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  • kondur_007
    10-30 12:17 PM
    Thanks for your reply it was helpful.

    BUt can any one tell me do we have to be on payroll for at least 6 months after you get Gc or can we on and off payroll and still be with the same employer for what ever length of time we stick to the same employer who filed GC..

    Srh1: Please read my comments in the above two threads (thread links posted by bluez). I tried to summarize everything there.

    As far as your above question is concerned: You will be just fine even if you are on and off the payroll (especially if the empolyer does not have the project for some time...meaning that on and off was triggerred by the employer); because it still shows YOUR intention to stay with the employer.

    Feel free to ask any further questions (after going through above two threads) if you need any further info...I am not a lawyer but I will be happy to share what I know.

    Good Luck.

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  • rkrishna123
    10-17 03:11 PM
    Thanks guys for your advice and time.....

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  • suryamanikanth
    04-17 01:22 PM
    hello frnds,
    could anyone please let me know what are the documents to be submitted for the CIC Once after i get the provisional nomination from AINP.Please help me out.Should i get the PCC from India or Federal background check is enough here in U.S.Please let me know.


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  • tikka
    07-13 07:29 PM
    Thanks GCard_Dream

    Great Job! amitjoey...
    added to your reputation..


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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    01-11 03:51 PM
    Why do you even assume that the people who come here by winning the DV lottery are going to abuse the system just like that. One of the requirements to qualify for DV is high school education and work skill in addition to have been born in certain countries. Please look that up. So these people may not neccessarily have advanced degrees (although some may well have them) they are still educated and skilled people who after coming here will start working and start contributing to the society. Yes, there will be some exceptions but then I am sure there are few people in EB lines that abuse the system.

    THe Lottery is the dumbest piece to obtain GC. Imagine some guy who does nothing to the USA applies, comes here sucks the $$ out of the system by coming here, staying here and enjoying all monetray benefits of a GC like unemployment benefits etc

    If this passes. THere would be a huge relief among people who have advanced degrees

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  • Madhuri
    07-11 11:02 PM
    If this is true it's really horrible and scary that this gov. agency is handling our applications.

    This is beginning to look more and more like a organized and deliberate attempt to block people from filing for AOS.If the mysterious "knowledgeable official" quoted on the website can be summoned in court- that would be game over for the USCIS right there......

    Copying the contents of the website below :

    Visa numbers WERE available July 2nd!!
    We have confirmed with a knowledgeable official in the Department of State Visa Office that USCIS was requesting visa numbers on Sunday July 1st, and Monday morning July 2nd - and that visa numbers were still being issued as late as the morning of July 2nd!

    In fact, close to 30,000 visa numbers were requested and issued in July - through the morning of July 2nd. And we believe that many - if not most - of the requests made in the first two days of July were for applicants whose priority dates were not current in June!

    So how can USCIS refuse to accept I-485 filings received BEFORE the State Department issued its notice that all visa numbers had been used???? We have not yet confirmed the return of any I-485s filed in July. But we do know that applications were reaching the USCIS before the State Department announcement - and while the USCIS was frantically working to use up the entire year's allocation.

    USCIS did not use all visa numbers before July 2nd.

    Did USCIS actually use the visa numbers it requested????
    Historically, the USCIS doesn't request a visa number from the Department of State until it is ready to grant the adjustment of status application. US Consuls overseas request visa numbers the month before they intend to issue the immigrant visa. This is the reason why consuls return about ten percent of the visa numbers requested - and why USCIS does not generally return any numbers.

    In fact, in making allocations of visa numbers, the Department of State factors in an expected return rate for consuls - but not for the USCIS. And the USCIS - before this June - used about 85% of the total immigrant visa numbers available.

    However, already this month, the USCIS has been returning visa numbers. This confirms our earlier suspicion that the only way the USCIS could request 68,000 visa numbers in a matter of weeks was to request them in advance of adjudicating cases.

    We believe USCIS exhausted the visa numbers by simply requesting them - not by using them. If so, and for reasons we will post shortly, we believe that over 30,000 visa numbers requested by USCIS will go unused - and will be wasted this year!


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  • raghureddy
    03-18 07:45 PM
    it is usually 6 to 9 months now, i guess u can wait for some more time and then approach senators office...Good Luck

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  • brimos
    05-16 01:58 PM
    Is there anything currently to actually stop us from all throwing in the towel with the LC process and just stating that we've been here for x years and paid $x taxes and getting on the illegal's bandwagon?


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  • div_bell_2003
    10-14 07:43 PM
    You can go visit India after your AP has been applied for, and you can ask your lawyer ( if you are using one ) to send the docs to you in India , so that you can come back with the new approved AP, off course you can't enter USA on an expired AP.

    My lawyer has confirmed that one is only required to be present in the USA when applying and it's recommended that one is in US when it's approved, but due to the varying time USCIS is taking to process AP applications that is not a requirement and they can forward the documents to someone not in US.

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  • rajpatelemail
    12-14 11:50 PM
    Probably his problems are due to H 4 visa situation where as his 140 approved and got EAD.

    Option 1) Get work on EAD, send your wife back to India and get her on Follow To Join.

    Option 2) H1 transfer, she can stay. Apply labor/140 again and port the 140 priority date apply for 485, when date becomes current.

    But option 1 is far far better, even it needs little sacrifise from your spouse point of view.

    Or she can continue to stay by switching to F1 status.
    Thai is the best way.


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  • raju123
    05-16 12:53 PM
    ^^^^^ Bumping up

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  • immi_seeker
    07-12 11:57 PM

    Just wanted to know about your EAD: Which Center you have applied ? NSC/TSC. What date they have received. My EAD Renewal is pending, and I wish to change job. :confused:

    Appreciate your reply. Anyways, You should not be worrying too much on EAD, as your PD is current now, and youshoudlget the Card in coming months. :)


    Center is NSC. They recieved the Application on june 19th


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  • Prasad_FL
    08-02 04:57 PM
    I am in Miami/Miramar area.

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  • ash27
    07-17 02:55 PM
    We need to ignore postings from Rockford. He is just trying to spread unnecessary rumors to gain attention. What a shame

    we really have to be morons to take anynonymous comments at face-value.

    or did you post the comments yourself and like the attention?


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  • Openarms
    10-03 10:17 AM
    Even PA DMV also adopted more troublesome procedure of giving DL to the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
    Even after having VALID EAD DOCUMENT, verifying ORIGINAL USCIS documents and ORIGINAL SOCIAL SECURITY CARD why DMV want to check status with USCIS again?

    What do they get out of that process?? Seems like another way of harassing LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    Why redundant procedures???... Why to waste tax payers money with these kinds of redundant policies??
    Why individual states like PA, GA and SC adopting these policies??

    Please share your experiences from other states if any similar sort.

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  • fide_champ
    08-04 06:50 PM

    Thanks , for point 3 , I can apply for premium COS with future date as effective(say 6 weeks from now) , I will know on approval within 2 weeks since its a premium n then i can get my family here since I know for sure L1-H1 is approved , this will avoid family either going to stamping at chennai or every one (all of us) leaving back to india due to non approval of COS. But now Major question is , if I apply for premium COS will it be possible to include dependents COS as well in the same request , with dependents currently being in India ? or if i were to apply COS for them after they are here , will it be same cost n procedure as mine (COS that was successfully processed just for myself)?

    You cannot do a COS for them while they are in india. It would be better if you can apply COS for all including yourself at the sametime to avoid complications. Basically the COS for your family must be applied before your COS gets approved. I suggest you speak with a lawyer for exact interpretation of rules.


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  • Kitiara
    06-14 08:01 AM
    Well, poll is over, and Soul wins with 29 votes. :)

    Normally this calls for some kind of congratulations, but in the light of how truly awful that site is, I'm not sure.... :)

    You're a very bad man. :) :beam:

    Well done all. :)

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  • letstalklc
    11-06 01:39 PM
    Whats up, guys!

    My employer got a letter today stating that my form ETA9089 has been certified. Finally, after about 13 months waiting.
    I got audited on November 2007. I filed the petition on October 2007.

    Good luck with all of you guys.
    Thanks for the supports!

    Congratulations...great news.....good luck for the next steps...

    Is your perm is filed by Fragomen Law Firm?

    My PD is Sep 5th 2007...still pending....dont know when it's gonna approve...

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  • wandmaker
    11-21 04:15 PM
    cool_guy_onnet1: I assume you have not applied AOS (485) for your wife. You will not be able to do it until the PD become current. You should maintain your H1 status, so find a new H1 sponsoring employer and transfer your H1. Do not use your EAD/AP, it will void your H1 status and you guys will have to stay apart.

    08-17 11:56 AM
    My drivers license is expiring in October as well as my H-1B. My company has applied for H-1B renewal in July and it seems it will not get renewed before end of October. I have an approved I-140. Does anyone know if I can get my license renewed without the new H-1B approval notice in hand? Thanks everyone in advance.

    05-14 07:34 PM
    We will keep working on this Retrogression issue...

    We will fully support IV Core Group in their efforts

    Congratulations! to all those who are eligible to apply I-485, but please keep supporting IV's main agenda.

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