Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • freetospeak
    07-18 07:17 PM
    Even my case is similar. I requested my attorney to file my EAD and AP along with I-485 at the same time. But they did not apply for EAD and AP and but instead just filed I-485. Now they are saying they can't file for my EAD and AP until they get the I-485 receipt notice. What a mess??? Now I've pay lots of amount for EAD and AP. By the way my attroney is Murthy Law Firm. I bet yours would be the same

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  • immigration1111
    06-11 10:35 PM

    One of my friends got fired from a company and the company made him to sign a document that he was resigning. This guy somehow signed it so that he could get his salary. The employer eventually paid him the salary after signing the resignation document.

    Few questions about his H1B visa.

    1. How many days can he legally stay in the US before he finds one more job gets new H1B.

    2. Can he transfer his H1B visa to a new company or does he need to apply for a new H1B visa (which is within the cap)?

    3. Incase if he doesn't find a job within the legally permitted time, what are his options apart from going back?

    4. Will he have any problem when he tries to transfer his H1B after the legally permitted time?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can please help me with this questions.

    Thank you very much!

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  • youngindia
    06-07 11:51 PM
    3 cheers to Nasscom!!!
    Iam moving to India with a GC or no GC. Where there are guys like IT conglomerates who know how to get back! I sure want to be a part of that competitive culture!

    That's the way Indian competitiveness should be projected. Senator Durbin has got a fitting reply from the big fish (Shark). Its an iron clad glove saying "Don't mess with free trade. THere are US cos doing business in India too!"

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  • chanduv23
    12-11 10:57 AM
    Country EB1 EB2 EB3
    S Korea 1,923 7,125 4,727
    Philippines 310 2,057 5,625
    UK 3,472 2,043 909
    Canada 2,368 3,404 1,207
    Mexico 1,457 1,348 4,021

    Now the question is why is there no 7% quota for South Korea ?

    Korea could have been benefited from spillover or they act on Korea only after they find that Korea has indeed used more than 7% - till now it has been only I/C/P/M and they did not pay attention to Korea - now Koorea may be added to this list


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  • Bpositive
    01-05 10:20 PM
    Thanks. We are answering the 221g questions. Not clear about the format of the "invitation letter" from the sponsor/employer. Should this be in txt format and in the same document as the answers to the other questions? Or can this be a separate scanned pdf...


    This thing is driving me crazy...

    Do we need to send an invitation letter in a .txt format? How do I send an invitation letter with letterhead and signature in a .txt format?

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  • wellwishergc
    06-13 03:33 PM
    I agree with Raydhan!!

    Forget the visa bulletin, GCs, etc for a month and enjoy your team crushing every other team for the next one month.

    Go Brazil!!!:) Go Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Roberto, Kaka!!!

    Let's forget about the visa numbers. My P.D. is Jan'02 (EB3-India :( )and I am not expecting any movement significant movement for the next 4-6 months.

    Atleast you can expect some good news in the World Cup on July 9th. Hope to see Cafu lift Brazil's 6th Cup.

    You better log off and watch Brazil-Croatia in 10 minutes.


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  • mheggade
    08-01 01:07 PM
    Here is my prediction.
    With July Fiasco INS has learnt their lessons.
    They have potential to process and approve 40K cases in one month.

    Once all receipting is done by Sept 17th for all late Aug 17th filers, they will immediately start processing all oct 08 current cases.
    I think they might even issue again 40K cases in october ?
    Why not ?
    So it is important to quickly do the FP and after FP within 3 weeks the name check gets cleared.
    So anyone who does FP in Sept and who is current in oct , be ready to get your GC soon.
    I would say dont be surprised if it takes just one month to approve ?????

    Is it just your imagination or did you base this on any source.

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    06-11 02:23 PM


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  • logiclife
    04-15 06:54 PM
    I have been in this situation but my work location changed more than 100miles within the same state. My attorney asked me to start another labor.

    1. If you think that you will move back one the 485 is adjucated, then you dont have to worry. OTherwise, you have file a new labor. Atleast you are safe since your 140 is approved. You can port your PD.

    2. If it is within few miles then it should not affect. Still you have to check with your attorney. Few miles sometimes puts you in different couty or state or even in different country. So the term "Few Miles" is relative one and it is better to check with attorney.

    By making you file for new labor, your attorney has played it too safe. In your case, filing a new labor was not neccesary. Please read below and check with an immigration lawyer for advice. I AM NOT A LAWYER but this advice is based on 2 different lawyers I have talked to regarding my own case where I moved from Phoenix, to Reno after my labor was filed.

    Here is the deal when changing the location while GC is pending:

    1. You can change location during your pending GC. But your job description must not change. Also, you have to move back to the location where your GC was filed, ONLY IF your 485 is processed and approved in less than 180 days from filing (I dont think USCIS will ever be that efficient and process 485 petitions in less than 180 days). That's because your option of AC21 of changing employers and locations (within the same job description, you cant work at a gas station or McDonalds) kicks in after 180 days of filing 485. If your 485 is approved in less than 180 days, then yes, you have to go back to the original location where your Greencard was filed because you dont have the AC21 options of switching employers and locations during your 485 stage ... which is available ONLY AFTER 180 days have passed in the processing of your 485 file.

    So as long as your 485 takes longer than 180 days, you can continue to work at your new location even though you GC and labor was filed at a previous location.

    2. After 180 days of filing 485, you can change employers using your EAD and change locations. No limit. But it has to be the same job description. You cannot start working as a manager if your Greencard was filed for the position of a programmer.

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  • go2roomshare
    02-20 05:30 PM
    Can this be used to know how many cases filed in 2000 to 2003 and will it be useful to pridict PD movement??


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  • kirupa
    03-27 01:30 AM
    gesfox - added :)

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  • Almond
    07-13 08:51 PM
    I think it will change to green if someone likes you enough to vote for you:)


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  • jthomas
    05-17 08:36 PM
    Welcome to IV, since this is your first post.

    1. when is your PD?
    If your PD is nov 2008, it would take a long time (many many years) to get your GC.

    I am not able to understand anything from your post. If you have a H1b you need to work in US and not in India. You can travel with H1 visa don't need B1 visa. Your W2 has 38K that means its less than the prevailing wage. You have a problem there?

    If you are in US, Please be active in this website as well as find your state chapter. You can get helped from your state chapter collegues too. By the way, from where are you residing(which state i mean)?

    (your questions does not look normal)

    J thomas

    Hi Folks
    1 ) I just read that EB2 has retrogressed to 2000.Now IF I ALREADY FOR 140 APPROVED AND IF I GOT EAD ALREADY does that Labor filing priority date apply to GC too ?
    2) I got EAD and I am waiting for my GC.My 140 Is also approved .
    I filed under EB2 and I got AP and EAD Card Nov 2008. Since then I am getting all paystubs ( from Aug 08) from the sponsoring employer. I left this employer in 2006 and joined him back in Jan 2008.
    I believe I applied via NE Processing Center.
    How long before I get my GC.

    3) From Nov 2006 to Jan 08 working in India and come to US on B1 and returned back to India. Jan 08 continued with same employer.Would this cause problems with my GC.
    What about the FBI name check thing - is that going to cause delays

    Please somone reply

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  • fcres
    12-10 02:40 PM
    What matters is a permanenet job offer letter and duties should match the

    Rajesh Alex

    rajeshalex: Where does it say job duties should match? I was under the understanding that the occupational classification should be same/similar.


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  • seahawks
    07-21 09:52 AM
    I still can't imagine Sen Hillary Clinton did not support legal immigrations..hmm, may be when we send it to Obama, he can take it up with his opponent to get her support too.. who knows, it is all a tricky issue

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  • iv_only_hope
    02-16 09:47 PM


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  • r2i2009
    09-22 05:01 PM
    Well said guys.....I do not know why this thing hangs around me with me having EAD. EAD is just like GC with some restrictions. Why should I worry?

    Keep running life as usual. Just think people at the back of you?

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  • Azzuri
    12-03 07:05 AM
    Kirupa Hero one is awsome. talents !

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  • chintals
    09-03 11:43 AM
    I have got an LUD on 09/01/2009 for both the cases, but the status is still pending.

    I am worried, did any have similar experience?

    I am in the same boat as you.. See SLUD on both bases on 09/01/09 with EAC08** pending at TSC. Waiting.

    08-15 03:35 PM
    Hello GCwaitforever,

    This should be a solution to the problem. Submit the approved EB-3 I-140 petition with EB-2 I-140 petition.

    "The TSC recommended submitting copies of the approved I-140 with the later-filed I-140 petition."

    Could you explain more? How above works?

    11-07 12:38 PM
    Yeah uscis is pin pointing from anything to everything. Some case they are asking for client letters, which is usually tough for a consultant to get, but nothing to worry for genuine cases.

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