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nina dobrev photoshoot 2011

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  • shishya
    09-27 12:43 AM
    Am on H1B and have already applied for 485 (EB2 I May 2006). I am not sure if I am allowed to day trade in the current status. By day trading I mean not just investing in stocks and not just buying and selling stocks in a single day -- I am asking about making perhaps 10 trades in a day (5 rounds of buy, sell)? I understand IRS can call you out to be a full-time trader but the rules for this are not laid out clearly, as far as I can understand. Anyone out there with relevant links/personal experience on this one? Would really appreciate your feedback.


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  • akhilmahajan
    07-01 04:31 PM
    It all depends upon the school. You just need to show them that your 485 is pending and you have AP with you, you have used it or not does not matter. But the most important thing is to convince the school. One of the senior members, had posted their own experience and it has helped me a lot to get the FAFSA approved for my spouse. Let me know if you have any questions. I will also try to find that thread.

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  • Brad
    May 23rd, 2005, 01:47 PM
    Hey, good job on these photos. I've been down there before and I've noticed that you really have about a 10 minute window just after the sun comes up and before the sun goes down when the light pulls out details and colours out of the rock that you never saw before!

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  • CantLeaveAmerica
    04-01 11:05 AM
    Here is the answer! Your filing date was July2, 07. If you filed with NSC, in Feb they had moved their processing dates to July 18th. So your case was assigned to officer for review and he called for interview!.

    Then he made a decision: Case approvable pending visa availability!

    Hope that helps!

    Yes, what Vinnysuru said makes sense completely and seems to be the apt explanation for your case. I have a question though if I may ask?
    What did the Immigration officer ask you and what were your answers? Any input from you will be appreciated by all of us if someone here gets an interview call too :)


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  • rheoretro
    11-09 11:39 AM
    Now that the restrictionists blew the election for the Republicans, they're desperately trying to rally their remaining troops and keep up their morale using immigration scare tactics....

    If the Dems could vote against HR 4437 and for S 2611 in an election year and still win the majority, whose going to care for this piece of S#*t?

    Another interesting observation: Its back to being called a Bush-McCain-Kennedy Amnesty....not the Reid-Kennedy Amnesty...

    �* Mark Krikorian is executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies and an NRO contributor.

    Nice work, purgan. Center for Immigration studies has long been opposed to legal immigration (in that it wants to decrease numbers). I personally can't stand Steve Camarota's sick/twisted views...

    Interestingly enough, this article appeared in NR, founded by none other than Bill Buckley, himself, the arch conservative. Somehow these guys don't get it...

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  • jediknight
    07-26 09:59 AM
    Good advice with different viewpoints.

    My advice is "Look for a good mentors" with who you can discuss your situation in detail.

    My preference is

    This works better in the long term :-)

    - JK


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  • cheg
    07-20 04:44 PM
    Based on our experience, my husband's lawyer applied for I-140 premium processing and after it was approved we were able to file for an extension of 3 years since I-485 is still retrogressed and we got approved for that one as well.

    My 6 yrs are getting over in Jan 2008.
    1. Can I apply for H1 extension request for 3 yrs instead of EAD?
    2. Or with EAD?

    Excuse me but I am a novice here.

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    11-13 08:04 PM
    This is due to the change of address. The receipts which were returned to USCIS will be mailed back to your new address based on ur address from Ar-11 database. Nothing to worry. I had the same status and today I received the receipts which were returned back to them from my previous address.

    I asked her if it is change of address they sent she is not sure but she said usually it is the card when Current Status: is "Document mailed to applicant."

    She put in a service request for me and she some one is going to contact me in 30 business days.


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  • eb3_nepa
    08-25 12:54 PM
    I work for Company A, applied i-485 and both got EAD & AP.She is the dependent.
    My Wife works for Company B which sponsored her H1.

    So, I guess she cannot continue to work on H1(company B) upon returning using AP(got as my dependent thru Company A) !!!?? am I correct?

    As per my laywer, you should be able to work for an H1B and still re-enter using an AP. However for questions like these it is best to consult a GOOD attorney.

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  • clif
    06-12 07:56 AM
    If an employer fires an employee and continues to give severance pay for a couple of months, do they usually cancel H1B immediately or wait for the period of severance pay before cancelling H1B?


    One of my friends got fired from a company and the company made him to sign a document that he was resigning. This guy somehow signed it so that he could get his salary. The employer eventually paid him the salary after signing the resignation document.

    Few questions about his H1B visa.

    1. How many days can he legally stay in the US before he finds one more job gets new H1B.

    2. Can he transfer his H1B visa to a new company or does he need to apply for a new H1B visa (which is within the cap)?

    3. Incase if he doesn't find a job within the legally permitted time, what are his options apart from going back?

    4. Will he have any problem when he tries to transfer his H1B after the legally permitted time?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can please help me with this questions.

    Thank you very much!


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  • Green.Tech
    08-05 06:09 PM
    I am not sure this will count as an illegal behavior. Of course, I am not a lawyer. But companies typically ask for relocation reimburesement and lawyer expenses, etc. to be paid back pro-rated, in case the employee leaves within a year or so.

    Again, this is not really asking for money for labor, but just making sure that the company gets their expenses back in case employee leaves within an year.

    Btw, I do not have any such agreement with my company. But I think this is standard. Unfair, maybe. Illegal? I dont know....

    Good point!

    For one, my employer contract (which I haven't signed yet) says that I will need to reimburse for ALL GC related fee that they have incurred on my behalf if I leave ANYTIME during my GC application is pending. I know such contracts are common (or are they?) but I am not sure if they can ask me to reimburse them for labor cert fee (which as per DOL is employers responsibility) or even for that matter any other application fee (which I understand are employers responsibility as well?). So, basically they can contract me for all the legal fee (attorney fee) but not ALL fee.

    More thoughts?

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  • jkays94
    05-04 02:17 PM
    COOPER: Along the gulf coast today, First Lady Laura Bush was a very big hit. The one-time librarian zeroed in on an enormous need. Katrina destroyed library collections throughout the region. Mrs. Bush came with a gift of half a million dollars from her foundation's gulf coast library recovery initiative. CNN's John King caught up with her. They talked polls, anthems and immigration.


    KING: One of the debates in the country right now is about immigration reform, illegal immigration. And one of the controversies is this new Spanish language version of the national anthem. Your husband the president said he thinks it should only be in English. But if you go to the State Department website, you can find it in I think four languages. Secretary Rice said she's heard a rap version of the national anthem.

    LAURA BUSH, FIRST LADY: We've all heard a lot of different versions like at the Super Bowl every year. I don't think there's anything wrong with singing it in Spanish. The point is it's the United States' national anthem. And what people want is it to be sung in a way that respects the United States and our culture.

    KING: Is that an issue on which you disagree with your husband, he says it should be sung in English?

    BUSH: Well I think it should be sung in English, of course.

    KING: But you also said it -- BUSH: But you know it's like reading hymns in the hymnal. I love it when I look at the bottom of "Amazing Grace" and there are the words in the Methodist hymnal in Swahili. I think that's great.

    KING: Another by product of these demonstrations has been crowds of tens of thousands, many of them holding the Mexican flag. Even supporters of their cause say they find that offensive. That it's the United States of America, if you want rights, if you want status in the United States of America, don't be waving a Mexican or an El Salvadorian, some other country's flag in our face. Do you agree with that?

    BUSH: I think this is a very, very sensitive issue that immigration is. A lot of people have stood in line for a long time and done everything they can do to be accepted as legal citizens of the United States. And it's unfair to think that other people will have the chance to get in front of them when they've abided by the rules.

    KING: As you know, voter anger, the country's anger at what they perceive to be a slow federal response is one of the reasons your husband's poll ratings have slumped considerably. He's now in the mid-30s in most poll ratings. They're using the term in Washington, many are, "lame duck." He can't like that.

    BUSH: No I'm sure he doesn't like. I don't like that either, obviously. When you're elected for a second term, and there are term limits, then of course you start off in some ways as the lame duck. I still know that my husband's going to be very effective and has been very effective and that his agenda that he ran on in the last election in 2004, he will be able to get through. We have a lot of problems. We have -- there are a lot of challenges facing our country. Besides, obviously, this major challenge of the devastated gulf coast.


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  • FinalGC
    12-02 01:21 PM
    If your company is paying for GC, then go ahead and apply for GC and hope 140 will be approved, so that u can apply for H1.

    Yes you have run out of time, since you have already crossed the 365 day limit before 6 year ends, before which u needed to apply for GC. Otherwise you could have applied for H1 renewal based on GC application. Now u have only 3 options.

    1. Go back to India after 6year expires
    2. Hope 140 gets approved before sept 30, 09 and apply for premium processing h1 if you want h1 to be done quickly
    3. Convert to can send the papers for F1 to your college and you can have that available without affecting your H1, until u begin using F1 status

    hope that helps

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  • priderock
    03-27 09:55 AM
    It is truly amazing how people give advise on legally sensitive issues without verifying the facts. People go to the lengths of suggesting work off the books in an open forum (Admin was right to cut him/her off right away).

    It is always good idea to consult a lawyer on these matters. You may be breaking the law unwittingly.

    AFAIK (I am not a lawyer, consult a lawyer) , you can't work even for free if that job is NOT usually done for free. For example you can't work as a developer for a software development company for free.You may call it volunteer work but it has to be truly volunteer work, meaning others also do this work as volunteers.


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  • priti8888
    10-02 12:30 PM
    In June/July 2007 they allocated visa numbers to various applications based on RD.

    Say Mr A with a PD of 2004 applied for 485 on July 23.
    But Mr B with a PD of 2005 applied for 485 in 2005 or anytime before July 2007.

    Mr B may be assigned a visa number and you will see his aproval anytime from July-Oct 2007. Since he already applied 485 , his name check, FP, etc is clear and case is pre-adjudicated.

    Therefore, inspite of the fact that Mr B 's PF is not current, you will still see approvals in August, sept, oct.

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  • sinhakavinash
    08-13 05:42 PM
    Texas Service Center :rolleyes:


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  • srkamath
    08-05 06:15 PM
    It is illegal for the foreign employee to pay or to reimburse the employer (or even agree to a reduced salary) to cover the costs of the foreign labor certification process. There are no exceptions to this - there is no varied interpretation either. The labor certification will be denied or revoked if the foreign applicant had any role to play in the recruitment process.

    Disclaimer - This is my understanding, i'm not a lawyer.

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  • javadeveloper
    09-27 04:30 PM
    Hi All,

    I received the I-485 reciept notice yesterday from my lawyer (see below for my info), but the alien number on I-485 is different from the number on my approved I-140. My I-140 has a number starting with A099, but my I-485 reciept notice has a number starting with A088. Someone in this forum mentioned that A099 is for the primary applicant and A088 is for the dependant. I am the primary applicant for I-485, so if it is true, I should get A099, not A088. I am not sure if I can have two different alien numbers or if this is a mistake by USCIS. Is anyone in the same situation?

    I am sorry if this issue is discussed previously (I couldn't find the related thread). I would greatly appreciate your input.
    Thank you very much.

    EB1 ROW
    PD: 08/2006
    140: approved in 06/2007 (NSC)
    485 (self and spouse): RD: 07/06/2007; RN: 09/12/07 (NSC)
    765 (self and spouse): RD: 07/06/2007; RN: 09/12/07 (NSC)
    131 (self and spouse): RD: 07/06/2007; RN: 09/12/07 (NSC)
    FP notice recieved on 09/24/07
    FP appointment (self and spouse): 10/16/07

    I have same issue:

    My paralegals response:
    He gave USCIS's Ph# and asked me to call them

    USCIS's response:
    Don't worry , during 485's approval time USCIS will find that I have two A#'s and consolidate those two numbers.

    Now as per other members , do I need to raise this issue with IO at the time of Finger printing??? If we do what we can expect from IO at FP office?

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  • invincibleasian
    02-20 06:34 PM
    I used the data from this webite to apply for FOIA for I-140

    08-10 04:25 PM
    A woman who was traveling alone in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream.

    The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, the woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his great fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime.

    But a few days later he came back to return the stone to the woman. "I've been thinking," he said, "I know how valuable the stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone."

    The woman smiled, "The joy of giving!"

    07-30 01:57 AM
    "Funny reply:
    Way to use your reproductive system to get ahead in line bro? If your father had had this idea, you wouldn't be here on these forums, but surfing on laguna beach with a cold martini and semi white chick.
    another way of saying.. "stand in line & wait your turn""

    *I've* done that. Maybe you guys need to get out more :p

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