Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • ab2k7
    07-04 03:08 PM
    Gurus, need a lil help clarifying issue in GC process.

    I've a question regarding location of work place for a H1B employee filing GC process.

    I've learnt that either after filing I-140 or I-485 stage, one should maintain as an employee at the same job position(job description as mentioned in LC) and also the geographical location. I've learnt instances where if an employee is half way through (lets say approved labor or I-140) his GC process has to start all over if he had to move to another branch of the same company in another city/state.

    Is this true? I might be wrong about the infomation above but I'm concerned as being consultant, I might have to move to a different city or state if I find a better project and am contemplating whether this would be an issue in future for my green card.

    If I'm right, employer has to file LCA for prevailing wage for current city I'm residing now. What will be the process incase I've to move to another city/state.

    I'd really appreciate if someone who has better official info or gone through this can clarify my queries so ppl like me can be better informed.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • senthil
    08-08 09:05 AM
    roseball, agree. got same resp from my attorney while filing AOS for my wife

    1) employment letter ( just sent original & copies too )
    2) I-134 ( convinced that they will need this even for H4 dependent )
    3) did not ask for W2's or pay stubs
    4) of course original medicals in closed envelope
    5) all previous H4 approvals + I94's and color photocopy of entire passport
    6) photos and required cheque's

    hope mrdelhiite is all set ?

    Yes, its good to file I-134 especially when she is on H4. Paystubs and tax returns are not required documents though a lot of people tend to submit them. Just an employment letter from your employer would suffice. You dont need to include your I-20 with your wife's application....However, do include her medicals, though its not part of the initial evidence......

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  • radhay
    06-20 11:07 AM
    I am in the same boat (completing a decade of career in US). Can they hire you as a consulting PM so you can still stay with your current employer?

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  • TexDBoy
    06-07 03:36 PM
    When is your last entry to US?
    why r they asking for so many years back?


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  • Green.Tech
    08-06 11:00 AM
    Didn't you know for sure that you were going to stay with employer before asking them to apply GC.

    It may be illegal by Law by asking you to give the money back, but where would you put your action of wasting somebody's money?

    Not sure the contracting terms between you and your employer, but surely he was not the one forcing you to join the company, its you joined.

    If he was ready to help you to get GC, ready to invest atleast 9K on the process, why would you think his money is there just for you to play.

    Of course, you have valid points by law, you may escape from the latch now, but make sure this is not an repeating event.

    Calm down buddy, no need to get excited!

    FYI. I have been with the employer for ever. It's just that they are now revisiting/revising their GC policy, and I am trying to make sure that the policy makes sense for both the employer and any future employees. And who knows I may have to agree to this policy in future if I decide to redo my GC application :)

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  • ps57002
    07-18 12:06 PM
    There's no need for you to be negative.

    Obviously you have benefitted already from what's happened. Think about people who are stuck (just as you were up until recently) and want to 'try' to make things work for them too....

    wish people were more understanding of others also. Why is it people forget what it was like for them when they were in same boat?


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  • pdakwala
    03-01 08:04 PM
    Support IV now or else start packing bags. There are few things that you can do and that is not difficult.

    1. Become member of IV
    2. Support them by contributing money.
    3. Support them by taking part in conference call and meet the lawmakers.

    You can do it. By the way stop giving others BS that

    1. We are on H1B and so no one will hear us.
    2. Is it legal or illlegal to contributing money.

    These are nothing but just excuseS. In reallity you don't have guts and faith in yourself.

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  • sanjay02
    07-24 02:49 PM
    I am July 2007 filer my PD Nov 2005, I had a interview on Feb 2009 after interview , the Immigration office gave me a letter, which says the following

    "Your case has been continued for the unavailability of VISA"

    Does it mean once the PD goes to Dec 2005 I will get my GC? Would I have to do anything from my end like going to local USCIS office?


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  • thepaew
    02-07 11:43 AM
    I am not in the IT field - and my data set is limited.

    But based on conversations with some friends from my BTech batch, the range seems to be 22 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs per year. I went India to look in to salary costs on behalf of a VC firm last year and found most good programmers would cost more than Rs. 2Lakh per month. The survey was done in Bangalore.

    Of course, these were individuals who could hit the ground running.

    Hello Friends,

    Just curious to know your opinion / experience regarding the current job opportunities in India (near DELHI / NCR) for a IT guys? What realistic salary/benefits should someone expect with graduate degree (masters) from US and 8 years of working experience as Programmer Analyst/ Developer / Sr Developer in desi/vedesi mid-sized consulting companies in US. I have no clue, no rough idea, so I thought may be I should ask you guys.


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  • agc2005
    11-05 05:22 PM
    I got EADs for me and my wife, but photos got swaped.

    Pineapple,ncgc2005, saro28:

    I sopke to customer service rep and she told me to send applications with EAD cards ,photos,a note explaining the problem and no need to send the fees.

    Did you guys filed to get corrected the EADs, and did you send new application with EAD and with the Fee or without fees.


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  • snathan
    08-18 05:08 PM
    No, not correct. Since she got a new I-94 her status changed to H1 w.e.f October 1, 2008.
    However, because she did not work she is currently out of status. She will have to change her status back to H4 either by going out of country and re-entering with H4 visa or filing I-539.

    She can correct the status by going out of the country. But any time USCIS can ask for the pay stub for that period during the GC process. If you are not able to provide the Paystub, your GC will be in soup. So the best would be to ge the pay stub.


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  • bpratap
    01-26 09:35 PM
    I don't think all EB1's are PhD's. so if this bill is specifically for PhD's then its not gonna help EB categories.

    Many of the EB1's I know are some global managers (by document) from some outsourcing companies with the same Educational / technical skills as many of us in EB 2/ EB3. after coming in on L1A they juz directly file under Eb1.

    I am not trying to fire up an argument/fight. but juz the reality I know of.

    Hope this bill will include People who have an MS degree . it will help clear up EB2 queue and eventually spillover the excess numbers to EB3.


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  • JeffDG
    01-26 03:28 PM
    Waste of time. How many PhD's are there as compared to the others? There is already EB1/EB2-NIW for them

    EB1A/EB1B/EB2NIW still consume visa numbers.

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  • BimmerFAn
    07-20 02:12 PM
    Hi Gkaplan,

    Unfortunately, as far as I know the only way your husband can apply for your waiver independently is in the event of a divorce from or death of a J-1 Principal. Other than that, he can not apply for his own waiver independently of you. However, that said, you could always apply for a waiver. It does not have to be in the form of a No Objection Letter from your country. I heard the process for IGA waivers is substantially easier. Even though there are only a few IGA's that have official J-1 waiver channels, just about any IGA can apply for your behalf, so in reality you have a very big pool to chose from. You just have to find a few in you relevant field of study and convince them that your work here will benefit their mission.

    You can apply for any change of status as soon as an H1-B a favorable recommendation is granted. You do not have to wait for the final USCIS waiver. You just have to make sure whatever center is processing you knows that you have this waiver waiting at the Vermond Service Center, VSC. The Department of State only sends these recommendations to the VSC. In fact, you can apply for an H1-B visa without the waiver if you select to have it processed ouside of the country at a consulate. Later, you can supplant the waiver in your application when you go interview with the consul.

    I am not an attorney and don't claim to have any extensive knowledge of immigration law outside of my own personal experiences, so please do not take my suggestions to be 100% accurate. I would recommend you go speak with a good attorney.. By that I don't mean someone you looked up in the yellow pages or via an internet ad. You need to speak with someone from preferably a big immigration firm who will have J-1 Waiver experience and be able to handle your case properly. Big firms have research assistants who make less than minimum wage and just look up case law and different cases. Ultimately, big firms are far more useful and can offer real advice. That i definately know from my own personal experiences.

    Best of luck!


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  • ibbu_arif
    11-16 10:27 AM
    Hello Gurus,

    I have been searching various posts and found quite answers to quite a few questions I had in mind, but as usual I am left out with few more queries :)

    Following is my current Status

    Pending I-485 Application, AP valid till Dec 6th 2008 and EAD Valid till Oct 2010.
    Already applied for AP extension for me and my wife on Oct 10 2008 and awaiting for Approval.

    I had travelled once on my AP in April 2008 for a week to Visit my sick mother... I understand that this Puts me on parolee status. But Please NOTE that I am still with my H1B Status with my employer. Didn't use my EAD for I-9 forms.

    After returning, my employer applied for my H1B extension for 3 years ( I already completed my 6 yrs of H1B). It is already approved and I have a Approved/Valid H1B document till May 30 2011.

    From the info in some posts, I understood that this extension puts me back into H1B Status.

    Now the actual question :
    I had to Visit India in Jan 2009. I already booked my tickets for Jan4th (you know how it is , you always have to book earlier ), with an anticipation that I will get my AP extension Approved before that time. (I gave 3 months time for myself)

    If I get my AP approved before I leave then NO Issues, I will again use my AP to re-enter USA in Feb 2009.

    But let's assume I don't get it Approved before I leave.

    a) Am I allowed to travel outside USA while my AP is Pending ?

    b) If allowed, Can my AP get approved while I am outside US (i.e in India) ? Or will they Cancel my AP application?

    c) I know I should get my H1B Visa stamping done while in India to re-enter on H1B Status. Do you see any problems that the consular officer/POE officer can create like
    why did I leave the country while my AP application is Pending ?
    Why are applying for H1B Visa while you could have used your AP?

    I appreciate your detailed answers.


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  • humdesi
    02-17 03:59 AM
    Which was effectively nullified by

    "Default Re: Predicted Visa Bulletin movement
    Nothing was said, but logically, unless there is worldwide EB3 movement, EB2 for China and India can't advance. EB for India and China have already maxed out for the year and all additional movement is based on leftovers from the rest of the world."


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  • senthil1
    05-18 01:14 PM
    This is an excellent provision. I support giving exemption for PHds from H1b also. It is not that much easy to get Phd and very less people opt for phd. This should not get any opposition even from anti immigrants.

    and also for non-PhD folks like me. As they exempt these superstars from the queue, it also has the effect of making the queue smaller (slightly atleast) for everyone else. i personalyl know of two PhDs who are waiting in EB2 queue for the last 3 years...

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  • hopefulgc
    05-12 04:35 PM
    while that i true... imagine where we would have been if MLk had decided to sit back..
    or talk about another great soul from your motherland
    ...If Sherpa Tenzing had decided that he is happy climbing a knoll than conquer the heights of everest.... would he be distinguished.

    As someone said, We will have to be the change, we wish to see in this world.

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  • H1Girl
    10-13 02:52 PM
    Is it mandatory to wear business formal? I am going to get visa stamping with my wife, she is applying for H4.


    As mentioned in the above post thye don't care about your dress code. They rather care whether your company is a genuine company and pays you the salary as mentioned on your H1B LCA promptly (~.. you pay the taxes to the Govt :) )

    04-18 11:32 PM
    I spoke to company attorney they said as long as job description is same and it is commutable distance then you can change job location. There will not be any problem and you do not have to come back to original work location.

    06-26 09:50 PM
    how filed ,with the help of lawyer right?

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