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  • anurakt
    01-20 10:27 AM
    I have no answer for this, I guess someone in this forum who is a US graduate can help us.

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  • prioritydate
    07-25 11:11 AM
    Here is the calculation I came up with USCIS processing of our I-485 applications.
    USCIS should allocate 140,000 applications in a fiscal year. So, in a month they need to process, at least, 140,000/ 12 = 11,667 applications.
    Assuming that they have, at least, 20 working days in a month, they need to process 11,667/ 20 = 584 applications.
    So, now the question is, how many employees does USCIS have and are dedicated to the I-485 processing? We don�t know the exact number. Considering that USCIS is getting lot of revenue, they should have, at least, 50 employees doing this work.
    So, 584/50 = 12(Approx) applications they need to process in a day, per person.
    So, do you think it is viable? Of course, it is�
    What they need to process the I-485 application? They are not doing any FBI names check, or background check (Assuming that everything is done by other organization). So, how long does it take to review the I-485 application? Well, when I filled the application, it took me about 1 hour. So, to review it, let�s us say, it takes about 1/2 the time fill the application; that�s about half an hour. Considering the calculation that we made, it takes an about 6 hours to process 12 candidates. With this assumption, they still have 2 hours left to do miscellaneous tasks. Now the question is what the heck they are doing all the time? Why did they process only 80,000 applications in about 8 months? Are they lazy? Don�t they have enough employees (This shouldn�t be; an average Indian consultant company will have at least 20 employees!!). This is really a mystery. Anyways, if the USCIS really and whole heartedly wants to process the applications, they can; but they really don�t care about immigrants or their plights. :rolleyes:

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  • insbaby
    10-05 08:20 AM
    Based on current estimates, it will be 10-15 years time, unless u r son/daughter can sponsor you prior... u will end up in family quota wait still.

    I am not sarcastic this is the reality,

    Hey, in 5 years, all the EB waitings are going to start the family based GCs with their kids. So in 10 years, the Family Queue will be same as EB Queue, so it is better to wait on EB Queue. :)

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  • srkamath
    08-05 06:15 PM
    It is illegal for the foreign employee to pay or to reimburse the employer (or even agree to a reduced salary) to cover the costs of the foreign labor certification process. There are no exceptions to this - there is no varied interpretation either. The labor certification will be denied or revoked if the foreign applicant had any role to play in the recruitment process.

    Disclaimer - This is my understanding, i'm not a lawyer.


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  • GCwaitforever
    11-17 09:00 PM
    My Dear friends I need your valuable suggestion. I have decided and fixed my mind to return home after 8 years as I recently got laid off after working 4 years in same company. My EB2 LC was pending last three years Dallas backlog. My previous employer will mail me W2 to my India home address. I do not know how to file Tax from India. Do I need to buy Turbo Tax software before leaving home? You can understand my present scenario. Any kind input will be much appreciated.

    Very sorry to hear about the layoff. Filing tax from India is not a big deal. Many tax web sites accept credit cards or let you pay the tax filing fee out of your incoming refund or your bank account. You do not even have to wait for your W-2 to pay taxes if you read your last paycheck carefully.

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  • siddar
    12-03 05:51 PM
    Candidate should be physically present in USA, on the date of AP approval. Otherwise, that AP is not valid. When the candidate try to enter US, the IO will verify this information and may permit accordingly.
    I-485 application considers abandoned, if a candidate leaves US without any valid Visa to re-enter. Remember, H1 / H4 cannot be stamped after I-485 approval.

    I'm a layman like you, please consult an attorney.


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  • uma001
    07-26 02:30 PM
    Go for GC , not career. You can get good career whenever you want, but you cant get GC whenever you want. Once you get GC you can apply for 150k job wherever you want, any company you want. With h1 you cant do that.

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  • summitpointe
    01-31 02:02 PM
    There is a high possibility that you will get an RFE and you will need to reply for the RFE.

    Service centers does not consider three year degree course from India as degree equivalent from here. They want minimum four year degree. This may upset you. You may need to talk with your Attorney and look for an alternative to stay in US.


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  • ata1234
    07-13 09:07 PM
    Dear friends, you are participating into this rally not for your own benefit but also you are helping huge community. All the best!

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  • ravi.shah
    01-06 01:33 PM
    As always, lets hope that some or the other bill materializes and provides much needed relief to those waiting in line :)


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  • David C
    November 25th, 2005, 01:11 AM
    Both compositions have different things going for them - I think I lean slightly towards the dark one... Though I also feel the first one would have looked better to me if it had been a bit sharper in the centre (and the second, which does seem sharp enough at the top of the bloom, if the DOF had been a little wider) ??

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  • dixie
    02-10 07:30 PM
    I agree - the UK govt's policy statement, at least on the doctor's issue was clear : "We had a shortage earlier, therefore we needed foreign doctors. The shortage no longer exists, so we no longer need you. Please leave before mm-dd-yyyy". Contrast that with the US govts "we love your brains but hate your bodies policy" .. on one hand corporations cannot do without foreign skilled labor, at the same time folks like Lou FOULMOUTH and his cronies in congress and elsewhere cannot do without bashing them. In the tug-of-war between these two parties, we are left to rot on the sidelines - neither kicked out, nor allowed a rightful place to progress in society. If thats the case, why don't they simply remove the dual intent clause (and all those 1-yr / 3yr dole-outs aka extensions) from the H1-B program ? Thats better than having to live 15 years on an H1-B.

    UK is at lease clear what is their immigration policy. I would like to have similar stand from US Govt where they come out and say in clear words "we don't want to in here" OR "Come here, work for 6 years and leave" OR "we cant you to stay and fix the GC process.


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  • sreedhar
    11-06 10:22 AM
    I see that for EB2 the PD is 01 APR 2004 now. I want to know if I-485 approvals is linked to this PD date or they will work independent to these days.


    PD : Feb'07
    I-140 - Pending
    I-131 - Approved
    I-485 - Pending

    Recieved EAD Card and FP done.

    Why you worried about PDs...Yours is 2007....have to wait several years.:D

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  • atul555
    12-14 10:57 PM
    My company is surplussing me among other employees to be laid off around Apr 2009.
    My case is as follows:
    Case EB3 India
    PD Mar 2004
    Labor and I-140 approved
    I-485 filed during Jun-Jul 2007 rush, FP done, waiting for PD to become current

    Right now I am working on H1-B extension, and to make things complicated, I got married in Jul 2008 and brought spouse on H4.

    I am not sure which avenue is the best for me, I would appreciate your input.


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  • jonty_11
    02-20 05:38 PM
    guys, why even bother waste your time on this. Please help IV gear up a movement to end retrogression. Please donate, make other IV aware...and send in ur stories......How do u think number crunching will help us....apart from making us feel worse.

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  • gc_chahiye
    11-09 01:10 AM
    According to the following document from USCIS they issued receipts for approx 150K applications for AOS in sept. So my estimate of the total back log is

    June filers 75k
    July - 25k
    August 200k
    Sept 150k
    Oct 50K

    Total = 500k ber07.pdf

    why more filers in Sept than June? I thought most PDs were better in June than in Sept...


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  • BharatPremi
    07-15 11:11 PM

    Just recently moved from Milwaukee, WI to Plano, TX (DFW) area. Just let me know what need to be done from my side. Awaiting eagerly.

    - BharatPremi

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  • GCNirvana007
    04-08 05:23 PM
    This is unreal !!.

    I just asked 2 basic questions AND i get reply completely irrelevant of those questions and i am the one who is being accused.

    By the way, Gangutoleogleoddl or whatever - No , absolutely no time to reply to your irrelevant talk. Infact its a waste to read your post.

    Reddog, GCPool - hats off to you guys staying sane over here.

    Good luck everybody.

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  • jungalee43
    03-01 08:19 PM
    Is our fax campaign continuing or on hold for the time being?
    We have learnt some lessons at the time of S1932. Our campaign was dead after HR4241 was passed and we were waiting for conference committe to be announced. This was the period when the campaign of NumbersUSA and FAIR actually peaked. They in fact advised members to stop faxes two days before the conference committee was announced. Their organizers knew how the conferences work and they finished work before the committee was formally announced.
    Of course with QGA guiding us this time we are not going to repeat that mistake. Our campaigns should focus on senate and house separately & exactly when it is needed and must reach peak just at right time. With limited options available to us as 'aliens', actually meeting representitives or their staff should be the approach. One meeting is equal to ten faxes.

    10-07 12:28 PM
    Thank You all for the valuable inputs.

    I have an update.

    I received my H-1B approval for one year but my I-797 arrived without and I-94 and an attached letter quoting reasons for denial of my extension of stay. The following reason was quoted,

    H-1B status of the beneficiaty with previous petitioner is valid until March of 2010, but our records indicate that the petiotioner revoked H-1B on May 5 2009. This was followed by a new petition that was initiated by the current petitioner on June 26 2009, since there is a 71 day period between the last pay stub with prev. petitioner and the current application, the beneficiary has been denied an extension of stay.

    The notice also states that approved I-129 has been sent to Hyderabad Consulate upon request.

    Can someone provide some insight on how to proceed and what are the options? Is there a chance to obtain authorisation by re-entering through a POE? What does this mean to my future in the states. Please clarify.

    03-31 05:46 PM
    The OP (MORON) is a fake. He is promoting some Taliban type groups. India will not take any one without passport or embassy out passes. If he went to India without these, he will be in JAIL. If something wrong, USA will not send out any one.



    I wonder why his/her handle is "webPromo"??? hmm... promoting "something" on the web...:D.

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