Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • dalishi
    10-13 02:45 PM
    Is it mandatory to wear business formal? I am going to get visa stamping with my wife, she is applying for H4.


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  • mhtanim
    06-10 02:40 AM
    Wow.. one should wonder why USCIS wants its' own documents. Don't they have any way to track someone's immigration records in their system?

    Anyway, as somebody else has mentioned - you should consult with an experienced attorney.

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  • kirupa
    03-31 01:56 PM
    I e-mailed my colleague ( who worked on this, and she suggested checking the PDF compatibility button before exporting. Does your file have that option?

    Kirupa :)

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  • huh
    12-08 03:35 PM
    Is the 15 months counted from the filing date or the audit reply date?

    Mine was filed on Oct. 07' and still stuck in audit. It disgusts me just by thinking about this...



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  • skagitswimmer
    June 7th, 2005, 08:00 AM
    Thanks again. What threw me was that even though the detail was blown there was lots of colour. It is not like when it gets blown to white by direct sunlight.

    The shot we are all talking about was originally in RAW, by the way.

    This is the time in a while that I have identified a problem that wouldn't be solved with a large expenditure of cash

    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant. [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

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  • cbrnet
    06-10 02:10 PM
    I was tested positive with the skin test and by chest x-ray turned out to be negative. Also my family doctor prescribed a medication for 6 months course and I got the letter from the doctor after 6 months confirming the course of medication. The USCIS sent an RFE when they were about to process my I-485 and I sent the letter from the doctor confirming my chest x-ray was negative and the letter supporting the completion of 6 months medication.



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  • smuggymba
    04-21 02:07 PM
    Central PA

    really depends where your office is, does ur wife work (r u married) and do you have school going kids (school district stuff)

    many things to juggle and prioritize.

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  • WeldonSprings
    02-25 03:01 PM
    USCIS can pre-adjudicate a case, even when visa numbers are not available. This means that USCIS processes all the application, but just waits for a visa number to finalize it.

    The processing date listed is the received date of the oldest case that they have not adjudicated or pre-adjudicated yet (maybe due to some problem). It does not mean that cases filed after April 2007 are or will not be adjudicated.


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  • schandwani
    08-15 08:32 AM
    oye chappan... ever been to indore?
    there is a small shops complex there called chappan dukaan... very famous hangout place for all indorians... just remembered :)

    ya specially rambabu ke paranthe , and johnny ka hotdog ..,..

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  • anilsal
    08-02 12:46 AM
    it is not luck or wishful thinking, it is legislation that is needed to get things our way? For this to happen, IV has to continue its efforts and for that to happen, all of you (if you already are, ignore) should consider becoming contributing members of IV and share some of the advocacy efforts of IV.

    You up for the challenge? If not, please wither away ;)


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  • Gravitation
    10-23 10:30 AM
    One common misconception is that there's a "quota" for each country. There's none.

    The number 2600 is actually the upper limit. It means that no one country should get more visa numbers than 2600.

    The total number of EB3 visa numbers for the whole world is 40,000. There's no entitlement here. There's no guarantee of all visa numbers being issued. There's no minimum number of visas that a specific country is sure to get...

    If there's a demand for more than 2600 for a specific country, it's said to be oversubscribed. If the total demand from all countries remains below 40,000, the remaining visa numbers may overflow to the oversubscribed countries.

    Once again, it's perfectly within the law to issue less than 40,000 visa numbers. It's a limit, not a quota.

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  • yabadaba
    06-22 09:40 AM
    My colleague told me that he took only chest X-ray and not done skin test he got his GC.
    hemasar....dont give wrong information. Just becuse your colleague said that he got it does not make it a law. Please be prudent in providing correct legal information!


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  • onemorecame
    08-21 04:14 PM
    There were twobiometrics. One was with initial application (probably Nov/Dec 2005) and another was in May 2007 when the first one expired (FP is valid for 15 months).

    are you in EB2?

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  • waitingnwaiting
    01-19 12:32 PM
    Let us start a thread to list of EB3 Immigrants that have done well in USA.

    We always say Einstein or Noble prize winner names. But those people are EB2 or EB1. What about EB3 that is most backlogged. There will be lot of great people who came in this category. Let us find their names and list here.


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  • srh1
    10-28 07:03 PM
    can any one reply to this thread please

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  • rc0878
    09-23 09:58 AM
    what does the priority date column on the recipt notice say?

    Does it show the actual priority date or is it blank or something else?


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  • quizzer
    11-01 05:39 PM

    I'm trying to see the list of people who applied EB2 at NSC in 2006 and still waiting for updates/result.

    Please keep updating this thread with ur dates and updates like if any SR was raised, any LUD's after ND etc.

    Mine RD is Dec 11 updates till now.SR was raised on 20th oct 2007.

    We will try to track if people get updates after posting here.


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  • vinabath
    05-15 01:04 PM
    What a coincidence.....

    1. EB3 I-140 ceritified - Feb2003. - Salary 60K (Soft Developer)
    2. EB2 - Labor approved -Oct 2005 Waiting for PD to port - Salary 80k ( IS manager)

    I do not know what to do, I am thinking couple of situations.

    I. File 485 with EB3.

    Low Salary Requirements,
    Generic Job Duties,
    Easy to use AC21,
    Already approved I-140

    Possible retrogression,
    So more wait before realizing the dream of actual freedom.

    II. File 485 with EB2 labor (concurrent filing)

    Less chance of retrogression.
    Quicker path to GC.

    I-140 denial chances
    more money to spend for I-140 and PP
    Difficult to use AC21 - difficult to find managerial job with 80K salary in Midwest.

    Someone please tell us that we can replace/upgrade the underlying I-140 tagged to 485 application.

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  • GooblyWoobly
    07-18 06:56 PM
    I may be wrong on Q2 but on Q1 I am 100% certain that unless you file your 485 under the new fee structure ($1010), you will have to pay the new EAD fee each year when you renew your EAD.

    New EAD is for 340$. So, what you are saying is, I pay 340$ now to apply and 340$ every year to renew? That'd suck big time.

    04-13 12:49 PM
    I am not 100% sure but when you are on H1B should'nt you be working from where your LCA was approved for? In OP's case, its remote work but outside USA, in that case I am not sure
    1. if the LCA filed will any longer be valid and that might cause issues with labor dept
    2. what happens when USCIS finds out that you left the country and physically not present in USA and still running payroll in USA plus also the LCA is no longer valid, this might be an issue when your renewal comes up. your payroll can be run when you are not in the country?what are the tax implications? you need to have a physical address in US to file taxes, is'nt it? without an address in the specified location and specific state, you will be considered as non-resident.

    when you file taxes as non-resident but a resident of a different country, then you will have to understand the tax treaties between the USA and the resident country and file taxes accordingly.

    You might want to talk to an immigration attorney as well as someone who specializes in taxes(not just CPA, but an attorney who understands tax laws). I dont think this can be as simple as others mentioned. this is just my opinion and I could be wrong. talk to legal experts.

    In my company 3 of my collegues are doing exactly this. All are representing US company in the offshore development centre. there payrolls are run here in US, they are in India and all there expenses are paid by US company. They pay taxes here in US show some friends address and there 485 is also in progress
    I am on H1b and also travel a lot at times upto 4 months. (same LCA issue should be true for me also) but never had an issue....

    But I hear you, so better check with an lawyer and have a complete picture, but as I say this is completely doable.

    05-30 03:17 PM
    Also when quitting what is the must-have documents we need to secure before leaving employer X.

    Can someone please reply on this

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