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  • obelix
    03-02 11:28 AM
    Hi All,

    I just wanted to get a second opinion on my situation. I would really appreciate if you can share your thought.

    I work for a typical consulting company but luckily has been working for the same client for 3yrs with a vendor in the middle. I've got paid all the time without any issue. My visa (H1B) is due to expire in Sept 2010. I have valid visa till that time.

    I was just evaluating if I would be better off filing my extension in April (1st week) as I can do 6month ahead of the start date or should I wait. Another point to note is - I'm getting married in June so I need to visit India for about a month and coming back in July. So, I can start processing after that too.

    My personal preference is to file for extension in April with Premium Processing and hopefully I get new valid I-797. Go for stamping while I'm India for another 3yrs and also have my wife get H4 visa. I think this would be an ideal situation for me.

    Does anybody see any issue in the plan? What would you do if you are under similar situation?

    I would really appreciate if you can share your insight or similar experience. I would be happy to share more information if needed.


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  • thomachan72
    06-11 06:10 PM
    I strongly feel that CIR should be brought back and our amends included by our lobbying. Next time CIR is brought back, I am sure favorable amends for H1b GC applicants will be included/debated. I am only concerned about why there are no updates from the IV core group so far. Lets hope the lobbying firm that IV has hired is keeping track of the "behind the doors" discussions to make CIR more pleasing to those who voted against the closure of vote.

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  • abhatti
    07-16 02:56 PM
    where do you all see/consult for updates or news on USCIS activities?

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  • Rockford
    07-17 02:44 PM
    I couldn't help post a reply. I was trying not to add to the buzy server traffic.

    Isn't it amazing, thousands of people are waiting with bated breath for the USCIS update news and some idiot opens a new threads to start a baseless rumor. And claims that news comes from Greg. This so called news as it turns out is a comment by some troll "south" on Greg's website.

    Our friend here who opened this thread fails to even see the connection between the id handle "south" and his post" going south." Honestly, things like this make you wonder, how can such people call themselves highly skilled.

    You will be proved biggest idiot when what you believe today is turned out to be wrong tomorrow. Who are you , a thread czar ?

    If you don't like it, just move on.

    That was an excerpt from some one then, but now I believe things are going south. Just don't make judgments about others without knowing every thing.


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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    01-11 03:43 PM
    I disagree. DV may not have relevance to you but to a person who does not have an advance degree but still would like to come here to live,work and have a better standard of life it is still VERY relevant. Remember that this country was built by IMMIGRANTS not neccessarily by immigrants with advanced degrees.

    NO co-sponsors. This bill is going nowhere, even though I will jump with joy if it is passed. DV has no relevance right now and the country is diverse enough. Good idea to eliminate DV and add that to EB, but not going to happen. This congress is going to be a crab jar, one climbing up and others pulling down... nothing will get done.

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  • GooblyWoobly
    07-18 07:23 PM
    Even my case is similar. I requested my attorney to file my EAD and AP along with I-485 at the same time. But they did not apply for EAD and AP and but instead just filed I-485. Now they are saying they can't file for my EAD and AP until they get the I-485 receipt notice. What a mess??? Now I've pay lots of amount for EAD and AP. By the way my attroney is Murthy Law Firm. I bet yours would be the same

    Actually my attorney is not Murthy. It's my employer's attorney, and they are pretty good. It was a company decision not to file EAD/AP since we were sure at that time our application will get rejected. It was just a mean to get onto the lawsuit beneficiary.


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  • hebbar77
    09-04 03:06 PM
    how about including people who will be dying to the prayer list? Please dont include common people. Please bring your checkbooks for prayer meeting. After prayers you will get option to donate to charity.

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  • Green.Tech
    08-05 06:09 PM
    I am not sure this will count as an illegal behavior. Of course, I am not a lawyer. But companies typically ask for relocation reimburesement and lawyer expenses, etc. to be paid back pro-rated, in case the employee leaves within a year or so.

    Again, this is not really asking for money for labor, but just making sure that the company gets their expenses back in case employee leaves within an year.

    Btw, I do not have any such agreement with my company. But I think this is standard. Unfair, maybe. Illegal? I dont know....

    Good point!

    For one, my employer contract (which I haven't signed yet) says that I will need to reimburse for ALL GC related fee that they have incurred on my behalf if I leave ANYTIME during my GC application is pending. I know such contracts are common (or are they?) but I am not sure if they can ask me to reimburse them for labor cert fee (which as per DOL is employers responsibility) or even for that matter any other application fee (which I understand are employers responsibility as well?). So, basically they can contract me for all the legal fee (attorney fee) but not ALL fee.

    More thoughts?


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  • jung.lee
    03-03 11:56 AM
    Hello forum gurus
    I am planning on moving from Company A to Company B. I have an approved I-140 from Company A which was approved in Sept 2007 and also applied for 485 on July 2nd 2007. It has been almost 1.5 yrs since I applied for 485 and I-140 approval.

    Planning to move from Company A to Company B. Company A will not revoke my I-140 that is for sure. I am moving to a good company with 1000+ workforce and in an upcoming industry. It is not a consulting firm. It is a product based company. My wife is currently on EAD and is relying on it to work.

    What are the odds that my AC21 may be wrongfully denied. I am having a hard time sleeping while thinking about this. I am on my H1. Can she still use her EAD while we file a petition for Motion to Reopen in the event that the 485 is wrongfully denied or does she have to change to H4 immediatly.

    Can some one share your thoughts.

    thanks in advance

    See the below linked forum post for a relevant discussion:

    Also, see this document I posted on Scribd:

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  • Rakson
    02-28 11:12 AM
    Can anybody please help in answering below questions on my case? I really appreciate your help. This is urgent for me.

    #1: I am working for Company A (current company). My GC processing details (with current company):
    1. Labor Approved.
    2. I-140 Approved with priority date of Aug 2006 (Category -EB2)
    3. I-485 - NOT filed
    #2: I am on 6th year of H1-B. My current H1-B is valid till Jan 29, 2011 (less than 365 days from today).

    I want to change job and join Company B (new company) for excellent offer and life long stability.

    As per my understanding, for continuous H1-B extension & GC approval on existing priority date, I must stay with existing company(A). But attorney of new company(B) is saying he will be able to handle my H1-B extension and may be able to save my priority date also by filing new PERM & I-140. I am not sure whether attorney of new company(B) is correct or not. Can anybody please help in answering below questions?

    Ques : If new company(B) transfers H1-B and USCIS will grant H1-B for 3 years based on approved I-140 with current company(A):
    A. Can USCIS revokes extended period ( after Jan 29, 2011) if current company(A) revokes their approved I-140 before new company(B) gets approval of new PERM and I-140?
    B. Can new company (B) start new PERM application during my extension period (after Jan 29, 2011)?
    C. Can new company (B) transfer Priority date even if existing company(A) revokes their I-140?


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  • ibbu_arif
    11-17 03:03 PM
    Thanks for your replies.
    Yes, I understood AP approvals cannot be posted to Outside US. You have to be physically present in US while it gets approved.

    But one thing is NOT clear from the "rsdang's" statement "Caution - Please talk to lawyer as there is some stuff around abandoning your petition is you go out of country before approval... "..

    "Are you referring to AP extension petition or the Original GC petition?"

    Any other opinions from other Gurus of the forum?

    I checked with my attorney and he confirmed that there shouldn't be any issue with the AOS petition. But he didn't confirm what will happen to my AP extension petition. I am still waiting for his response.
    Looking at this PDF doc, there doesn't seem to be requirement that you need to have the AP to travel as long as you have valid H1B stamping.

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  • optimistic
    08-01 10:58 AM
    My wife is planning to go for H4 visa stamping in October. My question is can she go alone and what kind of documents she need. Our I-485 applications have reached USCIS on July 2nd. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.

    Yes, she can go alone.
    The following is the list of documents that may be required to be produced at the American embassy for visa H4:-

    1. marriage registration certificate-orignal
    2. Wedding photos
    3. Wedding invitation cards
    4. Copy of labour condition application of principal applicant
    5. Copy of Pay stubs of principal applicant and copy of bank statement as proof of ability to support spouse financially
    6. copy of I-797 notice of approval of principal applicant
    7. Passport copy of principal applicant (all pages)
    8. Spouse's name should be added to the passport of the visa applicant, preferably it should be added in the principal applicants passport also. Though it is not mandatory.
    9. I-129 form of principal applicant-copy
    10. Principal applicants letter of offer from US firm-copy
    11. Principal applicants work experience letters-copy
    12. Web appointment receipt for interview
    13. Passport + one photograph
    14. Completed visa application form DS-156
    15. Completed visa application form DS-157
    16. Demand drafts for vfs fee and visa fee- both application and issuance

    Please check the US consulate website for a complete list as they may have changed the requirements.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Saralayar
    07-09 12:55 PM
    Lot of our friends are waiting from 1998... Please wait, your turn will come.:o

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  • unseenguy
    06-16 02:16 AM
    Thank you so much for all your advice. I will let them know immediately. However, I have one more question. Is it better to apply the visa from a computer in Indonesia compare to I help them apply from my computer in the US or it really doesn't matter? I'm not sure if the embassy tracks IP address or probably has something against it. Just a thought because we're very careful not to mess it up.

    If you prepare the application, you should sign as preparer and they as applicant. If they prepare it, only they need to sign.


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  • bestofall
    07-31 03:41 PM
    is any one interested for Coor pool / Charter Bus for DC rally ?
    May be we should work on that way ..

    If any one ..pls PM me

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  • swamy
    05-21 11:55 PM
    This I think comes from AC21 regulations as well as one of the AC21 memos that were released. It mentions that a person can get H1 beyond 6 years even though they are not maitaining the H status as long as they can prove that their GC is pending . This may include pending I-485. I think the memo says that person need not maintain H status to get extension beyond 6 years without being counted against quota.

    I think the H1 can be filed but since you are on EAD, you will not get I-94. This means that you will need to go out and get the H1 stamped and re-enter to get back on H status.

    Again, various attorneys differ on this too. So consult few good attorneys for this would be good idea.

    yes this is true (confirmed it with a top law firm)- but 140 needs to have been approved though and pd shouldnt be current. and you need to get the h1 stamped too.


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  • guygeek007
    07-24 03:27 PM
    I just received some information from my attorney today about my i-140 premium processing application that was filed on 22nd of June,2007 as indicated in the information below. The package & check were returned in the first week of July. A letter indicating the reason for remittance and return was that the labor cert. attached was a photocopy and not the original.
    Now what does not make sense here is that the original labor was sent along with the original i140 application filed last year.
    I called the USCIS info line and the rep. suggested that i could resend it with an explanation.
    What concerns me is if i do resend it, would it be considered only after suspension of i140 premium is lifted or would it be considered as a case from last month and processed under premium.

    Suggestions and advice would be appreciated.

    This is my GC application history

    1. PD for Labor - Aug 2003
    2. Labor(Regular) Application Approved - Nov 2005
    3. i-140 applied in Jan 2006
    4. RFE received question was for company not self, i-140 withdrawn.
    5. Transferred my H1 to the companys sister concern and reapplied for i140 in June 2006.
    6. Applied for i140 premium processing on June 22nd, 2007.

    Current status for i-140 : Recieved and pending at Nebraska service center.

    Q1. What is i-140 receipt date for premium processing. Is it the date the fed-ex package is recvd by USCIS or is it a date issued by USCIS that should reach my lawyer?

    Q2. If in case the USCIS need to provide my attorney a receipt date, we have NOT received one as yet. Does that mean they have not even looked at the application as yet?

    Q3. Can i apply for i485 in the worst case that i do not receive approval for i140 by Aug 17th under the concurrent filing rule.

    Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

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  • CADude
    03-19 11:24 PM
    I talk to USCIS CC/IO last week. She told me that it will take approx 90 days to assign my case to AO. So my case is still getting dust on room and not with officer. It's sucks but wait continue...
    PD: July 2001 (EB-3 India)
    RD: July 2nd 2007
    ND: Oct 10th 2007

    I have bigger problem to worry about. I am process of lay-off from employer whom I am working last 7 years. :)

    I called up their customer service no and was able to reach an IO at TSC and asked about the FBI name check status. I did speak to an IO 3 to 4 times over a period of 6 months and initially it was pending but later on it got cleared. I did not ask for the exact date it was cleared but it was on feb1st 2008 that I found that it was cleared. But they did tell me the exact date on which the FBI name check was initiated. It was initiated on Aug 1st 2007 where are my 485 RD is June21st 2007.

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  • ram_ram
    06-08 02:16 PM
    Not possible. You can carry your PD once the 140(based on the labor that has the PD) is approved. Not the other way..

    12-05 07:56 AM
    At the time i was 2 semesters away from my Masters plus the mess my previous attorney had caused, my new attorney felt comfortable filing under EB3 because he felt i would have problems at the I-140 stage if i did not compete my Masters by that time.
    In 2001 my attorney expected to have my GC by 2003 the latest and he was not counting on this mess with DBEC.

    Hope all of us are through with this nightmare by end of 2007.

    09-29 08:41 PM
    Extremely well put together. Can we send it to USCIS director so that it can make some impact ??

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