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  • quizzer
    10-23 04:28 PM

    Congrats!!! Did it take an year for the RFE itself???

    Romesh and naresh,

    Any updates?


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  • roseball
    10-07 06:30 PM
    I would really love to hear comments from ppl who can relate to this possibly with some first-hand experience in going through this stage!
    My labor cert was filed just this February (been about 8 months now). The application was put in as EB2 with the minimum requirements being - Masters + 3 yrs, or alternatively, a Bachelors + 5 yrs.
    Now the law firm has contacted my manager asking her to prepare a "Business Necessity Statement" for a "POSSIBLE" audit! (note the word "possible", its not really an audit yet). They want my manager to explain why a Masters and 3 years is better than a Bachelors + 5 yrs for this job, and stuff like that.
    Preparing a business necessity statement if there was really an audit is understandable, but this request from the law firm makes it look like they're more than certain that there will be an audit on my application. Have things gotten that bad really? Or is our law firm just pre-emptively preparing for the worst? Just to let you know, there are other ppl at my office with my similar job profile, whose labor cert has also been applied for as an EB3 (requiring only a Bachelors and work experience).
    How scared should I be realistically about the possibility of an audit? And how realistic is it in this day and age to actually get an approved labor cert after responding to a business necessity audit.

    Also, here's an excerpt from the email that the law firm sent to my manager. Can anyone of you suggest what kind of "additional documentation" they are talking about including with all the explanation for business necessity?
    "All business necessity arguments must be evidenced via supporting documentation. Please note that the DOL prefers �independent� forms of documentation to statements from or information created by <companyname>. Make sure to be reasonably specific and identify the sources and bases for your assertions in the context of <companyname>'s business. Independent documentation that contains financial justification(s) to substantiate the business necessity argument will be particularly helpful."

    The main issue with your PERM is to justify why your job required EB-2 qualifications as a requirement while others in your company with similar job profiles were only eligible under EB-3. That should be your main focus in preparing any documentation incase your case gets audited.

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  • gen_tp
    09-02 12:48 AM
    Immigration Voice:


    cokeraj Jun 2004
    sjagadeesan Jun 2004
    nni123 Aug 2004
    Nashim (co-worker) Nov 2004
    aachoo Dec 2004
    kurtz_wolfgang Dec 2004


    ganesha Apr 2004
    NolaIndian32 04.30.2004
    inskrish May 2004
    Tortoise May 2004
    GCWhru (dependent) Sep 2004
    lotus26 (dependent) Sep 2004
    adriansquare (NIW) Oct 2004
    GCNirvana Dec 2004
    mpek Dec 2004

    Service Center Unknown:

    arav_m Dec 2004


    hope1234 04.05.2004
    ms665 04.07.2004
    Wantgc191 04.14.2009
    mitulpatel 04.15.2004
    whenever 06.10.2004
    srsga 06.30.2004
    nandyap 10.18.2004
    priderock 10.27.2004


    ItsGCTime 03.16.2004
    rghrdr777 04.01.2004
    sreenip4 05.04.2004
    EduKondalaVada 05.22.2004
    curryimmigrant 07.17.2004
    LongHuntforGC Aug 2004
    rajesh144 08.08.2004
    crazy4gc 08.18.2004
    msb0 08.28.2004
    mallu37 09.13.2004
    simran (dependent) 10.03.2004
    ksknov2004 (dependent) 11.01.2004
    vurramass 12.11.2004
    tinkerer 12.13.2004
    awaitinggc 12.24.2004
    vb2012 12.24.2004
    surmut 12.28.2004
    greenedtoday 01.05.2005

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-12 09:55 AM
    Ask your company to fire you asap. The HR should anyways fire you and hire the US citizen.
    You should find another job asap.
    If you cannot, then leave the country. If you overstay you will be illegal.

    And if you are an anti-immigrant posting on this site to provoke people to tell you how to break the law. Then sorry bad luck. I have seen your websites with such posts. Stop coming to this site and try to malign law abiding people. Got it.

    If there is a counter american available for your job then you shoul leave that company and find another job if you cannot find then leave counrty. Bset of luck in your job search.


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  • baburob2
    11-02 02:42 PM
    As per my knowledge, GC thru employment is for future job position, i.e. Once your GC is approved you should do the job in that area.

    Plz. correct if I am wrong.

    My company has filed one of my Labor (stuck in DBEC) from MN, while I am working in Texas from Last five years.

    I concur that "GC thru employment is for future job position, i.e. Once your GC is approved you should do the job in that area.". Hence your move is fine.

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  • franklin
    07-13 08:38 PM
    how many ppl are gonna be there? It must be very hot wearing a suit.

    We don't really know at this point. It could be 150, it could be 1000!

    It's pretty exciting!

    Based on today's weather in SF, it'll be a scorcher tomorrow in SJ


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  • santb1975
    02-14 11:30 PM

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  • desi3933
    07-20 04:26 PM
    AP is a must. If you travel out of the country and your GC gets approved while you're away... your H1 becomes invalid and you cannot use it enter US. The only way to return then is AP.


    One is allowed to enter on H1 under deferred inspection if the I-485 is approved while applicant is not in US. Of course, one can enter on AP as well.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • brb2
    04-19 08:45 AM
    Politians will act when they think it is time to act. It is already known that the CIR is planned for second half of May in the senate. Why would they want to lay it out in detail and have those against conduct minute analysis and attack it. So they will only reveal the content closer to the debate.

    It is clear Nancy Pelosi has told Bush, if you want it, deliver me the Republican votes and then I will schedule it. She is not going to spend her political capital on CIR. She knows Democrats will vote for it, but republicans will play both sides and she does not want it to happen. The senator who are elected for 6 years (as opposed for 2 years in the house) are less affected by short term public opinion and do what is right for the country. Even there Presidential hopefuls change their tune, like McCain. He was too left of the republican party and now he is moving too much to the right and will please no one, just like Romney.

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  • amit79
    04-10 05:00 PM
    WASHINGTON � U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced a preliminary number of nearly 163,000 H-1B petitions received during the filing period ending on April 7, 2008. More than 31,200 of those petitions were for the advanced degree category.

    I read this as saying this....
    The 163k number includes the advance degree number. So it is 132K for general and 31k for advance

    Ys, total petitions received are 163,000


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  • newuser
    08-17 09:58 AM
    PA dmv sucks..dont worry ...try next day or evening in the same time form diffrent officer...they are some time stupid and they don't know what they are talking..

    Take all necessary documents try more times..some officers gives some dont..becuase some of my friend has same issue..they got it...from diffrent officers...dont worry

    I agree with what gcganapati said. Some of folks in these centre's have no idea about these docments. I had mine renewed twice before. First time, I did renew online and they sent a receipt that I took to the DMV center, no problem at all.

    Second time, as we want to change the address, they started asking all the documents like 485 receipt notice, EAD, proof of address. It took half hour for them to check in their system (God knows what they are checking) and issued the license.

    If its very urgent, try other DMV center's or pay the fee online and take the receipt and get the license renewed at the DMV center.

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  • sree_99
    02-03 11:54 AM
    Thanks Everyone, Your comments are really helpful. I was able get hold of my attorney and he mentioned the same thing as most of you replied. She should come back on AP.



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  • eb2india
    01-17 05:39 PM
    I had the same problem. I got the card valid for only 2 months instead of one year. I submitted a new application along with which I submitted all the required documents as if I was filing for a new card. Additionally I submitted the Original card which had the typo and a letter explaining the typo. I did not submit any fee. I got my new card after two months. Please go through the instructions on the EAD application which contains information about replacement card.

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  • desi3933
    07-20 04:31 PM
    Can someone advise on this. My 6 yrs of H1 expires in Jan 2008. Employer says they will only apply 90 days prior to H1-b expiration.

    They already applied my 485 and AP.
    What should I be doing?
    1. Can I apply EAD myself?
    2. will I get in trouble if I do not have EAD and my H1 expires?
    3. Can I move to new employer using AC21 without EAD?

    USCIS recommends applying for EAD 6 months in advance.


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  • prince_ny2000
    05-16 02:46 PM
    My question to my valuable friends is that if I've filed PERM well before 365 days (i.e. the last year) but it was denied and then i refiled another PERM after the 365-day period was started, then would I still be able to renew my H1 based upon filed PERM or approved I-140 or what? :confused:

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  • Nil
    06-16 08:52 AM


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  • rpat1968
    09-03 11:42 AM
    Still Waiting... Frustrated after seeing so many out of turn approvals for later PD's.

    PD : 08 July 04 ND : 08/09/2009
    Last LUD : 04/14/09 (Aftter Replying to EVL RFE for Primary and Marriage Cerificate for Spouse).

    Be Patient, i do fee that all whose pd is before jan 2005 EB2 India will get their GC.
    Hang on there, you will get it, more than likely by EOD today.

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  • suresh.emails
    01-23 11:34 AM

    The following is the process to schedule parents visiting visa interview online (assuming both Mother and Father are above 45 years old)

    1. Pay HDFC Visa fee for $131. If you have paid visa fee on or before December 31, 2007, then take a Demand Draft for $31 (eqv in INR) and present the same during the interview process.

    2. Wait for 2 days to activate the bar code.

    3. Fill the D-156 and D-157 forms online thru VFS website and wait for dates to show up. Remember such filled application will be valid for 7 days and meanwhile , if interview dates show up, then one can schedule interview.

    4. The BEST TIME FOR interview dates check up is early morning 5 AM EST thru 7:30 AM EST. ( I did little research during my parents interview schedule).

    5. Filling the D-156 and D-157 online does not mean that, they will be automatically submitted to US consulate. You have to take print out D-156 back to back and D-157 on single page. Then you sign and date the form (if you have filled it on behalf of your parents). Send the forms to parents. They also need to sign the forms.

    6. Remember, one have to write applicant names in their NATIVE language (ex: Telugu/Tamil/Kannada etc..,) on 3'rd column of D-157 form.

    7. Send notarized affidavit for support I-134 form.

    8. All supporting documents

    9. If your current H1-B visa is expired. then send your Receipt Notice/H1-B extension approved notice as a proof of your Current STATUS at USA.

    10. If you have valid H1-B visa stamping, then send the same along with H1-B I-797 approval notice.

    11. If you are on EAD/GC, send your copied of EAD/GC.

    12. In case, if you are sponsoring your in-laws. Then send your suppose Date of Birth certificate, passport copies, marriage certificate along with your documents.

    13. Educate your parents with all possible questions/answers they may face during the interview.

    14. Advice your parents not to lie during the interview process. ask them to answer frankly.

    Let me know if you need more information for visiting visa. I can/may answer all possible questions.

    P.S: My parents got their visiting visa stamped during the second attempt.

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  • tonyHK12
    12-02 10:29 AM
    As i had indicated earlier, I spoke with my employer, he cannot do anything in terms of lobbying - but has agreed to do things. He will donate to IV and he will write a letter stating that small businesses like ours need to be able to fully utilize the capabilities of the employers...and it helps to have the green card.

    Not sure who the letter needs to be addressed to, any suggestions would be helpful.

    We can use all the help we can get. Could you send details of this to our moderators StarSun and Pappu.
    I will also indicate this to our admins at Donor forum to check how they can best use your employer's help and get back.

    11-25 01:17 AM
    Just wait till the end and vote for the one that's closest to winning.You probably noticed, but that's what he is doing. :dilbert:

    Also, good to see people like Stargate and get that reference.

    08-03 07:23 PM
    Please close this thread.

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