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  • vad
    09-17 11:53 PM
    Arnets reply is pretty comprehensive.
    The main point is the are looking at 8-10 years fro nowto settle. Are they willin to look at short term difficulties in ordder to move? Also the usual waiting time for GC after all the hassles. So they have to judge what they have there against what they might get in 10 years:eek:


    disclaimer: i'm nt an immigration attroney, so please consult one for exact situation, as laws and procedures are constantly changing.

    I'm NOT in medical field but writing based on what i heard..thought might be useful for you.....below is the most common way of coming to US for MBBS degree holders in india....

    they can write USMLE exam (check and if they pass the step1, step2, step3 exams they can apply to US universities (atleast few of them based on the score) for MD residency programs which is usually four years course.

    some say step1 and step2 is enough to apply but step3 gives more advantage but nt sure. BUT CHECK THE ELIGILIBITY FOR EXAM AND DO RESEARCH ON THESE COURSE AND OTHER TOPICS TO GET EXACT DETAILS...

    they can come here in H1 or J1 visa if they get into residency programs but check the procedures. but in general, after residency program, they need to work 3 yrs in underreserved areas (mostly 30-50 miles away from city, nt bad, oppurtunites are good there).

    writing USMLE and getting into residency programs is really very very tough as more competition now and need very top score and their previous experience, degree/diplomas, research, etc helps.

    if they both try and one get it through, then the one who get it into residency program can come into J1 or H1 visa and others can come in H4 visa (dependents-children and spouse).

    they will be paid atleast 40-50k per yr during the residency (four yrs) and after that based on their work and experience, they will paid more atleast >100k per yr.

    regd greencard, i think, they can apply only after 3yrs of working in under-reserved areas. some say they wont have to do labor because they get waiver because they worked 3 yrs in under-reserved areas but for this you need to consult an immigration lawyer.

    but for all this, they have to first COLLECT all the details and CHECK THE ELIGILIBITY FOR ALL THIS...they have to plan properly because while studying for USMLE or during this entire process, it is nt easier but they have to undergo a LOT of stress as they might think we are doing well in india why we moved here. but remember, it pays them in long run, it depends on each one how they look.

    good luck....:)

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  • BimmerFAn
    05-29 09:34 AM
    I am posting this so that others may benefit from my experience and also not repeat the same mistakes that I made.

    I originally came to the United States when I was 9 years old in 1996 as a J-2 Dependent. I finished my grammar school, high school and college here. I started working on OPT and tried to figure out a way to get an H1-B visa since I knew that I was subject to Sections 212(e) � 2 year home residency requirement, which prohibited me from obtaining H or L status or pursuing permanent residency.
    It was only after I consulted with a top tier immigration attorney that I found out that in certain circumstances J-2 dependents can apply for a waiver separately of the J-1 principal. The waiver for a J-2 dependent falls under the same procedures as an Interested Government Agency (IGA) waiver, except that if selected for a waiver, the Department of State will act as the IGA on your behalf. The attorney told me that the process to obtain a waiver could take anywhere from 3 months to a year, with 6 months being the projected average.

    To apply for the waiver I had to send the DOS mine and my family�s visa history, complete photocopy of my passport, translated copy of my birth certificate, a printed copy of the application I had to fill out online through the DOS website, and a statement of reason (SoR). The SoR is the most important document since it gives you a chance to persuade the Waiver Review Board that you should be allowed to remain in the United States. Basically, since I came here when I was very young, I wrote about my academic, charitable and professional contribution to American society over my 14 years here. I mentioned that I had no ties to my former home country and was financially independent from my parents. I also wrote about how my career as a CPA benefits US companies and US economy, and how US financial reporting standards are vastly different that those of my home country etc. Moreover, I submitted other materials supporting my SoR such as my academic transcripts, employment offer letter, paystubs, CPA license, letter supporting my involvement with various charities, and a letter from the J-1 principal explaining their program and my relationship to them.

    The Department of State recommended me for a waiver in just 2 business days after they received my documentation. The USCIS approved the waiver a week after receipt. The attorney submitted an H1-B petition for change of status (premium processing) as soon as the DOS sent the Favorable Recommendation to the USCIS. In most cases, to apply for an AOS all you need is a copy of the favorable recommendation the USCIS will adjudicate both simultaneously under premium processing. The USCIS took 14 nerve racking days to process it, but ultimately they approved the petition.

    Overall, the process to waive the 2 year HRR and obtain an H1-B visa took me only 1 month and I count myself very lucky. I wish I had acted on it sooner, but before speaking to the attorney�s I had no idea a waiver was even an option and could only think of nightmarish scenarios. I will monitor my post in order to answer any questions you may have. I would want nothing more than for others to learn and benefit from my experience and save themselves the agonizing stress that I went through.

    Please find the complete timeline for my process below. From speaking with my attorney I heard that my timeline is rather extraordinary so please do not think that all processing times are exactly the same.

    Applied for a Waiver with the DOS: 4/22/10
    Received by DOS: 4/30/2010
    Response: Favorable Recommendation 05/04/2010
    Received by the USCIS @ VSC: 05/07/2010
    Waiver Approved by USCIS: 05/15/2010
    H1-B Filed under PP with the USCIS: 05/07/10
    H1-B Received by the USCIS: 05/11/10
    Decision: H1-B Approved 05/25/10

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  • pd052009
    08-20 02:40 PM
    Ron says, The USCIS teleconference concerning implementation of PL 111-230 provided the following information:

    * The new tax DOES NOT apply to extensions or amendments

    This will help the people like me who are stuck in GC process...

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  • franklin
    07-13 04:23 PM
    BEst of luck to you all for the rally. Take lots of photos. Who is arranging video cameras,digital cameras from IV.

    NJ member
    There are multiple people bringing cameras and camcorders :)


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  • mpadapa
    10-09 12:56 PM
    Please provide additional details regarding U'r labor like EB1/2/3

    GC approval process is a long process, U just started U'rs. I don't understand whatz the panic..

    Pleaseprovide appropriate titles when U create a thread...

    I came to the USA on 3rd November, 2006 in company A. I did not work a single day in company A. I joined to company B on 17th January, 2007. I have no idea how my employer filed my H1B in company B without any paystub. I joined to company C on 24th July as they started my GC process right away. My H1B with company B and C are still pending. Company C has filed my labor on 31st August and got approval on 11th September. I am planning to file I-140, I-485, I-765 and I-131 together. So my questions are:

    1) Is there any possibility to get denied/RFE for my GC as my last two H1B are still pending ?

    2) What are the risks to be considered if I go back to my country and come back on AP as I don't have a visa stamp on my passport ? I am from a non-retrogressed country.

    3) I heard that it takes too much time to bring spouse here if I marry after GC approval. I am planning to go back and marry and come back but don't want to bring my future wife on H4. Will it help me later to avoid unnecessesary waiting time to bring her here once my GC is approved ?

    I shall be thankful to you to get my answer.

    Thanks & regards,

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  • hemasar
    06-22 09:57 AM
    hemasar....dont give wrong information. Just becuse your colleague said that he got it does not make it a law. Please be prudent in providing correct legal information!

    I am just sharing the information of one who got this experience. I am not claiming that is the law. None of us are attorneys. We are not giving any legal advice here. We are just sharing our knowledge and experience. What ever legal suggestions you provide here; are you taking any responsibility for that? No right? Just we are sharing our concerns, knowledge and experience. If you have any solid evidence that says USCIS will accept chest X-ray only after +/- skin test please share with us.



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  • senthil1
    06-11 05:35 PM
    There may be two observations in this.

    1. They may try to bring CIR one more time and pass in Senate or

    2.They will make alive CIR talks till this year end. This will make sure that other piece meal bills like Skil, Agricultural jobs bill will not be brought for debate till CIR is alive

    Second case is the best bet for numbersusa, alipac etc.

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  • prem_goel
    03-07 08:06 PM
    Hello Ann,
    I very much appreciate and thankful for your last reply. Unfortunately, the prospective employer did not agree to file her COS due to some of their own internal regulations.

    Now, the current employer through which my sister came here on B1 wants her here but is not willing to file a B1 Extension. Instead, they want her to travel back to India on the day her I-94 expires, and come back again immediately within a week, so that she can again continue to be here for another 90 days.

    I wanted to ask your opinion if you think that'll be a problem at Port of Entry? Ofcourse, my sister is going to carry all her documents and the letter, but I do not know if the Immigration Officer at PoE would create any problems/issue? This company however is a well-known company in the ranks of Google, Microsoft etc. That's the only consolation we have that it might be just okay.

    Please advise,

    Hi Prem,

    As long as your sister is complying with the terms of her B-1 admission, she is entitled to begin work for the new employer as soon as that employer files an H-1 petition requesting a change of status on her behalf. Pay stubs from her original H employer should not be required. The language quoted below is from a Nov. 2000 USCIS Q&A:

    "Q10: Who is eligible to use the H1B "portability" provisions?

    A10: The portability provisions allow a nonimmigrant alien previously issued an H-1B visa or otherwise accorded H-1B status to begin working for a new H-1B employer as soon as the new employer files an H-1B petition for the alien. Previously, aliens in this situation had to await INS approval before commencing the new H-1B employment. These provisions apply to H-1B petitions filed "before, on, or after" the date of enactment, so all aliens who meet this definition can begin using the portability provisions.

    Q11: Are there any other limitations on the portability provisions?

    A11: An alien must have been lawfully admitted into the United States. The new employer must have filed a "non-frivolous" petition while the alien was in a period of stay authorized by the Attorney General. A non-frivolous petition is one that has some basis in law or fact. INS plans to further define this in its implementing regulations. Subsequent to such lawful admission, the alien must not have been employed without authorization."

    However, if the request for a change of status is made too soon after her arrival USCIS could find that she committed fraud at entry. For that reason, I strongly advise that nothing be filed (including the LCA)until your sister has been here at least 30 days, and preferably 60 days.

    Also, if your sister was out of the US for a year or more, there is a possibility that she might be subject to the H-1 cap.

    Hope this information is helpful.



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  • cyclone_p
    06-25 01:45 PM
    I guess it depends on the employer, but usually the employer put the employee on a "Loss Of Pay" status and the employee cannot work or earn until s/he has the renewed EAD card in her/his possession.

    Approvals or Receipt Notices don't work. One must have the renewed EAD card with her/him to work.

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  • Gravitation
    04-13 09:48 AM
    90 days after the Prez signs it, which he should fairly promptly after it's been ratified by both houses. However, all this is moot point -IMO- as the real sticky and unpredictable part is house and senate agreeing on the same bill, etc.


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  • anilsal
    08-06 12:38 AM
    for the lucid description. Having local interviews can be stressful on people (and the sheer anticipation of it). I do hope your list of things can be posted on some blog or a place that is easily accessible later.

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  • leoindiano
    08-03 12:23 PM
    I have the notice of action for my I-140 approval. It doesn't mention an A# anywhere. Are you sure about this?

    There should be a box for A number, is it blank?


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  • krishnam70
    06-18 11:40 AM
    Received RFE for primary applicant (myself) and spouse.
    Please submit evidence of lawful presence from October 1998 until August 17, 2007.
    The documents may include the following:
    A) a photo copy of form I-797 for all extensions and change of status
    B) photo copy of form I-20 or IAP66 school records (front and back) including all school annotations
    c) Photocopy (front and back) of applicant's Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

    Below is my immigration timeline

    CLASS ------ VALID FROM ------ VALID TO ------ Comments
    H1-B -------- 5/16/1995 -------- 5/17/1998
    H1-B -------- 5/17/1998 -------- 5/17/2001
    H1-B -------- 12/23/1999 ------- 6/30/2001
    H1-B -------- 7/1/2001 --------- 9/30/2001
    0-1 --------- 10/3/2001 ------ 10/1/2004 ------ Stamped in Chennai
    EAD --------- 8/4/2004 -------- 8/3/2005 ------- EB1 denied 1/15/2005
    0-1 --------- 5/13/2005 ------- 5/12/2008 ------ Stamped in Chennai
    0-1 --------- 4/3/2007 --------- 3/13/2010
    0-1 ---------- 5/2/2207 --------- 5/12/2009

    After 1/15/05 (EB-1 denial)
    - Left the country on 6/15/05 (less than 6 months)
    - During this time, applied for O-1 visa and got approved
    - Got visa stamping in Chennai with O-1 visa
    Do you see any issues with my response ?

    1. Your Evidence of legal stay can be gathered from the stamps in passport
    2. Take copy of each page of your passport and write a letter with each entry and exit date and the category in which you were admitted in to the country.

    3. O-visa is dual intent.

    4. Even if they harp upon your stay of 6 months without a status, it should be wiped clean once you were admitted back in to the country. I think there is a precedent and law for this. cannot recall it right now.

    5. I think they are looking for information from your side and the burden of proof is on you to prove that you have been in legal status. Provide all the documentation and sit back. In case of any issues attorney's are there to handle it...

    - good luck

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  • kaisersose
    02-15 11:18 AM
    The mailroom clerks who open mail and process initial information are generally functioning a in a dumbed down mode.

    USCIS is aware of their deficiences and hence have provided a solution. For such cases as yours, you should attach a cover letter clearly stating that this case is not to be opened by the mailroom people. It should be addressed to an IO who will do what's necessary.

    It appears your lawyer did not do this. So make sure he does it right this time or find a different lawyer. You can also do it yourself by learning the procedure from others who went through the same pains.


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  • Lasantha
    04-15 09:00 PM
    Congratulations !!! I am very happy for you!

    Hi folks,

    Just got back from UK on Friday after a month of family time, medicals and our embassy interview! Wanted to let you all know that we were approved and happily back in the US!!

    Congrats on the latest admin wins and movements in campaigns/projects. I wanted to say a huge thank you but not farewell to the many kind folks who kept my spirits high in the short time I have been with IV:
    abhijitp, needhelp, digital2k, paskal, gsc999, waiting4gc, pappu, chanduv23, santb1975, nolaindian32, walking dude, ja1hind, logiclife and many more. All of you rock and America is very lucky to have such genuine and brilliant people like you. I wish you the very best for your own journey.

    I will be around for sure, just have to concentrate on securing some work and life for a bit, finally!

    my best :)

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  • frostrated
    09-14 04:35 PM
    I got it.
    I think it will take like 1month atleast to get LCA. After LCA approval they can apply for H1 .
    At this stage they might have spend money on LCA only + for attorney fee if any.
    Attorneys may charge the full fee upfront so they may have incurred full legal fee , minus H1 fees.
    H1 Govt fee is payid by employer so they cannot ask that . but if they paid for attorney , then they may ask for it.
    Your concern about a additional insert into the contract papers. Are the contract pages numbered? if so you are safe. if not :rolleyes:

    Any money spent by the employer for employment related expenses are employer expenses. you are not liable for them. If they push, inform DoL. Employment in the US is At-Will. The only clause they can enforce is to prevent you from using any of the knowledge you acquired with them (non-compete contract). As you have not worked with them, you are not yet an employee, and there is no legal standing for them to come after you.


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  • jvs_annapurna
    04-19 01:59 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I got the good news to share every one. got the approval . its wonderful

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  • keerthi
    05-14 01:20 AM
    Thank you very much for all the answers. I will post here when my employer takes a decision on the L1-A/L1-B/H1-B.

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  • anilsal
    08-05 08:34 PM
    To capture unused visa numbers we need to make DC rally big, so lets go to DC on sept 13th and make it big success.......


    Also we need everyone to help out in spreading IV work at the local level (state level). Plus IV welcomes contributions. :)

    08-08 01:35 PM
    I think it is /qtr basis, not based on salary, for instance if gates makes 1 Million a year, does not mean his SS contri is all done :-)

    Irrespective of how much you make, the yearly deduction is always 4 K per anum,

    It's not per quarter. It's based on your earnings. It was around $4000 per year gross or so for 4 credits. So if u arrived in December and left in Feb with 8 years in between you would be eligible if you get paid $4000 per month.

    For a lot of finance information go to For 401K information, IRA, ROTH etc search google for "RRK Limits". RRK has tonnes and tonnes of info. By planning your departure from USA you can minimize the taxes on 401K. Penalty cannot be avoided.

    04-23 12:35 PM
    Hello thanks for the reply.
    By applying for a petition did you mean:
    - give the job advertisement in a newsletter,
    - get the LCA
    - then apply for a petition - I-129
    >> what is the time frame for this petition application?
    - apply for the waiver (i mean J1 applies and gets it lets say in 2-3 months)
    >> i'll be still working with my J2 EAD, during waiver comes.
    - once the waiver comes, then what is the procedure?\

    Thanks again!

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