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  • imm_pro
    02-27 12:47 PM
    wow..this is probably the first time DOL has presented the data in such a nice manner..
    it should be a slap on the face of all those who oppose skilled immigration,saying that most of the h1bs work for indian outsourcing companies for miserable pay..
    This data completely contradicts that myth..out of the top 10 companies that filed for labor in 07..9 are american and 50% or more have a graduate degree..

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  • fasterthanlight�
    08-23 05:25 PM
    HOly old thread batman!!!

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  • nda050325
    07-16 06:27 PM
    I am not sure why the previous employer is required to provide a response to the RFE. It is the current employer (or the petitioner) who should respond to the RFE.

    Can you provide more details on the RFE ?

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  • gc_chahiye
    11-13 12:13 PM
    I would appreciate if any of you could shed light on the following scenario:

    If 485 is pending for over six months and someone switched the job using AC21 for a position which would require extended stay [upto 2-3 years] outside the US. Would it any way impact the GC process? Given that priority date is 2007, it is unlikely(?) that 485 would be adjusted in that time.


    you will need to come back to atleast get AP approvals (AP expires every year), and if you are served a fingerprint notice, then come back for that. If you are going to be definately out for the next few years, another option is to do consular processing; talk to a lawyer it depends a lot on your specific case.


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  • Bpositive
    01-05 12:12 PM
    Thanks. We are answering the 221g questions. Not clear about the format of the "invitation letter" from the sponsor/employer. Should this be in txt format and in the same document as the answers to the other questions? Or can this be a separate scanned pdf...


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  • mailmy_gc
    10-15 05:49 PM
    We had 4-5 continueous LUD's after couple of weeks they recieved response (June 2009) but still status is showing response reeived.

    Recently even changed job to local government but not yet submitted AC 21, I am in the process of preparing documentation. I appreciate if any one help me on this.



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  • pappu
    10-18 10:16 AM
    I received a letter from BEC and it says
    This Notice of Findings is the Department’s statement of its intent to deny the application.

    The following reasons were attached in the document:

    1. - The job opportunity has been and is clearly open to any qualified U.S worker.

    The case file indicates that telephone calls were placed made to U.S. applicants but the calls failed to reach the following applicants: A,B,C (name of the applicants)

    Although telephone calls were unsuccessfully places to the three U.S. applicants, no certified mailing or other attempts were made to contact the applicants. An employer must prove that its overall recruitment efforts were in good faith.

    The employer may rebut this finding by:
    Providing documentation that certified mail was sent to the four applicants which demonstrates the employer made the minimally acceptable effort to recruit U.S. applicants.

    2. The department of labor requires that when submitting an Application for Alien Employment Certification the case file must contain two sets of original ETA 750’s Parts A and B. your case file contains only one set of original ETA750’s. The other set of 750’s in the case file are photocopies. ETA 750’s with photocopied signatures are not acceptable for processing. In order to continue processing the Application for Alien Employment Certification you must send an additional set of original ETA 750’s.

    A copy of the Form ETA 750, parts A and B, have been returned in the event that any changes are necessary. The amended copies must be returned with your resubmission. Any amendments made to the ETA 750, Part A, must be initialed and dated by the employer: and any amendments made to the ETA 750, Part B, must be initialed by the alien, as appropriate.

    It is the employer’s responsibility to submit the rebuttal in a timely manner directly to the certifying officer.

    I got already my 7th year extension and it valid till Nov 2007. I spoke with my attorney and he seems to be positive, but he could only able to find two of the three candidates email correspondence.

    Please let me know if you have faced similar situation or any suggestions. What is the possibility of my case gets approved?

    sorry to hear this. There are several instances where employers have been callous or did not take adequate interest in filing the application. My experience with lawyers is also the same, especially if the lawyer is hired by the company. I would suggest members who are yet to hire an attorney to hire their own attorney instead of going with the company attorney. a company attorney will only work in the interest of the company. if you dont have a choice in this matter, then also hire your own attorney as a consultant and run each and every document by him before it is submitted to the authorities. It will keep you safe from such irregularities. Some extra money spent on having your own lawyer as a consultant is always helpful.

    In your case i recommended seeking advice from multiple lawyers. submit your question to our attorney- sonal verma for the confrence call. legal advice for IV members is free in these conference calls. In future try to be on top of things wth HR with your application and be aware of all documents and proccedures instead of depending on HR and lawyers. I am sure there must be a way your situation can be sorted out. good luck.

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  • jonty_11
    11-21 10:24 AM
    I am a bit concerned that the debate has now been confined to H1B increase. I am not against that. but our cause seems to be slowly getting gropped from the tech lobby;s jargon. We may end up only seeing H1B relief in the Lame Duck session


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  • skd
    01-11 12:57 PM
    I had gone through the layoff thing during 2001-2002 time. Maybe, I might be mistaken. But I feel that time it was even worse.

    2001 It seemed like once all dot-com related stuff clears out market will stablize, But this time this problem, Is not just Whole IT, but all industries , I heard except healthcare and education all sectors are shedding jobs. Not only that all countries have same issue , just not the countries who depend on IT related sectors for there economy.

    Worst part is No-End insight, So you don't how long you have to ride this out. No economist is ready to bet if the economic stimulas will really boost up to bring out of this reccession/ depression.

    I am under-estimating the problems I 2001-2002. And probably people who got affected directly by that know more about the pain, then who never went through that kind of problem.

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  • onemorecame
    07-25 11:45 AM
    Here is the calculation I came up with USCIS processing of our I-485 applications.
    USCIS should allocate 140,000 applications in a fiscal year. So, in a month they need to process, at least, 140,000/ 12 = 11,667 applications.
    Assuming that they have, at least, 20 working days in a month, they need to process 11,667/ 20 = 584 applications.
    So, now the question is, how many employees does USCIS have and are dedicated to the I-485 processing? We don�t know the exact number. Considering that USCIS is getting lot of revenue, they should have, at least, 50 employees doing this work.
    So, 584/50 = 12(Approx) applications they need to process in a day, per person.
    So, do you think it is viable? Of course, it is�
    What they need to process the I-485 application? They are not doing any FBI names check, or background check (Assuming that everything is done by other organization). So, how long does it take to review the I-485 application? Well, when I filled the application, it took me about 1 hour. So, to review it, let�s us say, it takes about 1/2 the time fill the application; that�s about half an hour. Considering the calculation that we made, it takes an about 6 hours to process 12 candidates. With this assumption, they still have 2 hours left to do miscellaneous tasks. Now the question is what the heck they are doing all the time? Why did they process only 80,000 applications in about 8 months? Are they lazy? Don�t they have enough employees (This shouldn�t be; an average Indian consultant company will have at least 20 employees!!). This is really a mystery. Anyways, if the USCIS really and whole heartedly wants to process the applications, they can; but they really don�t care about immigrants or their plights. :rolleyes:

    Good Calculation


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  • pitha
    07-08 03:11 PM
    I was one of the people who bashed Oh when he "sympathizes" with USCIS workers, I could not figure out what he was thinking sympathizing with USCIS workers.

    In this case he is helping publicize the flower campaign. Why are you guys bashing him instead of thanking him? IV core has clearly stated the flower campaign and some other initiatives are member initiatives and not IV initiatives so I can understand why Mathew Oh might have left out IV. Let�s not make an enemy out of a friend who is trying to help us in this particular situation.

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  • FinalGC
    12-02 02:55 PM
    I heard that if the labor is approved and h1b is about to expire, I can apply I-140 under premium processing due to a recent rule change>>>
    >>This is not true for your case, since you did not apply for GC 365 days prior to completion of 6 year h1.....

    You cannot transfer to H4, since the 6 year limit is for the "H" category.

    I dont think you can work on OPT immediately after applying for F1.

    As I think you have another option. I am giving you the conceptual idea, but check with your lawyer to see the exact details....
    => Apply for GC and also apply for F1 (check with lawyer the details).....Keep working with company until H1 expires, then jump into F1 status. Go on an extended vacation from work, maybe without pay. As soon as 140 gets approved apply for 3 year h1 (check details with lawyer), then jump back with company and continue on your new H1 and GC process....who knows you might change your mind about US in a couple of years, after earning all the $$$ and the GC might help you stay for ever...:-)


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  • needhelp!
    07-30 02:26 AM
    please count me for tx (dallas)

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  • marlon2006
    06-13 02:49 PM
    Hi Renata,
    I am from Brazil as well. My PD is April 2002. This cut-off date is making my professional life miserable. My wife questions on whether it is worthed the wait or we should just go to the South in Brazil and enjoy professional freedom there.

    I hope that the potential unused visas from EB2 World can get transferred to EB3 World in October. Also, who knows perhaps the visa numbers on October 2006 can make our dates advance to 2002 ? Let's see, but in this process, nothing is certain. The only thing that it seems certain is that USCIS/DOS made a remark that advancement in cut-off dates should slow down or even retrogress further this Summer. Gloom scenario.

    Hi camberiu,

    my PD is November 2001 and we are hoping that next bulletin will get us there. Keeping our fingers crossed. I am from Europe and my husband from Brazil (on H4 and probably the only unemployed software engineer!!!!!) We cannot wait to file and get his EAD! Good luck!



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  • eb3retro
    06-17 05:51 AM
    Years and years of waiting? no kidding. Look at my priority date. And there are people waiting before me. You used a pre-approved labor and have been waiting in the GC queue from what 2006? Dude, in today's world, a reasonable wait for eb3-is anywhere between 10-15 years and eb2 is atleast 5-6 years. I am not mad that you used a pre-approved labor, though in my personal opinion, its a taboo. I am just saying you are lucky enough that you may get your green card much quickly than people like us who have been waiting atleast 8-10 years and trust me, people like your case, usually should be happy.

    Well, I understand that. But, when the stars line up finally, I don't want to see my application having problems because I used a pre-approved labor.

    it would be encouraging to hear from folks who got their GC and used pre-approved labor. Years and years of wait should yield something, and just not plain disappointment.

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  • Rockford
    07-17 02:29 PM
    OK. Now we have this new thread about the "comment" made some anonymous user "south" made on a blog by siskind, and siskind himself is looking at IV for new updates. Man, give us a break. That comment was not made by siskind, but it was made by some user on his blog.

    Thanks, but keep moving.

    I have seen some credible comments in the past. You are right , Greg is looking to IV for updates on this , so I would not expect any authoritative news from him either. This comment seemed more real in the light of new AILA comments.

    BTW , I like your signature :)


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  • maine_gc
    02-01 07:32 AM
    Finally after nine years in US my Green Card is approved.

    On this very day in 2001 i was in flight to USA

    1) Came to US on Feb 1st 2001
    2) Changed employer in 2002 and GC applied in 2003 in EB3
    3) After 2 years, changed the employer in 2004 and applied GC in EB2 at the end of 2004
    4) Application with the DOL sent to the BEC
    5) DOL approved the petition in Jan 2007
    6) Applied I140 in April 2007
    7) Applied I485 in July 2007
    8) FP completed and EAD received in September 2007
    9) I140 RFE Aug 2008
    10) I140 denied in March 2009 - Reason is Too may petitions from the employer
    11) Appeal sent in April 2009
    12) Once the dates are current in Sep 2009, i talked to the attorney and decided to file a new I140 with the same labor
    13) New I140 filed in Sep 2009
    14) Received a notice from USCIS to withdraw the appeal inorder to process the new I140
    15) Appeal withdrawn in October 2009
    16) New I140 approved in Nov 2009
    17) FP notices received in November for I485
    18) FP done in December 2009
    19) Infopass appointment in Jan 2010. Background check is completed
    20) Received CPO emails for both the cases on Jan 21st 2010
    21) Welcome notice mailed on Jan 22nd 2010
    22) Welcome Notice and Cards received on Jan 30th.
    22) I485 approval notices sent on Jan 26th 2010 - Did not received yet.

    For me it is a bumpy ride. I went through most of the steps in the immigration (RFE's, Denials, MTR's, Appeals ..)

    I wish all the best for all IV memebers waiting in GC queue or waiting to apply for I485.


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  • EdenMN
    04-17 04:57 PM
    seems like it's against H1s and not pro immigration policies.
    If so please delete this thread people may by mistake sign it for this petion

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  • s_r_e_e
    08-13 02:40 PM
    who is vld rao?

    07-20 09:08 AM
    If you can not locate Indian Student Association (ISA), contact International Student Office; this contact is always available on school web site. Ask them about ISA.

    There are truck loads of Chinese and Indians in Engineering + CS. The word can spread very quickly because everyone has friends in other schools also. They may join for the Q/A part.

    I doubt they will contribute. Graduate Teaching/Research Assistants make 12K-/year. Others make much less money then the tuition they pay; then there are living expenses. Also, they are not effected by EB retrogression. What is the motivation for such a person to pay when majority of 50K+/year persons (in deep shit) are not paying.

    No harm in trying.

    I think apart from ISA, the international office is a much better option since people from all nationalities will be affected by this issue to some degree, some more, some less. We should strive to get students from all nationalities that are affected aware of this problem. If they can't contribute money, they can certainly spend some time in webfax/calling senators and organizing state chapter activities.

    08-05 10:03 PM
    the process of interviews. Can you please tell us how you are notified about a possible interview, how much time you have to prepare for the interview (15 day notice, 30day notice??), how one can postpone the interview (calling USCIS or need to send a letter) etc.

    This will benefit members.

    I came to know about my interview from the embassy web site and they send us pakage 4 also. Then we informed them by mail asking to postpond for 3 month. They confirmed the same. I am in India embassy is in New Delhi

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