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map of canada and usa with cities

map of canada and usa with cities. map of canada and usa with
  • map of canada and usa with

  • jthomas
    04-03 03:03 PM
    Answer to question 1 :- You cannot work for two employers and take pay checks from both of them at the same time.(being in H1B)

    Answer to question 2 :- When you are looking ot switch jobs and do a H1B transfer. The receipt would take around 2 weeks. Unless you get the receipt you cannot move to your new job. Your new employer has to file the petition. Some fees such as fraud fee $500/- and another $1500/- needs to be paid by your employer and not by you. Attoneys fee can by paid by anybody. Take any average immigration lawyer. my suggestion, Its worth paying to a good lawyer than taking any stress down the road.
    I had consulted Visa pro and asked them couple of questions.Their consulancy fee was not expensive 4 years back.
    3. I would wait till the H1B receipt. I don't know this answer.


    Hi there,
    this is going to be a bit complicated but I'd appreciate any thoughts (or even just the advice to go get a/which lawyer for this one)....

    Anyway, I am on an H1B right now but am going to switch jobs. My understanding is that once the new petition is filed I can start working for the second employer. I also would like to travel home during this time... So, here are my questions:

    - Can you work for 2 employers at the same time while making the switch?
    - How long does it take to file a petition (can i/my new employer do that myself)? If no, any advice on which lawyer to pick??? Anybody heard of Visa PRO?
    - Is traveling to my home country OK while filing the petition or is it better to wait until I come back?

    Thanks a lot!

    map of canada and usa with cities. map of canada and usa
  • map of canada and usa

  • dbevis
    March 14th, 2004, 08:32 PM
    Nope. I do have email in it, but found that useless. I"m sort of a bipolar technogeek, I guess. Deep excess in some areas, total disdain in others.

    map of canada and usa with cities. map of canada and usa with
  • map of canada and usa with

  • parimmigv
    08-10 03:23 PM
    I searched for $20 but the link is no where found.

    map of canada and usa with cities. Map Of Canada And Usa Cities
  • Map Of Canada And Usa Cities

  • samsu
    03-22 08:31 AM

    My Situation is very similar to above mentioned and I would appreciate if someone can give comments.

    My I-485 was filed during July'07 and I-140 was approved during the same time but I was on H1 until Feb'10 working for employer directly and lost my job. I have found new job now starting March 15 but I am not going to transfer H1 and started working on EAD. I am not sure about filling AC21 as it might create unnecessary confusion and I don't want to miss out in case my date become current (Nov'06) due to spill over.
    Now, I have to travel internationally for work and will be using first time my AP but not sure how to answer question on my employer without filling AC21.

    I can bring AC21 memo and show them paycheck from last employer and new employer (with little more than one month gap in between) but not sure if that is enough. Let me know your suggestion.

    Also, my old employer will most likely not revoke 140.



    map of canada and usa with cities. United States and Canada
  • United States and Canada

  • seahawks
    06-26 09:07 PM
    Thank you, since it was something where the form was wrong, I have asked my attorney to respond, will post what he suggests, I just feel terrible that the onus is on us for not checking that USCIS. After all these years of wait, how can I over look this?

    map of canada and usa with cities. map of canada and usa with
  • map of canada and usa with

  • eb3retro
    02-24 03:49 PM
    To whom it may concern, please, help us. Everything we ever learned from the U.S. about truth and justice is suddenly being deprived of any meaning by the U.S. itself. The hardest part for us is believing that everything we�ve based our lives on � the American way, has no merit.

    I was deported from the United States of America on February 18, 2005. I lived there nearly 30 years since I was 20 months old, when my mother crossed the Rio Grande into the country with me illegally. I was given an opportunity to become legal under the NACARA law but was to afraid of being deported like Maricela Soza was under the same law and didn�t go through with the entire process. I have both a husband and a son who are U.S. citizens but I am permanently prohibited by Immigration law from immigrating to the United States, while at the same time I am allowed to visit. Due to my drug convictions amounting to possession of more than one count of 30 grams of marijuana. It�s Immigration law�s contradicting policies which I find disturbing.

    U.S. Immigration is concerned with their citizens� welfare but it is denying my husband�s and my son�s requests to have me back by their side for good. Although Immigration law will value my wish to receive admission into the United States. Needless to say I prefer returning, immigrating and remaining in the country by my family�s side. That�s not taking into account the fact that I am still homesick and continue experiencing culture shock in Nicaragua. What the Department of Homeland Security is doing to my family and I is cruel, inhumane and unpatriotic. No free country�s government has any business deciding how families should be formed or whose personal choice is agreeable or not. Like that of my son�s and husband�s choice to overlook my shortcomings and begin our lives over together again.

    The 212(d)(3) Waiver allows a visitor�s visa into the U.S. to be issued to an Alien like me if I show evidence of rehabilitation such as becoming a practicing professional with a U.S. job offer. Sometimes with lone proof of a bank savings account, school registration and satisfactory travel record. On the other hand there isn�t one waiver available for United States Citizens who wish to rebuild their lives with an Alien deported for any drug charge(s) of possession of more than one count of 30 grams of marijuana. Not only are Andrew�s(my son) and Thomas�(my husband) needs being ignored but my needs are being placed before their own. An act I dare name TREASON.

    How much more is the United States citizens� welfare secured if an Alien with an undesirable drug history enters the United States merely to visit and not to immigrate? Shouldn�t all United States citizens� needs and rights within and from their country � such as my husband�s and my son�s, come before any Alien�s need or right to receive admission into the U.S., including my own? Also, shouldn�t Family-Based Immigration take first place over �Alien travel� for any reason?

    I regret to say it�s these types of injustices with devastating consequences to the recipient�s and his/her immediate relatives� personal lives remaining raveled, much more unacknowledged that play a large role in the cause for conflict concerning disloyalty and unpopularity among U.S. citizens and foreign nationals inside and outside of the United States. I trust that once this oversight is brought to DHS�s attention they will not knowingly continue punishing my husband and my son for loving me, an Alien who once stumbled while attempting to survive in the U.S.. I�m afraid to imagine how many individuals involved in cases like my family�s and mine go on thinking that the U.S. is a bad country for having the audacity to pass judgment on them. I�ve had to believe there�s a glitch somewhere in immigration law caused by simple human error. I can�t accept that the U.S. I grew to know as a loving, Christian country with caring values is intentionally causing my loved ones and I grief. It goes without saying that as much as the United States has a duty to protect its citizens it also has a duty to be equally diplomatic toward foreigners and not continue persecuting the one or the other long after any condemning sentence has been exacted and executed. I know the United States of America will do right by my son, my husband, me, and the rest of its citizens and foreign nationals in our predicament.

    We want the 212(d)(3) Non-Immigrant Visas Waiver made into an Immigrant Visas Waiver for Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens to make sure United States citizens receive competent protection from the Department of Homeland Security and adequate protection from the United States of America. I believe a Waiver should be available to me for my deportation charge including possession of more than one count of 30 grams of marijuana so my husband and son can claim me and I can immigrate to the U.S.. But immigration law only makes such a Waiver available to Foreign Nationals who wish to travel to the U.S.(and who also have the same charge as me: deportation including possession of more than one count of 30 grams of marijuana). My husband�s and my son�s Freedom Of Belief civil liberty is being violated because their belief is being discriminated against. I am not able to immigrate to the U.S. because immigration law doesn�t allow me a Waiver enabling my husband or son to claim me successfully. If I had a Waiver available to me they wouldn�t have to be at this crossroads making their case public in the courts, therefore their Right To Privacy is also being violated as a result of their belief being discriminated against. Please, help bring justice to these afflicted, we need your input. How should we proceed?

    crap..who are you.???


    map of canada and usa with cities. Map of all trips in Canada/USA
  • Map of all trips in Canada/USA

  • piyu7444
    04-01 10:05 AM
    Yes I was called for an in person interview and after the interview was told that the case is approvable. All the checks have been done and I just need a visa # to get the GC. I do not know how and why I was called for interview but I was the amonst the day 1 filer in July 2007. My application had reached on Jul 2 2007.

    map of canada and usa with cities. printable canada us map with
  • printable canada us map with

  • GC_2007
    12-22 12:09 PM


    map of canada and usa with cities. Canada is a land of diversity
  • Canada is a land of diversity

  • chrisj
    01-17 07:26 PM
    Even if the amount is just $4000, if he win the case you will have to pay his lawyer fee too. I would suggest you to resolve this by giving the actual reason. He cannot bind her to the job for 4 years.
    You can talk and resolve. Most of the time if you pay back the filing fee, employers will be fine. no one want to go to court.

    map of canada and usa with cities. map of canada and usa with
  • map of canada and usa with

  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-15 04:39 PM

    Lets not repeat this type of threads. We recently had to ban ScratchingHead for similar type of threads. This diverts attention and energy. There are other money related forums and communities available.


    map of canada and usa with cities. map of canada and usa with
  • map of canada and usa with

  • qvadis
    04-02 11:37 PM
    I second morpheus suggestion to add more names to the list. Please, don't take any offense but I believe that it would be good to have some diversity.

    Some more immigrants:

    Andy Bechtolsheim, cofounder Sun,
    Safi Qureshey, cofounder of AST

    map of canada and usa with cities. BBC News - Canada offers an
  • BBC News - Canada offers an

  • ds37
    06-12 10:33 AM
    Why before October?

    Because Mahatma Gandhi was born on october.:):)

    His 6years end in oct 2010.



    map of canada and usa with cities. United States and Canada.
  • United States and Canada.

  • meridiani.planum
    08-12 05:40 PM
    if your applications are pending for over 6 months (approvable and your PD isc urrent for this long), file a writ of mandamus. Thats the only thing I have seen that moves USCIS to approve such old applications that are hiding behind the 'under background check' flag. Note that FBI namecheck is also now required to be completed within 180 days, so there is no excuse for an application to remain approvable but not approved beyond those timelines. talk to a good lawyer and pursue your case aggressively.

    map of canada and usa with cities. maps of major U.S. cities.
  • maps of major U.S. cities.

  • Ramba
    07-27 03:31 PM
    In very rare ocassions people get to know that their 485 is preadjudicated.

    Check out this case

    Now, once preadjudicated does not mean that your case may not be reviewed again (My thoughts)

    The good indication of anyone 485 is pre-adjudicated, if LUD changes continously for 3 or 4 days on their online account with uscis. To notice thist, one has to moniter every day. If they receive RFE, it is the good indication of the application will be pre-adjudicated based on the aswer to the RFE. If they recive answer to RFE, the LUD will normalyy change with in 10 days continously. Pre-adjudicatred does not mean that it is 100% pre-approved. They may ask a question at the time of approval, if the 485 is pending for pro-lonnged time after it is pre-adjudicated.


    map of canada and usa with cities. Map Of Canada And Usa Cities.
  • Map Of Canada And Usa Cities.

  • lakshman.easwaran
    07-20 02:35 PM
    Folks, I have been reading this. My lawyer send me G325 only. I haven't filed as of yet. Should I file G325A instead.

    Use G325A since it has four pages. Each page will be sent to different places written at the left bottom of each page. My lawyer sent me G325A.

    map of canada and usa with cities. United States, Canada
  • United States, Canada

  • BharatPremi
    04-13 11:40 AM
    What is this "Indian-American" animal? I still can not understand that term

    Can we a contact Indian/American organizations who can lend us support.
    1. Today I read news wherein an organization of Indian Businessmen,Lawyers.Doctors are organizing fundraiser for Hilary Clinton. They are giving lot of money for her campaign. These people already have contacts with number of senators. They can help us in our cause at different level.
    The Chairman of the organization in the news article Sant Singh Chatwal is a known hotilier in US.

    2. US-India Business Council is another such forum we can consider. Rediff has a news article wherein they are asking congress to increase H1s and make green card process easier. They have mentioned an address in Washington D.C
    H St, Northwest headquarters in Washington, DC.


    map of canada and usa with cities. MAIN CITIES. Canada:
  • MAIN CITIES. Canada:

  • asanghi
    02-26 02:48 PM
    No need for AP. If someone mails him the GC, he can get back to the U.S. with it.

    Please recheck your info before dispensing advice. Adjustment of Status application is based on premise that you are already present in USA. At the time approval, you should be present in USA. Thus the need for AP. If your Green card AOS application has been approved while you are out of country. You NEED AP to enter.

    map of canada and usa with cities. Map of the United States
  • Map of the United States

  • dazed
    07-19 07:35 AM
    If you are sponsoring your spouse, you need to submit an affidavit of support. It is I-134. This forms needs for you to submit bank statements, tax returns etc. with it.

    map of canada and usa with cities. printable map of northeastern
  • printable map of northeastern

  • eastindia
    04-22 09:28 AM
    So basically you are saying you cannot sue the people responsible for greencard problem.

    I think the only option left is to either sue God or sue yourself for your bad luck.

    08-31 01:42 PM
    OK so we're 1 million in the backlog. That could be a small country.

    Instead of spending hundreds of thousands on lobbying, we can just buy a piece of land somewhere (big enough to have a passport office building), get immediate citizenship in our new country and then USCIS will be able to process our GC applications within a year.

    Someone from Taiwan (and smaller neighboring countries) can get GC in 1 year but if you're from China you will wait 6-10 years. I am not sure of how much cultural differences exist between these two countries, all I know is that my Taiwanese friend speaks Chinese, goes to Chinese church. So much for diversity.

    So.. if anyone has the info on how to register a new country, I'd like to know.

    Sorry, its the wee hours and I just felt like posting this. Please close thread as and when desired.

    Sidenote: Hear IV Rally announcement on Dallas Radio ( in the following slots (Central Time)
    8/31:7.45am & 6pm;
    9/3: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/4: 7.45am & 6pm;
    9/5: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/6: 7.45am & 6pm;
    9/7: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/10: 9.25am & 6pm;
    9/11: 7.45am & 6pm;

    Also live discussion for few minutes about IV Rally on Saturday during immigration show at 3pm central

    Sponsored by members of TX chapter of IV ( &
    the Law offices of Sherin Thawer and TX chapter of IV

    Wanna know the fastest way to get a GC with no strings attached?. Apply in EB1 under "Foreign nationals that are managers and executives subject to international transfer to the United States". Here are the steps

    1) Work as a Manager/CEO/CFO in India (or) any other country for 2 years with a company that has a branch in US.

    2) Get tranferred to US branch of the company with the same designation and command a salary matching the prevailing wage for Manager/CEO/CFO at that location.

    3) You are all set to apply in EB1.

    10-13 10:08 PM
    How about spiderman style? Undies outside

    you mean Superman or Spiderman?:D

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