Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • senthil1
    10-15 07:03 PM
    I do not think USA is losing ground. If China and India thinks that they are Really improving economy Why can't they make their currencies free Trade? Why are they artifically Keeping exchange rates. The reason is if really a country is stronger then currency should go up and US dollar should become weaker. But India and Cannot sustain as the export business will go down for India and China if their currency becomes too strong. So India and China are looking for US and europe Market. So inter dependence is always there. There is lot of speculation that India will exceed US in 2020. But it is far from true. For stronger Indian economy India needs US Consumption. For that USA needs to be stronger. May be lot of human resources are there in india. But that will be also resolved in another 20 Years because still Inflow is more than return to india. 80% of H1s are Indians apart from lot of L1 people.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-25 12:11 PM
    Nice...Calculations work if its a public company with a responsibility to make profits and please shareholders. We are talking about an entity we really know nothing about, all calculations go out of the window in this case

    -- I filed my 485 in dec 2004 :p i have spent many hours dreaming up rational calculations, but i feel i would have been better off watching the traffic from my office window.:(

    Here is the calculation I came up with USCIS processing of our I-485 applications.
    USCIS should allocate 140,000 applications in a fiscal year. So, in a month they need to process, at least, 140,000/ 12 = 11,667 applications.
    Assuming that they have, at least, 20 working days in a month, they need to process 11,667/ 20 = 584 applications.
    So, now the question is, how many employees does USCIS have and are dedicated to the I-485 processing? We don’t know the exact number. Considering that USCIS is getting lot of revenue, they should have, at least, 50 employees doing this work.
    So, 584/50 = 12(Approx) applications they need to process in a day, per person.
    So, do you think it is viable? Of course, it is…
    What they need to process the I-485 application? They are not doing any FBI names check, or background check (Assuming that everything is done by other organization). So, how long does it take to review the I-485 application? Well, when I filled the application, it took me about 1 hour. So, to review it, let’s us say, it takes about 1/2 the time fill the application; that’s about half an hour. Considering the calculation that we made, it takes an about 6 hours to process 12 candidates. With this assumption, they still have 2 hours left to do miscellaneous tasks. Now the question is what the heck they are doing all the time? Why did they process only 80,000 applications in about 8 months? Are they lazy? Don’t they have enough employees (This shouldn’t be; an average Indian consultant company will have at least 20 employees!!). This is really a mystery. Anyways, if the USCIS really and whole heartedly wants to process the applications, they can; but they really don’t care about immigrants or their plights. :rolleyes:

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  • ca_immigrant
    07-25 08:12 PM
    thanks akred !

    would you happen to know the approx cost for $1000 ?

    or do they have this on thier website or so, I will try to search....


    (I just checked thier fee is nil, after looking at thier exchange rate they see to be much better than ICICI)
    Thanks Again !
    and more over a national bank,,, feel good when I think of using SBI instead of ICICI

    now have to check if I can transfer money to my icici account using this serivce from SBI.

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  • krustycat
    03-06 12:03 PM
    No actually its seems different from the receipt numbers which usually starts with SRC-xxxxxxxxxx

    This one seems different like : PIT-xxxxxxxxxxTSC

    It doesn't seems to work anywhere.

    It's a typical service request. They filed your claim.

    PIT = city in where you live (Pittsburgh maybe?)
    xxxxxxxxxx = 10 numbers for your reference
    TSC = Center processing your application or where you sent the original I-765.

    The claim gives they 60 days to get back to you with a reply. Usually is useless, they're only taking extra time to have you calmed.

    I've had my applications lost for 7 months. I filed a SR also. Nothing happened.
    I still have 4 applications lost from 12.


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  • pcs
    11-15 12:28 PM
    You should try for emergency appointment & should be able to get it based on approved 797.

    By the way, my Canadian PR is maturing & I am asked to pay landing fee & do the medical by 1st Jan 2007. Can I pay the landing fee in time but delay the medical without compromising Canadian PR ? I want postpone my landing. Can you please share your advise ??


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  • guygeek007
    11-06 02:17 PM
    Hang in there my friend. My 140 was first filed in Jan 2006 and was RFE'd for ability to pay. This 140 was withdrawn and was refiled by my company's sister concern in June 2006. We waited for a year and then in June 2007, applied for premium processing just before that was closed down. The check and request for premium were returned with the reason that the original labor app was not provided. Then we received an RFE for ability to pay yet once again in Sept 2007. This was addressed in a very detailed fashion by the HR & CPA working closely with my attorney. Finally on Oct 31st there was the approval notice. Thus, my advice to you would be stay put and patient and it'll all work out. Good Luck!

    Congrats...I see hope from your case.
    My case still remains stuck in security check at USCIS TSC...395 days and counting :)


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  • thomachan72
    04-12 08:28 AM
    Hi guys,
    I am a new bie but in deep trouble,
    My case is like this

    Have valid I-797 - till - Jan 16,2009 ( now expired right )
    Valid I-94 - till -Jan 24 , 2009 ( now expired right )
    Applied for extension in --- Sept 2008( 5months before I-94 expiry date)
    Applied for premium in -- Feb 26, 2009
    RFE -- Mar 2, 2009
    Denied -- Mar 31,2009

    Trying to transfer my H1- to another product company under premium.

    I heard if you appeal the denial, you cant file the transfer, so i dont want to appeal,

    Please correct me if this is incorrect ???? gurus please help me,

    As I know I dont have any status but denial letter says appeal with in 33 days.

    Consulted PRODUCT COMPANY ATTERNEY , said you can stay up till 30 days.

    Is it possible to transfer with out appeal or MTR for the current denial ?

    Please advice, as I am already running out of time....


    very sorry to hear about that. why dont you go for an apeal? what was the reason for denial? what was the RFE for? was this your first extension? give us more details to analyze the situation.

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  • sabr
    09-18 03:37 PM
    If I work little less than 40 hrs will it be considered as part time? Can I use EAD at that time ?


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  • coolmanasip
    03-22 10:54 AM
    It should be safe to travel for both of you.....

    I am exactly in the same situation.....EB2, I40 approved, PD June 2006, and filed 485 in the july 2007 mess... I changed my job immediately after 6 months passed in March 2008....I have not informed USCIS about job change (AC21)......and my port of entry was Washington DC (IAD) airport......

    I have travellled twice using the AP, once in April 2008 and once in December 2009.....went through typical two step exit process from immigration......first time, I was asked who do I work for ---- I told the name of the new company and said I used to work for XX compnay (filing company) follow up questions or documents were asked for.....second time no questions at all.....

    Both times, I got a feel from what they were checking is that all they check is whether your I-485 is pending or not in their system......

    hope this helps...


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  • coolman
    07-01 11:40 AM
    My daughter is in college and I was wondering if there is any chance of getting a FAFSA loan for her with I-485 application applied in July 2007.



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  • andy garcia
    08-23 02:57 PM
    How many visas are there for India in a year in EB3, EB2 and EB1?

    YEAR **** EB1 ****** EB2 ****** EB3 **** Total(EB)

    2000 *** 2,306 ***** 7,233 ***** 5,360 *** 15,381
    2001 *** 3,543 **** 21,355 **** 16,405 *** 41,720
    2002 *** 2,820 **** 21,310 **** 17,428 *** 41,919
    2003 *** 1,266 ***** 8,536 ****10,680 *** 20,818 :confused:
    2004 *** 2,998 **** 16,262 **** 19,962 *** 39,496
    2005 *** 6,336 **** 16,687 **** 23,399 *** 47,160 :)

    These figures are from this link

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  • WillIBLucky
    12-08 08:45 AM
    Why is IV very silent today? Is it a good sign or something else? Or is everyone in front of Cspan?


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  • waitingnwaiting
    01-25 09:51 PM
    Can he add an amendment to divide spillover equally between EB2 and EB3 India. This will help a lot.

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  • NKR
    09-22 09:00 AM
    Thats what GC means to me.

    On the other hand...Its just the current state of mind...

    You are asking 'What is GC, is it worth it?'. But you don't ask the same thing about other 'What is Money, is it worth it?' !! 'What is family, is it worth it?'

    But people do enter a state of mind, where other things become more important to them than what is important to you or me (like money, family....GC etc).

    Dude, Your PD is in early 2001 and you are so calm and composed?. I am amazed with your �current state of mind�. I hope you get your GC soon.


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  • kevnss
    03-20 11:50 AM
    I believe if I-140 approved and was approved 120 days ago then employer cannot withdraw the application otherwise employer can always withdraw it but as most of them said it is not mandatory. Regarding H1 I believe old employer cannot do any thing once your H1 transferred over to the new employer but new employer has to get the receipt number before it gets skrewed.

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  • MahaBharatGC
    10-14 01:39 PM
    agree.. 90 days is too much.. esp when just dates need to be extended.. In the first place.. it should be non-expiring .. something like valid with I-485 Receipt... and then when accepting EAD employer can check the I-485 status that its still pending... and any change will send email to the employer about 485 current status...

    But then my dear.. where's the money...

    Gov: Show me the money?
    USCIS: let sdo 1 year EAD/AP renewal... and we can sit for 90 days on it for generating this much money... and find cheapest ways of printing the card and mailing... If errors happen we might get more money :-)
    Gov: why are you not moving dates and making more money?
    USCIS: Okay we'll issue 2year EAD and accept more new apps...
    and so on...

    Well said and may be we should add to Show me the money...
    USCIS: We should implement a application storage fee for each pending I-485 which should be paid every year to determine if the person is still in work?
    Very very ridiculous!!!


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  • ksiddaba
    07-14 06:40 PM
    Dallas, TX

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  • rongha_2000
    10-02 11:07 AM
    I have briefly searched the forums and could not find a related post hence starting a new thread. If the answer already is on any other post, please point me to it and delete this thread.
    Question: I am on H1 and, my wife and daughter are on H4. I have applied for EAD for both me and my wife and AP for all 3 of us. My question is "Do I need to maintain my H1 status so that my daughter can stay in US?" If I (and my wife too) switch to EAD, what status will my daughter be in? As I understand "Pending Adjustment" is not a status so how can my daughter stay in US legally if I switch to EAD.

    Any response is highly appreciated.

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-06 10:34 AM
    Could elaborate why you say this is about I140? I couldnt derive that from the posting. Anyhow this whole this is utter nonsense from the immigration department. I dont think there will be any action, period.
    The whole thing is written as if June 2007 happened by mistake, I dont buy that.

    If publisher understand meaning of Petition vs Application then I 140 is petition which can be approved or denied and doesnot need adjuction. While I 485 is a visa application by individual which can be adjucted if visas are available and petition has been approved.

    But here they are talking both words in same sentence. It could be they approved 75k I 140 and adjucted those many 485s. and their goal to have only 55k I 140 on hand.

    Still they can approve 65k I 485 from pending backlog. ( 75 + 65 = 140k ). So my understanding is from previous backlog they approved 75k I 140 + I 485. Still 65k visas are left . if these many visas are left then I dont think dates for Eb2 india will go near to 2005.

    05-01 12:52 PM
    If I-485 is still pending, you can try to use AC21 and port old I-140 to new employer. Nothing to lose, a lot to gain if it works out. AC21 is not clearly defined and it's not codified in regulations so you have a good chance to prevail. The only problem I see is that the old employer no longer exists. Termination of the employer's business is one of the reasons for automatic revocation of I-140 (see 8 CFR 205.1(a)(iii)(D)). However if old employer was simply merged into another company, you can argue that business was not terminated.

    02-01 09:42 AM
    We r sill waiting for GC, no idea when I will give message "Received GC"...:-)

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