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  • keerthi
    05-13 02:26 PM
    Many thanks for that reply.

    My core responsibility in the organization is Engineering. As a side note, I also manage the Engineering team. I suppose that L1-B suits my role.

    I would also let my employer know of the H1-B option. In the meantime, I will ask my employer to withdraw the L1-B appeal from AAO and file a new L1-B with proper documentation or a H1-B.

    But, can we apply for a H1-B when my L1-B is pending in the AAO?

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  • Mount Soche
    09-04 10:23 PM
    Don't know much about how long medical tests are valid for but for sure the test has changed. I medical took a test last year for the employer sponsored green card and just took another medical test in August for another green card petition and my doctor told me that they're much stricter with the TB section.
    I saw the form and it is totally different. They're asking for more detail.

    I had to take another vaccine, which wasn't required last year.


    Due to the priority data transfer issue my I-485 application was rejected in June'08 (submitted based on June'08 visa bulletin).

    As part of my application necessary medical exam tests were conducted in May'08. If I were to submit my application today based on the new visa bulletin do you think I need to take all medical exams again and re-submit? Won't the first set of medical exams have any validity?

    Also, on the forums there is a talk about medical forms being changed? Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks in advance for all your responses.

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  • pawnrule
    01-15 01:00 PM

    I am in a similair situation where I have a US masters degress and 6+ years experience here. It seems like a complete waste of time to take the IELTS, after going through TOEFL and GRE to get admitted to a US university.

    In any case, I plan on taking the test. I have a couple of questions regarding the test.
    1. Which module should we take. Academic or General Training. It appears General Training is appropriate for immigration.

    2. The scores have to be sent to a person and institution. Is this just the Buffalo office with the case number? Do we have to address it to a specific officer?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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  • asharda
    07-13 10:47 AM
    Its a good idea but make sure you guyz are comfortable. It must be hot out there.
    Have every one wear white as the color of peace/silent protest/sadness.


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  • jgh_res
    05-17 10:01 AM
    Here is the link:

    Posted article is below. Refer to the highlighted section :

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's address from the Oval Office on border security and illegal immigration failed to satisfy either advocates of amnesty or those demanding that the government secure our borders and ports. Whether by design or not, however, the president did manage to advance public awareness of both crises.

    The president finally acknowledged the unsustainable social and economic burdens of permitting millions of illegal aliens to forge documents, pressure our public schools and hospitals, and overtax our local and state budgets.

    And the president, in asking for more border patrol officers and sending 6,000 National Guardsmen to our southern border to support the Border Patrol, also acknowledged the federal government's utter failure to protect the American people by securing our borders, across which as many as three million illegal aliens enter this country each year.

    President Bush's five-point plan began with the words, "First, the United States must secure its borders." But the president did not assign any urgency to the national task of doing so. Deploying as many as 6,000 members of the National Guard to help secure our broken border with Mexico is positive step.

    But the president's proposal to place those National Guardsmen in some sort of adjunct support role is peculiar at best, and without question, woefully inadequate. The president sounded as if he were trying to appease Mexico's President Vicente Fox, assuring him we would not militarize the border. If there is to be appeasement at all, that should fall to the Mexican government rather than President Bush.

    Not only are millions of illegal aliens entering the United States each year across that border, but so are illegal drugs. More cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana flood across the Mexican than from any other place, more than three decades into the war on drugs.

    President Bush and all the open borders advocates should be held to account for not doing everything in their power to destroy the drug traffic across our borders, as well as illegal immigration.

    If it is necessary to send 20,000 -- 30,000 National Guard troops to the border with Mexico to preserve our national sovereignty and protect the American people from rampant drug trafficking, illegal immigration and the threat of terrorists, than I cannot imagine why this president and this Congress would hesitate to do so.

    And how can this president and this Congress begin to rationalize placing immigration reform, which has been neglected since the last amnesty 20 years ago, ahead of national security and the safety of all Americans?

    President Bush went on to say that in order to secure our borders we must create a temporary guest worker program. What? Come again, Mr. President. The president knows better, and so do the American people. Control of our borders and ports is necessary to our national security and a temporary worker program is an exploitive luxury for corporate America.

    The president also said we need to hold employers who hire illegal aliens accountable, but he failed to say how. What should be the penalties for these illegal employers? How large a fine should they receive? How many years in jail for the executives of such companies?

    It would have been inspiring to hear the president say that he and his friend Vicente Fox had discussed illegal immigration and drug trafficking and reached an agreement that both our country's militaries would be used to create a joint border security force, one that working together would ensure the integrity of the Untied States/Mexico border.

    Wouldn't it have been nice as well for this president to suggest that the U.S. government would also take seriously its responsibilities to create a new and efficient immigration system to accommodate the backlog of millions of people trying to do the right thing? The same agency that would have to oversee Mr. Bush's amnesty program could not begin to do so because the Citizenship and Immigration Services already faces a backlog of millions of people who are trying to enter this country lawfully.

    Aside from the fact that both political parties are complicit with corporate America and special interests in placing so-called immigration reform ahead of border and port security speaks volumes about our elected officials' commitment to the national interest and the weight and influence of corporate America over both parties.

    Mr. President, I don't think the American people will tolerate this much longer.

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  • priderock
    05-15 11:03 AM
    I think this is a very useful poll and I wish most people partake in this. This will give a very good metric on how many people are waiting and good guestimate on future movements !!!


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  • munnashi
    10-31 06:08 AM
    My I140 is approved on October 24 2007 and original document has got my lawyer and employer, but I have not received any original document. My question is: Does I can get original document or I have to ask to my lawyer or employer?

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-29 05:04 AM
    how is the baby supposed to sponsor the parents ??


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  • belmontboy
    11-09 06:02 PM
    Dr. Balkrishna Matapurkar, a surgeon at New Delhi's Maulana Azad Medical College, has pioneered a stem cell based technique for the regeneration of tissues and organs. He already holds a patent for this innovative technique. Incidentally, he is of view that embryonic stem cell research is one of the lost sciences of ancient India.

    But please note that I am not trying to propagate that indian culture is best or better etc. I just wanted to share that stem cell related view of mine.

    A couple of the fellow members might be cursing me to have posted this in. I know its nowhere related to immigration, but just a thought share.

    That would be the view of Dr BalKrishna Matapurkar.

    There is no accepted literary evidence to support his views. If so, please point me to that

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  • amsgc
    04-22 09:59 PM
    Indian companies like wipro, infosys discourage GC processes.

    If that is the case, then PDs should move forward once we are past FY2004.
    The question is, how many are there in FY2004?!!


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  • fromnaija
    07-18 06:19 PM
    I have couple of questions, couldn't find answers in other threads.

    1. My I485 was filed on July 6th, 2007 (PD Oct, 2005) without EAD/AP (since my lawyer was expecting a rejection). Now, he will apply for EAD/AP, and cannot do it until we get a receipt for AOS, which will probably take more than a month. Given this, I'll be applying for EAD possibly in August end. Is this a blessing in disguise, as, I'll have to pay new fees for EAD, which would mean, I won't have to renew that EAD every year?? Am I correct in this assumption?
    Wrong! Yes, you will be the new fee but then you will pay the same fee each year you renew your EAD. No fee payment only applies if you file your I-485 with the new fee structure.

    2. My spouse's AOS was filed with mine as dependent. She has a H1 of her own and is working. Now, after the I485 receipt comes back, if she leaves her job, will she be in status (or does she need to move to H4? I'll stay on H1 and won't invoke EAD unless necessary). My understanding is, with the receipt, she is in status no matter what (unless the I485 gets denied).


    If you are not planning on using EAD and she won't either then she needs to change status to H4.

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  • vijjus
    06-11 12:40 PM

    SOFIA, Bulgaria, June 11 � As he heads home from an eight-day European swing to face a hostile Congress, President Bush lashed out today at Democrats for scheduling a vote of no confidence on his attorney general, and vowed to get his stalled immigration legislation passed, saying, �I�ll see you at the bill signing.�


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  • number30
    04-12 12:10 AM
    Hi guys,
    I am a new bie but in deep trouble,
    My case is like this

    Have valid I-797 - till - Jan 16,2009 ( now expired right )
    Valid I-94 - till -Jan 24 , 2009 ( now expired right )
    Applied for extension in --- Sept 2008( 5months before I-94 expiry date)
    Applied for premium in -- Feb 26, 2009
    RFE -- Mar 2, 2009
    Denied -- Mar 31,2009

    Trying to transfer my H1- to another product company under premium.

    I heard if you appeal the denial, you cant file the transfer, so i dont want to appeal,

    Please correct me if this is incorrect ???? gurus please help me,

    As I know I dont have any status but denial letter says appeal with in 33 days.

    Consulted PRODUCT COMPANY ATTERNEY , said you can stay up till 30 days.

    Is it possible to transfer with out appeal or MTR for the current denial ?

    Please advice, as I am already running out of time....


    There is bigger problem than H1 approval i.e. overstaying. If overstay more then six months you will barred for 3 years. So go out as soon as possible and come back with another H1

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  • Canadianindian
    04-15 08:11 PM
    I agree with the thought that with the critical mass of 10,000 and growing ppl, it is a matter of time when such political organizations contact us for support in terms of both:

    1) Our ability to influence our fellow Indian American Citizens (relatives) to support an organization
    2) Our ability to generate monetary support.

    However, rather than such organizations approaching us, we have to be proactive in making these political organization aware of our ability to contribute. Our strenght in numbers, and our ability to influence and support has to be evident and communicated. The NY/NJ chapter is making some effort to contact our senators/congressman, but it has fallen to deaf ears.

    My question is that can a senior member of IV team approach these policital parties, just like other Indian groups are approaching, and showcase our strength (support and money).

    Also, are there any IV offical letter heads that can be used while faxing meeting requests to political parties.


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  • IndiaNJ
    08-20 12:11 PM
    My 485 got approved on 8/8/8 , where as wife's case is still pending , my wife called the 1.800 number , they told it has been assigned to the officer , and he has to make a decision.

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  • EB3June03
    06-17 10:08 AM
    Thanks yganreddy for your input. It might help.

    In my case, the X Ray shows nothing - so I am all clear on that.

    My concern is I don't how big the thing became after the test was done (twice). Once in 1997 when I first came from India and next in 1998 (when i worked in NY Preysbeterian Hosptal and they mandatorily tested for TB via skin test). I have asked for the reports from NY hospital and am hoping that it is less than 10 mm as the civil surgeon says that if the size is bigger than 10 mm, I will have to go through the treatment for TB (even though i have no evidence of active TB). I hope he is wrong.

    I had another question. Can I get the reports from India, when i got the TB test done? I might have the papers at home and will have to search for it or does USCIS not consider the papers from India? I hear a sealed envelope is what is needed from a doctor. In that case, we might be able to try to get in touch with the doctor that did the test and ask for a sealed envelope (showing him the papers he gave us when we got the test done).


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  • gkaplan
    04-22 01:27 PM
    I think i understand:) Thank you.
    As I might have already mentioned, i've been working for a company for 2 years now with my EAD, they are willing to sponsor for H1B. so as long as my J principal has a waiver, then my company shoulnd face any problems on applying for a H1B right?

    Could you please explain "As long as the H1-B quota is not exhausted and the petition was correctly filed". ? Is there a deadline to apply for H1B ?

    i really appreciate your opinoins, thank you very much.

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  • tinamatthew
    07-17 11:07 PM
    My I-140 approved in TSC( premium processing)
    My Attorney sent my I-485 on July 2 to TSC
    my labor approved from Wisconsin
    but I read somewhere all applications needs to go to NSC , is it true?
    I greatly appreciate your help

    You're ok - TSC is fine. Nothing to worry about. All the best

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  • sanjayc
    10-15 02:49 PM
    I saw the suggestion of asking lawyer to send AP while you travel to India without it. Although it sounds like a good idea but could be dangerous. I had a situation last year when I travelled to India with AP applied for but not approved. Unfortunately i had my old passport and visa damaged in India. When my lawyer wanted to expedite AP so that i can travel back as my old Visa was damaged and the only way to travel back was to use AP, they found out USCIS has issued an RFE on AP. Though RFP was trivial and they only wanted a clear copy of first page of passport and AP was approved immediately when it was submitted.

    12-01 04:31 PM
    Hi Gurus

    Here is my senario

    I am in my 6th year of H1 which expires in Aug 2007.

    I have my Labor (PERM) and I140 aprroved from my current employer.

    I would like to tranfer my H1 to different employer .

    can we apply for tranfer and 3 year extension of h1 to new employer with approved current labor(PERM) and 140(approved)

    or should I need to tranfer my h1 forst and wait till FEB 2007 to apply my extension with approved labor(PERM) and 140 (approved ) from my current employer.

    I really need your advise on this issue.

    please help on this gurus.


    01-28 09:24 AM
    Sorry for the stupid question.
    Is it necessary to inform CIS about job change using AC21?
    Few of my friends havent informed.

    Please read posts above. There is no need to send anything to USCIS unless asked.

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