Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • EB3_SEP04
    08-13 06:30 PM
    Navyug, 2ndJuly,
    Congrats and thanks for the update. I feel better now! (no i wasn't sick :D)

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  • prioritydate
    08-26 12:53 AM

    I received my Physical Green Card today.

    CPO : 08/19/2008 (I received mail on 08/20/2008)
    Approval Notice Date : 08/22/2008
    LUD : 08/25/2008
    Card Received Date : 08/25/2008

    Heeee..... they approved my EAD card yesterday! :eek:

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  • nat23
    02-05 03:40 PM
    "Naitik, you just completed your payment.

    Your receipt number for this payment is: 1607-9931-0030-0509."

    Donated $50

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  • 2ndJuly
    08-13 11:30 AM
    EAD USCIS Recieved Date: 03-July
    EAD Status Cahnged to Card Production Ordered: 12-Aug


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  • mmk123
    11-18 07:19 PM
    action item done by me and my wife.

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  • kshitijnt
    07-09 02:48 PM
    I am in a similar position but working on 3 months contract through a consulting company on w2. It is similar to my 485 job details, but it is a short term project.

    Would I get an RFE if I work on contract on W2?

    In my personal opinion, you should look out for permanent offers. I tend to prefer 1099 contracts as opposed to W-2 because 1099s tend to make stronger case for self employment.


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  • SunnySurya
    08-18 02:14 PM
    So far I have abq_gc, Johnamit , Singhsa3 , SunnySurya and pamposh(5 and counting ) . I need more..

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    07-05 03:56 AM
    My 485 application reached NSC on July 2nd at 10:25 am.
    by FEDEX.

    Hey when have u mailed ur papers?????29thjune or 30th june and when is ur PD?



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  • vin13
    07-16 05:58 PM
    I am starting this new thread to discuss about EB visas spillover usage based on oldest priority date irrespective of category/country. Currently the spillover happens vertically(a top down approach) from EB1 -> EB2 -> EB3...etc. Instead it should be first used on cases with oldest priority date. This will not only give a good move to clear the backlog but will also be a fair rule for those who are patiently waiting in queue for a long time. I wrote my concern about this to my local congressman. I also request each one of you, who is impacted by this, or who is interested to help us out, to kindly contact your local congressman/woman to express your concern. In turn they can contact USCIS to implement this fair rule to help us all out.

    How about basing it on when a person entered the country. Will that be fair for you?

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  • technoboy
    10-13 12:17 PM
    Hi there !
    Just let you know guys, My checks got Cashed today.


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  • unitednations
    03-08 03:17 PM
    I agree that legislators are very aware of the difference between the H1b issue and the green card issue. Yesterday on CNBC, Larry Kudlow interviewed Sen. Grassley from Iowa on this topic. When Larry was asking about these workers contributing to society, buying homes, starting companies etc, Sen. Grassley told him he was mixing up two separate issues. Basically he only wanted to talk about the H1b issue.
    The sad truth is these guys(like Sen. Grassley) are anti immigrant period(they give you all the blabber about I am 3 generations separated from immigrants etc. but that is quite simply them satisfying their conscience/the public conscience on this issue, I always wish the interviewer is an American indeginous Indian), and instead of saying so openly, they combine the issues when convenient and separate them out when not so. I agree with you that it is not because they are not aware. Right now their focus is on stomping out fraud, he mentioned cases of people coming on H1b and running laundromats, or working in different locations to what they are certified(ouch). The new quota that opens up on Apr. 1 will indeed be a watershed. I am expecting really restrictive and nasty legislation in time to greet this. I truly hope for very few applications, so the Hon. Sen. understands that this is a demand driven issue for the most part and fraud where it exists can be addressed but not with blanket legislation which effects can be unintended.
    Nonetheless this issue of Country caps has become so draconian that if indeed the US changes its policy and institutes country caps on H1bs as your posting suggests they might in the end, then we will have things go in a certain direction.......protectionist, and there will doubtless be backlash. As it stands the current insensible policy is such that people come on H1b, settle into a job, have their US citizen kids, accumulate enough social security credits, savings etc and then facing an inordinate wait, perhaps even have to leave, what do you think the result is going to be? Well, the return to India where US employers given their US experience/education are more comfortable hiring them hence more outsourcing, then their US citizen Kids return for Gov't aid/loans to college, then they sponsor their parents to come in and receive social security and medicare etc. while their working contributions and taxes would have accrued to another country. Really? Does that sound like good policy?
    If the US chooses to Cap Indian H1bs fine, let it be, however continuing such policy only leads to and effectual ban on EB green cards for Indians.

    Very well written. I can tell you through my observations of living in this society for 35 years:

    1) People leaving because of long wait is a losing argument. Available information doesn't back it up. We have had severe retrogression since 2005 (h-1b quota cases have finished in matter of days)

    2)USA is destination of choice. 9 million people file through greencard lottery for 50,000 slots and the main populated countries aren't even eligible to file (ie., India, China, Pakistan, Canada, etc.)

    3) Call it what it is: Employment base immigration is least impacted. It is the only class of immigrants who are allowed to work/live in USA while they wait for greencard. Just about every other class has to wait outside until their number is called. This is number one impediment to EB grievances.

    4) Stating that one is paying taxes, etc., is also losing argument. You are comparing yourself to the people who are here unlawful. Paying taxes isn't some virtue, it is the law.

    5) Country quotas is fundamental to US Immigration. Getting rid of it for one class; ie employment base without looking at the whole thing is waste of time (ie., lottery, family base, etc.).

    Now I don't want to get people upset but let's look at some things that have happened since 2005:

    There was considerable debate on immigration.com of how the country quotas work and spillover of visas. Depending on how you read the law you would keep coming up with different conclusions. One way was to look at it as hard cap of 7% across all 140,000 visas that is 10,000 or so and it didn't matter about eb1,eb2, eb3. Any unused visas from ROW in EB1 would not go to india but rather flow down to eb2 row and then eb3 row. That s unused would go vertical instead of horizontal.

    In uscis fiscal year 2004 eb3 went unavailable in summer of 2005. Statistics showed that India went well over their 7% limit.

    In USCIS fiscal year 2005 we had severe retrogression for India. Visa bulletin states that spillover will be vertical instead of horizontal. Statistics showed that India only received 10,500 visas

    Now, fiscal year 2006 . We have slow movement in visa dates; it appears that they are going vertical with spillover. However, in July 2007 they make it current for everyone and India goes over the 7% limit.

    Fiscal year 2007 it appears from visa bulletin that they are going to go horizontal instead of vertical. No statistics yet of how much went to India.

    Therefore; department of state has changed policy, interpretation without law change. Talk to many lawyers and they will tell you that spillover is supposed to happen vertical instead of horizontal. indian nationals have been benefitted greatly by department of state changing it on their whim. You don't see many people from ROW on these boards bellyaching about this; or contacting senators, or threatening lawsuits do you?

    This is something to think about? As people keep highlighting this issue and if they continually point it out to lawmakers and someone from ROW gets the birght idea to challenge department of state then it will make it worse for India. I don't foresee any change whatsoever in country quota limits; mainly because it is fundamental to immigration and fundamental things don't change very easily.

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  • pani_6
    12-10 08:14 AM
    My concern is that if CIR does not get taken up sooner that May07...it may be postponed to 09 due to election politics being a hot potato issue...what I would suggest is that we start working from the first day the congress starts and whether through QGA or through indiviual senators try to pass just non-contraversial benefits like ability to file EAD after I-140, recapture of Visa numbers and Spouse and kid not included in the Visa numbers and intorduce this bill and try to pass it.

    What we need is a interim EB bill.

    The first stpes may be to indentify all non-contraversial issues and then come to a common understanding on those...advise all state chapters meet thier senators about these same issue(ALL members are talking the same)
    Intorduce these no later than End of Jan 07 for discussion. in senate..Lets explain to them that its going on getting postponed due to the fact senators are postponing the benefits to us syaing it will be included in the CIR...and so on...they have been very sincere in delaying this intentionally....

    If we need to get started on the first day of congress I suggest we start getting organozed now...

    What do you guys think!!


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  • Tito_ortiz
    03-08 04:04 PM

    We are like MLK of our modern times. Just observe that it may take a long time to change this. Actual outcome of our efforts may come to fruition in 10-20 years from now. It is the reality folks.

    The only problem is that MLK was a US citizen. We are not. We have a very bad mood against us. Like it or not, to our disadvantage we have all sentiment against illegal immigration spilling over us as well. Let me tell you, I no longer discuss, comment or let Americans, not even close people know about my situation. Do you know why? People actually may not tell you, but the vast majority of Americans actually are delighted when we say we and our wives live with such restrictions.

    My conclusion is this:
    If you are able to fire resumes back to home country or Australia and you can get good opportunities elsewhere, do not waste your time here anymore. Our golden professional years are the ones between 25-40. If you achieve your freedom only after 40 you may find yourself in a bad shape. At 40 I must be well established professionally already.

    One more thing:
    We have been very lucky so far. God Forbidden, if there is one major terrorist attack in this country, you will see this Congress AND the American people with enough ammo to turn their big guns against us big time. Do you really think people will waste time with us? I am not saying that is going to happen, but I am saying if we spend our lives here and we do not take the opportunities back home, that may be a risky move indeed.

    Think of it this way..We are foreigners 12K miles from Home...We are here and trying to change the laws of this country...They are listening to us a bit...That in itself is a big achivement.....It is not gonna happen overnight...It is gonna be a long haul and more...Even after the law changes we would need to look out for actual implementation..So you better harden yourself for a long protracted fight...No one promised that this is gonna be easy...You and I have invested so much time ...you and I have no option but to fight it out...

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  • chanduy9
    07-05 11:30 AM
    This is a good idea - actually we could send flowers for cheap rates if we order it in bulk. Let me know who's in for this. We can open up a paypal account or use one of our own paypal account and start collecting funds and use it to send the flowers to the USCIS dept.

    Any takers?

    By the way - since I am in NOVA/DC, I can initiate some media coverage even if we can get some substantial number of people sending flowers.

    Please don't look at the rate..or for any one...look at the impact, do it before it is tooo late.
    Already bunch of people sent the flowers for JULY10TH. please stick to the same date.




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  • sayonara
    08-23 01:33 PM
    Cool...I have an LUD of 5th August and after seeing your message, hope to get my receipts soon as well !

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  • GCStatus
    09-13 09:37 PM
    I agree to the point that: we pay for unemployment , SS tax etc when we ourselves are not eligible for any of that if we continue on H1, in fact we are supposed to exit this country when we loose job!!!
    what a joke...
    also did u see this in history:
    when europeans came here abt 500 years back, natives did not welcome them nor liked them. Now legal immigrants are coming , and you know how they are treated!!
    so I guess system is behaving like normal. Its upto us to fight the system...
    by demanding GC , we(for us and our generations) are asking for right to apply for citizenship, ultimately a right on the resource of this country(all resources including natural resource). So there has got to be fight/effort to get it. It will not come just doing what we do for living.


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  • Almond
    12-16 07:58 PM
    I know quite a few people who have gone back in the last year ;), and contrary to perception are quite happy with the choice they made.

    That may be so but the number of those who choose to stay/would rather stay is overwhelming compared to those who don't ;)

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  • niklshah
    08-10 07:01 PM

    I received an email on 8-8 saying card production ordered and on 8-9 about the welcome kit.

    My PD is April 2 2004 EB2 (US educated for the idiot who tried to divide us b/w US and non US educated)

    As a token of appreciation - I have contributed $100 to IV just now.Receipt ID: 1467-8132-5592-9911. Request all of those who get GC this month to contribute some $ amount. Although I was not very active in the forums I have contributed at least $400 to this cause and I will do the same in the future. Please do not try to divide b/w EB3 EB2 US educated etc. which I am noticing lately.


    great spirit buddy keep it up and thanks

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  • dtekkedil
    07-10 10:38 AM
    Tracking summary
    Current Status Shipment delivered.
    View Signature

    Delivered on 7/10/2007 10:58 am
    Delivered to Receptionist
    Signed for by DANIEL KWhat is this?

    Tracking history Help

    Date and Time Status Location
    7/10/2007 10:58 am Shipment delivered. Washington - Ronald Reagan National, DC Why is this?
    8:27 am With delivery courier. Washington - Ronald Reagan National, DC
    7:26 am Arrived at DHL facility. Washington - Ronald Reagan National, DC
    5:10 am Depart Facility Wilmington - Clinton Field, OH
    1:10 am In transit. Wilmington - Clinton Field, OH
    12:36 am Processed at DHL Location. Wilmington - Clinton Field, OH
    7/9/2007 3:59 pm Shipment picked up Miami - Tamiami, FL

    06-26 11:16 AM
    There were times when people with certain disease were discriminated against.
    Now that seems to be happening to people with EAD / GC(sometimes).

    05-01 10:59 AM
    iff = if and only if

    The I485s for both primary and dependent could be filed either if the family or the employment category is current.

    i.e. assume my PD is X. If X is current in FB category but not in EB category - both the primary and the dependent should still be able to file I485. Same happens if X is current in EB and not in FB.

    In this scenario - if the family based category is retrogressed:
    Option 1: Spouce can wait the retrogression out in AP/EAD.
    Option 2: Primary can become a citizen in 5 years and then "upgrade" the I485 to a new FB category with no retrogression.

    Without this joint filing if either category is current - it can cause nightmares for the dependent if the primary gets a GC and the dependent loses H4/L2.

    Veyron Wallpapers

    Veyron Wallpapers
    Veyron Wallpapers

    Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • SunnySurya
    08-18 01:57 PM
    My reaction would have been the same if you were in Eb1 category. The fact is that I am trying to mobilize some people to get few things done. Of course, motivated by my self interest.
    I am sorry SunnySurya but this issue DOES concern me. If everyone starts asking the IV core for their time just for their own issues, what about the rest of the community?

    If you expect the IV core to dedicate it's time JUST for a particular secction of people, then you need to justify that demand.

    In your opinion, EB3 is a LOWLY category as compared to EB2. So it is not enough that Nurses feed from it and just about EVERYONE else feeds from it. To top it off, overflow from eb1 goes FIRST to eb2 and then (and almost NEVER) to eb3. SO Eb2 gets a fair chunk of the greed cards, and over and above that you now want the IV core to further drop everything else and help JUST eb2 out? And who should make this demand? None other than someone who is trying to BREAK the community up into Eb2 vs Eb3.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-08 02:24 PM
    very well said... i encounter this all the time when i talk about IV to others...(extreme ignorance, indifference, lack of optimism, lethargy, let someone else do my work and finally superfical sympathy)

    We have everything to gain and and little to loose, still no one cares...

    your quote "After paying taxes, after following all immigration laws, after getting all the education in the world to become "Highly skilled", the highly skilled cant bring themselves to stand-up with a straight spine, thump their desk and talk to their lawmaker."
    sums it all up.

    Yes, and a lot of people know that there are highly skilled people who are depressed and that takes a toll on employee productivity.

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  • reddymjm
    06-08 01:45 PM
    What is the source of the updates/information you have posted.
    Even I asked the same question yester day...:confused:

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  • gc_5050
    08-02 01:57 PM
    Hi Nogc12 !
    Hope the info you got from customer service is correct.

    As I am still waiting for my receipts,
    which are filed on Jun19 @ nebraska.

    Dont know how the service centers(customer service) are disclosing the processing dates,
    I asked the same questions they said don't know.


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  • Foster2007
    07-08 01:12 PM
    I agree. I think each of us should commit to getting AT LEAST 5 more volunteers for the protest in San Jose. This could be family/friends/neighbors etc. We also need a poll to track how many will show up on the 14th.

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 02:29 AM
    Thanks Delhi !!!

    Please be clarified, This is a different drive than the regular funding drive. Here we are collecting pledge of funds from members towards reimbursing the administrative costs incurred by Aman and other core IV team members. One time only. Need not pay now, just pledge your contribution by quoting the amount. We will let all the members on how to make this payment.

    In - $ 50 per month

    - Delhi


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  • acecupid
    09-24 05:22 PM
    Atleast we agree on one point that the law is absurd.

    :eek: what is absurd is your thought process! :eek:

    Stay in line buddy, your system abuse propaganda is only going to bite you back. Dont forget you are in the same category :D

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  • abq_gc
    08-19 12:11 PM
    USCIS has invented a very nice random number generator. They use it for every purpose

    1. To declare visa bulletin (canbe any day of the month)
    2. To decalare processing times (can be again any day of the month)
    3. Processing times themselves (can be anything)
    4. Processing order (can be anything)
    5. Answers from customer service (one can say "Your case will be processed in 60 days", other will way "we do not know anything more then website")
    6. Answers from Service Requests
    7. Answers from Infopass appointments
    8. Unpredictability in transfers (eg. mine was transferred from NSC->TSC->CSC ..nice roaming)
    9. ..the list goes on and on (feel free to add please, I think there is no limit).

    Sorry, my mistake, there is one thing predictable in USCIS . The predicatble thing is unpredictability

    random generator wont work here.. as they are playing with millions of lives here.... everything has to be done by the book..


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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-17 11:21 AM
    Acquired Immigration-Related Extreme Depression (AIRED)

    Like AIDS, it has no permanent cure for the time being.

    However, like many pharmaceutical companies and research institutions involved in finding a cure for AIDS, IV is working on a project to cure retrogression (equivalent of the HIV virus that causes AIDS).

    Like AIDS, there are no time lines, promises, or guarantees that a cure will be found for AIRED. However, patients report some improvements with formulations like EAD and AP. :)


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  • nk2006
    07-07 03:04 PM
    Yes, registering with the Police department of the city is a must. All they need (at least in San Jose) is your name, driver's license number etc. They will register it.

    You dont need permit for walking on sidewalks. You need permit only if you plan to stop traffic and block streets. None of us want to do that.

    Check with your city's police department and find out how to register for march on sidewalks without stopping traffic. I guess that's a lot easier than getting permits to stop traffic etc.

    Now, as to rallies other than San Jose rally, if you plan to lead the rally and get the event registered, then please email me at jay@Immigrationvoice.org and I will help you get members. I have list of all members and their states and once you finalize the event, I will email the entire list and point them to you. I will also provide you with material, guidance and Immigration voice's message and talking points should you be approached by a reporter. In fact, its a good idea to tell local papers in your area before hand so that the know to cover the event.

    Members in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, LA etc should have absolutely no problems in finding enough members planning to walk on the street for an hour. I will help you find enough participants in your city, if you send me an email and if you are ready to lead these events.

    Nice to see the momentum is picking up. It would be great if all the rallies (in different cities) are planned on the same day to have maximum coverage to get more attention. Who knows we might even get some national media coverage - especially if 3 or 4 rallies succeed.


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  • Delhi
    07-20 01:23 AM
    In - $ 50 per month

    - Delhi

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  • Dreamer07
    08-09 10:10 AM
    if the only way to reduce the backlog of EB3 is to port to EB2, why EB3 category at all. Just remove that category... Maybe lawyer's should come with a better alternative than giving this lame advice. EB3 category are still employed for the past 10 yrs - shows that they are required-then why not fight to get their number of visas increased or the spill over be applied to them equally as to EB2.


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  • PavanV
    02-02 01:31 PM
    [QUOTE=shreekhand;2310147]Nobody is holding them back and that is the very reason they are planning to go back... got it ?

    Your rant in the post of all things, especially about the caste system seems like the half baked knowledge of a westerner bloating and carrying the caste "issue" to stratospheric levels!

    I don't from what area in India exposed you to your experiences, but apart from the ridiculous reservations and quota system, there have been no caste related issues that I or my family faced while in western India. Be it working with people from all castes, making friends with them or really helping the neglected. This was the case with my neighbors or any relatives.

    This shows how ignorant you are about the most prevailing and backward situation in INDIA. Unfortunately the above comments show you like the cat drinking the milk closing eyes thinking nobody is watching her.
    Do you even know why the quota system was introduced. it is a different thing that it is not being utilized the way it had to be put into use. You are just from western part of India don't speak as though you are from western part of the world. I guess you don't watch the news where they speak about the various atrocities done on the backward class by the forward class. I feel sorry for your ignorance that is all I can do. When possible go to any NGO social service people and ask about caste system and they will give you ample stories which might shatter your belief. What I agreed with the fellow IV member was on a different issue and I acknowledge the fact that things are wrong in each part of the world and every country has its own share of issues. Just like nobody is perfect not every place is perfect. But not acknowledging the fact that something is so widely prevalent in India just shows how far as an individual you are away from reality.

    These day's there more atrocities by the backward class on the forward classes, why does one need reservation ?, think about it, there has been slavery here in the united states similar to what has been in India, India is now a secular and democratic country, with opportunities for all, but one has reservation there, so in a similar sense, the blacks/ latino's would also need reservation here ??. It does not matter where you are, if you have the attitude that you have been deprived / subjugated, you will turn up the same if you are in the US or India or for that matter the moon !, to me, you should stay back in the US, let the US deal with your problem of caste/ class.

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-25 02:27 PM
    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #9SF61544AC045092G)

    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb. 25, 2009 Payment To Immigration Voice Completed ... -$20.00 USD

    Related Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb. 25, 2009 Add Funds from a Bank Account Completed Details $20.00 USD


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  • reddymjm
    06-11 09:41 PM
    My application reached NSC on JUN 1st. Recepted on Jun 5th. checks cleared 8th June. Received receipts on Jun11th was mailed by NSC on 7th June. I am still waiting on my wifes. Checks not cleared yet...

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  • mpadapa
    09-08 10:45 AM
    Had a hard LUD on 9/5 for CPO EB3-I Jan 04 PD
    RD: 7/21 (TSC)


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  • dontcareanymore
    07-28 12:48 AM
    1) First of all this is not the response to just the quoted post, but many on the same lines, especially from delax and others.

    2)I believe that that whole process is so screwed up that it is never fair and never will be. Irrespective of what Eb3s hope for and try , Eb2 folks are going to get their GCs and Eb3s will have to wait until stars align for them.

    3) I don't really care one way or other , because what you wish,hope or try to do will have no bearing on the outcome.

    <Those who think 2 year EADs are because of your letters , stay in the dreamland - ignorance is bliss >

    4) I am really happy for Eb2 folks (No way jealous) , just pissed by some attitude here.

    Now that I have the disclaimers out of the way, Here is what I have to say:

    Why the heck you never made the argument that "law is law" and "There is no compassion" before law crap when you were retrogressed ?

    What happened to what law says , when attempts were made to grab visas from ROW with the same "It is not fair" argument ?

    What is the yardstick for EB2 ? It is just what your employer says it is. I know so many in body shops with Eb2 apps while others languish in Eb3 queue.

    You can't extend the logic to all EB1 categories. At least in some of the EB categories one has to have published research work in peer reviewed journals.
    Will give you an example :

    Know some one who came here as postdoc with PHD in life sciences (zoology) and self filed for GC EB1and now runs an Indian grocery just after being in job for less than a year. How do you justify that GC is in the interest of US than a person who is working in a company for 10 years ?

    It is true that the original number is broken up equally among all categories but the INA clearly states that if the demand within a category is not sufficient to use up all the visas in that category then the excess should be made available without any regard to country limit in that category. Here's a fact from the July bulletin - not an opinion:

    There have been questions raised regarding the way numbers have been provided to the China and India in the Employment Second preference categories beginning in April. Section 202(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act states that if total demand for visas in an Employment preference category is insufficient to use all available visa numbers in that category in a calendar quarter, then the unused numbers may be made available without regard to the annual per-country limit. (For example: If the second preference annual limit were 40,000, number use by “All Other Countries” were estimated to be only 25,000, and the China/India combined number use based on their per-country limits were 6,000, then there would be 9,000 numbers unused. Those 9,000 numbers could then be made available to China and India applicants without regard to their per-country limits.)

    I dont buy the argument that length of wait (as implied in the letter) should determine eligibility for approval disregarding the clear categorization established by law AFTER the initial handout is made on an equal basis. I have always maintained that any logic used to justify shifting visas between EB2 and EB3 purely based on the length of wait can also easily be used between EB2 and EB1. The fact that EB1 has never retrogressed does not matter. Unfortunately LAW is an absolute entity - there is no compassionate interpretation in civil and common law.

    If a EB3-2002 is approved before EB2-2004 purely based on length of wait and ignoring the categorization after the initial handout then the same logic or rationale can be used to approve EB2-2004 before EB1-2007 by 'holding back' the visa from the EB1 candidate and giving it to EB2.

    I dont think either of us is interested in going down the path of EB2 versus EB3 but to the extent this letter implies/attempts to do that, it is detrimental to the functioning of this group. Cheers

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  • gdhiren
    07-11 10:15 AM

    Don't forget to watch the video.

    Ok, Already posted on the other thread but then why is this thread here?:)

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  • n2b
    08-13 02:05 PM
    DId your checks get cashed and receipts issued.
    I heard from a friend,he got a receipt but checks not cashed yet.

    The checks were submitted by my attorney and I am sure they might have cashed but I can not say for sure.

    07-10 05:36 PM
    Any Rallies near Portland Area ?

    11-17 03:26 PM

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  • amitjoey
    07-09 07:29 PM
    It is now very important for each one of us to write to reporters. english_august, the TV Crew reporting this, should know about the flowers going to the hospitals, they can cover it when the truck goes there.;)

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  • sayantan76
    07-08 03:34 PM
    I thought we have made immense progress with regard to our moral standards so that one does not have to necessarily make significant personal sacrifices to upholds ones way of life and independence. That is why I believe this is be kind of a Civil rights/Equal Employment kind of case.

    It could be argued that the supreme court has given the government authority to discriminate based on country of origin for immigration purposes.

    Supreme Court does not give the Government the authority - Supreme Court does not make laws - the legislature (Congress) does - the judiciary can review the laws and decide that it violates the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution for Citizens or go against the basic fabric of the Constitution

    That could easily be justified for new people coming into the country. Albiet it is slightly different from the case of most of us, those who are already in the process at some stage. In our case, DOS/DOL/USCIS acknowledge that we should be granted permanent residence (based on Labor) and even on such basis, is willing to extend our visas/work status indefinitely. However, we are being limited to not change employer (in case 485 is not applied) and to not change the field of work (in case 485 is applied). I think this can be argued as a violation of Equal Employment Oppurtunity by the government by a competent lawyer. Employer cannot be forced to process any immigration related paperwork against its wishes - otherwise it would infringe upon their fundamental rights as a registered business entity incorporated within US; nor can the employer be forced to take a risk that it would spend time and money hiring and training someone on EAD only to risk losing that person in a year if the 485 gets denied and so on.Even if the court does not do anything, it will go a long way in people and common people realising these issues.

    I was surprised to find that even my cousin (who has been here since 1980) did not realise that the situation is so bad until we had a discussion about my status last christmas. Most just assume that a small minority of people with wierd/complicated cases are held up for longer then 2-3-4 years.

    I am bringing these out not because I am opposed to equal treatment of folks on H1/ EAD etc - but because there are legitimate arguments both ways and unless we can prove unequivocally that there is gross miscarriage of justice in denying us this right and on the other hand - there is no disadvantage caused to anybody else by granting us this right - this idea is unlikely to see the light of the day

    while i am happy to be proven wrong - i do not see anyone in this forum having a stomach for a protracted legal battle starting with lower courts and going all the way to Supreme Court - going back to my previous point - we do not see this as a "larger than me" cause

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  • desi3933
    01-30 03:08 PM
    Have a question. My current I-94 is valid till May 2009(entered on AP last time). What happens after May2009? Do I need to get another I-94 and how?


    It is customary to put one year expiration for I-94 for AP entry. It does not mean much.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • thepaew
    12-17 01:31 PM
    Like many others on these forums, I have given up significant opportunities because I believed mistakenly that the GC mess would be cleared up in 2-3 years. Sometimes that does lead to extreme frustration - My wife often jokes that when I do actually receive my GC, I will have lost a very convenient excuse that the lack of one is holding me back. :-)

    To those who are starting down this path, I have this piece of unsolicited advice. If you feel that you are depressed and this is affecting your health and/or your family, it may be best to move on - the world is a big place, full of opportunity; opportunities that cannot be quantified by an O*NET job code. Enjoy everyday while you can - you only live once.


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  • saimrathi
    07-10 02:42 PM
    I wish there was a link to the coverage..

    Looks like CNN - India covered the our flower campaign story on TV!

    Just got an SMS from India!

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  • Venky Sreedhar
    02-26 03:13 PM
    Contributed $ 100/=

    Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #356076680R804971P)

    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb 23, 2011 Payment To Immigration Voice Completed ... -$100.00 USD

    Unforunately I will not be able to attend because of a surgery.

    Good luck with all your efforts and I am sure we will be able to achieve something positive.


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  • mail2me_Ds
    08-27 04:56 PM
    My date will be current next month. But I got fingerprinting notice, and the appointment is on Sep 17th . Does that means will I have to wait until my FP is done to get the approval?. Please suggest me is there any way I can get my FP done prior to the scheduled date. This is my 2nd FP notice. First one was in Feb 2008.

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  • dtekkedil
    07-02 10:39 PM
    I'm with you!


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  • eb3_nepa
    12-11 12:36 PM
    Lets take another view of this "realistic" angle : Its common sense to go after the low hanging fruit first (I-485, filing EAD etc), but what we conveniently forget is in that case we will not have any support whatsoever from the corporates,AILA,health care industry etc. It will have to be a solo effort from IV for which we would need the support and active contributions from at least half of the one million EB applicants affected by this mess. So far, we have piggy-backed on CIR and SKIL both of which were to a large extent driven by corporate interest. If you take these realities into consideration, provisions like 485 etc are not low hanging fruits any more, because we no longer have a stool to stand on. Given the infamous intertia of the lawmakers, introducing our own independent provisions will take a lot more than a membership base of around 6-7K, a contributing base of around 2k and a free-riding/blissfully ignorant base of 900k+.

    Unless we become a truly representative organisation of prospective EB immigrants, we cannot take on the combined might of the anti-immigrants and the H1 thristy corporates. Not to be negative, just giving an alternate opinion.

    Most of the time we have to search for bills to attach our provisions anyways. The only problem is that right now all our provisions are either being labeled as "quota increase" or are being attached to "Quota Increase" bills. Try and remember S-1932, CIR and SKIL. AILA will always be after H1 Increase and so will Big Corps. Only this time instead of seperating ourselves as "EB only" we try to piggyback on either "Quota increase" bills OR we try and piggyback on just about ANY bill we can piggyback onto. Most of the times weird bills get combined (S1932 for example).

    If 2006 has taught us anything it should be "Do NOT try and increase quotas and numbers". For starters it takes TOO long to do and there is MUCH more opposition from even the average American. Remember the IV Core telling us how the Anti-immigrant calls far outnumbered our calls during the Recent SKIL bill? Guys even the biggest Corps have been unsuccessful in getting Visa number increases. Do we honestly believe that with 6,000 members who are NOT a voting base (and may never be) + the lack of funds, we are going to do what these big guns have not been able to accomplish? Am I saying we should give up? HELL NO!! All I am saying is, it is time to review our strategy. Over and above all this, if we think that our current course will bring us victory then let the majority prevail.

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  • Openarms
    03-10 05:20 PM
    Did you check 'About Us' menu at the top?

    I may sound some what negative here but I am not trying to diminish the IV plat form for all the folks here.Yes, it is just "about us" only... what "IV core" did so far is vague....flower campaign and this current FOIA requests started randomly by the individuals thinking collectively.... I don't think it is started by IV core team as an "ACTION" item in the first place.


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  • dtekkedil
    07-03 11:50 AM
    Lets see if July 9 will do as much to Emilio as July 2 did to the GC aspirants...

    Looks like FTD doesn't deliver on Mondays! Lets us make it Tuesday July 10th! Gives us another day to get more people to sign up :)

    I've scheduled mine to be delivered on Tuesday July 10th.

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  • gcformeornot
    02-01 10:00 AM
    employer. I know many cases like this, people approach these Bodyshoppers to get H1, or to convert H4 to H1..... many pay even H1 processing fees(which is illegal)..... just pray that after getting H1 they will get some project and the employer will pay....... they won't dare to ask employer.... becoz he can just revoke H1 and just be done with it...... many many cases....


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  • asdf123
    09-14 08:57 AM
    where did you file at NSC or TSC?

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  • sam_hoosier
    03-13 11:02 AM
    Well, I am TOO depressed about the BEC performance. I know too many people are in same situation but I find myself "helpless" and at least i want to SCREAM......:mad:

    The moment you realize that the US is not the end of the world, you will stop feeling depressed.:cool:


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  • KRock
    07-11 10:54 AM
    I'm a producer for Al Jazeera International in D.C. and I'd like to get in touch with someone about this story for our network. It would be nice to talk with you this morning (Wednesday 7/11) I can be reached at 202-496-4519 or 202-651-1613. Thank you for your time,
    Kelly Rockwell

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  • tonyHK12
    02-09 06:25 PM
    thanks gujju, srinivas_o for your contributions and continued support. It is nice to see EB3 guys being proactive. Giving up or doing nothing is not an option. This is the best chance we have until 2013.
    There are 100,000+ in the EB3 queue, and nearly 30,000 in the EB2 queue.

    Amount raised = $1700.00
    Contributions needed = $48,300.00


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  • andycool
    11-18 08:09 AM


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  • looivy
    09-19 07:57 PM
    Instead of predicting and estimating why don't all of us do some calling for HR 5822.

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  • rcr_bulk
    09-10 12:28 PM
    Unless and untill everybody in EB3 has contributed ataleast a $1000.00 to the immigrationvoice cause, its waste of time to discuss about the EB3-India movement. Any way we have to spend a lot more than $1000.00 in renewing EADs, H1Bs and H4s.

    Otherwise just wait and pray for the CIR bill to pass. Then every body in the EB category will get the benefit being the EB3- India/China are the greatest benefitters.

    How can contributing $1000.00 to immigration voice solves this problem? You are telling like a swami's in India, give me money I will do some pooja on your behalf and all your problems will be solved.

    09-23 04:46 PM
    With recapture, with country cap removal, with any other fixes that you can think of until you are not feeding yourself from my plate

    10-12 01:28 PM
    I do hope and pray that you said is true. I can still wait for another week to see it actually happen.....then I call if nothing happened:(