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  • dazed378
    04-07 08:40 PM
    Guess what I discovered today? I found the filled in W7 form and notarized copies of my wife's passport in my house. All this while I was so confident that I did send the W7 form along with tax return form, but it turned out I forgot to do so :(. I called IRS and they told me that I need to fill in Amended Tax Return form (Form 1040X) now. On the contrary, my tax preparer (CPA) is saying I just need to resend Form 1040 and W7 and there is no need to amend as there is no change in figures. Whose words should I follow now? Please advise.

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  • neelu
    01-03 08:17 AM
    Thank you very much .

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  • bergotti
    08-23 05:27 PM
    Is this category seen as one or is it split into many countries and if so how do you find out about a particular country within ROW?


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  • pappu
    11-25 10:10 PM
    Next year is also critical for our lobbying efforts with the new administration and going through the bill cycle all over again. For that it will be very helpful if members sign up for monthly contributions. The monthly contributions help us plan future events and lobby efforts.

    I urge all new and old non contributing members to sign up for monthly contributions to strengthen your organization.


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  • shishya
    09-27 02:19 AM
    AFAIK, your visa status will not affect day-trading. You just need to specify the gain/loss when you file taxes (like anyone).

    That said, I believe you are aware of the requirement that you need to have a minimum of $25K in your account to do day-trading. And also the risks involved in it.

    My 2c as some one who tried it, play only with money you can afford to loose (as you WILL most of the time) and get out if you have to, without emotional attachment.

    Have fun and BE SAFE!!!

    Thanks for the honest and to-the-point answer Yagw. Yes, I am aware of the risks involved and therefore never EVER exceed the threshold I set for myself. I am not new to stock market having been in it for the past four years -- not that that makes me ANY safer than a newbie though.

    Appreciate your advise of caution, will definitely keep that in mind.


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  • Munna Bhai
    11-13 04:29 PM
    I receive a confirmation for Address change after submitting online form and which I received some where around that time.

    My EAD and Advance Payroll are approved but I did not receive Adv Payroll yet, waiting on it for 15 days.

    it's advance parole not advance "payroll"


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  • Jeff Wheeler
    06-08 07:25 PM
    Some really great ones. Congratulations to whomever wins (although I'm sure I'll congratulate you again), and thanks for holding this great contest. :)

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  • hebron
    08-16 03:26 PM
    I have all proofs timesheets and bankstatements and email conversations. But, i am worried because he is threatening me saying he will go to court and sue me for working at the same client. Do i have chance to win the case if i fight back.

    It all depends if you have a written agreement that prohibits you from working with the current employer. If there is no contract, you are safe. It seems that there is no such contract that either you signed with your ex-employer or middle-men.

    If your employer doesn't pay you the salary that he agreed to (in writing), then you can be sure that DOL will ask your employer to pay a fine and pay you the salary. I would suggest that if he does or does not sue you, you better complain to DOL that you weren't getting paid. This will no way this will affect you.


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  • gcadream
    02-24 01:33 PM
    I'm due for my H1 visa extn as it is going to expire in Apr-2010 and my employer is going to do it anytime soon. I have heard that these days USICS is extending the H1 based on the project end date mentioned on Purchase Order, if that is the case then
    [1] does it mean that we can get extn only for 6 months or so instead of 3 yrs [if your I-140 is approved]?
    [2] And after six months do we again have to file for extn and pay all the fees again ?

    Any help on this issue is highly appreciated.
    Waiting to hear back from all of you.

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  • kami97
    06-10 01:40 PM

    Took TST last week, positive (16mm), X-ray negative, civil surgeon marked "Class B, Latent TB Infection" on I-693, and gave me a notes saying that since May 2008, TST>10 will be marked with LTBI, and advised me to go to Health Department.

    Same as many of you guys, had taken vaccines when young. Have been in US for 11 years. Pretty sure I don't have TB. What should I do? Does LTBI affect 485 approval? How about AP/EAD? Will USCIS ask for evidence of TB treatment?

    Thank you very much!


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  • chanduv23
    11-10 03:35 PM
    --- bump ---

    so many views but no replies yet :(

    Yes, you can, but must not get paid. the work must be volunteer work only. My wife was involved in cardiology research for 3 months while on h4. She was not paid - she was just a volunteer.

    I would recommend - not to get into unpaid work stuff. This is from personal experience. My wife was unpaid volunteer at Emory Cardiology research , and was being exploited - they found her to be good at work and started dumping all work to her - she was completing charts of paid employees and was working like hell because they set deadlines for her. We were furious and I pulled her out.
    When she requested that they give her a recommendation letter for all the work she did - they were reluctant to do it and started yelling at her and were extremely rude so that she wont ask again - they bullied her into signing a document that would strip her name off all publications. Finally after a lot of persistence and insisting, they gave a letter of recommendation.

    The reason I write this stuff is - to warn you all - do not get into this kind of stuff. The world is very exploitative and we cannot trust workplaces or people around us.

    Use time on H4 for some good stuff - volunteer for IV or there are so many things you can do.

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  • GooblyWoobly
    07-18 06:25 PM
    Wrong! Yes, you will be the new fee but then you will pay the same fee each year you renew your EAD. No fee payment only applies if you file your I-485 with the new fee structure.

    If you are not planning on using EAD and she won't either then she needs to change status to H4.

    Can someone else confirm this too? For Q2, I think you are wrong. Take this case....
    Primary is on H1, derivative on H4, both apply for AOS, primary goes on EAD (thus invalidating H1, and in turn spouse's H4). So, the spouse just has AOS receipt number, and no H4. Is she out of status? Of course not. This is a very common scenario.

    Also, for Q1, I765 is a completely different entity in the pay schedule

    So, why wouldn't I get the benefit of the higher fee if I pay that? Any source of information for you to say I will have to pay each year?


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  • belmontboy
    01-20 01:27 PM
    1. Ravi Venkatesh
    2. Rani Swami
    3. Hema Prabhu
    4. Dayal Sharma
    5. Chin Chu
    6. Dang Wang

    These are some of the people I am proud of who are EB-3. Are you proud of them too ?

    Adding to the elite list:
    7. Ding Dong
    8. Ping Ping
    9. Sing Sing
    10. <unknown firstname> EB3GCWalla

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  • dale
    09-24 03:32 AM
    hey thanks everyone for the great comments about my stamps (the 3 vector ones including the green swan stamp) - i completely forgot about them (haven't been on here for a while) so i didn't even get to vote. ah well, thanks anyway everyone!



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  • Berkeleybee
    04-03 07:29 PM

    We were trying to keep this fact sheet to 2-3 pages, but it would be great to compile a list of immigrant overachievers anyway. :)

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  • leoindiano
    07-09 02:03 PM

    Here's what uscis said...


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  • kprgroup
    08-03 05:21 AM
    My EAD details

    Mailed Date : 5/24/10
    Received Date : 5/26/10
    Notice Date: 06/03/10
    Checks Cashed: Yes
    File Type: Paper/E-filed/Lawyer - Lawyer
    Service Center/Lockbox : TSC
    RFE Description: N/A
    SR Opened: Yes ( 07/26/2010)
    InfoPass: NO
    Current EAD Expiry: 9/03/10
    Approval Date:
    Approval Desc:
    EAD Validity:

    I have opened SR @( 07/26/2010) and got the reply back by mail below
    The status of the Service Request is
    Case type:-- I765

    The status of this service request is: Due to the high volume of expedite requests for this case type, we are strictly enforcing the criteria that has been set for these expedite requests.

    Since the date we received your case, we denied your case and send a notice of explaining our decision to you on 06/25/2010 to the file we have on the file


    Is this denial of service request or denial of EAD Renewal?
    I am confused. Lawyer or I never received any denial notice so for and online case status showing initial review with LUD of 06/26/2010.

    What should I do now? Please let me know.


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  • sunny1000
    07-24 10:19 PM
    Hi all,

    My I-140 was approved 2.5 years back and I-485 was also approved more than an year back.

    But, today the status on my I-140 got changed to "REQUEST FOR INITIAL EVIDENCE SENT, CASE PLACED ON HOLD". I am not sure, why did they reopen the case again. I checked with my company and they assured me that they didn't revoke my I-140.

    Could anyone suggest me what's happening to my case. Has anyone seen an similar kind of an issue and suggest me how to proceed ?

    Thanks in advance !


    Don't panic. USCIS rarely reopens an approved GC (only in cases of fraud or misrepresentation). If you are talking about the online status, I would not pay too much attention to it as it gives incorrect info sometimes.

    If you or your company did actually receive a RFE in the snail mail, get in touch with a good attorney and contact USCIS to see what is going on.

    Alternatively, you can contact USCIS customer service yourself, to put your mind at ease.

    Good luck.

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  • clif
    06-15 06:00 AM
    :confused: My H1B is about to expire in Oct 2007 and I haven't yet filed for 7th year extension. I have approved I-140 with April 2006 PD. Should I file for 7th year ext. of H1B or I-485 or both? If I file for H1B extension, will I get 1 year ext. or 3 year ext? :confused:

    05-21 07:52 PM
    Very good post and the answer is in the last part:

    "the USCIS holds that the person may not renew their I-485 unless they have maintained their lawful �nonimmigrant� status while their application for adjustment of status is pending."

    I am not sure what what "renew 485" means though.

    08-21 12:05 PM

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