Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • kaisersose
    02-15 11:18 AM
    The mailroom clerks who open mail and process initial information are generally functioning a in a dumbed down mode.

    USCIS is aware of their deficiences and hence have provided a solution. For such cases as yours, you should attach a cover letter clearly stating that this case is not to be opened by the mailroom people. It should be addressed to an IO who will do what's necessary.

    It appears your lawyer did not do this. So make sure he does it right this time or find a different lawyer. You can also do it yourself by learning the procedure from others who went through the same pains.

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  • desigun
    09-10 12:58 PM
    I have a full time offer from a county school (non - profit), that is related to an institution of higher education. (submitted an agreement between the school and the univ)

    got an RFE, asking for 'substantiating documentary evidence that the beneficiary is enrolled in the program with the univ' ; This exemption cannot be claimed for other employees of the nonprofit in or through this jointly managed program.

    Is it necessary that the beneficiary should be enrolled in agreement or a mere relationship is not sufficient???

    Any suggestions....


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  • sathish_gopalan
    07-05 04:21 PM
    If you leave US for 2 or 3 years and get back through a new employer, does your I140 priority date still holds good. A friend of mine got his I140 approved, left to canada and got his citizenship. He intends to move back and want to know if he can still use his priority date. Thanks.

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  • Ann Ruben
    05-15 03:53 PM
    In this circumstance it is fine to file an H-1 petition while the L-1B appeal is pending.


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  • neverbefore
    06-30 02:05 AM
    I have used AC21 replied to all the RFEs about it. Laast year my attorney delayed renewal of my EAD and immediately 485 petition started moving and landed in National benefits Center for scheduling an interview.
    In 60 days after receiving the case the NBC has scheduled this initial interview, only for me.
    Additionally what is worrying me is that they are vague on what documents they want.
    They say if this is marriage based GC your spouse should attend. Or of parent-child based GC the petitioning parents or child should attend.
    They have specifially mentioned medicals if not already submitted, birth certificate, returns, employers letter, EADs, travel documents, I-94 and then they say all supporting documents submitted with the application. What do they mean? Is this because they don't know what they are looking for? on top of this the words "initial interview" have confused me.

    Buddy, it does seem you are being pre-adjudicated, as the other guys are saying. We had an interview last December for exactly this purpose and the reason was two consecutive failures of clear biometrics on our part. It was for the better though because now our case is just waiting for a visa number unless something changes rather drastically. However, we did not encounter the term "initial interview".

    Do indeed take all your documents. I am pasting here the list of docs our attorney asked us to take. These are rough notes I took over the phone so you might find some incoherence. Some of these docs were significant to our case and may not be applicable for you. I would always prefer to go for an overkill in immigration matters, so if anything seems remotely significant, take it along. If you like, you may want to read the account ( I posted here at IV immediately after our interview. I remember a lot of people advising me to take my attorney along. I didn't because they were asking for a lot of money. You might want to take a call on that.

    And just chillax! You have done everything right, so why should anything adverse happen.

    What will happen: Oath->Demand for driver's license->Demand for passport
    Medical does not expire once filed
    Officer will review the file along with us
    We need to post a sticky note on file saying we are a family of 3 so we are seen together

    Appointment notice demands
    Employment verification letter from employers
    Mortgage papers
    Education transcripts and degree
    Tax returns
    Marriage certificate
    Birth certificates

    Will be asked to get a police clearance certificate after the interview, so take it beforehand from the cities you have lived in previously

    They might give us an I-792, send a copy to attorney. Always get the officer's name!
    A copy of July 2007 visa bulletin
    Arrival/departure record to/from US
    Pictures (passport) and marriage and family
    Driver's licenses
    H4 and H1B Notices of Action

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  • Suva
    04-17 02:43 PM
    hey dude there's nothing in the url u posted once go to the website and click the the pressure list url.that is the actual Noc codes that are active.Today morning when i spoke to the immigraton officer in alberta he was the one who told me ok.

    It was mentioned last month in the AINP website that some changes would be there in the NOC list after April 15. Everybody whoever followed this thread saw the message earlier. On April 15 they removed the message from AINP website and apparantly there was no change in NOC list till now. OP gave us correct information when he/she created this thread. See my post in April 15 in this thread and I mentioned that nothing was changed in NOC list. Again going back to my original question did you follow this thread from start? I objected to this comment "I donno why people place messages with Half Knowledge". Apparantly you had the half knowlodge about this whole issue.


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  • spicy_guy
    09-22 08:14 PM
    Next thing....H1 program only once in 3 years or only when "needed".....
    Cut the number of GCs by half...So that people will go back to their origin when their H1 expires.....
    Attach huge price tag to GC... and...

    Well, the message is clear...Isn't it?

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  • eb3_nepa
    10-13 03:18 PM
    Just Kidding - as long as you are wearing decent clothes no one should reject your visa (which otherwise should have been approved) for wearing a jeans or for not wearing formal dress.

    But when someone created a thread for this - let me share "one dress" people shouldn't wear.- this is something you would want to avoid, this was told to me 9yrs back when i first came to this country and appeared for Interview first time.

    That dress is - "Red Shirt"

    Hope this helps !

    Are you serious or kidding?


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  • Becks
    08-16 05:51 PM
    I had my PA DL renewed last year. All they asked was the original I-485 receipt, Passport. They dont consider EADs.

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  • GooblyWoobly
    07-18 07:00 PM
    read the last paragraph of the link you posted

    Adjustment applications and ancillary benefits – The new application fee for an I-485 is a package fee that includes associated EAD and advance parole applications. Thus, if you file an I-485 with the fee listed above, while you will still need to submit applications for an EAD and advance parole, you will not need to pay a separate fee so long as your adjustment application is pending. However, if you filed your I-485 before this fee change, to apply for or renew your EAD or advance parole, you must file a new application with the new fee for those applications.

    Thanks. Clear as day!! This sucks.

    This meand all the people here filing in July will have to shell out 340$ for EAD and 305$ for AP each year.

    Can someone answer Q2?


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  • mmaxima
    07-23 09:43 AM
    I got a RFE for employment letter not matching closely to the PERM job ads. My 140 is under premium process. The new emplyment letter has been resubmitted. How long does it take for USCIS to make dicision on my case? Will it be process in priority because it's a premium process? Or there is no premium process after RFE? Thanks.

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  • jonty_11
    11-02 10:51 AM
    Please don't give wrong information so authoritatively :)

    Labor Certification(LC) for Green Card processing has nothing to with Labor Condition Agreement(LCA) attached to H1-B.

    If you moved to a different state from intended work place when your employer filed H1-B (extension included), your company need to get a new LCA.

    Do not confuse between (Permanent) Labor Certification from Labor Condition Agreement, simply because of the abbreviations(LC vs LCA).

    Disclaimer: I'm NOT an immigration specialist. This can not be taken as an immigration advice.

    Please read posts carefully, as nelsonagn has pointed out..


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  • validIV
    03-19 01:40 PM
    The American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act (AC21) removed the
    per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant
    demand for Employment-based visa numbers is less than the total of
    such numbers available.

    Why remove the cap when the demand is less? Shouldnt it be the other way around?

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  • GC092003
    04-18 11:57 AM
    yes, I punched it right. I changed last digit... it shows it is approved... of course, this is not my case number.. someone who has one number different..
    I am calling to a toll free number... I am so scare if they pull out my information and they might mess up by mistake... no?


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  • rc10580
    06-14 08:09 AM
    Hi Marlon,

    BTW, did you change your username??
    We are in New York but if we ever come to Seattle we would love to meet you guys. How did you manage to get EAD for your wife? Is it possible on H4 before I-485 is filed and pending?
    We would love to have a baby next year and hope that my hubby will be able to work by then...otherwise it is one income and three of us :(

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  • bkarnik
    04-18 09:21 AM

    Before we get all excited and start signing petitions, please check to confirm whether you are legally safe by doing so. For more information please see this link from Murthy website

    I write this because the petition is sponsored by a campaign manager for Kennedy. Please be very careful in signing such petitions. I would recommend discussing any such petition on this forum and getting input from the IV folks or from your lawyers before signing any petition that supports an individual or any particular political party.


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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-17 05:21 PM
    huh!!! no responses...Am I the only one with this issue????

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  • eb3retro
    09-22 07:41 PM
    For some reason, I feel that this is just the beginning. Hope I am wrong..

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  • austindesi
    07-15 11:19 AM
    I am in Austin, Texas.
    Will be there for rally in Houston. I am surprised to see very few replies for Texas chapter. There is only 1 reply from Austin and as we know, Austin has significant desi hi-tech crowd. Let's try to do something in Texas. How about organizing rally at State Capitol Building in Austin?

    06-01 03:55 PM
    We have discussed this issue earlier on this forum.

    IV really wishes that this is possible but the truth is that when CIR has already been passed in the Senate, there is no way that Frist (or any other senator for that matter) will allow for the introduction of another immigration bill now.

    So if we need to proceed with a legal immigrant's only bill, we will atleast have to wait till CIR dies. So don't get your hopes high now.

    Question for Foks asking for a separate bill : I understand from Admins answer above , this may not be possible now.

    My question is , separting this from CIR will QUICKEN the proceedings with respect to our issues?

    Question for Admin : Was this poll started by IV?

    BTW I have voted in favor of a separate bill assuming it will quicken things. Thanks.

    02-10 01:18 PM
    Check the job requirement for your position. What is the qualification needed for your position?
    That will answer you.

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