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  • chanduv23
    03-03 11:18 AM
    thanks for the response. can you please post the result of the transfer

    also any one in the forum who had experience with the ac21 transfer +ve or negative can you please advise about your experiences. it is really a stressful situation with every thing being this way.

    I did AC21 from a Consulting company into a big financial company and moved using EAD. My old employer requested USCIS to revoke my 140 and as a result I got a NOID from USCIS asking details of new employment. I gave the details and my case processing resumed.

    AC21 issues can be resolved. So don't worry about it.

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  • AVAKIL10
    08-03 08:40 AM
    It does look confusing though..Odd.

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  • The Tupac Shakur biography

  • belmontboy
    01-19 04:05 PM
    Not funny.
    If an EB3 is so good he will not apply in EB3. He will apply in EB1. I am asking about people who were EB3 but became big after getting Green Card.

    can name few who became "big" literally (--fat)

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  • In 1992, we were in the tail

  • nrk
    02-02 01:04 PM
    Congrats.... :)

    Finally after nine years in US my Green Card is approved.

    On this very day in 2001 i was in flight to USA

    1) Came to US on Feb 1st 2001
    2) Changed employer in 2002 and GC applied in 2003 in EB3
    3) After 2 years, changed the employer in 2004 and applied GC in EB2 at the end of 2004
    4) Application with the DOL sent to the BEC
    5) DOL approved the petition in Jan 2007
    6) Applied I140 in April 2007
    7) Applied I485 in July 2007
    8) FP completed and EAD received in September 2007
    9) I140 RFE Aug 2008
    10) I140 denied in March 2009 - Reason is Too may petitions from the employer
    11) Appeal sent in April 2009
    12) Once the dates are current in Sep 2009, i talked to the attorney and decided to file a new I140 with the same labor
    13) New I140 filed in Sep 2009
    14) Received a notice from USCIS to withdraw the appeal inorder to process the new I140
    15) Appeal withdrawn in October 2009
    16) New I140 approved in Nov 2009
    17) FP notices received in November for I485
    18) FP done in December 2009
    19) Infopass appointment in Jan 2010. Background check is completed
    20) Received CPO emails for both the cases on Jan 21st 2010
    21) Welcome notice mailed on Jan 22nd 2010
    22) Welcome Notice and Cards received on Jan 30th.
    22) I485 approval notices sent on Jan 26th 2010 - Did not received yet.

    For me it is a bumpy ride. I went through most of the steps in the immigration (RFE's, Denials, MTR's, Appeals ..)

    I wish all the best for all IV memebers waiting in GC queue or waiting to apply for I485.



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  • Juice Special Issue: Tupac

  • aknynd
    05-21 01:12 PM
    how to start a new thread?

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  • 1992 January 17th: Tupac makes

  • ItIsNotFunny
    12-02 01:34 PM
    Imagine if someone has a cancer and he goes to a doctor and doctor tries all kinds of medicines and it does not work. He does get some relief in the pain though. So do you think the patient should ask for refund for all the money spent?

    Likewise broken immigration system needs to be fixed and everyone tried hard for one year. We did get some relief from our pain due to 2 year EAD and namechecks memo. But the cure/bill did not pass. So do you think it means we should ask for a refund? And do you think anyone will even talk to us in DC next time if we act so cheap for the $5s some of us paid.

    Why dont you have the courage to ask your lawyer for a refund because you dont have a greencard yet. Can you do it? If not then I think it is irratational to even think about it?

    You are right about doctor, patient... But I am not sure whether lobbyist did what they say they did. I am sure Core members are keeping track of their activities but zero output was quite disappointing. Some point of time it even makes me think that they were charging us for hours they spent in Starbucks.


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  • 2pac - troublesome 96

  • va_il
    06-08 12:17 PM
    No point in bashing Indian companies. As they are going political on this issue, my cousin just graduated from School and does not have a job, his dad thinks that his son lost his competitve spirit and is unable to compete for a job, while we all know the actual situation which is pathetic for new h1b seekers.

    IV mebers - though our focus is on GC backlog and retrogression - lets all not forget that these are also big issues, especially new immigrants seeking h1b etc...

    For those who do not care about families - tearing families is the worst thing that can ever happen and if you are on that side, you will understand the pain.

    And for those who think CIR failed which is good for us - just think about the 12 million illegals and walk in their shoes - what goes through them - CIR is their only hope.
    Right CIR is their only hope .... for a person who came illegally ... right ...and unfortunately they don't know if they cross the boarder illegally they will be separated from families .... not considering that is immoral on govt part ... :) :) :)

    Grow up. These guys are even considering to allow them as legals only because these guys need a cheap labor .. not because they think it is moral .... irrespective of what they say in public stunt. Otherwise all those would have been booted in next sec.

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  • Tupac#39;s paperwork as well.

  • thandan
    03-17 06:07 PM
    For sure, I will be consulting with an attorney, but just wanted to get as much information as possible. From what I have seen, the lawyers who reply to these posts here give some very valid points which can then be the basis of further discussions


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  • logiclife
    01-05 05:08 PM
    As of late this morning have exceeded $6000. Its a start and we need to involve more people who are affected by retrogression.


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  • SandeR2
    03-26 04:10 AM
    ow hell this is a big list XD may the best man win, there are allot of cool styles in there


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  • admin
    06-01 11:02 PM
    This is a PM from for_ac21iv to me. He couldn't post here as I had closed the thread.

    Hi Admin,

    I started the new thread and poll "Separate bill for legal immigrants from CIR provisions", with the intention to help realise and pursue what appeard to me as a option/opportunity that might help us legal immigrants. It just seems to me from media and other forums that cir may take a long long time.

    I donot have complete knowledge of the process and timing of how legislation and lobbying works. Educating myself from aritles and posts on this and similar forums.

    It has been almost 5 years since I started my gc process and am really looking for ways that might make it faster for people like me and future applicants going forward and I really appreciate what IV is doing in this direction.

    I apologize if my poll, thread or intentions came across as anything but the above. Also, I will change my username, it has "iv" and may have lead others to interpret my messages as from IV.

    Please post this message in that thread for me. It looks like "Separate bill for legal immigrants from CIR provisions" thread is closed.


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  • eastindia
    09-23 11:14 AM
    As long as greedy corporations like microsoft exist noting will happen to H1B program..its the economy that's it ..once it start moving up h1b will become l1b and the import of cheap labor starts once again guys are just spreading fear nothing else ....

    You hate Microsoft because you cannot a job there. Why don't you spend time upgrading your skills and get rid of your hatred for H1B workers.

    If you think it is too much for you and you would rather blame Immigrants for your incompetence, then you may want to try apply as a Janitor in Microsoft or Google. Maybe they will hire you. You can then tell all your friends that you work for Microsoft. :D


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  • gccovet
    09-05 04:53 PM
    I have GC for about a month now. I plan on taking up Corp-to-Corp, Independent, 1099 and W2 contracts. For corp-to-corp contracts I would like to incorporate a company if I can save on taxes over the 1099 contracts. I am also
    in the process of engaging a CPA. Do you advise incorpating a LLC or S-Corp or a C-corp ?


    LLC is the best way to go, just one drawback , per current market situation (financial situation), banks might be reluctant to provide a loan etc. but if you have a VC or capital, go for LLC. the best way to go.
    Good luck.

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  • EndlessWait
    06-20 01:51 PM
    I would suggest to go with EAD and AP for spouse as its better then H1B.

    You don't have to stick one employee if spouse has EAD and she doesn't need to find job in perticular field if she has EAD...

    But for you, I would say just use H1B as long as you can.

    i concur. i'm applyin for ead and ap for her. When the time comes, she wont use ap to enter. but for now.. what the heck..thanks guys


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  • hemasar
    06-22 09:38 AM
    Due to time contraints doctor sent me for a chest x-ray and skipped the TB skin test. Chest x-ray came back negative. Question: Is a TB skin test required if a chest x-ray is negative? No remarks were made as to why TB skin test was not given. Should suggest, to a reasonable person, that no active TB is present

    My colleague told me that he took only chest X-ray and not done skin test he got his GC.

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  • snathan
    04-08 04:08 PM
    Visa Bulletin For May 2011 (

    Employment- Based All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01AUG06 01JUL06 C C
    3rd 22AUG05 15APR04 15APR02 08SEP04 22AUG05
    Other Workers 08SEP03 22APR03 15APR02 08SEP03 08SEP03



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  • skd
    01-12 02:17 PM
    Skd, it was nice of you .. I gave you green :)

    God Bless everyone and everywhere.

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  • gk_2000
    01-26 09:41 PM
    Can he add an amendment to divide spillover equally between EB2 and EB3 India. This will help a lot.

    Seeing the number of reds of this kind of views, I feel IV should split into two camps, red and green. Then I will also start expressing these views and embrace red....

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  • maverick_joe
    02-12 03:25 PM
    gc_bulgaria, whos is the primary on your application? you or your spouse?and who falls under ROW?

    These are the following I used on top of the stupid cover letter that I am sure they dont see.

    1. Talk to Congressman's office
    2. Letters and faxes to USCIS
    3. AILA liason (through your lawyer).

    In my case the lawyer's connections helped. Even though my PD is current now as per VB, till they reach my notice date, they will not touch it.

    07-19 10:22 AM
    My understanding is that to file for I-485 one needs to be in valid non-immigrant status (which your spouse does not have as of july 17th). After a valid I485 filing, there is a relief of 180 days as per 245(K). I could be wrong. It was a serious mistake not to have filed before July 16th. But nevertheless worth a try. If USCIS does not reject the filing, you need to be careful, not to let your spouse stay inside US beyond 180 days counting from July 16th. Since at a later stage, should the application be denied,a lot more can go wrong.

    10-02 10:10 AM
    you could try getting a letter from university that you had completed all the requirements for your degree in 2000 but your degree was formally awarded in 2002

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