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  • mhathi
    01-08 09:08 AM
    I agree with GC007. I have just been through a similar situation. My previous stamp was expiring on jan 21 07 and had gotten an extension upto 20010. I made trip to India this past december (2006) and was told by my lawyer to get the new visa stamped in India. This is because the new I-94 that you get with the extension has to be surrendered when you leave the country and on reentry you get a new I-94. That will be only valid upto the date stamped on ur passport and there is a rule that with regard to I-94, the last action takes precedence on previous actions.

    This was for my H1 and my Spouse's H4 visa.

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  • yabadaba
    06-21 09:50 AM
    we can only guess

    i would assume cases that are not substitute labor, porting priotity date, cross chargeability, clear birth certificates, clear employer verification letter, no namecheck issues, no fingerprinting issues, etc

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  • Norristown
    04-13 02:12 PM
    I was in this situation few years back. I was on bench for 8 months (not paid). I chose not to reply to the DOL letter. I feared that accepting that I was on bench for 8 months will make you out of status.
    Every time you go for H1 revalidation, you will be asked were you out of status any time.
    Later I have done 3 H1 revalidations (Canada), no problems. If sending reply is not mandatory then keep quiet. Six months later my employer filed for bankruptcy.

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  • abhijitp
    01-25 02:37 PM
    should be an easy task for folks who live in the east bay to show up at the Fremont station and pass handouts.

    If you cannot do this much, then it is .....

    BTW janislal I will be wearing the IV T shirt that carries the slogan of the linux community:)

    People who cannot volunteer, at least drop off your own signed letters... or just come & sign them, we will give you a pen and a letter ready to be signed!


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  • Jeff Wheeler
    11-30 01:11 AM
    why would flash people move on to flex ? That makes no sense at all.

    Either you have no idea what you're talking about, or you think you do, but you really don't.

    Is this directed at me?

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  • reddog
    01-31 12:31 AM
    YOu will have to wait till your PD gets current.


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  • chanduv23
    09-10 10:50 AM
    Please post your suggest to change H-1B program so that it becomes fair to all. I have started new thread for this purpose.

    Right now - lets encourage people to join rally

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  • Maverick_2008
    02-22 10:14 PM
    I'm sure you know the logic why it goes backwards but your comment did bring a smile on my face. Isn't it interesting that arguably, the most progressive country is working backwards? :)


    How the hell can these service centers move processing time backwards? I don't get it. Do they work backwards?


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  • newuser
    08-17 12:10 PM
    For renewal they did not even ask me for any documentation. Renewed online, went to DMV and got it for 4 years.

    I agree with ashkam. If you renew online, you can get it for 4 years. But if you go in person to DMV, they will issue based in EAD.

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  • swamy
    06-08 11:13 PM
    this should be pushed simultaneously with delinking 485 filing based on vb so theres some justice to the way gc's are dispensed;


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  • ski_dude12
    04-12 11:39 AM
    I had got a similar enquiry from DOL couple of years back. They were explicit in asking about being paid while on bench. In my case I have had minimal bench time and hence answered accordingly. I am sure there must be other employees in my company (desi IT consulting) who are getting paid irregularly.

    I do not think it will effect your new H1B decision. Bottom line is do not lie. If you don't want to tell the truth, don't reply to them.

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  • sameer2730
    06-21 09:28 AM
    @sameer2730 : So when you made the mistake "Country Of Citizenship" on your EAD eFile, how did you get that corrected? Did you send in a "Request For Correction" along with your supporting documentation to USCIS? Did they send you an RFE or did they accept your docs and approved your EAD?
    Sent the request for correction with my supporting documents.


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  • raghuram
    05-08 04:53 PM
    What if you directly send a personal check?

    That will take a long time to get cashed. And the Indian bank may charge some additional fees to deposit it there.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-06 06:35 PM
    When do the polls close?


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  • shutterbabe
    11-18 10:21 AM
    Biometrics is not needed for EAD. I received mine with "NO fingerprint available" marked on the card. Please call them back or get another infopass and this time, you might be lucky to talk to somone who knows what they are saying. Or just may be, they changed the rule on the fly a few days ago regarding biometrics and EAD.

    Hi, I didn't receive my EAD after the 90 days and my lawyer caller the customer service center and they told her that it hasn't been issued because I haven't gotten FPed for it even though I have gotten my FP done for the 485. Is this right? I have never heard of a separate FP needed for an EAD. I am really confused and despite several attempts to make an infopass appointment with the local office I keep getting "no appointments available" notice. My another question is can I get an appointment in an office that doesn't service the region? I live in Southern CT and New Rochelle, NY is the service center that I got my biometrics done and since I didn't get a date putting my own zip code in - I put New Rochelle's zip in it and it gave me openings in New York City. So, can I go see an officer in New York City even though that is not my local office?

    Please help, I need to get my EAD soon since my job is waiting for it.:confused:

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  • rjgleason
    May 23rd, 2005, 02:41 PM
    I like them all Gary, but agree with Chris about the cloning out that bright white rock , or whatever it is, in the first one. Also, unless you've been there before, it's difficult to capture the enormity of those rocks. The footpath catches my eye in the second photo which gives some perspective on where you are positioned. It looks like you are a quite a bit above and working your way down to the path. The 3rd pic looks like a crop? of the upper-center of the 2nd pic? And lastly, can I apply for a job where you work so I can travel too!

    QJ: I thought we were going to Exmor??


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  • bigboy007
    12-10 02:20 PM
    I dont know i can try making it "superset" of what my GC Labor is that way it adds to what they have already its a bigger company btw so hassles in these issues are expected but what is the procedure in intimating USCIS many said no it but where does this Employment verification letter come in to picture.

    Check with the new company whether they can give an Employment verification letter which matches the roles mentioned in ur labor?
    Designation and pay doesnt matter.

    What matters is a permanenet job offer letter and duties should match the

    Rajesh Alex

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  • americandesi
    07-05 04:38 PM
    If you leave US for 2 or 3 years and get back through a new employer, does your I140 priority date still holds good. A friend of mine got his I140 approved, left to canada and got his citizenship. He intends to move back and want to know if he can still use his priority date. Thanks.

    I think you meant, I-485 in the first line. Once I-140 is Approved, its valid forever and you can apply for I-485 anytime as long as the PD holds good.

    Since he's a canadian citizen he has 3 options to enter US viz. H1, L1 , TN. I would suggest that he enter US with H1 or L1 rather than TN, as the former has immigrant intent while the later doesn't. Applying for I-485 with TN VISA might result in rejection.

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  • desi3933
    02-18 06:39 PM
    If you could post some official documentation that would help rajesh1972

    If the child is under 2 years old, and is accompanied by LPR parent upon their first return to the U.S. of the parent who is applying to re-enter as LPR and the parent is admissible, then the child should be issued an I-181 upon his/her first entry as a lawful permanent resident.

    I-181 (Memorandum of Creation of Record of Lawful Permanent Residence)

    I will get official links for that. It is recommended that LPR parent has travel document that allows LPR to be outside US for upto 2 years and preserve green card status.

    **** Not a legal advise ***

    04-06 10:34 AM
    Could elaborate why you say this is about I140? I couldnt derive that from the posting. Anyhow this whole this is utter nonsense from the immigration department. I dont think there will be any action, period.
    The whole thing is written as if June 2007 happened by mistake, I dont buy that.

    If publisher understand meaning of Petition vs Application then I 140 is petition which can be approved or denied and doesnot need adjuction. While I 485 is a visa application by individual which can be adjucted if visas are available and petition has been approved.

    But here they are talking both words in same sentence. It could be they approved 75k I 140 and adjucted those many 485s. and their goal to have only 55k I 140 on hand.

    Still they can approve 65k I 485 from pending backlog. ( 75 + 65 = 140k ). So my understanding is from previous backlog they approved 75k I 140 + I 485. Still 65k visas are left . if these many visas are left then I dont think dates for Eb2 india will go near to 2005.

    07-12 09:18 PM
    Our Current EAD is expiring on 10/01/2008. So we had applied for extension in june. On july 7th our application was approved and today we recieved our EAD cards. I was expecting a one year extension , which is until 10/01/2009. But USCIS send us ead cards that will expire on 01/01/2009.

    What should be the course of action here. Do i need to reapply or just contact USCIS and will they be able to fix it? Any body on similiar situation.?

    Service center is nebraska

    This type of errors happened in past, "10" replaced by "01". USCIS will fix it and and send a new card. You need to contact USCIS (the mail must be having information, where to contact in case of any error in EAD card).

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