Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • smileyslimey
    11-30 08:59 AM

    My current H1 expires in Nov 2007 and I am working in the oil and gas field. I am also pursuing an MBA which will end in mid-2008. My current employers have started the PERM process and hopefully I will have an approved I-140 by mid 2007, so that I can get renewals at that time.

    The question is that if I want to shift to another industry, say consulting or supply chain management, after my MBA is over, can I get a new H1 from my would-be employers? That is while I am on my current I-140 renewal with an oil and gas job description? I will have exceeded my 6yrs by then, anyway.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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  • stuckinmuck
    05-30 01:27 PM
    Have written to my Immigration Coordinator who will confirm with the company lawyer if this rule applies to 'pending' I-140 approvals or will 'filed' and 'approved' I-140 (prior to May-15-07) be safe.

    Will let you know his response.

    Contribution so far: $1000
    Webfaxes sent to all Senators
    Emails sent to Senators, Representatives, Reporters

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  • puskeygadha
    12-03 10:22 AM
    thanks so much guys
    my labor is in bpc
    I still have 18 months in H1B. but after I get my I140 I will switch
    if I feel that I cant file 485 for a while

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  • collkaverill
    09-04 12:32 PM
    This is an interesting article. My younger brother works for Wipro in India. He has a H1 Visa and work permit for U.K. He highly prefers London to US for several reasons. Firstly, he saves more money there (it used to be other way round a while back). Secondly, if he gets married, she won't be stuck at home for lack of visa... Currently he is here in US temporarily but when he goes back to India, he is going to ask for a longterm project in UK. Certainly doesn't want to come here on a longterm project. More importantly he doesn't want to settle permanently anywhere except in India.

    I feel bad for getting stuck in this country. My wife is a doctor and her prospects anywhere except in US are very dim. But if I would have been married to an IT girl, I would have strongly persued oppurtunities else where. World is big and for IT folks oppurtunities are abundant everywhere...


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  • dixie
    08-16 01:51 PM
    Australia is another option.
    The trouble with all these options is they are developed countries alright, but at least for techies, these countries just dont have a solid job market. I have friends who immigrated to Australia, got their PR and citizenship in 3 years and are now looking to immigrate to US !! Welcome to IV is all I can tell them.

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  • raghureddy
    03-18 07:15 PM
    No it is not dead as i am still renewing my EAD with the same company. My H1 was denied as USCIS was asking about the client info after my project was over.


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  • gkaplan
    04-23 12:35 PM
    Hello thanks for the reply.
    By applying for a petition did you mean:
    - give the job advertisement in a newsletter,
    - get the LCA
    - then apply for a petition - I-129
    >> what is the time frame for this petition application?
    - apply for the waiver (i mean J1 applies and gets it lets say in 2-3 months)
    >> i'll be still working with my J2 EAD, during waiver comes.
    - once the waiver comes, then what is the procedure?\

    Thanks again!

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  • Appu
    04-08 05:56 PM
    I am not sure why you think Sensenbrenner will be receptive to the problems of legal immigrants. Here's a summary of the legal immigration clauses he put in HR4437 - they are not there by accident:

    Make it harder for legal permanent residents to become citizens. Legal immigrants who have waited
    patiently for the chance to become U.S. citizens may have their dreams dashed by this bill. It would:
    � Allow government bureaucrats to deny citizenship to any legal permanent resident on a whim;
    � Permit the government to keep the reason for that denial a secret;
    � Eliminate a judge�s power to override a mistake DHS made in denying citizenship; and
    � Change the rules of the game so that long-time legal permanent residents can be barred from citizenship
    and deported, even if they were never convicted of a crime or it was a minor offense from decades ago.


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  • immi_seeker
    07-12 11:57 PM

    Just wanted to know about your EAD: Which Center you have applied ? NSC/TSC. What date they have received. My EAD Renewal is pending, and I wish to change job. :confused:

    Appreciate your reply. Anyways, You should not be worrying too much on EAD, as your PD is current now, and youshoudlget the Card in coming months. :)


    Center is NSC. They recieved the Application on june 19th

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  • Green06
    08-24 10:48 AM
    Vivek Wadhwa spoke very nicely and hit right at the core of the EB Immigration issues and backlog. I talked to him along with my wife and told our story. I also told that lot of people like me will be opting Canada or Australia or even go back to India if the EB Immigration issues are not fixed. If US doesn't fix its Immigration Policies for Skilled Immigrants then they go back to their home countries or other contries who know their worth. This is our most productive age and we won't waste it.

    I will try finding the recording of the show and post it here.


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  • mzdial
    March 15th, 2004, 01:37 AM
    I'm guessing this topic was spurred by my post about the cameras I carry.. :-)

    I didn't buy that particular phone for the camera, it was built-in.. Quality isn't great and you know that going in that -- it's a toy.

    It does have some nice options on the phone, especially when the phone is reprogrammed. (I have a buddy that works for Motorola up in Chicago.) All the options on the phone are open now on it. That was my particular motivation in the phone. I use the GPRS on the phone to transmit pictures on occasion from my powerbook (plugs in via USB -- works as a GPRS modem or a standard 9600 baud analog modem) .. Very nice. It's got the built-in POP/IMAP message center and all that good stuff too.

    I'll take a couple pictures with it and post it here tomorrow when I get a chance.

    -- Matt

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  • swarnapuri
    06-26 12:48 PM
    There is a news in news article thread that Senators Cantwell & Kyl have proposed a amendment which will open up a parallel employer sponsored GC path. Anyone has information regarding this amendment?


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  • vphope
    02-18 05:28 PM
    Hi boston_guy147

    Are there any OPT Electrical Engineer positions?
    A friend is looking ..
    Is there an email/ph to contact you?


    This is possibly a repeat/trivial question for the gurus here - but I am seeking latest upto date information. So here it goes..

    I have been on H1B since Oct06 ( after OPT), working for the same company as Electrical Engineer in full time position. I haven't traveled to India ( or anywhere out of US) since Aug 2003 when I came here for my MS.

    I am planning to travel to India this Dec and probably to UK in July. And so I planned to get my H1B stamped from Canada in May/June. But my company attorney has advised me that its better to go for stamping in India - as because of the Tech Alert List, there have been significant delays for some people.

    I wanted to know if anybody has any real time experience. And what is the advise of the gurus - India or Canada?

    Thanks a lot - your help is much appreciated!

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  • venky08
    08-06 03:05 AM
    capturing visa numbers would put an end to our misery. and increasing the employment based visa will pave way for future immigrants. handling a few thousand more cases is not a big deal for USCIS(there may be performance issues but not like difficulty of hiring more people to do the stuff!). don't get panicky about the number. it should be lot less than you would think.


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  • Administrator2
    09-07 01:25 PM
    IV Core,

    I have chosen to participate in the Law makers meeting and received the Talking points ( no confirmed appointments yet)

    I know IV has tailored it's agenda after much thought and deliberation. However, it's my personal opinion that some points may need to be tailored based on the party affiliation of the law maker we are speaking to, as one size doesn't fit all.

    Pro-labor demands may find resonance with a Congressman of labor background, but may not sit well the pro-employer Republican. ( point 5 of IV agenda). Also Point 7 may not be liked by a Democrat as it places haves before the havenots.

    My question is can we tailor it based on whom we are speaking to or keep it standard if some points are disliked by the lawmakers?

    I haven't mentioned the actual points as I'm not sure if they can be discussed here. Is it okay to discuss it here? Or is it better discussed offline?

    Could we just keep the focus of this thread to encourage more members to send the information required to setup the meetings on Sept 17th? Your comments may be important and you may have a valid concern, but mixing all the information and individual meeting view-points is going to create a chaos.


    If you have any question, could you please simply send an email? Volunteers working on this effort are working day in and day out and they are not going to come to this thread to read your post and to answer your question. Your post is relevant, but somewhere else. It is not helping what we are trying to do on this thread. You apparently have the documents so that means you know which email to write your comments/concerns.

    Hope you understand what we are trying to say.

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  • acepb
    04-16 12:06 PM
    ...on your news...and thanks for your continued commitment to IV!


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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-18 01:24 PM
    Just got email from Buffalo Can Immi Office - Just the Principle applicant needs to take the IELTS test.

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  • beautifulMind
    07-16 01:02 PM
    Feed from my lawyer

    Several sources have now reported that high-level agency discussions on solutions to the July 2007 Visa Bulletin crisis are underway and could result in a new opportunity for certain eligible foreign nationals to submit adjustment of status applications. Apparently, no final decision has been reached, and it is difficult to predict with absolute certainty what the final outcome will be or when an announcement might be made.
    __________________________________________________ _______

    Several sources have reported that high-level discussions are now taking place within the government concerning a possible solution to the July 2007 Visa Bulletin crisis. As a result of these discussions, there have been indications that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) could change course on its position regarding acceptance of applications for adjustment of status, in whole or in part, and create a new opportunity to submit adjustment cases. Some reports have indicated that cases submitted on July 2 will now be accepted for filing, while other reports have suggested that there will be a completely new window of opportunity to submit cases. Apparently, several options are being considered.

    Sources caution that the government has not reached a final decision on this matter, and there are no concrete details concerning the mechanics of any future filing opportunity. It is important to note that in the current climate of swift policy reversals and rampant rumors, it is possible that any tentative agreement on reopening an adjustment submission period could falter

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  • sina
    04-16 08:47 AM
    I am also planning on changing location from one state to another but the job is still with the same company (just moving to a different branch). My lawyer said it will not affect my GC but I have to get a new LCA for my H1. I still do not understand how this will not affect my GC (I have a approved 140 and waiting to file 485). Is there a way this is possible like if the labor is filed from the corporate office and has nothing do with branch locations?
    I just want to make sure it is safe before I move.

    Any help is appreciated.

    12-21 04:36 PM

    12-12 04:34 PM
    My question is if the AP has an expiration date, does the officer's parole stamp supercedes that or not? thanks


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