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  • kicca
    01-29 10:07 AM

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  • gc007
    01-08 01:09 AM
    I don't have any reference as such but as has been told earlier by someone..

    ""Technically, the visa is just permission and not a guarantee for re-entry. But I do not see how a new approved petition would affect it. Just make sure you carry the current & new approvals with you. In fact, if you present the new approval at the time of re-entry the officer can give you a I-94 with an expiry date that is the same as the expiry of the new approval !!""

    ..... I was just wondering if the officer at the time of re-entry stamps the date on the I-94 with current approval date on the passport instead of the new approval then it may be req to get your extention upon the expire of that date.

    Again this is something an attorney can tell for sure.


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  • ChainReaction
    10-09 07:06 PM
    Hello guys,
    I applied for I140 & I485 + EAD concurrently at the Texas service center on July 19th. I got the receipts dated Sept 11 on Sept 17 and a week later I got the EAD's. My priority date is Feb 04.

    I live in New Jersey and I would assume my FP appointment will be at the NewArk USCIS center. I still did not get any FP notification yet and I started to worry because on the tracker a lot of people with the same dates did get one already. Should I worry or is OK for now ? Is New Jersey more crowded than other states and that is the reason for delay ??? Anybody else in the same boat ??
    I know they consider the application abandoned if I have an appointment and don't go. If, god forbid, the letter is lost in the mail, is there any way I can find out if I have an appointment ?

    I have don't have a lawyer so they will not send a copy of the FP appointment letter to the lawyer.

    Please help !


    I am a June 25th filer, and i got my receipt for 485/131/765 on Sept 10th and haven't received any EAD or AP and no LUD as well forget about FP. I called TSC multiple time and was told first to wait till 90 days of filling ,then 30 days past receipt now 4 more weeks; since they are heavily backlogged busy in issuing receipts for 485 filer.

    When i contacted my lawyer he told me the same he is still waiting for the receipts for some of his clients who filed in July/August and reassured me that if or when a receipt is issued he will also get a receipt notice, and will contact me ... so don't worry to much regarding FP misplacement and relax it will come... after all it is National security, if the US is not concerned regarding it then why should you .;)

    By the way my PD is March,2003

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  • meridiani.planum
    04-01 04:18 AM
    Hello Everyone -

    I am trying to understand importance of PD after one files 485. I filed my 485 in Jul 2007 and got FP in Sep 07. Then I got a notice for in person interview with USCIS officer. At the end of interview the USCIS officer indicated that the case is approved but will have to wait for Visa # to get the GC. The interview had happened in the month of Feb when visa for EB2 was Unavailable. My PD is Nov 06 and I am just trying to understand how this process will work.

    Will my GC be processed when the dates on visa bulletin will be show have nov 06 or it will just get processed as there is no reason to hold the adjudication? Background check or any other

    ur PD is 2006-EB2-India and you were called for an interview? thats odd. the interview typically when the case is close to approval, why are they bothering with your case so soon.. something is not adding up


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  • chennai
    07-11 05:05 PM
    I would suggest you push your application for premium processing for I-140 so that it would be approved in 30 days time now. Because you are in the 6th year of H1 you can do it. So in 30 days if you have 140 approved then you would know whether your priorty date is recaptured then go for I485 before 08-08-08 Sep bulletin date?

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  • needhelp!
    02-14 02:34 PM


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  • nocomment
    09-27 04:41 PM
    Why would IRS care how you perform your full time job. IRS's responsibilty is to collect taxes on our earnings, and it doesnt matter you trade 100 or 1000 stocks per day as long as you file schedule D.

    Short term trading is gambling, you wont come out of the game until you lose. Long term is the way to make money.

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  • Bpositive
    01-02 01:59 AM
    Happy New Year!

    My new year begins with another immigration issue..need some urgent advice.

    My wife went to the US Consulate in Chennai today for her first time H-1 stamping. She completed her Phd in Biology from the US and has been working for almost a year for a US biotech company. The consular officer has asked her to submit additional information -221(g); mostly about her job and the company. I can't understand it! Most of the information asked has already been submitted to the INS in reponse to a H-1 RFE.

    My wife has an Advance Parole document and EAD based on my I-485 application.

    Can you suggest options for her?

    1. can she forget about the H-1, not respond to the 221(g) and travel back on advance parole and start working on EAD?

    2. If after submission of 221(g) her visa gets rejected, can she still use the Advance Parole to travel to US and work on her EAD?

    3. Any other options/advice?


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  • sanjeev_2004
    10-02 09:54 AM
    I am on eb2 and the application is in Nebreska service center...3 weeks back or so they got a RFE, do not know what the RFE is about yet ....!!

    Are you also waiting for 140 approval ?

    I think h my filing (or was it receipt date) was oct 24, 2006.

    what is your online status after RFE. Does online status change to "RFE" from "Received and pending" once we get RFE. My employer dont tell me much about my I140 status or RFE but I have receipt number. I can check online


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  • gcganapati
    08-16 12:29 PM
    PA dmv sucks..dont worry ...try next day or evening in the same time form diffrent officer...they are some time stupid and they don't know what they are talking..

    Take all necessary documents try more times..some officers gives some dont..becuase some of my friend has same issue..they got it...from diffrent officers...dont worry


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  • ps57002
    10-10 05:42 AM
    I'm working for nonprofit so am cap exempt...but I know my employer won't want to go through it all if it costs more $.

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  • ilikekilo
    07-17 08:42 PM
    I think it is high time we need to set rules and roles for senior member alike - they are supposed to bring people to the group not the otherway around - We are setting a wrong precedence - A guy who has contributed more than you, can ask you to lay off ilikekilo, and that is not far away.

    Anyways, Some of the members have become super stars by being here and wanting to do more so let seniors show the real attitude to freshmen.

    Thanks for your understanding

    so what is your point? ?

    FYI ksirh its noth how much u contributed? its the way u ask! pl wake up


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  • rajsenthil
    09-16 05:21 PM

    It's time to tell CNN not to give a platform for racists.

    Drop Dobbs: Halt the Hate (

    Please sign the petition
    Take Action (

    "Drop Dobbs": CNN Pressured To Give Up Controversial Host (VIDEO) (

    - JK

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  • sr123
    02-11 10:13 AM
    As per my understanding, the retrogression problem is due to the lack of suffucient number of visas.This number is specified by the law. Now that is what needs fixing and that has come from legislation from congress(and last I heard courts should not and cannot legislate.)

    Courts or judiciary comes in only when the law is not being implemented correctly. So even if the law is lacking in some way the courts have to go by the law. The only cases where courts strike down laws are when they are against the basic structure of the constitution.

    So what we need to find out is whether an existing law is being violated, then we have a case otherwise not. I dont think USCIS is violating a law. If anyone else finds information about any violation then we can pursue law suit option.


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  • gcisadawg
    04-05 08:50 PM
    I found this in another website: D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    "Since the beginning of this fiscal year (October 2008), USCIS has adjudicated over 75,000 employer petitions, reducing the pending caseload of petitions to under 55,000.USCIS� goal is to have adjudicated all the older employer petitions, and to be processing newer petitions within 4 months, by the end of September 2009"

    This is talking about I-140 and not I-485.....

    My I-140 filed with TSC is still pending since August 2007. I hope I get a decision ( hopefully positive) by Sep 2009!

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  • go_gc_way
    06-01 03:55 PM
    We have discussed this issue earlier on this forum.

    IV really wishes that this is possible but the truth is that when CIR has already been passed in the Senate, there is no way that Frist (or any other senator for that matter) will allow for the introduction of another immigration bill now.

    So if we need to proceed with a legal immigrant's only bill, we will atleast have to wait till CIR dies. So don't get your hopes high now.

    Question for Foks asking for a separate bill : I understand from Admins answer above , this may not be possible now.

    My question is , separting this from CIR will QUICKEN the proceedings with respect to our issues?

    Question for Admin : Was this poll started by IV?

    BTW I have voted in favor of a separate bill assuming it will quicken things. Thanks.


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  • santb1975
    02-14 11:30 PM

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  • pa_arora
    09-19 12:56 PM
    I think we should all post our unfortunate, painful stories to the newspapers and TV news channels.

    We need to make ourselves herd. I don't think making some noise and gaining bit high profile will hurt us.

    I have a collection of the emailid, let me know if this is fine with u guys, I will post it here.

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  • pitha
    06-11 12:46 PM
    somebody please close this thread

    04-27 04:28 PM
    Thanks a lot everybody. This is so helpful.

    You all made my weekend !!!

    11-19 01:24 PM
    I have recently returned using AP. I had 3 APs and the officer took one and returned 2 back to me. Both were stamped and the officer told me that for my next trip I can use the 2 APs with me. And also that I need not submit any AP on my next trip back.

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