Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • neodyn55
    07-30 01:57 AM
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    another way of saying.. "stand in line & wait your turn""

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  • go_guy123
    05-19 03:50 PM
    I am not aginst the OP or generalizing the B1 abuse. I am stating my opinion of what could be the reason behind the denial. You know, now a days even people are getting 221g for the H4 stamping. It does not matter what visa you are going for, the US consulates just looking for a execuse to reject. Not only in India, there are lot of people getting 221g in Canada, and got stuck up there.

    Exactly the point. Years of H1B and B1 abuse by IT consulting vendors have brought to this

    The case of DSK , IMF ex-chief proves one teh point. I go agree he is innocent until guilty.
    But yes he had lots of problems with women in the past....and got away because all were in Europe.

    US is different and what looks like a minor issue B1 sent to work like H1B eventually gets the spotlight and faces severe crackdown.

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  • cptbaseball
    05-14 11:22 AM
    Hi attorneys,

    I came to US on L-1B visa with expiry date of Nov-28-2009. My same company this year filed H-1B with COS using Premium processing. My H-1B and COS has been approved now.

    Q#1: My question is that can I travel to & back from India from Aug-2-2009 to Aug-19-2009 and enter Port of entry on my L-1B visa?

    Q#2: When I come back I will enter on L-1B visa, will this abandon my approved COS and H-1B?

    Q#3: If I travel based on Q#1 and Q#2 will I still be automatically converted to H-1B on Oct-1-2009? Actually I prefer to switch on to H-1B from Oct-1-2009???

    Q#4: Since I will get a new I-94 when I enter USA on Aug-19-2009 what happens to my COS I-94. The number may be conflicting. Is that a problem?

    Q#5: Next year that is Dec-2010 I have travel plan to India again, which I-94 will I submit when I leave USA?

    Q#6: Next year (Dec 2010) when I leave for India, I would need visa stamping? Will this travel in Aug-2009 affect it? Can the Visa Officer just make it an issue?

    Q#7: Will I have any out of status issue in the future that may jeopardize, any future visa stamping or my GC process by traveling in August 2009?

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  • desidas
    01-23 08:28 PM

    Please advise

    I dont work for my GC Sponsoring employer anymore and I dont have H1B either

    Will it be any issue at Port of Entry if they ask why I am not working from my GC employer anymore?

    I changed jobs using AC-21 and working on EAD now and H1B not valid anymore


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  • Ramba
    10-31 11:11 AM
    They usually issue the I-94 till the validity of the Petition or expiry of the Passport in some cases. In my case i had a valid stamp from May 2004 till Jan 2006, but I had a new H1 from a new employer in Oct 2004 which was approved till Jan 2007 and when I entered US in may 2005 I was issed a new I-94 till Jan 2007 even though the stamp will expire in Jan 2006.

    Hope this helps.

    Well. In non-immigrant visa admissions at POE, ICE officers has their own "power" in determining the period of stay. Even if anyone has 10 year visa stamp, they can admit only for 10 days if they want; no one can argue/challange it at POE. Further truth is; even they can deny admission to GC holder if they want or if they found something fishy. Nothing is guarentee at POE as well as in consulate for getting non-immigrant visa. So, the departure date in latest I-94 is the important date to comply with (to leave US or extend on time).

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  • funny
    09-16 02:05 PM
    ^bump^ ^bump^


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  • Anders �stberg
    September 27th, 2004, 11:41 AM
    I did hear, however, from a reliable source, that Canon will be upgrading the next 1D Mark II to have an in-camera phone.
    What a nightmare... just when you're about to take that photo of the bride-groom putting the ring on the bride's finger your camera rings with a loud polyponic hip-hop melody ... :)

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  • gcnirvana
    05-12 01:42 PM
    Thanks for your template but also please include IV's name wherever possible so that they can contact IV for a full coverage.

    I Used their tool but sent the folllowing message

    Greetings. My name is XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I

    am a citizen of India and have been living in the United States for close
    to 7 years on a H1b visa and work as a Senior Software Consultant catering

    to various Ammerican clients and my employer is located in Irving, Texas.

    My Green Card petition was filed by my employer under the EB2 category and
    my I 140 petition has been approved, but I am unable to file for i485
    (Adjustment of Status) because visa numbers are not available. My wife is
    also on a H1b visa and is a first year resident physician at a Community
    Hospital in Brooklyn, New York on a H1b visa.
    Based on the fact that we have been law abiding tax paying legal
    immigrants, we would like to reach out to you and let you know our issues.
    Our main issue is career stagnation. Unavilability of visa number
    (retrogression) locks us up with the same employer for years together and
    does not allow us to grow careerwise and unable to make critical and life
    We duly understand that there is a 7% per country upper limit when
    Visa numbers are allocated and the fact that India and China has been over
    subscribed. These caps and limits are hurting us. STRIVE ACT and SKIL
    Bill have provisions to raise the cap and we would like to support these
    bills and the provisions.
    High tech and health care are sectors where highly skilled immigrants
    from all over the world are attracted to and want to contribute in the
    best ways we can to pursue our American dream. We would like to contribute
    to the growth and development of America in the best possible way. Please
    support us and help us in our cause.




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  • Indo-Canadian
    08-30 08:23 PM
    Can somebody tell me what are the chances of getting audited if PERM is applied in the next week or so? My lawyer is not Fragoman.

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  • Marphad
    01-12 12:14 PM

    I am hoping you can help me with my situation here. I had an appointment on Dec 19th 2008 at New Delhi consulate for extension of my H1B. Since I had a DUI in 2006, they told me to sumit medical report. When I submitted medican report on Dec 22, 2008 they told me they would review my report and tell me to deposit my passport if everything is fine (for visa stamping). They also told me that I don't need to come myself to deposit the passport. Since I had to get back to office, I left India and used AP to enter US.

    I just received an email from consulate that I should submit passport at the ND consulate. I was thinking of sending it to my home in Delhi via courier so that my brother can submit it to consulate. Once consulate sends passport to my address in New Delhi, my family would courier it back to me. I wanted to check with folks here if that is fine.


    This is absolutely illegal. Never never do this.


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  • santb1975
    02-15 05:41 PM
    I will keep you posted on how this goes.

    May you have plenty of supporters coming your way.

    I am happy to report that one brave Dallas member called up and we both will be collecting letters at the DFW Temple on Sunday.

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  • chintals
    09-03 11:43 AM
    I have got an LUD on 09/01/2009 for both the cases, but the status is still pending.

    I am worried, did any have similar experience?

    I am in the same boat as you.. See SLUD on both bases on 09/01/09 with EAC08** pending at TSC. Waiting.


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  • abhijitp
    01-26 05:52 PM
    I collected 7 letters yesterday by simply talking to people walking in & out of a grocery store. I wanted to see how it will be at the BART station and I am very encouraged by the response received yesterday. Most people (including GC holders and citizens) provided their names and addresses and signatures without hesitation.

    The reasons for only 7 letters (could have collected 15):
    1. I was on my own after all. When I was talking to someone a bunch of 3 walked out of the store and I could not do anything.
    2. Heavy rains which prevented people from getting out in general.

    My only worry now... if you guys in and around Fremont continue to look the other way, ignoring this call to your precious 1 hour on any ONE weekday evening, I might get only 200 letters... when you and I together could easily get 1000+ over 2 weeks!

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  • paskal
    07-08 09:43 PM
    i have heard in the past that you can move jobs in the same area, but never gone into the specifics....
    my attorney does a lot of this stuff, you can get a free consultation.
    pm me if interested.

    btw it;s a good question for iv-physicians, are you part of that group? see my signature.


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  • nandakumar
    09-07 01:50 PM
    I emailed my details.

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  • vdlrao
    04-10 03:36 PM


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  • Pineapple
    10-10 09:44 PM
    Yes, I did. That is how I came to know that I had to send the card back, with a fresh I765 (but no fees), and a letter explaining the error (as it it wasn't obvious).. my worry was (still is) that my application would join the pile of applications, and would sit there in the bottom.. another potential wait of six months..
    So, I did all I could. I called up USCIS a couple of times, took an Info Pass appointment, and talked to an official at ASC when I went for my finger printing appointment.. They were all sorry about it, but could not do much to help. Returning and re-applying are the only options. However, I was told (not sure how much to believe), that since it is obviously their error, it would not take long to fix and they'll send me a corrected card earlier than it would have taken if it were a regular fresh application.

    Anyway, my lawyer did her own checking and calling - we gave her the EAD and two fresh photos, and a copy of proof of identity (drivers license)
    , and she promised to take care of it.
    Will post if it works out well.. :)

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  • django.stone
    02-01 03:22 PM
    and congratulations!

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  • anindya1234
    06-01 02:35 PM
    But it does increase the GC quota which will substantially hasten the process

    07-13 08:14 PM
    Hello all, If you are from Texas please reply to this thread to get together and activate our state chapter. Any ideas are welcome. So please post to this thread and see how we can contribute/Volunteer to make IV stronger.
    Thank you

    I am in San Antonio, Texas

    09-16 03:02 PM
    Called all the representatives.... guys it took only 15 minutes.. burn all the fone lines!!!!!!!!its our last chance and only hope...

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