Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • snathan
    02-10 11:50 AM
    Do RFE's for qualification and requirements comes only for LC or 140? I am with a similar profile but got LC and 140 approved and already filed for 485 last year. How much probablity is there that i might get an RFE for this for my 485 adjudication?

    It will come only for I-140. You will get the approval in Perm.

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  • hopefulgc
    08-21 11:26 AM
    Man, I lost my patience with them long back.
    My case is NSC-EAC-NSC
    I keep a log of anything "useful" I am told every time I speak to them. And usually, the first few mins are wasted in them giving me wrong info, me telling them what they told me last time and them finally agreeing with it after re-checking their screens.

    btw .. it is indeed super-frustrating and unacceptable they way they are bouncing your case around.
    Why is USCIS forgetting that we are paying for their third grade services?

    I broke my politeness today.USCIS inconsistency broke the limits for me.

    My case was filed in Nebarska then tranferred to Texas then as soon as the priority date became current, last month, it was transferred to California.

    I talked yesterday to customer service and it by chance got transferred to California Service Center where the officer told me that my case was transferred back to Texas Service Center on August 14, 2008. She also told me to call TSC to confirm it.

    I called today the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) to confirm it and the lady tells me that the case is still in California and she has no more infomation about it. I told her about my call yesterday.

    Lady: How could you have ever called CSC because their phone numbers are not public
    Me: I called the same number and for some reason it got transferred to CSC.
    Lady: Then you have already been told that your case has been transferred back on Aug 14, what do you need now ?
    Me: The website does not show that. Plus the officer yesterday asked me to confirm it which you are not doing, you are just repeating my words about my conversation. There are so many inconsitencies . You told me just now that my case is still in California.
    Lady: Can you please hold for a moment.
    After hold:
    Lady: I just talked to my supervisor, if the website says it is in California then it is California. Is there anything else I can help you with ?
    Me: I do not understand "To speed up processing " clause in the reason to transfer it to california. It has been transferred from the center which is processing 485 applications to the center which is not processing applications. So the clause "To speed up processing" is so inconsistent.
    Lady: Sir, we cannot tell you the reason why do we transfers
    Me: But you have already told me the reason in the written notice as "To speed up processing"
    Lady: It is not "To speed up processing " it is "for processing". Is there anything else that I can help you with ?
    Me: I hang up the phone.

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  • ck_b2001
    12-11 01:29 PM
    I read somewhere that CBP officers are instructed to make a photocopy themselves if 2 originals are not given.

    The photocopying is best left to them as the one you make has potential of having been tampered.

    TSC is giving out 2 original copies. I think it would be better to leave atleast one original to CBP officer at POE. Better record keeping on their end is good for future travel. There are designated counters with parole stamp so it is almost gaurenteed that you will be sent to a different counter from visitors line.

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  • kittu1991
    02-27 02:05 PM
    In fiscal year 2006, there were 5 Indian firms in the top 10 users of H1B visa.

    However, when it comes to PERM filing there is only 1 Indian company in the top 10 list of PERM filers. That is very interesting. Does it mean that Indian companies do not encourage or support GC process as much as the American companies do? I sure hope that's not the case and employees of those Indian companies are getting a fare shot at the Greencard.

    The Inidian firms use H1B for short term assingments of 2 to 3 yrs. And now a days Greencard is not an attractive carrot for Indian SW engineers.


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  • venky80
    06-16 06:44 PM
    That is pretty cool, I hope other people who are in my scenario respond here, so that we can explore specific strategies, coz regardless of your masters in any degree you so learn sophisticated skills to handle specialized jobs.
    I definitely believe my masters gave me those skills.

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  • crystal
    07-08 02:02 PM
    Could be the side effect of logiclife bashing of immigration lawyers :D I'm sorry but why he did not say IV... i'm not trying to offened anybody people from all over are sending as well. it would make it better if he said the legal immigrant community


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  • wellwishergc
    04-08 07:45 PM
    Yes, it is possible.. However you can apply for extension for one year only. If your I-140 is approved, you can apply for extension for 3 years.

    I suggest the following:
    1) Apply for your I-140 at the earliest. There is a possibility that your I-140 will be approved before end of May.
    2) If I-140 gets approved by end of May, apply for H1B extension for 3 years
    3) Else apply for I-140 extension for 1 year based on your approved Labor

    Is it possible to get 7th year extension on the basis of approved LC and pending I-140. My approved LC is PERM filed in March 2006 and approved a week ago. My 6 years oevr in Sep 2006.

    Anybody in the same situation?

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  • h1techSlave
    09-27 09:59 AM
    The article says: "After all, if the legal process was more efficient and less daunting, perhaps the illegal immigration problems wouldn't be quite so bad."

    I say, it is not perhaps, it is a given. When there is a legal remedy for any issue (not just immigration), then 9 out of 10 people would not go the illegal way.


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  • senthil1
    07-12 12:01 AM
    Various conspiracy theories are

    1. They made all PD current for July to encourage legal immigrants to support CIR. CIR is failed they backed out on July. But it has weak argument as they moved PD for about 2 years in previous month.

    2. They made PD current based on rules and regulations as 60k Visa was available. But USCIS may lose fees increase so they backed out to get more revenue. If this is correct they will make all PD current in Oct 2007. But I do not think this will be reason as just for more money for Organization anyone will risk their career. If anyone gets personal financial gain then they might do but here there is no chance for that

    3. Because first 2 weeks of June not much approvals of I485 DOS made all PD current. But when USCIS started approving cases they realized that there were enough applications already and alerted DOS and DOS issued revised VB
    4. USCIS does not want flooding of I485 applications as that will be shown up as backlog. To prevent that they asked DOS to issue revised VB

    There is going to be 3 important questions in Lawsuit(If court accepts lawsuit for consideration) or congress hearing(if happens)

    1. Whether DOS or USCIS violated law in issuing revised VB.
    2. Whether they violated law in bypassing FBI check for applications to make Visa numbers unavailable
    3. Why they could not accept the I485 applications based on First VB? What is the need for issuing revised VB?

    If this is true it's really horrible and scary that this gov. agency is handling our applications.

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  • paskal
    12-26 05:04 PM
    please feel free to join in
    those from other states asking this question: you are very welcome

    Dial-In #: 1-218-486-1300
    Bridge: 405416
    9pm cst


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  • seba
    09-24 01:31 PM
    Thanks for the clear answer thepaew. That is what I thought. I currently have the opportunity to start the green card process with my employer under EB3 ROW, but I am also planning to go for an MBA in the US within the next few years. I am just into my 5th year of H1. It seems that I should not start the green card process if I am sure about going for an MBA in the US within the next few years. That would be terrible if you get into a school you like but cannot attend since you cannot switch from H1 to F1.

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  • gcformeornot
    04-06 02:07 PM
    For those who have Labor Sub and used AC21 to port on...

    The Insightful Immigration Blog � Commentaries on Immigration Policy, Cases and Trends (


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  • waiting4gc02
    02-21 11:53 AM
    Did you see these updated today (2/21) ?

    Where did you see that ??


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  • rongha_2000
    10-02 11:42 AM
    Gotcha..!! Thanks..

    No I dont plan to invoke AC21 anytime soon.

    Your assumptions are exactly right. Do you plan to invoke AC21 in near future? I think if you switch to a company who is willing to transfer your H1B, you can transfer it as well. This is what my attorney told me some time back when I was in your stage and can still avoid using EAD.

    The purpose of maintaining the backup is for safety. Even if your 485 denied, you can still have some time period left on your H1 and can look for other alternative avenues to be here legally and can restart your GC process as well. Without this H1 backup, you have a very little time to do so.

    (Though I got GC now, my H1 is valid till end of 2010 :) )


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  • dixie
    09-19 12:38 PM
    I dont see this as a particularly positive article... that is the reason it does not figure in the news section. This has been discussed before BTW .. way back in may just after it was published.
    Thanks for posting, manderson.

    The line "the group's efforts will be a test of the commonly expressed view that Americans are not opposed to immigration, only to illegal immigration" says it all.

    IV should consider adopting this as a byline...

    Also, pl.include this in the "IV in the News" section. I did not see it there..

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  • stealthgt
    04-18 09:29 PM
    I'm in Miami


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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    11-12 12:52 PM
    it depends on USCIS officer. i had a good lawer when I applied for h1b transfer. i got stuck for one 15 days paycheck. eventually it is cleared after submitting the paper work. having good lawer is not enough. depends on your luck or USCIS officer also

    Thanks for your input. So, the pay stub that you submitted, was it from your previous employer, or the one you got your visa transferred to? Hey, if you don't mind, can I have your lawyer�s contact details?

    sure. i will PM you.

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  • Lasantha
    02-26 10:38 AM
    If they still pre-adjudicated they might not need to move the date backwards, but if they pre-adjudicated we are more likely to loss GC. For example if they adjudicate 180,000 applications per year, but that included 80,000 pre-adjudications then we would loss 40,000 visas that year. So now they adjudicate what they can issue visas for.

    I really did not get that one. Is it possible to explain that please?

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  • chanduv23
    06-29 09:34 PM
    I guess the cases that are pre-adjucated are called for interview.

    Well "interview" without PD becoming current is a part of "preadjudication" process. Thats why you see those denials, RFEs and interview notices.

    Typically once preadjudication is done - it means the next thing is "wait for visa number". Once visa number is available a final review is done by a officer.

    In other words "preadjudicated" means "approvable"

    08-27 12:45 PM
    Can we go in person, I thought they would encourage only in case of emergency. Any one know that if we can go to the consulate and get the passport renewed quickly for sure.


    I am not sure, if you can go in person to houston, mine was sent to washington dc and I got it in 10 days. I had tough time for a different case.

    Try to avoid Houston, you will not get any response or anyhelp, I guess they are sleeping for ever.

    October 23rd, 2005, 12:08 AM
    I like the second shot a lot. Nicely done.

    I think the third shot needs to be closer. There's a little too much negative space around the arrangement. Just my 2 cents.
    I think you're right...

    The first shot....I'm not too sure about that one. Technically, it looks fine but it's not holding my attention.
    I think the first shot needs more light.
    I took several exposures of this wreath, and was having a devil of a time getting the white roses to show detail, and the washed out green of the leaves from looking like B&W. Also, I think that my DoF was too shallow, but I was trying to avoid any detail showing in the velvet. If I knew more about what I was doing...

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