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steve jobs health issues

images Steve Jobs steve jobs health issues. gossip hell, Steve Jobs!
  • gossip hell, Steve Jobs!

  • skd
    01-09 09:13 PM
    jayleno, are these Co-worker and Other friends, Do all 4 have GC's ?

    wallpaper gossip hell, Steve Jobs! steve jobs health issues. Image: Apple CEO Steve Jobs
  • Image: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

  • sreeanne
    10-30 02:04 PM
    All you need is just apply for H1 extension and wait till USCIS gets back to you, if something happens, change you stat to EAD. I dont see any issues here.

    steve jobs health issues. Steve Jobs sent out a letter
  • Steve Jobs sent out a letter

  • Googler
    06-22 12:44 PM
    Didn't want to start a new thread for this (perhaps this thread should be re-titled Media Coverage of Name Check Mess)

    Today's NPR story about name checks

    A New Spin:

    "The problem isn't entirely of the FBI's making, according to the bureau's assistant director, John Miller. A background check used to consist of looking to see whether a person was under investigation by the FBI. Now immigration officials want to know if the person's name has come up in any other investigations.

    That meant the FBI suddenly had to redo some 2.7 million checks. Miller said that load was added to the 3 million background checks the FBI typically gets every year; the result was that the bureau was overwhelmed.

    "When you hand someone � with a staff of 30 [people] � 2.7 million names and say, 'Do them over' � and not just do them over, but where there are issues and questions and missing files, 'Resolve those issues' � you are going to have a challenge on your hands," Miller says.

    To combat the problem, Miller says the FBI is raising the fees they charge various agencies so they can hire more staff. A typical background check costs about $2. The FBI is raising the fee to $9.

    FBI officials are also talking to the Department of Homeland Security about borrowing some of their employees to clear out the backlog. And they are discussing how they might change FBI criteria to make the process more efficient.

    "There is a perception born of these stories that we're indifferent," Miller says. He adds, "But we're processing them faster than we are taking them in."

    "According to Miller, only about 30 percent of applicants are running into such difficulties."

    ONLY??!! Since when did 1/3 of something become "only"?

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  • of Steve Jobs#39; health–and

  • rkm
    05-14 07:29 PM
    It was a quite surprise to me. Almost more than a year EB3 did not move for more than a month all of a sudden it moved 2 years..


    steve jobs health issues. While Jobs and Apple haven#39;t
  • While Jobs and Apple haven#39;t

  • eager_immi
    01-31 01:44 PM
    aren't u contradicting urself?

    Revoking the previously approved I140 doesn't invalidate the H1 extension/transfer. But to get further extensions/transfers, you need A) labor pending for one year OR B) approved I140 from the new employer.

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  • brij523
    02-17 10:10 AM
    Test Siganture


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  • In January 2009, Jobs took a

  • rock945
    08-08 11:20 AM
    I think you can earn upto maximum 4 credits per year. so to get 40 credits you have to work for 10 years.

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  • slowwin
    04-25 11:30 AM
    hello folks,
    I am switching jobs after an approved I140 and over 180 days from 485 receipt.
    I am expecting no problems when leaving my current company. but just incase they decide to revoke my 140,
    - is it ok to file AC21 after i receive the NOID if some thing happens or is it better to file AC21 now?

    one other complication is i will be changing address too. how long does it take for USCIS to update my new address in their records? the reason i am asking is if they send me RFE or NOID, i will totally miss the boat if they send it to the wrong address. i am sure they will send a copy to my attorney, but he works form my current employer and I will assume he is less likely to help. Does it help if i file G28 with my own name and my new address?

    I need to join my new job in 10 days and i hev give my crrent company a notice so it is a bit urgent. Please help.

    Thank you



    1) It is better to send in an AC21 letter, when in doubt i.e, in case your employer revokes I-140., even though you have crossed 180 days threshold after filing for I-485/AOS.

    2) Retain your own lawyer and change G-28 to him/her. For changing G-28 to self is done by sending in a letter to USCIS saying that you are withdrawing the representation rights (for you) of the the previous lawyer.

    3) First Change address. Use AR-11 form. send it to the address shown on that form. secondly, Call the number on your I-485 and other receipts to update your new address.

    The proper sequence to follow is 3, 2, 1.


    DISCLAIMER: Not a legal advise. This is my personal opinion. Consult an attorney to proceed.


    steve jobs health issues. handle Steve Jobs#39; health
  • handle Steve Jobs#39; health

  • Ramba
    04-13 06:13 PM
    Hello All,

    I came across this site while researching for *urgent* solutions or options that my friend needs to pursue or has.

    These are my friend's details --

    EB3 -- India.
    I140 approved in July 2007.
    485 filed in July 2007.
    MS in Engg from USA.
    MBA in Finance from top ten school in USA.
    Has applied for couple of patents in tech field.
    Author of few papers in tech field.

    My friend worked for his green card petitioning employer for 7 years in a technical position on H1 visa. He had to leave this job under some unfavorable circumstances around a month back. He has now taken a job as Marketing Manager for a big firm and is using his EAD. Two weeks back he has received an RFE on his 485 application. (Very curious and bad timing indeed too). This RFE needs a Employment Verification Letter. The current position that my friend works as does not match the position description on his labor petition. The RFE reply needs to be sent in within next 2 weeks.

    What are his options to reply to the RFE? One of the lawyers that was consulted said that since Green Card is for a future position, he needs to get a legit letter from a future employer that the employer is willing to hire my friend after he gets his green card.

    Also suggested were EB2-NIW and self-employment options.

    What would you suggest -- best course of action? Would you know anybody who has gone through a similar situation. Any fallback options that my friend needs to evaluate?

    I really appreciate all your replies. Pl treat this as very urgent.


    Please post the occupation classification and the Onet code for the initial job for which GC applied. Also post the job descritipn/duties of the job; if known. Also post the currnt job dutiers and title. I can tro some lights.

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  • health of Steve Jobs

  • uma001
    04-15 02:08 PM

    Your post does look like anti immigrant who want to make fun of potential immigrants or undermining US citizenship by immigrants. I hope those observations are incorrect

    I second that Senthil


    steve jobs health issues. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs has

  • phillyag
    07-20 02:09 PM
    As my employer wants it - only apply 90 days prior to H1 expiration.
    This situation can lead me into limbo state. EAD pending and H1 expired !
    What would happen then ?

    hot While Jobs and Apple haven#39;t steve jobs health issues. Steve Jobs had a Heart Attack
  • Steve Jobs had a Heart Attack

  • uumapathi
    09-29 01:31 PM
    I was wondering what one would see in the online case status if an RFE/NOID is issued. Anyone has any text that would appear on the Case status application?


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  • perm2gc
    11-06 10:33 AM
    Dont Think only big companies will enforce NCA's have become a source of revenue of consulting companies.If you are going to loose the case ,you will only pay their legal expenses.. Two of my friends are have done that and it took them 2 yrs of time and cool $30,000 dollars(from their own pockets) to settle at the end...

    So Dont be over confident.Pay few hundred dollars to good attorny and get his legal opinion.

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  • coopheal
    12-04 08:58 AM


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  • Steve Jobs is away again from

  • humdesi
    02-17 11:02 PM
    I was wondering what are the rules regarding the 'overflow' stuff. Any document ?

    It's discussed here in detail:

    dresses Steve Jobs had a Heart Attack steve jobs health issues. and Steve Jobs#39; health
  • and Steve Jobs#39; health

  • vishals_me
    04-17 03:04 PM
    Even i reviewed the list of NOC on their site but I don't see any chages. But i could see one thing on that pdf list is the date still says February 5, 2009. So it;s not updated as per April 15,2009 if they revised the list.
    So need to find out wether they revised the list of NOC or not..
    any one knows???

    Thanks in advanc,



    makeup handle Steve Jobs#39; health steve jobs health issues. Sep 9, 2009 - Steve Jobs came
  • Sep 9, 2009 - Steve Jobs came

  • caforum2
    04-06 10:10 PM
    i am sorry..i couldnt follow todays proceedings..whn i cam to iv site in the evening..everyone says bill is dead
    whn i went to, they say the following

    cud someone tell me which one is true??????????

    We reported earlier the Senate Republican Members Agreement last night. Today, the Democratic Minority Leader and other Democractic leaders agreed to the proposal, turning the Republican agreement into the Bi-Partisan Agreement. This dramatic break-through opens a door to the possibility of passing the Senate version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, S. 2454, as amended before this week is over and before the Congress goes into the recess next two weeks.
    The development is accompanied by three other developments:
    President released statement supporting the bi-partisan agreement;
    Senate rejected the Democrat's motion to cloture for the Specter amendments to S.2454;
    Senate also relected the Republican Kyl' motion for his amendments.
    Now we see the light at the end of the tunnel!!
    If you go toImmigration-law update time clearly says 3PM EST and IV postings are around 9.30PM EST what have to be correct? the one which is posted at 3PM or 9.30 PM. You decide. Before asking same question in different place do some homework.

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  • Alive and kicking, Steve Jobs

  • singhsa3
    07-20 01:37 PM
    This may be a serious issue. Consult a lawyer. Receipting may take a while.
    I sent in form G-325 for both me and my wife along with my I-485 instead of the G-325A as required on I-485 instructions by oversight. What do you guys recommend I do? Should I send in a new application or just send in the G-325A form with a letter stating the issue? Please help.

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  • sanjeev_2004
    10-02 09:54 AM
    I am on eb2 and the application is in Nebreska service center...3 weeks back or so they got a RFE, do not know what the RFE is about yet ....!!

    Are you also waiting for 140 approval ?

    I think h my filing (or was it receipt date) was oct 24, 2006.

    what is your online status after RFE. Does online status change to "RFE" from "Received and pending" once we get RFE. My employer dont tell me much about my I140 status or RFE but I have receipt number. I can check online


    01-15 01:35 PM
    1) General test.

    2) Best thing is not to ask them to send results. Just get an extra copy for yourself and mail it to Buffalo. No specific officer just write on the address

    File # B4567890
    Immigration section
    Consulate General of Canada

    Best of luck

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