Friday, June 17, 2011

kirsten dunst and jake gyllenhaal

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  • swartzphotography
    November 24th, 2005, 11:03 PM
    well the short answer is i like the light picture better. now i am sure that is not all your after is which one but also why. to me the photo is just jumping out at me more dark images have there place but for this particular type of image i think the lighter pictures lend better to flowers

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  • texcan
    08-01 05:54 PM
    Count me in guys.

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  • waitingnwaiting
    01-26 11:14 AM

    Andhra bags 7 of top 10 IIT ranks - The Times of India (
    HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh hit a jackpot with its students bagging seven of the top 10 ranks in IIT-Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), the results of which were declared on Wednesday. In fact, the state claimed the coveted top two ranks of IIT-JEE, with A Jitendar Reddy from Warangal emerging as the national topper followed by Uday K Shah from Hyderabad.

    Others from the state who bagged top ranks include Madhu Kiran (fourth), K Satwik (sixth), Janardhan Reddy (seventh) Sabarish Nikhil (eighth) and Neeraj Gopal (ninth). An estimated 30% of the 50,000 students who wrote the examination from the state cleared the test this year, with over 500 of them making it to the top 2,000 in the open category. A total of 65,000 students had written the examination from the southern region.

    Andhra students also scored well in the reserved category with OBC students from the state bagging seven out of the top 15 ranks in this section. Among reserved categories including SC, ST, OBC and physically handicapped (PH) the state secured over 50 ranks in the top 200 slab.

    Officials from IIT-Madras, who were in charge of the results, said Andhra students already account for 21% of the total student strength in IITs. "One should not be surprised by the performance of these students as they have traditionally done well. This year, the percentage of students from the state in the IITs might be higher than 25%," said T S Natarajan, director, IIT-JEE.

    While IIT-Madras, which conducted the examination, was criticized for the errors in mathematics and physics question papers, IIT experts said such errors could have actually worked in favour of the students from Andhra as not many would have been able to crack some of ambiguous questions. "Most front-rankers from the state cracked these ambiguous questions, which might have given them an edge over others," said K V Raghunath, vice-chairman, Narayana Group of Colleges whose students bagged five of the top seven ranks. Some other experts noted that a tough maths paper helped garner top ranks as students from the state have traditionally done well in the subject.

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  • santb1975
    03-24 12:37 PM
    I am listening to this now


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  • sobers
    02-15 02:38 PM

    We all know about the McCain_Kennedy, Coryn-Kyl, and Hagel Senate bills. Apparently, Sen Frist, Majority Leader, is also compiling his own bill.
    Not sure if this contains any EB-relief provisions, but it would certainly be an important, welcome, addition.

    � The Frist Bill. Being prepared by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn. Aides say no decisions have been made on content. But sources say it may feature tougher immigration and border controls.

    kirsten dunst and jake gyllenhaal. Kirsten Dunst and Jake
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  • maine_gc
    02-01 07:32 AM
    Finally after nine years in US my Green Card is approved.

    On this very day in 2001 i was in flight to USA

    1) Came to US on Feb 1st 2001
    2) Changed employer in 2002 and GC applied in 2003 in EB3
    3) After 2 years, changed the employer in 2004 and applied GC in EB2 at the end of 2004
    4) Application with the DOL sent to the BEC
    5) DOL approved the petition in Jan 2007
    6) Applied I140 in April 2007
    7) Applied I485 in July 2007
    8) FP completed and EAD received in September 2007
    9) I140 RFE Aug 2008
    10) I140 denied in March 2009 - Reason is Too may petitions from the employer
    11) Appeal sent in April 2009
    12) Once the dates are current in Sep 2009, i talked to the attorney and decided to file a new I140 with the same labor
    13) New I140 filed in Sep 2009
    14) Received a notice from USCIS to withdraw the appeal inorder to process the new I140
    15) Appeal withdrawn in October 2009
    16) New I140 approved in Nov 2009
    17) FP notices received in November for I485
    18) FP done in December 2009
    19) Infopass appointment in Jan 2010. Background check is completed
    20) Received CPO emails for both the cases on Jan 21st 2010
    21) Welcome notice mailed on Jan 22nd 2010
    22) Welcome Notice and Cards received on Jan 30th.
    22) I485 approval notices sent on Jan 26th 2010 - Did not received yet.

    For me it is a bumpy ride. I went through most of the steps in the immigration (RFE's, Denials, MTR's, Appeals ..)

    I wish all the best for all IV memebers waiting in GC queue or waiting to apply for I485.



    kirsten dunst and jake gyllenhaal. Kirsten Dunst and Jake
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  • bhayzone
    04-02 06:45 PM

    My wife is on an H4 and we're planning to change her status to F1.
    Now my H1, thus her H4 is up for renewal soon (I have another 3 yrs on my H1).
    I will very soon be transferring my H1 to a new company.

    I am worried about the implications this might have on the H4 to F1 transfer.

    1] When my new company transfers the H1, will they also file for renewal? Or will they only transfer and later renew seperately.

    2] Assuming that we change the current H4 to F1, then will we have to renew the F1 too when my wife's H4 is transferred (due to my H1 transfer).

    3] Is it better to transfer to F1 from the current H4 , or wait for the new H4 for the transfer.

    All advice/suggestion would be really appreciated.

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  • stealthgt
    04-18 09:29 PM
    I'm in Miami


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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-22 05:54 PM
    what is the significance of three ??? in your question. one is used the other 2 are unused.

    You have answered your own question...if Latvia had 2600 visas in EB3 FY 2006 and only 500 visas were used then 2100 are unused. They are transferred to people from other countries.

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  • ncgc2005
    10-15 01:43 PM
    I am in the same boat. I have recieved my 2nd EAD with wrong dates (validity dates same as my 1st EAD). Called USCIS and was told to fill out I-765 and along with the card and send it back to service center (w/o any fees).

    Just curious if it worked out for you, as I am afraid that I don't want to re-start my 90-day clock all over again.


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  • memyselfandus
    08-22 09:37 PM
    I have used for all of H1B and also for complete Green Card Processing. If it is just anything after I-140; they charge about $600 rest of the processing.
    You always get a response within a day from its director John Dorer.
    You can reach them at

    Can I have some recommendations for good attorney?

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  • snathan
    08-18 05:08 PM
    No, not correct. Since she got a new I-94 her status changed to H1 w.e.f October 1, 2008.
    However, because she did not work she is currently out of status. She will have to change her status back to H4 either by going out of country and re-entering with H4 visa or filing I-539.

    She can correct the status by going out of the country. But any time USCIS can ask for the pay stub for that period during the GC process. If you are not able to provide the Paystub, your GC will be in soup. So the best would be to ge the pay stub.



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  • linuxra
    07-22 11:56 AM
    I submitted RFE with all necessary documents from my side everything is ok...
    i got an email that my docs recieved and rfe docs recieved...
    thats it nothing recieved after that and my pd is current next month

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  • stucklabor
    09-19 06:43 PM
    BKarnik is partially correct, I got a H1 extension for 3 years after my I-140 approval but my lawyers had to specifically call USCIS' attention to the approved I-140. It is possible that your lawyers did a good job of putting together the H1 application so USCIS was aware of your GC application and cross checked and gave you a 3 year extension based on the approved I-140.

    Re: your situation with the new job situation, you should submit this question to the next Lawyers' conf call.


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  • villamonte6100
    10-05 10:47 AM
    hi, Do you know: How recent, which nationality, when was his/her aos filed

    My friend got his green card two weeks ago on EB3 Philippines. I guess not everything here is correct, but who knows.

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  • Munna Bhai
    11-13 04:29 PM
    I receive a confirmation for Address change after submitting online form and which I received some where around that time.

    My EAD and Advance Payroll are approved but I did not receive Adv Payroll yet, waiting on it for 15 days.

    it's advance parole not advance "payroll"


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  • Rakson
    03-03 06:58 PM
    You have added important point for consideration. Thanks!

    I am including response from Rajeev Khanna. I took paid consultation today and paid him $220 for above queries. He is excellent. I would recommend him for all immigration queries...

    A. Can USCIS revoke extended period ( after Jan 29, 2011) if current company(A) revokes their approved I-140 before new company(B) gets approval of new PERM and I-140?

    Rajeev >> USCIS can but they have not done this till today ( as per history in Rajeev's database).

    B. Can new company (B) start new PERM application during my extension period (after Jan 29, 2011)?

    Rajeev >> YES, they can. It is recommended to start before start of 7th year but not MUST.

    C. Can new company (B) transfer Priority date even if existing company(A) revokes their I-140?

    Rajeev >> Yes, its possible if revoke is not due to fraud filing..

    1. What kind of trend is there now a days on PERM labor approval? Lot of queries and rejections ?

    Rajeev >> No, this is not true. USCIS is still approving as before.

    2. Can my new PERM or I-140 be denied for any reason? It was approved for me twice in past.

    Rajeev >> Yes, this could happen as every filing is new and handled from starting.

    3. Can I keep running existing GC without continuing with old company? When should I join them back for safe GC processing? After GC? After EAD? During 485 filing?

    Rajeev >> Ideally after GC you must join but it is recommended to join back during 485 filing.

    4. My wife worked on L2+EAD for 3 years. Is L2+ EAD period counted towards 6 years work visa like (H1 + L1).

    Rajeev >> No, L2+EAD period is not counted like H1 & L1.

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  • immi_2006
    08-07 10:32 AM
    You need to realize that 485 is a separate application when you file for yourself or your wife. So all the documents mentioned in 485 imply to your wife application too. Few changes need to be taken care
    1.If 140 is pending or approved in texas your wife application should go to texas
    2. If 140 pending attached the labor approved copy.
    3. Employment copy instead of original.

    Hope this helps

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  • AirWaterandGC
    05-12 10:45 AM
    How do you contact so many senators. It asked my my address and sent the email only to my state's senators.

    Sent 300 emails from AILA's website.

    01-17 03:12 AM
    Both I and my wife had LUD update on Jan 9th. We got an RFE for her (but not me), asking for evidence regarding the bona fides of marriage. It will be great if you can share your experiences on RFE with us.

    Here is what USCIS specifically requested:
    1. Birth certificates of children
    2. Documents of joint ownership of property such as car title, house (grant deed or rental agreement), etc.
    3. Joint income tax returns
    4. Joint financial accounts such as bank statements
    5. Spousal insurance coverage such as health insurance and life insurance

    In my original application, I had submitted the marriage certificate (in English) from India. I can resubmit that.

    Things that I plan to submit:
    a) Marriage certificate from India.
    b) Joint US income tax returns for 2006.
    c) Joint bank statement.
    d) Kaiser health insurance for spouse.
    e) Joint credit card statements.

    We do not have kids. No car title or house on joint name. No rental agreement or utility bills on joint name. We do not have life insurance.

    Please let me know if these documents sound reasonable enough to convince USCIS. If there is anything else that I can provide, please do let me know.

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: I filed I-485 in Jan 2007 under EB-1 in Nebraska Service Center. My I-140 was also approved in Jan 2007. This was not a concurrent filing. I filed I-485 after getting I-140 approved. Got finger-print, EAD, AP in April.

    03-22 02:51 AM
    Hi bfadlia,

    Did u receive ur extension? My case is pretty same, my receipt notice date has passed but no change in LUD. My case is in CSC. Have u received any RFE? Some ppl were saying that it takes around 3 months for getting approval from CSC.


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