Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • sobers
    06-07 06:13 PM
    About a week back (see my first post in this thread), I said if FAIR lobbyist Brian Bilbray wins the special election in Calif. it will galvanize the anti-immigration sources. This really was a bellweather election and the folks in the 50th district made their choice: a restrictionist lobbyist over a liberal non-lobbyist who favored the Senate immig plan. Whatever the dynamics of the race or the constituency, this is what it boils down to.

    Plus, now Tancredo adds another House member to his immigration "reform" (read Restrictionist) caucus, making the Comprhensive Reform even more difficult to achieve this year.

    Well, sure enough, you saw Dobbs touting Bilbray today. All the Restrictionist media also made a big deal out of this (Fox, Wash Times, etc). Rep Duncan Hunter, another house restrictionist, also hardened his position on a compromise, saying it reflected the position of the House Leadership. Soemtimes I think this is a deliberate attempt on part of the Republican Party to mobilize their core voters- Repub House candidates who show they can oppose their President on Immigration will be rewarded with votes from the republican base. This is how Repubs will use immigration as a wedge issue this year, mobilize their base, and try to retain control of the house when almost every other issue (Iraq war, ethics, deficits) is against them. Bush will probably continue to promote immig compromise till the July 2 election in Mexico, and let it go after a Calderon win. Meanwhile, the conference committtee will be appointed, but there will be no compromise this year as House Repubs use this as a wedge issue to get their voters out.

    What this means for us is that IV should now start looking for an alternative legislative vehicle for Immigration Relief (which they probably are already). I know nothing can be moved until CIR officially dies, but we should do the groundwork on future efforts so no time is wasted when CIR does die in late july. I wish I am proven wrong, but I suspect there is a less than 5% chance of passing an Immigration Bll similar to the Senate version this year. I'm not usually downbeat, but frankly this is what I see happening.

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  • vnsriv
    11-14 02:32 PM
    My wife's EAD has not yet been approved. It has been 92 days since the receive date. We had an infopass appointment today. I did not apply for EAD.

    The officer we met with mentioned that the EAD is issued only after the biometrics are done. I highly doubt this is the norm. Our FP is scheduled for Nov 21st. he said that the service center will electronically send the photo/fp to nebraska. Only then can I expect to see any movement on the EAD application.

    I have heard that your FP/biometrics does not have anything to with EAD. However, this officer gave us information that is totally contrary to what we have seen in recent times. He mentioned that this is the latest procedure. He suggested that we should schedule another infopass appointment only If we do not get the EAD 3-4 weeks after the biometrics.

    Any inputs from people with similar experience?


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  • msingh
    06-12 09:06 AM

    While in the process of filing for labor certification my company has found 2 suitable citizens who are eligible for the job.

    Now what are my options going forward and how does this affect my chances of a successful PERM filing ??

    I'm filing in EB3 category right now. Also I need to file for labor before oct since my H1 will expire its original 6 year length next Oct (Oct 2010).

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  • lskreddy
    04-12 09:51 AM
    Can you not reply anonymously? If you couldn't, if you respond, I don't think they would put your existing application in jeopardy if you respond truthfully. You certainly have a good reason to move and they seem to already know that.

    If you are worried, why don't you wait until your H1's approved and then respond? Its never too late to report these scumbags and you would be doing a service to others who might fall trap.

    If you decide to not report, I totally understand. It is fair to feel queasy with anything related to immigration here.


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  • DSLStart
    12-15 12:51 PM
    jayleno: there is nothing funny about this situation so no need to make jokes on him. He just told him about sending wife to India, because that guys uername says Atul which hail from India and not srilanka or pak or bangladesh.

    Are you trying to create a problem or solve one? If I were from Sri Lanka, why would I send my wife to India? If we start following your advice, soon many husbands would be leading a single life for being laid off.

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  • lost_in_migration
    05-14 07:36 PM
    Thanks a lot coreIV


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  • DallasBlue
    07-13 09:50 PM
    Special thanks and hats off to all who are participating in the rally !!

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  • surabhi
    04-08 05:24 AM
    This is serious and could affect quite a few.

    Summary: you could be affected if ALL of the folllowing is true

    1)you have a PD before July 16, 2007 ( likely case is EB3 I/C 2002/2003 PD)
    2) you have left your original employer ( whether you stayed for 180 days after I-485 application to comply with AC-21 rule doesnt matter)
    3) your original employer has used your labor to subsititute some on else ( before July 16,2007)

    Remember you are affected even though you are the original beneficiary.

    How did this case happen?

    This happend because USCIS not following LIFO processing

    1. The original applicat applied labor in April 2001
    2. Labor approved in Jan 2002
    3. Original applicant applied I-140 in April 2002
    4. i-140 approved in July 2002
    5. Original applicant applies for I-485 in Dec 2002

    In Jan 2004, after more than year ( > 180 days and Ac-21 was enacted), original applicant leaves the employer, presuming that she is safe and covered under Ac-21

    Employer promptly writes to USCIS asking to revoke I-140. The employer goes ahead and uses the labor for another person and files I-140

    The USCIS apprves I-140 and subsequently I-485 for the subsituted beneficiary.

    So how could USCIS approve a I-485 that was filed at least 18 months later than the original applicant. ( May be the subsituted applicant was from different chargeability country and hence could ge approved??)

    Now the original applicant is screwed because USCIS cannnot approve 2 I-485 petitions based on same labor.

    I feel for the original applicant. She played by rules all along, but got screwed anyway

    Now you can see the chances of your case being caught in similar circumstrances

    1. You are EB3, India/China with PD around 2002/2003
    2. You filed I-485 sometime before July 2007 ( if you filed during July 2007 and you were with original employer at that time, this doesnt apply)
    3. You left your original employer before July 2007
    4. Unbeknownst to you, your original employer has subsituted your labor for another person.(before July 16, 2007)
    5. that other person also filed for I-1485
    6. Now its a timebomb waiting to explode


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  • daishwarya
    07-23 03:05 PM
    Yes. I am from VSG too...I left VSG in 2008. I don't know anybody who got approval...

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  • docwa
    04-10 01:29 PM
    HI I am a physician (hospitalist) whose labor was under the catagory 'Internist' job code. The fellowship I am considering is open only to internist. I am also planning to moonlight as an internist while in fellowship. Would it be acceptable from the I485 point of view? Incidentally my I140 was approved more the 180 days ago.


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  • Beta_mle
    02-20 12:58 PM
    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the time.
    When I look back at the timelines, when we applied for the 485s, we thought he was in status but afterwards, we realized he might not have been. Since then, we have renewed the H4 twice, and each time there was an I94 attached and the last one is still valid, so he is in status now.

    My concern is (1) that when the time comes to adjudicate his 485, someone might look back and say err, ten years ago there was a problem... I hope it won't happen, but I just want to be safe and my understanding is that returning with a stamped H4 would cure this and (2) that if we decide to go for the stamping, whether someone in the embassy would dig up the records and cause us problems.

    Thanks for the insight.

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  • mhathi
    01-08 09:08 AM
    I agree with GC007. I have just been through a similar situation. My previous stamp was expiring on jan 21 07 and had gotten an extension upto 20010. I made trip to India this past december (2006) and was told by my lawyer to get the new visa stamped in India. This is because the new I-94 that you get with the extension has to be surrendered when you leave the country and on reentry you get a new I-94. That will be only valid upto the date stamped on ur passport and there is a rule that with regard to I-94, the last action takes precedence on previous actions.

    This was for my H1 and my Spouse's H4 visa.


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  • abhijitp
    01-26 05:52 PM
    I collected 7 letters yesterday by simply talking to people walking in & out of a grocery store. I wanted to see how it will be at the BART station and I am very encouraged by the response received yesterday. Most people (including GC holders and citizens) provided their names and addresses and signatures without hesitation.

    The reasons for only 7 letters (could have collected 15):
    1. I was on my own after all. When I was talking to someone a bunch of 3 walked out of the store and I could not do anything.
    2. Heavy rains which prevented people from getting out in general.

    My only worry now... if you guys in and around Fremont continue to look the other way, ignoring this call to your precious 1 hour on any ONE weekday evening, I might get only 200 letters... when you and I together could easily get 1000+ over 2 weeks!

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  • vikramy
    08-17 10:16 AM
    I recently transferred my license week back. I just showed my EAD. He cheked online and gave license based on that. At the end he took 485 photo copy.

    This is at Dublin DMV.

    Hi Guys,

    I am on H1B and my wife is working using her EAD. Like most people on here we applied in the July 2007 rush.

    Now her licence in PA was expiring and we went to renew it and provided ALL necessary documents such as Passport, I-94, current and future EADs. However at the very end after about half an hour of providing documents, the DMV guy said that the system needed "more info" and that he would have to fax everything to Harrisburg who would then contact the INS for the missing info and we would get some "letter" from the DMV.

    Has anyone faced a similar issue in PA before? If so how soon after did they receive this letter? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process such as contacting my local Sentator/Congressman's office? We have a small baby and my wife needs to drive to go to work.



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  • dealsnet
    04-15 05:18 PM
    You are correct. He have no option. Find a job, go back and tell them to do process the H1B, and do consular interview and stamping and come clean. You may have difficulty in approving the petition, or the process may take several months.
    What you did a big mistake to ditch a company and go to a sucker. You are not supposed to start with the new company till you get the RECEIPT NOTICE after file for H1B. THAT IS A MISTAKE AND YOU ARE DID ILLEGAL ACTIVITY/JOB FROM THAT POINT OF TIME.

    You have no choice but leave US immediately, go for CP, declare your overstay in the DS156 form, come clean to the VO and hope they forgive it.

    Good Luck!

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  • saileshdude
    04-27 10:11 PM
    a lot of people who applied during July 2007 are getting RFE on 485, I guess this because of pre processing but 99% of these people who are getting RFE are from NSC. I same only one or two people from TSC who got RFE. From this seems like NSC is pre processing but TSC is not.

    No TSC is not. TSC goes by priority date and not processing date. TSC I have seen follows different processing style. For e.g. if your namecheck/security check or some kind of check is pending they dont send you FP notice. Also they process applications if your PD is current/close to recent bulletin.


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  • vicks_don
    11-15 12:30 PM
    1. I hold an Indian passport

    2. My H-1B stamp expired and so is my I-94

    3. I have a valid I-797 till 2008.

    4. I have a Canadian PR and yet to land.

    I tried and found none in Nov and Decemeber


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  • snthampi
    08-17 12:40 PM
    I have all proofs timesheets and bankstatements and email conversations. But, i am worried because he is threatening me saying he will go to court and sue me for working at the same client. Do i have chance to win the case if i fight back.

    As your current employer is not the direct client of your former emplyer, they may not have a good case to sue you. They will threaten you to get something out of the situation. So, don't hurry and consult an attorney or get more information from some educated source on this type of matters. By the way, don't tell him what you will do. Just find out what he is trying to do and act accordingly. If you tell him that you will complain to DOL, he will be prepared to face it. Good luck.

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  • rcr_bulk
    07-13 11:39 AM
    Our EAD at TSC and AP also released in just a month. They are mailed in June.

    04-08 04:16 PM
    Does July 1st include the weekend till 3rd July or it just hardstop @ July 1st?

    Hard stop at June 30th....

    07-09 12:14 PM
    is'nt an Advanced parol document a re-entry permit ???

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