Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • danu2007
    08-21 09:26 AM

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  • Pineapple
    11-07 10:41 AM
    My lawyer did NOT fill up I-765 again. That is not required in case of obvious typos or mistakes done by USCIS. She just wrote a letter explaining the error, attached two copies of my wife's photos, and included a copy of proof of identity. (Drivers license copy). No need to write a check, obviously. Also, the letter has to be sent to the service center which issued your EAD card.
    I has been about three weeks since the lawyer sent out the letter.. no replacement EAD card yet, but got a couple of LUDs in the past few days.. so I'm hopeful.. let us see..
    Will post when we get the EAD card, so other's in the same boat can estimate how long it takes to get EAD cards corrected. Hope his helps..

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  • GCapplicant
    10-12 04:19 PM
    I filed on 8th August and havent yet received my notices in mail.. I contacted my lawyer today and he sent copies of my receipts and then he also found out that they had received my FP notice .. I am supposed to go on 27th Oct to Newark USCIS... Anyone coming on same day ..

    My application is being processed at Texas..

    Not many people who have filed with me has recieved any notices as of yet..

    So dont worry guys we all should be fine..

    Glad to see a NJ applicant to receive FP.Hope we also receive ours soon.Thanks for the update

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-03 03:10 AM
    so when is a visa no. allocated?
    say, i filed in july when visa bulletin was current and now its retrogressed to 2004. my PD is 2006. so can it happen that if all runs smooth and application is complted, i can get my GC, even tough visa bulletin may not have yet cut past my PD? so in a nut shell, visa no. is given when 485 is recipted or when its approved?

    visa number is assigned at or right about just before the approval. So if the VB is 2 years away from your PD, you are not going to see an approval. After your PD is current, you might be assigned a visa number if your application was otherwise pre-adjudicated. You will see approval either that month or shortly thereafter. Again, IF your application was assigned a visa number. not all people who become current are assigned visa numbers...


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  • mrajatish
    08-15 09:30 AM
    The answer to your question: It depends on your situation.

    If you like your job, and willing to wait another 1-2 years (I gather you are from rest of the world), just stick it out, get your GC and leave. It is not always easy to get EB2 140 approval, especially now.

    If it was a difference of 3-4 years, it is worth taking the risk, but for a difference of a year, do you want to go through the trouble?

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  • CADude
    11-08 12:46 PM
    per USCIS released information approx 655K AOS pending application as of end of Sept 2007.

    It's also has 281K EAD & 188K AP pending applications.

    So long way to go for GC journey...

    Source: ber07.pdf


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  • pitha
    07-08 03:11 PM
    I was one of the people who bashed Oh when he "sympathizes" with USCIS workers, I could not figure out what he was thinking sympathizing with USCIS workers.

    In this case he is helping publicize the flower campaign. Why are you guys bashing him instead of thanking him? IV core has clearly stated the flower campaign and some other initiatives are member initiatives and not IV initiatives so I can understand why Mathew Oh might have left out IV. Let�s not make an enemy out of a friend who is trying to help us in this particular situation.

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  • InTheMoment
    08-09 09:29 PM
    And how may I ask you came to this conclusion?

    Any reference, link would be helpful.

    This bill is mostly for aviation safety. It doesn't necessarily applies to immigrants who are applying for permanent residency.


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  • satishku_2000
    02-21 02:34 PM
    In last report at Nebraska service center they were processing I 140 EB3 cases with receipt date of June 13th, Now they are processing applications with receipt date of Aug 02nd ...

    That sounds like a very good movement and unbeleivable...

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  • yagw
    09-27 01:34 AM
    Am on H1B and have already applied for 485 (EB2 I May 2006). I am not sure if I am allowed to day trade in the current status. By day trading I mean not just investing in stocks and not just buying and selling stocks in a single day -- I am asking about making perhaps 10 trades in a day (5 rounds of buy, sell)? I understand IRS can call you out to be a full-time trader but the rules for this are not laid out clearly, as far as I can understand. Anyone out there with relevant links/personal experience on this one? Would really appreciate your feedback.


    AFAIK, your visa status will not affect day-trading. You just need to specify the gain/loss when you file taxes (like anyone).

    That said, I believe you are aware of the requirement that you need to have a minimum of $25K in your account to do day-trading. And also the risks involved in it.

    My 2c as some one who tried it, play only with money you can afford to loose (as you WILL most of the time) and get out if you have to, without emotional attachment.

    Have fun and BE SAFE!!!


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  • Jerrome
    02-20 05:23 PM
    I could not find mine (though i don't know the case number) with the priority date and employer name i could not find mine, by anyway can we find out the category (EB1,EB2 or EB3) from this databases.

    I saw some poll happened in IV to get this information.

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  • gc_chahiye
    11-13 12:13 PM
    I would appreciate if any of you could shed light on the following scenario:

    If 485 is pending for over six months and someone switched the job using AC21 for a position which would require extended stay [upto 2-3 years] outside the US. Would it any way impact the GC process? Given that priority date is 2007, it is unlikely(?) that 485 would be adjusted in that time.


    you will need to come back to atleast get AP approvals (AP expires every year), and if you are served a fingerprint notice, then come back for that. If you are going to be definately out for the next few years, another option is to do consular processing; talk to a lawyer it depends a lot on your specific case.


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  • usirit
    11-21 10:52 PM
    Unless their is a backdoor... If I decide to switch to my new employer and transfer my GC & H1B, it will be done again as an EB-3... I have 10+ years of experience and an Associate Degree... last year tried to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business of Information Systems (BSBIS) but my actual employer stop funding so... I had to stop. :mad: New employer's attorney confirmed this.

    An EB-2:
    > Is a member of the professions holding advanced degrees or their equivalent; or
    > Because of your exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business will substantially benefit the national economy, cultural, or educational interests or welfare of the U.S.

    An EB-3:
    Allows foreign nationals who are skilled workers, professionals or other type of workers to enter into the U.S. to obtain permanent residency.

    Meridiani.planum: Thank you for your detailed description.
    Bestia: Hopefully my PERM is approved in the next days in order to support your mentioned lawyer's preferences.

    Bottom line: I am waiting for a very good offer in order to make a decision.... I'll keep you posted.

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  • gchope07
    07-20 03:17 PM
    My lawyer used a G325-A which was not downloaded from the USCIS website but was a physical form which had 4 pages of the same form in different colors(I think blue,green,yellow and pink).

    I filled the first one and it automatically carbon copied it to the other 3.
    Has anybody used such a form? and it is o.k to sign the first one and have the other 3 with carbon copy signatures?

    Let me know if this is o.k


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  • aph0025
    11-12 12:15 PM
    Of course, I am assuming your previous status was H-4. If it was F-1 or something else, I don't know if you have valid permit to return to that status

    I was on F1 visa. I had my OPT valid up to the 15th of Jan. 2008. My consultant filed for my H1B to begin from the 1st Oct. 2007. For any one in my situation (F1 to H1B), please do not let go of your valuable OPT time, in lieu of H1B, how much ever influential the consultant is (in terms of getting you a project). They would always want you to begin at the earliest so they can be assured of your services with them. Make sure they put down your begin date, only after the last date of OPT period on the H1B documentation.
    So, in my situation, I do not have a valid reason to re enter the US. That is why I want to get my visa transferred over here. Considering I do not have pay stubs, a lot is dependant on my fate, I guess. Thanks for your reply.

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  • gcformeornot
    05-15 08:36 AM
    who think if they close their eyes, their problems will go away....:D


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  • gjoe
    10-05 09:41 AM
    The best way to first start the changes to happen is to file a law suit against USCIS. If we can find a bunch of people would have the same kind of application credentials and different PD were the later PD application was approved we can sue USCIS for losses in personal life and career due to their ineffeciency.
    How many of you would be intersted in a law suit like this. If we have even a hunder people to file a law suit we will get more media publicity and our problem will get more recogniction than rallies and lobbying.

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  • Hermione
    10-02 12:34 PM
    My wife has a non-working SSN. Will she need to convert it (or apply for a new SSN) to working SSN once she starts working persuant to EAD?

    Do you mean ITIN or an SSN with a statement underneath? If it is ITIN, then she would need to apply for the real SSN. If it has the statement 'Not valid for employement' then she may get one, too, it would read 'Valid for employment with USCIS authorization'.

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  • c9411010
    08-08 08:51 AM
    if therez anything anyone else can add pls do so ..

    05-14 10:46 PM
    I already contributed after hearing the news that my pd is current.

    Will continue to contribute in future.

    11-09 08:14 PM
    Can we do the same here - or something similar to that extent as demonstrated in UK - is it advisable.

    Legal immigrants no matter where they are from should be treated equally without divisions within this group or special classifications for certain sections of the group.

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