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  • PD_Dec2002
    08-05 11:04 PM
    I came to know about my interview from the embassy web site and they send us pakage 4 also. Then we informed them by mail asking to postpond for 3 month. They confirmed the same. I am in India embassy is in New Delhi

    Jeny: I believe you are referring to an interview for Consular Processing; not Adjustment of Status, correct?


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  • navyug
    05-14 10:59 PM

    Received REF this week: for LCA vioation for a particular period.
    I ve approved labor, 140 and EAD, still working on valid H1 with the same employer since 2003.
    My employer missed filling LCA FOR 2006.

    Please let me know if anyone else in the same boat, ANY COMMENT AND ADVICE WILL BE HELPFUL....

    You are faking!!!

    Here are the reasons...

    1) First up there is no candidate name on the LCA. When H-1B is filed, a location specific LCA is sent along with the application/ petition.

    2) On subsequent change of location, a location specific LCA is taken out and kept for office records (after displaying on the office notice boards) and copy is given to you. This LCA never has any name(s) on it. A single LCA can be taken for 10 positions. This LCA is never sent to USCIS. USCIS does not keep track of an individual's projects/ clients after the initial approval of H-1B (unless they make a site visit to your employers office and go through each and every work orders and ascertain them against existing valid LCAs, which is very unlikely considering the timeline you are quoting).

    3) Yes it is a violation if an LCA is not pulled out for the new location. But that is the problem of the employer not yours and it is highly unlikely the individual will be penalized even if USCIS were to find out the violation after making a site visit.

    4) If you suddenly got a nightmare, please state that in your post rather than stating it as a fact. Honest nightmares will still be discussed on this forum.

    So Stop faking!!!

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  • GCBy3000
    08-23 04:28 PM
    I dunno from where they come upwith number. From the same site look at this link - This is given at foreign out post.
    EB - 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
    43129 39289 29712 28624 21290
    and compare with

    and compare with below data.

    YEAR **** EB1 ****** EB2 ****** EB3 **** Total(EB)

    2000 *** 2,306 ***** 7,233 ***** 5,360 *** 15,381
    2001 *** 3,543 **** 21,355 **** 16,405 *** 41,720
    2002 *** 2,820 **** 21,310 **** 17,428 *** 41,919
    2003 *** 1,266 ***** 8,536 ****10,680 *** 20,818 :confused:
    2004 *** 2,998 **** 16,262 **** 19,962 *** 39,496
    2005 *** 6,336 **** 16,687 **** 23,399 *** 47,160 :)

    These figures are from this link

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  • Rockford
    07-17 02:29 PM
    OK. Now we have this new thread about the "comment" made some anonymous user "south" made on a blog by siskind, and siskind himself is looking at IV for new updates. Man, give us a break. That comment was not made by siskind, but it was made by some user on his blog.

    Thanks, but keep moving.

    I have seen some credible comments in the past. You are right , Greg is looking to IV for updates on this , so I would not expect any authoritative news from him either. This comment seemed more real in the light of new AILA comments.

    BTW , I like your signature :)


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  • kumar1
    09-26 09:18 AM
    You can do that, however, you would find that after 10 years, you are still looking at different US consulates for visa interview but your friends who remained with one employer, got their GC and they have lot more freedom than you do. It is a very difficult question. Either you can move from job to job and get paid more or you just stick to one, sacrifice some money/flexibility but get thing done in one shot.
    Worst possible case would be - you realize after 6 years that you should have stuck with one employer!

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  • sundeep14
    09-27 11:01 AM
    this topic is interesting....i do buy/sell stocks usin zecco / BoA etc...which are sites where i can do day interested to venture into it...



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  • optimystic
    04-21 03:07 PM
    One of my colleagues with RD July 27th at NSC got his approval last monday. He is EB2 - I. And the processing dates at NSC is not current for him either.

    My RD is July 30th at NSC !! Hoping for good news soon !

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  • reallow23
    12-25 10:06 AM
    I just receive the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for?? My name check and background check is clear after 2 years.....Now I'm receive my GC so I can start traveling......All my interview was approve so now they are (order card)....Enjoy ur Holiday.......


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  • Jaime
    08-17 01:01 AM
    The HSMP looks very attractive if you don't know the details. Yes, you get a visa even without a job offer but they give you only one year to find a job. After 1 year in the UK you'd better have a job or you will most likely send you back to your home country (you go through a government review after 1 year). Of course, if you find a good job during that first year you should be OK.

    The pro I see in this is that if you are patient and work for 5 years in the UK you will get your EU passport and yo now have mobility to other parts of Europe where the IT and other industries might be better (like Ireland)

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  • PD_Dec2002
    08-05 11:04 PM
    I came to know about my interview from the embassy web site and they send us pakage 4 also. Then we informed them by mail asking to postpond for 3 month. They confirmed the same. I am in India embassy is in New Delhi

    Jeny: I believe you are referring to an interview for Consular Processing; not Adjustment of Status, correct?



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  • abby17
    04-15 12:58 PM
    Hello, I think I made a mistake. I recently went from GC to citizenship and it cost me my job. I was
    fired shortly after becoming a citizen. I am from a country other than yours. Sorry about that. There is no particular website that represents immigration from the country I immigrated from.

    The employer replaced me with a visa card holder. After I trained him, I was fired and my boss was fired.

    I am a skilled programmer with advanced degree. Employers from the website refuse to even acknowledge my resumes. Being unemployed is no way to be a new citizen. So I am ready to give up searching and move to India,in search of programming work. All I want to do is write code. I do not desire to make a point or to annoy anyone, I just want to work and write source code and try to get on with my life.

    What are my chances to find work with the giant IT corporations of India? I am ready to move today. Can I revoke my US citizenship and immigrate to your country??? Sorry sorry sorry if this offends anyone, I do not mean to annoy any of you. I just want to have a job and write code and I will be on my way.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for permitting me to present my delima to this your website.

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  • pardesh
    11-19 01:06 PM
    This was the our Immigration Lawyer's response:

    AP is valid for multiple entries. Generally you receive three
    original approval notices. When you reenter the U.S., the officer will
    sometimes keep one of the originals, but you will still have two others
    to use on future trips. Occasionally, the officer will stamp the AP and
    then return it to you to use again, but if he keeps the original,
    there's not much you can do about it. If all the originals have been
    used, then you will need to file for another AP for future trips.


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  • pappu
    08-22 04:12 PM

    Thanks for your kind reply. I am new to Buffalo, NY. Just moved from California. I dont know much ppl here. There is lots of indian community here but dont know why none is responding. If I can find one guy also I can book a car and drive there for rally.

    Please send emails to your Univ. association email list. get in touch with your town's associations.

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  • cjain
    11-13 03:10 PM
    From the Aytes memo:

    Question 1

    How should service centers or district offices process unapproved I-140 petitions that were concurrently filed with I-485 applications that have been pending 180 days in relation to the I-140 portability provisions under �106(c) of AC21?


    If it is discovered that a beneficiary has ported off of an unapproved I-140 and I-485 that has been pending for 180 days or more, the following procedures should be applied:

    A. Review the pending I-140 petition to determine if the preponderance of the evidence establishes that the case is approvable or would have been approvable had it been adjudicated within 180 days. If the petition is approvable but for an ability to pay issue or any other issue relating to a time after the filing of the petition, approve the petition on it’s merits. Then adjudicate the adjustment of status application to determine if the new position is the same or similar occupational classification for I-140 portability purposes.
    B. If a request for additional evidence (RFE) is necessary to resolve a material issue, other than post-filing issues such as ability to pay, an RFE can be issued to try to resolve the issue. When a response is received, and if the petition is approvable, follow the procedures in part A above.

    Hope this clears stuff up. RFE's are generally issued for ability to pay issues. If all's clear on that front, there should simply be no issue


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  • freetospeak
    07-18 07:17 PM
    Even my case is similar. I requested my attorney to file my EAD and AP along with I-485 at the same time. But they did not apply for EAD and AP and but instead just filed I-485. Now they are saying they can't file for my EAD and AP until they get the I-485 receipt notice. What a mess??? Now I've pay lots of amount for EAD and AP. By the way my attroney is Murthy Law Firm. I bet yours would be the same

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  • jasmin45
    08-06 10:16 AM
    I just recived mail from embassy saying that there is no visa avilable for my case. When avilable they will call me for the interview again. Thank you ALL
    Sorry to hear this news! As far as I understand the july fieasco and successive events did not effect consular processing especially for scheduled interviews. How did this happen? Well!
    We Hope that the visa categories will be current in October and vias be allocated to you, when they open the FY 2008.


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  • kish006
    12-23 04:40 PM
    To my surprise, we just received both EAD & AP with corrected information. The mail room person did put in a folder and sent it overnight DHL. Sweet!

    I too got my EAD and AP with incorrect pictures. I thought I got my AP and book the ticket on Jan 16.

    I dont what to do now. Please help what to do.
    I f I apply now i will get my AP in time before I leave to India.
    What need to do now.

    Thanks in advance

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  • inspectorfox
    07-22 09:01 PM
    Can a senior member kindly address these questions posted for the last couple days. A quick response will be highly appreciated.

    My case is very similar to yours. I had applied my I-140 in Oct 2006. Got an RFE for Ability to Pay which was responded to in Feb 2006. LUD changed twice in Feb and there was no progress. I upgraded to premium processing in June but there was no progress in my case even after 15 days past. Recently I got to know thru my lawyer that my case has been moved to the TSC Review Department for a background check and a decision is pending. I have taken an INFOPASS appointment to meet with an immigration officer to follow up about my case on Friday.

    There are lot of people who are now stuck in background checks at I-140 stage which was very uncommon before.

    I would advise you to follow up with you lawyer to get more details on your case. My lawyer actually spoke with the Immigration Officer at TSC.


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  • Sakthisagar
    01-25 09:02 AM
    Please file a new H1B extension petition with a copy of contract between the client and your company.. the actual contract, if the client/vendor do not want to share that with your attorney then ask the client/vendor to directly send that to USCIS fax number and ask your attorney to mention in a seperate letter that client contract/letter (copy of original) will be sent by their attorney in so and so time.

    I had the RFE on Sept 2009 on premium processing, I have done tha above and got approved for an year even though my I-140 is approved on 2005 and 10 years in the USA.

    Please do needful and be on status.

    04-07 01:43 PM
    I hope it doesn't affect Employee (original labor) who have left GC employer using AC-21 with approved I-140 and after 180 days.

    This interpretation is game changer for life of many EB immigrants. It should be implemented for going forward but at least should not affect those who used it by the interpretation of that time.

    07-27 06:30 PM
    hi All,

    Is there any way to know if employer revoked I140. With what I understand if the employer revokes within 180 days of I485 filing, then we are screwed.

    Thanks for the replies.


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