have grilled me....:)

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  • coopheal
    06-17 11:45 AM
    Please add a to link to this on home page.

    Just a quick update:

    All 3 Lofgren bills will be marked up next week in the subcommittee.

    IV is working with the committee members at this time and will give more updates as the bills move forward. Please continue to make calls.

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  • seahawks
    06-26 02:39 PM
    While filing for my wife's G-325A form, her last name was filled in first name and first name as last name. We got our FP notice yesterday and thats when I went back and reviewed all the forms I filed. I was wondering if any of you know what can be done so that an honest mistake can be corrected?

    Any input appreciated. I understand it is for information purpose only and not many of us are attorneys, so no disclosure required :)

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  • americandesi
    06-18 01:10 PM
    All EB priority dates for July 2007 is current. Hence everyone can go for concurrent filing right away.

    The scenario I have given explains how to maintain the status after getting permanent residency from both countries, so that you are eligible to apply for citizenship in both countries.

    But here is the catch. Some Canadian immigration officers might not consider the commuting days towards the day count for citizenship. It solely depends on the discretion of the officer during Canadian citizenship interview.


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  • arihant
    05-23 06:54 AM
    As many of you have been following, there are some provisions that benefit folks with advanced degree in STEM from US universities by exempting them from the Visa quota. I think CIR in its current form has a provision and the Cornyn (4005) and the Brownback (4058) ammendments that are yet to be introduced also have some such provisions.

    My question is, will people who qualify under this category still have to clear labor? If so, then those of us who are stuck in BEC can only wait and watch while those who have cleared using PERM will go ahead. We could transfer from BEC to PERM but this is not as easy as it sounds. We could also apply fresh in PERM (as retrogression will not apply, hence PD will not matter) but this is also not as easy as it sounds for folks who are in 7th year or greater in H1B.

    Any thoughts or comments?

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  • krish2005
    11-09 05:47 PM
    hmm.. are you saying that ancient indians specialized in stem cell research? :p

    Dr. Balkrishna Matapurkar, a surgeon at New Delhi's Maulana Azad Medical College, has pioneered a stem cell based technique for the regeneration of tissues and organs. He already holds a patent for this innovative technique. Incidentally, he is of view that embryonic stem cell research is one of the lost sciences of ancient India.

    But please note that I am not trying to propagate that indian culture is best or better etc. I just wanted to share that stem cell related view of mine.

    A couple of the fellow members might be cursing me to have posted this in. I know its nowhere related to immigration, but just a thought share.


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  • small2006
    07-21 10:27 AM
    See my post here under the subject "FP Notice received..finally!"

    Hope this helps.

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  • nav_kri
    04-01 08:01 PM
    I got this in an email from Maple International

    "Please be rest assured that this news is not April Fool's joke.

    Today the Alberta immigration department announced that on April 15, 2009
    the on-demand occupation list of Alberta will be changed. Any applications
    postmarked before April 15, 2009 will be assessed based on the current list.
    All applications postmarked on or after April 15, 2009 will be assessed
    based on the revised list that will be posted on April 15, 2009.

    The possible change

    It is very possible that IT related occupations will be removed from the
    on-demand list on April 15, 2009. The original intent of this Alberta
    program was to recruit H-1B professionals from USA. The economy of Alberta
    was booming in recent 5 years because of the discovery of huge oil reserve
    in the northern part of the province. Alberta needs engineers such as
    Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, etc to work for
    its oil industry and its oil based economy.

    However, it ended up that the overwhelming majority of applicants of this
    Alberta program are IT consultants, programmers and software engineers in
    USA. Alberta does need some IT professionals but it for sure does not need a
    lot of them."

    Is this true? I dont find any info related to this on Maple International website or Alberta Immigration website.


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  • bigboy007
    12-10 02:31 PM

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  • espoir
    06-21 05:56 AM
    As per my understanding, once you have a receipt notice for EAD and/or AP, it will be processed completely. Approval/rejection of EAD/AP is NOT linked with visa number availability. Many are under the misconception that they won't get their EAD and AP if the PD dates move back.
    Given the current and anticipated volume, one should expect delays in processing times.

    IN the same context, how about EAD.

    If I file I-485 and lets say the dates retrogess and my PD is not current, then as mentioned and if an EAD is not yet issued does the EAD issuance and I-485 both are "suspended" till PD becomes current or is it just the I-485...

    I guess what I want to ask is that is EAD linked to PD date ?


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  • gman
    12-22 11:07 PM
    Unlike H1B, at the time of layoff, if 485 is pending more than 6 months, you are still in legal status, (in h1b case there is no grace period). There is no time limit to find a similar job. You can stay at home for till your 485 approval, with legal status. Having said that, if INS asks for a eveidence of full time-permanat job you should be in a postion to show the job offer. In simple terms, tou should have a vaild job offer at the time of approval of your 485.

    If i-485 has been pending for more than 6 months and I suddenly get laid off can i leave the country and come back when it's approved? Or can I leave the country and come back in a few months with or without job offer?

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  • krupa
    04-08 04:39 PM
    I believe the intention of not moving too much beyond jul 06 , may be to make some spill over benfit happen to EB3 also. If they open the gate for EB2 now, lots of 485 application may come in and there may not be spill over to EB3. :)



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  • excogitator
    12-11 03:34 PM
    Since the official announcement thread hasn't been put up yet.
    Congratulations to all the winners!!

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  • nirdlalegcade
    02-26 11:52 AM
    First of all you have an "If" in your question. So I belive this is for future plan.
    Now, when you say "suddenly GC was sent to your sister here in US" I am comfused as to whether your sister has already got the GC in mail and you are outside US?

    I would request you to provide some more information on your status and info such as Whether you have had/will have approved "AP" etc before you left/plan to leave this country for studies.

    yes that's right, what if my sister recieved my GC by mail here in the US while I'm outside the country.. I am planning to use my h4 visa to go out of US..


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  • gxr
    10-12 09:50 AM

    What was the LUD on your I-140 before you got the RFE ?
    In my case, the RD is 10/06 and LUD is 10/26/2006. But, no updates after that.


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  • gbof
    09-30 04:08 PM
    I liked the tone and tenor of aila. What surprises me the most is there is NO work audit at uscis and they feel all powerful to scare/ trouble at their whim...

    I got a RFE asking for I-612 approval from uscis. This was not at all required as the same was attached with I-485 filing. Moreover, without this approval H1B could not be filed and subsequently extended.

    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following: (
    Dear Director Mayorkas:

    Last week in a speech you broached the subject of the possible need to increase filing fees because of a decrease in the number of applications received by USCIS this fiscal year. You also noted that there was over $100 million shortfall in your budget because of these decreased filings. I have some suggestions to meet your budget.

    First, look at your budget projections from this last year. Last October, who didn't see the recession? Why weren't reductions in force made at that time? On April 1 when only 33% of the H-1B applications were filed as compared to the year before, why didn't USCIS staff get pared down? A monumental increase in naturalization applications occurred before the Presidential elections (as they do every 4 years), who did not not see a decrease in naturalization applications for 2009! My heck, every business in America was laying off employees, but not USCIS!

    Second, have a heart to heart talk with anyone who issues an RFE that requires more than 5 pages to respond to. This last week we submitted a 3,000 page (30 lb.) response to an RFE (see the picture above), which alleged that an Accountant was not a professional position! Director, what is the deal with your Service Centers? Is there simply too little to do and too many employees? The "service" we are receiving as your customers is not doing the American Economy any good.

    Third, why are the local adjudications officers interviewing non-current priority date visa applicants, including on Saturdays in September! You are paying OVERTIME to examiners to interview people who cannot be approved for their green cards. What sense does that make?

    I have many other ideas as well if you would like to chat. The bottom line is this. The agency you have just taken over is in serious need of a top to bottom review. You have a monstrous challenge ahead of you to bring this agency in line with the priorities it should have. Priorities that not only include national security, but also ensuring our own economic well being and competitiveness by promoting job growth and allowing companies to hire qualified workers, keeping families together through reunification, and bringing new citizens into the fold.

    You need to get control of service centers, where officers are issuing, at increasingly frequent rates, Requests for Evidence that are not only unnecessary, but which are onerous and burdensome, and appear to be designed to make the employer give up his request for the visa application. You have local offices finding marriage "fraud" where no such fraud exists. You have CIS doing 25,000 random walk ins of legitimate U.S. employers of H-1B workers, disrupting the workplace asking questions about the H-1B employer, without regard to a lawyers appearance in the case in clear violation of the 6th Amendment. The list could go on about what your agency is doing wrong. And, while there are things USCIS does right, the reality is that rather than serving immigrants and their employers, you are punishing them.

    So, before you raise your fees, I think you MUST first get your own house in order. You should not and cannot honestly balance your budgetary disaster on the backs of the employers and immigrants you are committed to serving.

    With all sincerity, I wish you the best of luck in your new position.

    More... (


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  • helpmeExperts
    01-13 12:00 PM

    i just saw your thread about FOI.

    please care to share with me how can i do that.

    plz reply to my message

    thanks a ton!

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  • GCPagla
    03-16 02:18 PM

    Thanks for all your replies.
    I am trying to catch hold my lawyer. He is attending some conference today and said will be available tomorrow to respond.

    So just to sumup all your openion is:

    Job title should be same or not? I got 50-50 response on this. Do not know what to say, but kind of thinking may differ.
    Job Description on offer letter? should match word to word with LC

    Salary? OK as long as it is heigher.
    company size? does not matter.

    Please let me know if all the above assumptions are correct.

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  • tnite
    09-30 11:31 AM
    I also have soft LUD on 09/26 and 09/29...But i dont know what to read into it.

    I did have a LUD on 09/05 and 09/08 and then RFE was issued. Responded to the RFE on 09/22 . LUD on 09/22, 09/23 ,09/29 and 09/30.
    EB2 India Mar 2005 NSC
    There were atleast 7-8 cases from NSC on this board who received RFE's.

    04-15 03:21 PM
    Continue with the GC..The wmployer has to pay the salry on the GC only after your I 485 is approved. Wht i think, wht you are getting now has no connection with GC,
    if they are decresing your salry, inform the DOL , you will be alright if ur decreased salry is more thn wht is required by the DOL.
    Contact an attorney, i am sure there is a way out.

    02-16 09:47 PM

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