Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • ram_ram
    06-08 02:16 PM
    Not possible. You can carry your PD once the 140(based on the labor that has the PD) is approved. Not the other way..

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  • for_ac21iv
    06-01 03:26 PM
    Hello all - Thank you,

    I am impressed with the response to this poll.
    Within minutes of creating the poll, I saw a lot of views and
    good number of people expressing interest towards a new
    separate bill for legal immigrants.

    How can we take this forward ?
    Can core members of IV comment on this option please ?
    Can I call and talk to someone to discuss this at IV ?

    PCS -- thank you.


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  • 4yourforGC
    07-06 02:21 PM
    Hi, there,

    I've just done my final interview with one company. they are very satisfied with my experiences and tech skills and have strong intent to hire me. after several time interviews with them, there is only 2 candidates left. I am the one of them. but now the hiring manager has concern on my visa problem. I am currently have EAD (will expire 1 year later) and my 140 has been approved and 485 pending is far over 180 days. I should not have visa problem, right? may I get your comments how I can convince this hiring manager on my status?

    thank you a lot!

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  • ca_immigrant
    07-25 07:49 PM

    What is the best and most cost effective way to send some money home ?

    Till last year I was using the service from icici and was under the belief that the exchange rate was pretty decent. the service I believe was never free as they make up for service fee though the exchange rate.

    Today for example when I check on icici it says they will give a rate of 47.63 per $ which I believe means around half a rupee less per $ ?
    so for $1000 they are essentially charging Rs 500 (aound $10)

    I beleive previously they were giving around 25 paise less per $ and now it looks like it is 50 paise less per dollor ?

    Western union charges $15 and also gives a lower exchange rate than icici.

    So would that mean ICICI isthe best cost effective one ?

    Ideas ?



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  • desi3933
    07-19 11:35 AM
    Hello IV Members,

    I have a question about my Wife status(H4) here in United States, My I-485 (EB3/PD DEC 2003) got approved on July 16'th and my lawyer says they have applied my wife I-485 application on July 17'th after USCIS released rescinded July 2'nd bulletin.

    My I-485 was applied before our marriage,Can anybody please share some thoughts on my wife status(H4) at present??.

    Any help on getting more information will be greatly appreciated..My lawyer says she should be fine.please share your experiences.


    You are ok.

    Your wife had 180 days to file her I-485 after your approval. And that has been already filed. So no need to worry.

    And, Congratulations for your I-485 approval. Welcome to the GC club.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • ingegarcia
    04-03 08:54 AM
    As per AINP website you'll receive notification in 2 months.


    I send my AINP Application package on 18th March (H1-B worker stream) and was received by the AINP on 20th March. However I have not received any confirmation or a file number yet since it takes 2 months. Any idea if my application will be considered according to the current policies or according to the new changes that are coming up on April 15th?

    Please let me know.



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  • mhathi
    03-19 12:57 PM
    PD is checked both at the time of filing and approval of 485. Once filed, the 485s are processed based on RD. If at the time of adjudication the PD is not current, the file is kept in the "pre-adjudicated" pile until the PD becomes current again for that particular application.

    This is my understanding.

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  • rubinop
    04-14 10:00 AM
    My LC is still in process after auditing (EB2). My employer wants to 'drastically' cut back my salary due the national depression, which is particularly affecting the field my company is operating in (sub-primes). If he does that, and I accept it, is LC in jeopardy? We filed back in September 2007 with a certain salary and now it will be lower. Do we have to communicate the change to the DOL? And if yes, what will happen? Do we have to re-file? Thank you to everybody for all the info you can give me! Really!:(


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  • piyu7444
    05-08 02:21 PM
    I am changing job and moving to EAD from h1b. My 140 is approved and 485 has been pending more than 180 days. I am in EB2 category.

    Question 1 - New employer wants to inform USCIS about job change and I dont want to do so as it just might delay AOS process? suggestions/thoughsts?

    Question 2 - New employer wants to apply for EAD and AP via corporate attorney and I prefer that my attorney do that but if i will have no choice I will have to give up BUT can corporate lawyers apply for my EAD and AP without me changing my legal rep with USCIS?

    Question 3 - The job title was "Sr Systems Analyst" and now it would be "System Quality Analyst 5" 5 is the highest level in this company after which it goes to Tech. Manager. I dont see issue with the you see any issue? (job description are similar-I would say about 70%)

    Question 4 - Salary at the time of filing 140 was 60k offered for the Sr. System Analyst position and now with the new job is 100k. Can that be a problem?

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  • laksmi
    03-06 01:02 PM
    EAD correction is very simple and they will fix with in 4 months worse case.


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  • th3thirdman
    03-31 12:44 AM
    ya no BABIES FOR ME! I just dont want to have a child

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  • chris
    02-12 02:51 AM
    Yes.. I did contacted to congresman office.

    His office informed me that our cases are assigned to adjudicating officer.

    damn! sorry to hear that Chris, did you contact any congressmen? as for me, I need to take some vacation, this gc bug has bitten me and its hurting now.:)


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  • Dhundhun
    09-02 08:47 PM

    Due to the priority data transfer issue my I-485 application was rejected in June'08 (submitted based on June'08 visa bulletin).

    As part of my application necessary medical exam tests were conducted in May'08. If I were to submit my application today based on the new visa bulletin do you think I need to take all medical exams again and re-submit? Won't the first set of medical exams have any validity?

    Also, on the forums there is a talk about medical forms being changed? Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks in advance for all your responses.

    As I remember, the validity is one year.

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  • santb1975
    02-13 04:48 PM
    IV' ans of Southern California,

    We need your help in making the Admin Fixes Campaign Successful. We are organizing a Southern California IV Meetup and Letter Signing Event this Weekend. We are targeting to get a 1000 letters signed and sent to the White House from our group. We need volunteers to print letter templates, get envelopes/stamps and most importantly bring family, friends and colleagues to this event. Please see below for details about the Venue.

    Where: Woodlands Restaurant 11833 Artesia Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701
    When: Sunday, Feb 17'th
    Start Time: 2 PM

    Please vote on this thread if you can print letter templates, bring in envelopes/stamps, bring in family/friends to the venue or help out in any other way. Thanks


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  • zCool
    07-16 07:21 PM
    I think IV did great today. BUT
    lets not act as children and pick fights with AILA. Please remember, due to their vested interest, there is NO ONE else who is more PRO-immigrant than AILA.. not even tech-employers..
    So if they are saying situation might be fluid and if they are saying not to spread rumours.. then so BE it..
    I hope I am wrong but seems like tiny access and frustration is causing few IV core members BIG heads ..
    This is time to be calm, AND YES DISCREET!!!!

    Before people start dumping on me.. please note.. we are among friends here and one of the ways to keep in check these things is to call upon friends when you feel they made a mistake.. and I FEEL IV made a mistake.. NOT in disclosing the knowledge but making an issue out of AILA warning and picking fights with them..! So lets take that out.. we know you stand by.. why keep it..?

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  • desidas
    01-23 08:28 PM

    Please advise

    I dont work for my GC Sponsoring employer anymore and I dont have H1B either

    Will it be any issue at Port of Entry if they ask why I am not working from my GC employer anymore?

    I changed jobs using AC-21 and working on EAD now and H1B not valid anymore


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  • yalavarthi_sree
    08-18 03:26 PM
    In 2008 My wife applied for H1B and My wife got her H1B approved and along with the approval she got new I-94
    valid till Sep 2011.
    But she was not able to start working/ find a job due to family reasons and economy conditions.

    1. Whether she Out of status since she did not work on her H1?
    2. If she starts working now for the employer can she get back the status?
    3. What are the ways for her get back to H4 if she not going work?
    4. How we can correct her status?

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  • bluez25
    07-16 01:58 AM
    i guess I am going to be in trouble in case I have to get a new PCC. I will try and get a new one when I reach India. Also update to my status is that chennai consulate has sent a letter to my local address in India about the interview appointment date.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    03-03 12:02 PM
    Yes, the wording is very important. When I sent the AC21 documentation, it was just a letter explaining employment details and particulars, but when I replied to NOID, they specifically requested "prospects of employment" - and we responded as "this is a full time permanent job and the prospects are good" - which means they see it as future employment.

    As long as you have worked for original employer for a good period of time, stick to your skills, have good w2 history, you don't have to worry - you can always show that your prospects are good.

    Though Green card if for future employment - the entire process revolves around how best you fit the future employment category - AC21 is one such rule that gives you room and flexibility.

    Thanks for your quick response. I might as well ask one more question that's in my mind. Did you go thru the company's attorney or you hired yourself? I really don't trust my company's attorney as they work for the best interest of the company rather then the employees...may not be the norm but mostly its that way.
    Could you PM me if you know good attorney's other then Ms Murthy (cause they are expensive)

    02-14 06:09 PM
    This doesn't feel good :o

    For the same reason, please help yourself to the NORCAL thread;)

    02-18 07:08 PM
    Kudos to desi3933!

    rajesh1972 - You should ask your wife to consider giving birth child in US land, who knows your baby may be a next president.

    Also, you may consider naming him/her Barack...;)

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