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  • aamchimumbai
    09-04 03:00 AM
    I called my Civil Surgeon yesterday and asked her if she was willing to fill out a new I-693 form because it has been changed. Well, she was willing to fill out but said the old data (May 2008) is not valid, precisely TB test/Blood work/Physical exam. I thought it was ridiculous because all she had to do was validate her own results from the last exam. She was open for validating any vaccination records but not her own tests that she conducted.

    I really don't want to spend $200/person again for the tests which she has already conducted. Anyways. I guess I'll have to pay her and get the new forms signed.

    Is anyone in the same situation?


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  • espoir
    06-21 05:56 AM
    As per my understanding, once you have a receipt notice for EAD and/or AP, it will be processed completely. Approval/rejection of EAD/AP is NOT linked with visa number availability. Many are under the misconception that they won't get their EAD and AP if the PD dates move back.
    Given the current and anticipated volume, one should expect delays in processing times.

    IN the same context, how about EAD.

    If I file I-485 and lets say the dates retrogess and my PD is not current, then as mentioned and if an EAD is not yet issued does the EAD issuance and I-485 both are "suspended" till PD becomes current or is it just the I-485...

    I guess what I want to ask is that is EAD linked to PD date ?

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  • terpcurt
    November 2nd, 2003, 10:46 AM
    i don't normally go for tricked-up stuff, but this one kind of hooked me. I did the "Ansel Adams" conversion to B&W which gave me a contrasty and "antique' look. Then I merged it with the original at about 45%.

    This gave the shot a very surreal look.


    Nice technique Don......... definitley gave it a ~look~ to it

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  • Hermione
    09-27 10:07 AM
    The article says: "After all, if the legal process was more efficient and less daunting, perhaps the illegal immigration problems wouldn't be quite so bad."

    I say, it is not perhaps, it is a given. When there is a legal remedy for any issue (not just immigration), then 9 out of 10 people would not go the illegal way.

    This is very much correct. And it is also the reason to position fixing immigration system as a remedy for both legal and illegal immigration. If you propose a help for legal immigrants, lawmakers are not going to listen to you as much as if you proposed something that fixes both legal immigration and encourages less illegal immigration in the future. It is that simple.


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  • dealsnet
    07-24 12:44 PM
    If your appeal for I-140 & I-485 in process, you are legal, and if you have unexpired EAD, you can work.

    If you have H1 renewed (less than 6 years) you can work irrespective of I-485 appeal result. If you are more than 6 years in H1B, you have to go back, if your appeal (MTR) is denied. (more than 6 years of extension is based on approved I-140)
    I have question Need Urgent reply

    I have H1B valid till FEB 2009 but it is not stamped on my passport. I entered in US with AP. and my I140 got denied I have sent the appeal and received the receipt for appeal. but after sending I140 appeal my I485 got denied. I have sent appeal for I485. Not received any receipt yet.
    I have renewed my EAD and travel document before I485 denial

    my question Is,am i legal to stay in US. I am just confused reading different posts with different response.
    can some some body help me understand this situation.

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  • Jim77
    10-15 12:31 PM
    You can buy a confirmed ticket to India, take an Infopass appointment, and tell the Immigration Officer of your urgency to travel to India. Give him a copy of the ticket, a copy of your AP LIN/SRC and he/she should be able to get it expedited for you hopefully. This is my experience, plus I feel you have enough time until January.


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  • diptam
    09-26 04:50 PM
    Even if your employer revokes I-140 the PD is locked - Make sure you have a Copy of 140 approval Receipt Notice and a copy of the Labor PD. When you file new GC or 485 application just ask your company's lawyer to slip in the old 140 instead of new 140.

    This is a real cool feature but make sure you have to maintain H status all the time - i'm here for 9 yrs and whenever i think about these maverick cool steps i stop at the point of H transfer , extension and fear of getting H denied.

    If employer revokes I-140 (even after 180 days) and I-485 get denied, you lose your old PD. So it's not set in stone.

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  • sonline
    05-20 06:01 PM
    Not favoring Wipro or quitting person here. General comment..

    we need to be careful and review all aspect of issues with mgr and HR before leaving service companies. If we really want to come and work in US then come as independent companies on H1. People keep quite and say 'yes' for everything until H1 is filed in offshore and once a high paid offer comes then leaving and start saying 'sue' this company etc.

    they pay fees for H1/air-fares/insurances for commitment for onsite work for some period. If person A goes out, they have to invest same amount of $ on new person B to get there and loosing credit at client also. Are these factors not overhead to these kind of companies?

    Becoming so much emotional for money matters is quite common. Be practical and think wisely and negotiate peacefully with HR/MGR. Sending mails with lot of anger and threats to companies etc really don't much help in practical life and things go worse. this kind of stories is not first time and has been going for many years, think it from both sides.

    Be practical, thinking peacefully. All the best.


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  • Green.Tech
    06-19 01:56 PM

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  • martinvisalaw
    10-07 02:04 PM
    I received my H-1B approval for one year but my I-797 arrived without an I-94....

    The notice also states that approved I-129 has been sent to Hyderabad Consulate upon request.

    Can someone provide some insight on how to proceed and what are the options? Is there a chance to obtain authorisation by re-entering through a POE? What does this mean to my future in the states. Please clarify.

    You need to leave the US and return showing the new approval notice. You may be able to just go to Canada or Mexico (depending on those countries' immigration rules) and return showing the old H-1B visa and the new approval. You should do this ASAP because you have been out of status for quite a while now.


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  • boreal
    09-23 12:07 PM
    Hi boreal,
    I had a problem with my wifes AP- they had not acted on it for 4 months I asked them to expedite it since we wanted to visit my father in law who was hospitalized for a medical condition- they did not respond to that request so I contacted my Senators office and asked if they could assist in this matter. They asked me for some medical documentation and faxed it to USCIS.. I noticed yesterday that her online status had changed to document mailed..we are still to get it but are optimistic that we should receive it soon.

    In the absence of any compelling circumstances though I am not sure how it would work. but I would definitely recommend contacting your Senators office.

    Thanks seeking_GC..i dont have such emergencies though...not visiting home country for four years probably wont qualify as an emergency :-)

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  • Wendyzhu77
    05-21 05:07 PM
    This is a very very special case, and using this case to prove the need for maintaining H1 is very shaky.
    If the one without valid status is an adult, leaving country will be no good because of the 10+ years out-of-status will lead to a huge bar of visa. So the only point is: the person happen to be under 18 and could have used that to avoid the visa bar. But, HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE A CHILD THAT HAS BEEN OUT OF STATUS FOR 10+ YEARS ???
    What's the good of paying to get an edge that you are never going to use? Of course, I definitely see it is good for the lawyer, since applying for H1 is almost 10 times more costly than applying for EAD!

    �You don�t need to extend your H-1B status, you�ve got an EAD!� If I read such a statement on a message board, I might understand that since the author was not trained as an immigration attorney, this may seem logical to him. However, when someone who is seeking my advice tells me that his former attorney told me this, I cringe. Why should someone with an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) not use it, but instead keep renewing their H-1B status? Consider this real life example: Last week, an Indian professional had a legal consultation with me. He had been in...

    More... (


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  • yabadaba
    06-22 09:43 AM
    any responce
    if u have tb... u have bigger problems than 485

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  • Sath thesmilingstar
    02-24 02:29 PM
    If you've used an AP to re-enter the country ..based on I-485 filing, you can apply for FAFSA.

    well,i dont know what is AP can you please tell me what it is..??


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  • abhaykul
    05-04 02:05 PM

    1) For 7 th yr extension your LC and I 140 have to be approved if your LC
    is less than 365 days old at the end of 6 th year.
    2) If your LC is more than 365 days at the end of 6 yrs it does not matter if it is approved or not you are still eligible for 7 th year extension.


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  • gc007
    11-19 04:47 PM
    Did he say anything about how many trips abroad you can make with the 2 approvals he gave back?

    My lawyer says I should apply for more AP's if I need to make more trips abroad than the # of approvals that I have.

    SO I'm wondering how many approvals does one trip take?
    Because if you have two stamped approvals with you ,a person with 2 initial approvals will have one stamped approval with him.
    So will he be able to make another trip abroad?

    Thank you.

    My AP was approved for multiple trips. So I can use the 2 stamped AP as many times as I want. The officer told me that when I use the APs for my next trip then they are going stamp the same APs again. And that I will not need to submit anything on my next trip. It would be advisable to keep some photocopies of the AP just in case they ask for a copy.


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  • styrum
    10-26 10:05 PM
    I got this as a real paper letter. The signature is a picture, of course, not real.
    No surprise here. We are not even a part of immigration reform for him.:mad:
    So in this standard reply "about immigration reform" we are not even mentioned.

    Uinited States
    WASHINGTON, DC 20510-2101
    October 9, 2007

    Dear Mr. :
    Thank you for contacting me about immigration reform. This is a complex issue, with many important aspects, and it requires a comprehensive solution. 12 million undocumented workers are now living in the United States. They're working, paying taxes, and raising children who are U.S. citizens if they are born here. They contribute to our economy, and it is time to bring them out of the shadows and end their unfair exploitation by unscrupulous employers in communities across the country.
    Funds for border enforcement have increased dramatically over the years. The budget for the Border Patrol has increased from $263 million in 1990 to $1.6 billion today - a six-fold increase. Yet each year during this period, hundreds of thousands of immigrants have continued to enter the U.S. illegally. Our immigration laws are clearly broken, and stronger border enforcement alone will not fix them.
    Long and thorough negotiations with the White House and fellow Senators, Republican and Democrat, led to the drafting of a comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform bill this year. It contained important provisions to strengthen border security, but it also contained needed provisions imposing higher penalties on businesses that employ undocumented immigrants, a temporary worker program to help American businesses meet their employment needs, and provisions to address the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States by allowing them to obtain legal status after undergoing background checks, paying a fine, and going to the back of the line for green cards. The bill was a realistic and comprehensive solution that would not only protect our borders, but also enable needed temporary workers to enter the country legally, and allow workers already here to become legal.
    Unfortunately, this needed legislation has now stalled in the Senate, which is enormously disappointing for Congress and the country. But the battle is far from over. I'm in it for the long haul, and Fm certain that, in the end, we will prevail. Ignoring the problem will not solve it. We cannot afford to do nothing, especially in this post-9/11 era. By heritage and history, America is a nation of immigrants, and we must preserve this tradition. I will continue to fight to reform our immigration laws, so that our borders are secure and immigrant families can continue to live the American dream.
    Again, thank you for writing to me about this important issue.

    Edward M. Kennedy

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  • Alabaman
    08-24 09:00 PM

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24TH, 2006?

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  • whatamidoinghere
    03-26 10:04 PM

    Does anyone know if people on H4 are allowed to work unpaid? For example, can a person on an H4 visa file for an H1B visa with a start date of October 1st, 2007 but work on a volunteer basis (i.e., unpaid) at the same job while waiting for the H1B to come?


    H4 can do volunteer work for non-profit organizations only.

    07-20 02:11 PM
    I'm confused - what is the point of applying for AP if you aren't also applying for EAD?

    Yes, I believe you can apply for EAD yourself

    07-18 03:47 PM
    On H1B it is illegal for employer to enforce bond:

    Please read employees rights in DOL page:

    Employment Law Guide - Workers in Professional and Specialty Occupations (H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 Visas) (

    Employee Rights
    H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 workers are granted a number of rights. The employer must give the worker a copy of the LCA. The employer must pay the worker at least the same wage rate as paid to other employees with similar experience and qualifications or the local prevailing wage for the occupation in the area of employment, whichever is higher. The employer must pay for non-productive time caused by the employer or by the worker's lack of a license or permit. The employer must offer the worker fringe benefits on the same basis as its other employees. Also, the employer may not require the worker to pay a penalty for leaving employment prior to any agreed date. However, this restriction does not preclude the employer from seeking "liquidated damages" pursuant to relevant state law. Liquidated damages are generally estimates stated in a contract of the anticipated damages to the employer caused by the worker's breach of contract.

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