Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • chris
    02-05 02:50 PM
    receipt no

    Good luck


    How did you reach to the IO (Officer ) to know your status , is there any number/ options..

    Please advice.


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  • lkapildev
    11-13 06:53 PM
    It could be a GC. I'm guessing.. My friend also had got the same information today. He was BD national

    Some keywords from his receipt# is

    It says some package is mailed. Weclome .. Permanant residence etc

    and ADIT processing etc.

    Do you see these buzz words.

    You may cheer up today and buy us a dinner. No buy the person who approved your case a dinner.

    They flushed my application toilet. I need to go to India urgently, no AP no news.

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  • for_gc
    04-27 04:55 PM
    First of all, no need to be so concerned. Also this is not unique situation.

    Just apply for I140 for the EB3 (the labor you just got approved).
    Once you get the EB3 I140 approved, you have 2 ways to port the PD:
    1. Wait for EB2 to be corrent for year 2003(for the PD of your EB3). when its current, apply the 485 with your EB2 I140 and a copy of the EB3 I140 requesting the PD tarnsfer. Basically, your lawyer need to keep a cover letter in very bold letters that your application uses the PD of 2003 based on the EB3 I140 (copy of which need to be attached).

    2. Send a request to the service center where your EB2 I140 is approved requesting to update your I140 approval notice with the new PD date. You need to send a copy of the EB3 I140.

    The option 1 is the most commonly used procedure. How ever, if the PD is not current, you may use option 2. The option 2 may take time and the lawyer should send the PD transfering details in case of an RFE.


    My main concern though is with the chances of approval of I140 with EB3 category LC since I already got I140 approved in higher category (EB2) with the same company.

    My company's lawyer said that since you already have I140 approved for EB2 category it is not possible or easy or risky (can't remember exactly what she said) to justify why we are going down from EB3 category to EB2 category.

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  • iwantmygreen
    04-22 07:33 PM
    Is there any way to know if employer has revoked your 140. I have an approved 140 & pending 485. After filing 485 I left my company before completing 180 days. Its more than 9 months since I left my employer. Will the status change on USCIS web if 140 was revoked.


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  • somegchuh
    11-16 01:13 PM

    My understanding was that automatic revalidation was stopped a few years ago?

    I would say that getting an appointment and a new visa stamp is the safest bet. If that's not a possibility and you have to go, I will suggest travel by road instead of air. From what I have heard they tend to be more lenient when you are driving across.

    Do check thoroughly before travelling on an expired visa.

    Take Care

    Power of internet, thanks for all the input.

    That is right my previous I-94 has expired and I should get the latest I-94 as part of new I-797. My US multiple visa expired last August.

    My question is thoroughly answered that I could use the "Automatic revalidation rule" to come back into US using my I-94 and I-797.

    One more question to the folks who became Canadian PRs. When I exit out
    of US can they force me to give up I-94 as I am landing as Canadian PR. In others words,
    can they override "Automatic revalidation rule" in this case.
    Part of me says they are two different teams one working for US to track I-94
    and the other looking for Canadian PR so they can never rationalize this. If they talk then that could be an issue. Isn't that right?

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  • yagw
    01-26 12:57 AM
    Laurie A. Bonilla

    Address: Suite 180
    800 El Camino Real West
    Mountain View, CA 94040-2567

    Phone: (650)903-2232

    Fax: (650)903-2239


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  • delax
    07-16 01:21 PM
    this post is a great example of diplomatically writing a lot and actually saying nothing ... way to go!

    I beg to disagree - I think if you read between the lines it is quite clear that potential solutions are being discussed. A solution may be announced but NOT within the 24 hrs that we all are expecting. It may lead to a deadlock in which case the lawsuit would be one of our recourse.

    I think we all got a little carried away by the 24HR time frame from Core.

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  • jungalee43
    12-11 11:01 AM
    Very good catch. South Korea (& Philipines) falls under ROW and got a lot more EB3 visas than India. So if EB3 is born in South Korea, s/he would get GC in three years where as we are rotting for last eight years. The only reason is the country of birth. How unfair and discriminatory! Is this pre-planned?? And hardly any lawmaker is concerned. Hard to believe this is USA.

    Country EB1 EB2 EB3
    S Korea 1,923 7,125 4,727
    Philippines 310 2,057 5,625
    UK 3,472 2,043 909
    Canada 2,368 3,404 1,207
    Mexico 1,457 1,348 4,021

    Now the question is why is there no 7% quota for South Korea ?


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  • eager_immi
    05-30 01:42 PM
    GC is not for you to apply it is based on the employer. Many employers wait to file in the 5th year so you do not leave the company. Also every time your job changes within the company (which is also not in your hand) your employer will re-file labor. So you could have been here like me for 9 years with a priority date on May 2005 and bc of change in job position it will become Dec 2007 and never get your green card.

    I understand if someone was stuck in BEC, we all got s****ed with that.
    But why given that the H1B is only intended to be for a maximum of 6 years would anyone leave it until the last year to apply.

    PERM has been around for a while now, and anyone approaching 6 years should have already filed PERM or be ready to leave after year 6.

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  • ramus
    06-20 12:54 PM
    It is fine.. I am in the same boat..

    Right now she is on H4 . So just mention her status as H4.

    I would suggest to go ahead and apply for her EAD and AP.

    and since we are filing for AP now, i'd mention H4 on AP. is it right?


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  • skagitswimmer
    June 6th, 2005, 08:35 AM
    Would the 20D or D1MkII have greater tolerances i.e. wider range algorithms in the camera?

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-16 09:33 AM
    Please call lawmakers. We have full commitee hearing on 23rd and then soon we will on floor for voting. If we wont call then it may not make it to floor. For details go to home page.


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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    01-20 02:45 PM
    OK OK, EB1 kicks ass too !!!! :D

    If they are so good, Show the list of names.

    Any EB3 started big company after getting Greencard? Any EB3 invented after getting Greencard?

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  • gccovet
    09-24 04:15 PM
    Any thoughts

    is she the primary applicant on AOS? If so, to be safe, you may have her continue on H1 (provided employer is willing to file for H1B ac21 aka "transfer").
    If she is not prim. applicant and If the employer is not willing to shed the H1 "transfer" money, you may save money by using EAD.

    just my thoughts, check with attorney please.




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  • noone2day78
    02-19 08:11 AM
    ohh is this really true? can u specify a source for this ?

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  • poorslumdog
    09-04 12:47 PM
    did you pray for people who died in katrina? or for iraq war casualties?
    You missed the sarcasm...


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  • belmontboy
    01-19 04:05 PM
    Not funny.
    If an EB3 is so good he will not apply in EB3. He will apply in EB1. I am asking about people who were EB3 but became big after getting Green Card.

    can name few who became "big" literally (--fat)

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  • styrum
    06-12 03:10 AM
    He doesn't need an H1B transfer to be approved to start working for the new employer, just "filed".

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  • morpheus
    04-02 10:45 PM
    I just did some further reading and research, and it appears that an H1 could do the following if this bill passed tomorrow.

    1. Quit their job
    2. Form an LLC and self-employ
    3. File for 218D status. Once this is approved, you are able to work anywhere. It's not clear if there will be a filing procedure or not.
    4. Wait six years.
    5. File for green card. Note that 218D requires you to work for the entire six years - but it can be full-time, part-time, self-employment or full time study.

    I can't believe it could be that simple. The only downside is that there might be 10 million people in the queue for 218D, so it will probably be backlogged until 2026!

    07-19 10:04 AM
    I was in the same shoes once...did some reseach and gather some info hope it will be helpful to resolve your case.

    You can file spouse 485 later but not always

    Following is my scenario and the advice I received from a Top (at least high fee: $250 for a 20 minute phone session) lawyer.

    EB3 PD Nov 2002 I-140 Approved Jan/04 1-485 filed June 04. I got married in Dec 04 and we were back in USA in Jan 05. Unfortunately we were 2 week too late to beat the retrogression.
    My lawyer told me to file wife's 485 as she is dependent and PD is not an issue. Absolutely wrong. USCIS returned her application after 5 weeks.
    We waited almost 2.5 years to finally file her application in June 07. I got approved on 23 June but we are OK since her application was filed before that

    1. Get married before your GC approval (before/after 140/485 does not matter as long as you are not approved.
    2. Bring spouse on H4 (No derivative status with EAD so maintain H1)
    3. Keep all the documents ready (Birth certificate/Marriage certificate etc.)
    4. Follow visa bulletin as soon as dates are current get medical test completed
    5. File her 485 (Make sure USCIS receives it after the dates become current)
    (If USCIS receives your application before dates being current they may still accept the package and reject it after couple of weeks. )
    6. What if you are married before GC approval but get approved before her 485 is filed
    1. Spouse out of USA
    No other way but to file 'Follow to join' in home country. Spouse will not be able to entry on any other visa before his/her GC approval.
    2. Spouse in USA on his/her own status ( i.e. wither H1/L1/F1 etc.)
    File 485 as a derivative no special processing
    3. Spouse in USA as your dependent ( i.e. H4 etc.)
    he/she will be 'out of status' as soon as your GC is approved. Inspected by an immigration agent at entry point. Not on parole. You can file 485 under [Section 245(K)] within 180 days. No special processing. NO fines.

    Please talk to a reputed lawyer before doing any thing.

    11-18 12:52 PM
    I have heard that your FP/biometrics does not have anything to with EAD.

    USCIS has its own guideline of issuing EAD within 90 days. Since there was heavy work load after July, they issued without FP. For the EADs issued without FP, they are re-issuing EAD with FP.:)

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