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  • prakgc
    07-21 09:37 PM
    For all those who are having nightmares about G325A and sending GA325 or for completeness need not worry if visa was issued more than a year back based on this.... I found this from the link provided earlier in this thread(pdf) by ushkand

    Establishing completeness of records may entail preparation of a request for
    background check from an American consulate or embassy.
    The G-325A Biographic Information form must be completed by all
    applicants between the ages of 14 and 79. Clerically processing this form
    initiates a record check abroad for the applicant. This request, however, is not
    needed for all applicants. If the applicant entered the United States more than
    a year ago, the G-325A will not be processed. This limitation is imposed
    because the Department of State generally destroys the nonimmigrant visa
    application when the date of issuance is one year old.The G-325A is generally submitted with four copies--a white (original),
    green, pink, and blue copy. You will only need to use two legible copies,
    usually the white (file) and the blue (consul) copy. The only exception to this
    rule is when the I-485 is accompanied by an I-130. The applicant of the I-485
    is required to submit a G-325A for the underlying I-130 petition. In this
    instance, you would include the pink copy of the G-325A in the record of
    proceeding of the I-130.
    Further, be aware that if an I-130 petition is included in the A-file, the spouse
    of the applicant of the I-485 is required to submit a G-325A for that riding
    petition. The spouse’s G-325A should be included in the record of proceeding
    and not processed according to these instructions. It is considered a
    supporting document and will be reviewed at the time of adjudication.

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  • maverick_s39
    01-20 11:11 AM
    looking at the recent trend i am not so sure if dems are going to do anything on CIR anyway, MA senate race is more like a referendum to president and congress policies, if president or dems think otherwise they are making a huge mistake, time to push aside health care reform and concentrate on economy and jobs, any immigration reform bill in this economy is not going to happen, i hope they do something to revive the economy!

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  • ganguteli
    02-09 11:53 AM
    US experience won't count much unless you are from fortune 500 company. These days anyone even with Aptech certificate can get a chance to come and work in USA on L visa for short assignments. So if your experience is in a desi consulting firm, I do not think your resume will be attractive.

    The figures shown are all looking good for experienced people in good companies. But it is not easy to get jobs as senior people in top companies. Also remember you have to work much more than you work here. You also have to work on Saturdays in a lot of companies. If your clients are in USA you may also need work in the night too to interact with your people in USA. Also remember in small companies you rarely get to do cutting edge world class work or new idea or planning. You will hardly learn or get special trainings.

    Grass is always green on the other side

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  • perm2gc
    07-16 07:14 PM
    They have been talking about this lawsuit for a long time now. I wonder when they will actually file it. Though they claim that they will file it this week, I would trust them only when they actually do file the lawsuit.:D
    they will file once every attorney made enough money by filing our i485 based on their never going to be filed lawsuit:D


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    06-12 07:24 AM

    Please confirm this .... couple of things USCIS grants for professional with this situvation

    1) He can file a petition saying that his skill sets are still needed here and are in demand and request to grant him X no of months of stay (I belive that it is 3 Months )

    2) Even if he is out of status for less 180 Days it is ignored by USCIS during the process of GC9I know this not relavant to your question, but just in case if you are not aware

    3) USCIS looks for just the pervious month pay slip .... Say he is OO job June 1st week .... He can file for the H1B Transfer untill end of July ....

    Ofcourse he would be safe if the pervious H1B is not canceled .... As he reigned he should be in OK terms with his employee

    Hope this helps and Good Luck to him !


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  • angelfire76
    12-07 05:21 PM
    Maybe the definition of project managers varies by company. Most PMs I know have maybe around 6-7 years of work experience and I definitely wouldn't classify them as executives or even say that their employment is in the National Interest.

    However I do know of some cases where doctors have got NIW based on practicing in an under-served (rural?) area.

    Is there a way to prove that one who created a suite of applications without which a business unit will stop functioning comes under National Interest?
    Just a thought.


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  • ilikekilo
    04-23 09:51 AM
    I am glad, member's comments helped you. All said and done. What is the right thing to do now? Expose "this company" as you call them..
    Why don't you post the name of company as you already posted the state and city they operate from, and name of the person with whom you have been going back and forth as you said in your post? That will help everybody including the authorities to take them to task if they are doing anything illegal..

    I do understand your good intentions but I strongly feel that this should be taken offline off the forum for the sake of everyone and please do not prolong this, hope you get the point...thanks..

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  • Soul
    05-27 09:31 AM
    Grrrr :P


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  • senthil1
    09-17 01:47 AM
    If CNN drops Lou that will not pass CIR or recapture. There are so much Lou Dobbs are there in USA. It is a waste of time.

    Thanks to everyone who signed the petition.

    I believe in freedom of speech but Dobbs is using the CNN platform to spew hate. A legitimate debate is fine but hate speech is not ok.

    I used to believe that ignore him was the best way to deal with him but after seeing some of the so called Tax parties, I am starting to think that ignoring him does not work.

    Please also post this to other web forums, facebook, twitter and send emails to your friends and colleagues asking them to sign the petition.

    - JK

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  • nandakumar
    09-07 01:50 PM
    I emailed my details.


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  • ArunAntonio
    02-20 06:13 PM
    guys, why even bother waste your time on this. Please help IV gear up a movement to end retrogression. Please donate, make other IV aware...and send in ur stories......How do u think number crunching will help us....apart from making us feel worse.

    I disagree, Number crunching if it can give the members an idea of how long it will take to get the GC will motivate them beyond any thing else. If ppl can see the unreasonable amount of time we have to wait before any thing can happen will make force them to take some action. So if any one can make sense of the numbers and if it is reliable please post it for the benifit of others.

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  • nhfirefighter13
    November 25th, 2005, 07:51 AM
    The first one isn't doing anything for me. I like the second one better but agree with the others that it needs a bit more DOF...and I'd go so far as to see if you could make the image (flower) as large as the lighter version.


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  • thepaew
    09-24 02:20 PM
    Applying to a top MBA program is quite intense, especially if you come from a competitive applicant pool. eg: laid off investment banker (plenty of those headed to B-school), Indian-engineer, Chinese-anything, etc. Are you sure you want to go through the effort and expense of the application process if you cannot attend? It takes about 3-4 weeks to put a serious application package together - maybe you can put this time to better use by applying to a program that you can actually attend. That can also be a plan-B in case something goes wrong with the GC application.

    Think it through and good luck with your decision. Wish you the Best.

    here is what I am planning to do. Go ahead and apply. If I get admission and GC does not come through by next fall, simply ask for a deferral. If it is not granted, apply again.
    I do not want to reset my GC process.
    Anybody getting ready for RI next month?

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  • ak_manu
    07-23 03:15 PM
    The way EB2 is progressing now, it looks like you might get your GC in a year or two. I would definitely recommend staying with current company. Once you have GC you can choose any job you want and earn more too:-). Also, it might help you spouse with tution and job (in case no one sponsers H1). So, I would think patience is the Key.

    If you really want to switch to Top company then have them sponsor in EB2 by porting priority date. If that company cannot sponsor in EB2 and you are more interesting in career the choose an other Top company that would sponsor you GC in EB2. After all they all are just consulting companies no matter big or small. If it is a client then I might grab the opportunity even though they sponsor in EB3 as at least you might be safe with them (if you are lucky!!) and don't have to travel.

    Makes sense??


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  • willgetgc2005
    02-14 05:19 PM

    On a similar note, please see what the President had to say yesterday. These are softer issues, but will help us.

    Pls see the link.

    NRI picks top US tech award for Motorola

    Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC | February 14, 2006

    Padmasree Warrior, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola, and the driving force behind the company's recent growth and innovative successes, accepted the 2004 National Medal of Technology Award from President George W Bush on behalf of her company at a ceremony in the East Room of the White House on February 13.

    Warrior is also responsible for the success of Motorola Labs, the global software group and emerging early-stage businesses of the company. Her operational responsibilities include leading a global team of 4,600 technologists, prioritising technology programmes, creating value from intellectual property, guiding creative research from innovation through early-stage commercialisation, and influencing standards and roadmaps.

    She also serves as a technology advisor to the office of the chairman and to the board's technology and design steering committee.

    The prestigious National Medal of Technology annual award recognised Motorola for its outstanding contributions to America's technological innovation and competitiveness.

    Established in 1980 by an Act of US Congress, this is the highest honour awarded by the President to America's leading innovators.

    Ed Zander, Motorola chairman and chief executive officer, said, "All of us at Motorola are honoured to receive the National Medal of Technology from the President."

    "This award belongs not only to the talented employees of today but to the several generations of Motorolans who built our heritage of innovation. Given this heritage, we strongly support the President's plan to keep America the world's most competitive and innovative nation," he added.

    Warrior has been with Motorla since 1994 and is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (from where she received her bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering). She then obtained her master of science degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University.

    "We applaud the Administration for proposing increased investments in R&D, in particular for the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) at Commerce and the National Science Foundation," said Warrior.

    "From convergence to mobile Internet to nanotechnology, we must educate, excite and inspire our nation's children about science, technology, engineering and mathematics," she said.

    In an interview with, immediately after accepting the award, Warrior said, "It's a great honour, I feel really humbled, and I feel very happy for all of our engineers worldwide, because the award is really theirs."

    She said being in the company of several other leading scientists and technologists who were also awarded the National Medical of Science and the National Medal of Technology Award, "who made these great breakthroughs in the fields of science and technology was very inspiring to me to be amongst of the company of these people."

    Warrior said while giving her the medal at the awards ceremony and also preceding the ceremony "he (President Bush) talked quite a lot to me and asked me if I was from India and I said, 'Yes, I came to the US on a student visa to go to graduate school and then stayed here.' And he said 'we need more people like you. We need more talented people from around the world to come and contribute and help our economy grow and build our innovative strengths to be competitive.'"

    She said Bush had also told her that he was looking forward to his visit to India. "He said, 'I am going to India in a couple of weeks and I'll be meeting once again with my good friend, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.'"Bush in his remarks before presenting the National Medals of Science and Technology, declared, "It is a honour to be in the company of so many bright and distinguished Americans. Each of our honorees has been blessed with talent, and each has used their talent to the fullest."

    "The work we honour today has improved the lives of people everywhere. It has helped to move our economy forward and it has helped to make sure that America is the leader of innovation in our world. The medals are our nation's way of expressing gratitude to gifted and visionary citizens."

    Bush said that these annual awards "are the highest award a President can bestow for astounding achievement in science and technology. They recognise work that has helped expand the horizons of human knowledge. The National Medal of Science honors those whose research has enhanced our understanding of life and the world around us. And the National Medal of Technology recognises innovators whose work keeps America on the cutting edge with discoveries that change the way we live."

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  • perm2gc
    07-16 07:14 PM
    They have been talking about this lawsuit for a long time now. I wonder when they will actually file it. Though they claim that they will file it this week, I would trust them only when they actually do file the lawsuit.:D
    they will file once every attorney made enough money by filing our i485 based on their never going to be filed lawsuit:D


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  • JDM
    08-04 11:33 PM
    I got the magic mail today ---Card production ordered!!! Just for me.
    The status of my wife's I485 remains the same ---> Received and pending?

    Any one in similar situation?

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  • iamlost
    07-25 10:44 AM
    In all of the years that I have been doing evaluations I have seen only two cases where a GC had a NOIR (Notice of intent to revoke) for education reasons. Both had 3 year degrees. One case was several years ago and approved and the other was recent and just submitted.

    Do you know the reason for your notice?
    In my case, it was B.Sc + M.C.A (3 + 3) years education and applied it on EB2 Category. I know of a lot of cases with M.C.A approved on EB2 category. So, I am not sure if this would be reason for it.

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  • immigrant2007
    10-26 10:32 AM
    I would like to see the new inventory of pending 485s after the september approvals, I am not sure when uscis would release such information.

    How can an agency deny us basic information. istn't there a law against it?

    05-18 05:31 PM
    How about getting one own's Phd....
    How long does it takes?

    06-17 05:51 AM
    Years and years of waiting? no kidding. Look at my priority date. And there are people waiting before me. You used a pre-approved labor and have been waiting in the GC queue from what 2006? Dude, in today's world, a reasonable wait for eb3-is anywhere between 10-15 years and eb2 is atleast 5-6 years. I am not mad that you used a pre-approved labor, though in my personal opinion, its a taboo. I am just saying you are lucky enough that you may get your green card much quickly than people like us who have been waiting atleast 8-10 years and trust me, people like your case, usually should be happy.

    Well, I understand that. But, when the stars line up finally, I don't want to see my application having problems because I used a pre-approved labor.

    it would be encouraging to hear from folks who got their GC and used pre-approved labor. Years and years of wait should yield something, and just not plain disappointment.

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