Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • asanghi
    10-16 01:38 AM
    Well your argument sounds one sided. It is true neither China nor India's currency is fully convertible. But what country does not like to have competitive edge when it can afford to.

    Even US provides subsidies to its farmers to make its agricultural products artifically competitive. Another example, US banned Indian steel companies from doing business in US, because Indian steel companies were providing better steel for cheaper price.

    I am not saying that India and China are great. Just wanted to bring the other side of your argument to fore.

    I do not think USA is losing ground. If China and India thinks that they are Really improving economy Why can't they make their currencies free Trade? Why are they artifically Keeping exchange rates. The reason is if really a country is stronger then currency should go up and US dollar should become weaker. But India and Cannot sustain as the export business will go down for India and China if their currency becomes too strong. So India and China are looking for US and europe Market. So inter dependence is always there. There is lot of speculation that India will exceed US in 2020. But it is far from true. For stronger Indian economy India needs US Consumption. For that USA needs to be stronger. May be lot of human resources are there in india. But that will be also resolved in another 20 Years because still Inflow is more than return to india. 80% of H1s are Indians apart from lot of L1 people.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-19 01:56 PM

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  • ahaadi
    01-08 01:46 PM
    You can get the passport the same day using tatkaal service but you need to spend the whole day in consulate or you can get it in 3 days.

    I got it from NY consulate. Also tatkaal service charges 140 bucks and regular one is 40 bucks.

    I got it in a week, I got it from SF Consulate.

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  • GCBy3000
    08-23 04:28 PM
    I dunno from where they come upwith number. From the same site look at this link - This is given at foreign out post.
    EB - 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
    43129 39289 29712 28624 21290
    and compare with

    and compare with below data.

    YEAR **** EB1 ****** EB2 ****** EB3 **** Total(EB)

    2000 *** 2,306 ***** 7,233 ***** 5,360 *** 15,381
    2001 *** 3,543 **** 21,355 **** 16,405 *** 41,720
    2002 *** 2,820 **** 21,310 **** 17,428 *** 41,919
    2003 *** 1,266 ***** 8,536 ****10,680 *** 20,818 :confused:
    2004 *** 2,998 **** 16,262 **** 19,962 *** 39,496
    2005 *** 6,336 **** 16,687 **** 23,399 *** 47,160 :)

    These figures are from this link


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  • siva007
    04-02 05:25 PM
    Thank you ingegarcia, Just to clarify "postmarked before April 15th" means, even if the application is not yet accepted, but received by the AINP before April 15th. Could you please confirm if my understanding is correct.


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  • raj2227
    10-17 03:12 PM


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  • GCNirvana007
    04-08 04:50 PM
    Also, did you know we have some action items? and did you notice some people donate time and money?

    Winner - Thanks for the recommendation. You should have stopped right there. I ask questions to understand how it functions and whats going on. If you dont know the answer. Just be quiet. Stop making smartass comments. I dont have time go back and forth on it.

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  • ashkam
    04-22 08:51 AM
    Yes, I am 100% sure. One can move from H1-B to H-4 and then back to H1-B within 12 months and not get counted towards cap.

    Of course, if you some one wants legal advice, they would need to pay for it rt through a lawyers? That is given .

    You are incorrect. Please read my prior post. If you have an approved I-140, you can be on H4 as long as you want and still switch to H1B without getting affected by the quota.


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  • amsgc
    04-02 08:43 PM
    The deal is: GC application is for a future job offer. That means, the company that files for your GC tells the USCIS that they will employ you in the xyz position once you get the green card.

    According to the law, you are not required to have worked for that employer at all. Therefore, yes, you can get an employment letter from any employer (180 days after filing I-485), as long as the offer is bonafide, the job is full time & permanent, and the job duties & occupation is similar to the one mentioned in your labor certification.

    Technically, you can work for a company like TekSystems on EAD, and when time comes, provide USCIS with a bonafide employment letter from any company that wants to hire you when you get the GC.

    Now, some people have raised concerns over the question of "intent". How do you reinforce the fact that you indeed intend to join the new employer when you get the GC? For this reason, when people switch jobs using AC21, they generally go to work for a company that will give them the employement letter.

    Ofcourse, the above discussion is in light of what we know today. The USCIS is working on modifying some of the provisions, so things may change a bit in the near future.


    Does that mean a person can't work for companies like TekSystems on EAD? Senior members, please advice. I would like to switch from my desi employer and join the vendor directly as there is a big pay difference. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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  • hmehta
    12-14 01:16 PM
    Best course of action would be to go to your Home Country during that stamping is not a big deal at all.....njoy your vacation...for you might not get this much off/free time in the foreseeable future!!!!

    You can not work after 7/9/2007.
    The end of the OPT will determine when you must stop working.
    The 60 days grace period is only for you to take care of business before you go back home. In your case you must wait for 2 months and 24 days before returning to work otherwise you will be in violation of your status.



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  • needinfo80
    09-08 11:47 PM
    Got medical RFE at 485 stage.Here are RFE details :

    The civil surgeon's signature on the supplement Form to I-693 submmitted with your application to adjust status is photocopy and is therefore unacceptable.Your original Supplement Form to I-693 is hereby returned to you in the enclosed sealed envelope.Take this letter and your enlclosed Supplemental Form I-693 to the civil surgeon who administered your vaccinations.ONLY THE CIVIL SURGEON SHOULD OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPE.The civil surgeon must verify that he or she completed the Supplemental Form to I-693 and place it in a sealed envelope before returning it to you.
    The medical examination report,Form I-693 submitted with your application to adjust status ,also contains a photocopied signature and is therefore unacceptable.Your orginal Form I-693 is hereby returned to you in the enclosed sealed envelope.Take this letter and your enclosed Form I-693 to civil surgeon who conducted your medical examination.ONLY THE CIVIL SURGEON SHOULD OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPE.The civil surgeon must verify that he or she completed the medical examination recorded on the I-693 and must sign and date the form in the space provided.

    Did anyone receive similar RFE?If yes,how did you handle this RFE?
    Do I need to take the tests again?
    Can doctor fill a new form based on the previous results.

    Appreciate your help and guidance in this matter.

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  • mita
    08-05 06:17 AM
    My husband's I485 was approved yesterday but mine and my son's, no change.
    I got the magic mail today ---Card production ordered!!! Just for me.
    The status of my wife's I485 remains the same ---> Received and pending?

    Any one in similar situation?


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  • sameer2730
    05-15 10:06 AM
    If you have worked on location other than what's mentioned in the certified LCA, it will be considered as an unauthorized employment, eventually application for adjustment of status will be denied on the basis of you engaged in unauthorized employment.

    Thank you for this comment. I wanted to respond with something similar but held back thinking that if even by small chance this guy is real I do not want to upset him. But the fact that he simply did not respond to you speaks volumes of his real intentions.

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    02-08 11:56 PM
    GUYS please stop advicing her. Let her consult an attorney. Please do not lead
    her in any direction. She need to contact an immigration and possibly civil and criminal attorney. An immigration attorney might lead her in the right direction. Super moderator already suggested that so please listen to what he said. Estrela please don't waste your time looking for answers in this thread. Answers given by common people can be incorrect and misleading. Immigration attorney is the way to go.
    Good luck and god bless you


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  • ani123
    01-02 01:34 PM
    Hi Guru's

    My I140 filed in EB3 was denied yesterday for not having Mathematics as majors.

    RFE was according to ETA 750 client accepts 3 years foreign degree please provide your transcripts to prove you have taken courses in maths, we though this was a simple query.

    But I have Maths as major subject in my 3 year degree, we sent Letter signed by Registrar of Osmania University India on Math syllabus for my Degree and educational evaluation saying that Math is equivalent to maths in US Bachelors degree and also the transcripts with math highlighted.

    But surprised to see this denial letter.

    My attorney is confident that we would win the case if we appeal against the decision

    what are my alternatives now and how long is it taking now to process this appeal.

    Sorry to hear. But I suspect a retort to this REF saying Mathematics is the major from the same professor could do. But I think they will approve your case anyway. What is service center you applied.

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  • stuckinretro
    10-13 11:16 PM
    Wear a formal. Not that that's what they require, but just as a formality. However, be prepared to wait for 2-3 hrs in the queue.

    Is it mandatory to wear business formal? I am going to get visa stamping with my wife, she is applying for H4.



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  • knowDOL
    04-24 11:05 AM
    Looks like this rule may not come into effect for fiscal year 2006 ie 30th september 2006. lookat todays immigration-law post.

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  • glus
    03-19 11:33 AM
    How will an I-140 gets cancelled just because he left the company. GC is for future employment, that should have nothing to do with the current employment. Same with Place of work issue, place of issue on H1 has nothing to do with I-140
    As amit has suggested approaching Senators will do wonders (atleast for some)

    I140 does NOT get canceled when one leaves the company. Check with a 'good' lawyer if you don't believe it.

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  • shana04
    07-22 12:01 AM .Please follow the instructions on the screen. Choose "You need information or other services " option.

    Wish you all the best.

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks for the info, please let me know if you have taken info pass for your self and your dependent.

    If yes, please let me know the process.

    Any one who has taken info pass for both(your self and your dependent) please advice


    03-18 06:03 PM
    The reason they said was they are doing the back ground check on the company. But i am on the payroll from the same company since last 4years...

    01-08 07:08 PM
    My friend while leaving US he did not surrender the I-94 card. Actually he forgot it at home and the airlines allowed him to board plane without surrendering I-94. What should he do now? Guru's does any one have any experience with such situation? Please help

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