Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • gcformeornot
    08-09 09:08 PM
    It has nothing to do with EB Immigration

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  • PavanV
    04-30 10:29 AM
    May be 10% might have become entrepreneurs...? Definitely not everyone has started a 10person or even 1 person company....People are doing good but they just work as programmers or so called project know its not a big deal to become a Project manager in India..

    But 150K entrepreneurs...:p
    The rate at which the economy in India is growing, that figure might not be incorrect. Do not underestimate what people can do, times are changing and changing fast, all i can say is, green card ke chakkar mein duniya aage nikal gayi.

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  • willigetgc?
    01-21 01:15 PM
    To avoid being like the thread running a few days ago, I don't want to be responding to each response. However, I do want clear a few things:
    I am not promoting one parenting technique over the other.
    As I said, I agree with a few things and disagree with a few things the author talks about.

    Having kids myself, I cannot think of a parent who would do harm to their own child. Each set of parents come with their own parenting skills that works for them and their children. I leave it at that.

    I only posted this because my doc asked me of my opinion and I in turn asked the opinion of IV members. If this thread is going to turn ugly, lets stop it, that was not my intention.

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  • desi485
    05-05 10:37 AM
    If this happens it will be a bad news as given environment I 140 approval takes years . Very soon there will be a backlog in I 140 stage.. They are just swaping backlog from one stage to another..
    Member of Tri State Chapter ( NJ / NY / CT )
    Sent faxes to Congressmen / women for EB greencard recapture.

    Eb2 India
    PD : January 3 2008
    I 140 : March 10 2008
    LUD : March 19 2008 :
    I 485 : Not yet applied.
    EAD / AP : Not yet

    I was wondering, looking at your signature... Didn't u get a chance to file for 485 in July? Just curious.


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-06 10:34 AM
    Could elaborate why you say this is about I140? I couldnt derive that from the posting. Anyhow this whole this is utter nonsense from the immigration department. I dont think there will be any action, period.
    The whole thing is written as if June 2007 happened by mistake, I dont buy that.

    If publisher understand meaning of Petition vs Application then I 140 is petition which can be approved or denied and doesnot need adjuction. While I 485 is a visa application by individual which can be adjucted if visas are available and petition has been approved.

    But here they are talking both words in same sentence. It could be they approved 75k I 140 and adjucted those many 485s. and their goal to have only 55k I 140 on hand.

    Still they can approve 65k I 485 from pending backlog. ( 75 + 65 = 140k ). So my understanding is from previous backlog they approved 75k I 140 + I 485. Still 65k visas are left . if these many visas are left then I dont think dates for Eb2 india will go near to 2005.

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  • RattuRani
    06-10 09:34 PM
    The USCIS cannot be blamed for the quota mess. That is set by Congress. Now you can legitimately accuse them of sloth and indifference. But not greed. They're not a profit center for the US.

    The right place to lobby for change is in Congress. As I've stated in other posts, the appetite doesn't seem to be there right this instant. Maybe if the economy comes roaring back in a couple years, then the political tide will once again turn in favor of reform.


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  • sc3
    01-09 12:43 PM
    No the current one!

    No, you are supposed to return all I-94s!!.

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  • amsgc
    04-02 08:43 PM
    The deal is: GC application is for a future job offer. That means, the company that files for your GC tells the USCIS that they will employ you in the xyz position once you get the green card.

    According to the law, you are not required to have worked for that employer at all. Therefore, yes, you can get an employment letter from any employer (180 days after filing I-485), as long as the offer is bonafide, the job is full time & permanent, and the job duties & occupation is similar to the one mentioned in your labor certification.

    Technically, you can work for a company like TekSystems on EAD, and when time comes, provide USCIS with a bonafide employment letter from any company that wants to hire you when you get the GC.

    Now, some people have raised concerns over the question of "intent". How do you reinforce the fact that you indeed intend to join the new employer when you get the GC? For this reason, when people switch jobs using AC21, they generally go to work for a company that will give them the employement letter.

    Ofcourse, the above discussion is in light of what we know today. The USCIS is working on modifying some of the provisions, so things may change a bit in the near future.


    Does that mean a person can't work for companies like TekSystems on EAD? Senior members, please advice. I would like to switch from my desi employer and join the vendor directly as there is a big pay difference. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Madhuri
    04-09 11:30 AM
    Thanks wellwishergc,
    I need to clarify one thing though, my I-140 (which will be applied soon) is not pending for more than 365 days. Am I still eligible to file for 7th year?

    Other thing is I also have a LC pending in PBEC (AD March 2005), but I am not with that employer and do not have any document/case number for that LC. Chances of getting these the that employer are bleak.


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  • gc_wannabe
    06-17 09:12 PM
    TOTALLY unknown...

    No one knows what they look at and won't look at while deciding on your I485. If you one of the "chosen" one, you may get called for personal interview and I have heard lots of horror stories about the stuff they asked at the interview. At the same most of the people get the GC without hitch.

    So, the morale of the story is stop worrying. There is nothing you can do/prepare to effect decision on your I-485. Since you have played by book and assuming you don't have any law related issues, you should be fine.



    Thank you.


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  • augustus
    10-08 07:42 PM
    Interesting question! Logically, as soon as a H4 holder starts using EAD the H4 becomes invalid. As long as the primary is in valid H1B status, the dependent should be able get back to H4 status even if the 485 is denied.

    However, I am not sure how someone can changes status from AOS (due to using EAD) to H4. May be getting out of the U.S. and come back as H4 again? Anybody has any idea?

    I think this was my lawyer's contention too when she described to me about being in EAD as well as H-4. As long as my husband is in H-1, I would be in H-4 contrary to most discussions that take place here. I think USCIS, has no clear explanation for this situation!!

    Advance parole is similar to this, you have H1 but you become parolee. I don't understand. Any other comments from other applicants?

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  • PMisYMMV
    09-03 11:55 AM
    I am in the same boat as you.. See SLUD on both bases on 09/01/09 with EAC08** pending at TSC. Waiting.

    Thank you for sharing the boat. Although, it is better than being lonely, I don't want anyone in this dilemma.

    I hope we both get ours soon, hopefully by EOD today as other poster was wishing.


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  • kminkeller
    03-09 04:17 PM
    Thanks guys. Thanks a lot for all these information.

    So for Consular processing I need to go back to my country and get it done through the Embassy right? What are the chances of getting denied? Also, what are the chances of getting your labor and I140 denied? If GOD forbid, it got denied, will my EAD still be valid and my EB3 application still be in the place? will it jeopardize my EB3 application?


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  • javadeveloper
    12-08 01:10 PM
    We received a letter from NSC saying that both our AP applications were approved on 10/21/08.

    Keep this proof while traveling , you can try to convince IO that you went outside US by assuming that the AP is approved.Thats the best you can do


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  • abqguy
    01-19 05:15 PM
    lmao :D

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  • gcdreamer05
    08-04 11:50 AM
    Does your new I-140 have the old PD printed on it ?

    If so you are better filing a new I-485.... and withdraw the old 485, as several threads have explained not to have two 485's running parallel because USCIS itself will ask the user to revoke one...

    Please do let us know what happened after you know the information from M team.

    She would recommend you to file another 485


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  • immi2006
    05-04 09:48 AM
    Yesterday AC 360 interviewed Senator Corny, and others including Laura Bush, all of them mentioned how upset they were to see Mex Flags, Spanish version of national anthem, and more importantly, disrespecting US laws and waving foreign flag.

    THey mentioned that it may not before September any decsion on CIR is made, one of them said he is doubtful anything will pass this year at all on Immi reforms. Laura was highly sympatheitc for legal immigrants and their wait in line and she said legal immigrants will be the first preference.

    I guess, the Immi Debate is basically divert people attention on IRAQ, Rising GAS Prices, Low Bush Ratings... and Democrats want to churn it to their advantage.

    I am not sure if any of you are watching AC 360 at all... it was there last night around 9.30 Pacific time.

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  • NikNikon
    May 23rd, 2005, 08:43 PM
    Gary, I'm just thinking of mine which is a circular polarizer. You rotate the polarizer to achieve the desired amount of polarization. So I can rotate it one way and either darken or lighten the sky. All but your last pic looked as if it was darker on the right side which lead me to the assumption it was a circular type. There's a linear type too which I have never used so I'm not sure how it works, but I imagine it doesn't rotate (anyone?).

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  • number30
    03-29 06:02 PM
    You dont have anything to worry about. If you dont get the ITIN, just amend your tax return with new ITIN application later.

    Yes That is the way. You have three years to ammend your tax return. It is simple and common

    11-03 04:04 PM

    I'm on H1b visa. My employer refuses to pay for my medical insurance. Does anyone know if this is legal?


    Is medical coverage provided by the company to all other employees?
    If so, there is no reason why you should be denied coverage, H1 or not...
    Otherwise, there is no legal obligation from the employer to provide medical insurance to his employees.
    Welcome to America.

    03-19 01:55 PM
    What I interpreted it as was "for usage towards family based immigration". Essentially if the EB demand is lower then there is not need to use the AC21 towards EB catergories and that can be applied towards Family Based Immigration.

    Technically these are basic laws laid down by congress- The interpretation of those laws is in the hands of the regulatory bodies which execute the laws. For e.g the mis-interpretation of the vertical or horizontall spillovers. It wasnt correctly done till 2007 I think and then all of a sudden they started to interpret it the way it was originally intended to be.

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