Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • ramus
    06-14 10:43 AM

    Don't create new thred for every single question you have.. You can find right thred and put it there..

    Yes you can file for 485 even though your H1B extension is pending.

    My 8th year H1 extension is pending with CIS, and my current H1 expires on June 26, 07. Can I file my 485 when my H1 status is pending from CIS?

    Please advise.:confused:

    tattoos of quotes on feet. tattoos of quotes on feet.
  • tattoos of quotes on feet.

  • tsiger
    06-20 04:48 AM
    yo guys.. thanx for voting my stamp! I am in the army now and i left things behind.. i won't be able to join frequently for the next 10 months so see you later all and thanx again for voting!

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  • rkm
    05-14 07:29 PM
    It was a quite surprise to me. Almost more than a year EB3 did not move for more than a month all of a sudden it moved 2 years..

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  • milind70
    12-03 08:32 AM
    I had very very bad experience in Mumbai. I had lost my all documents except passport .Keep ur Documents all the time with you no matter what situation would be. Look for good safe hotel don’t go after chip hotel. One more thing keep all your valuables in secured place.

    At consulate experience was pleasant.

    This case u described is common and applicable to any city in world/India so please dont single out Mumbai. It is a fine city.


    tattoos of quotes on feet. tattoos of quotes on feet.
  • tattoos of quotes on feet.

  • rimzhim
    02-09 04:02 PM
    Please keep this thread alive ...
    sledge hammer:

    can you explain if the new labors being cleared in the BEC centers (approximately 150K are still pending) are from 2001-2003?

    In 2003, there should be a demand of 23% of 300K (couting spouses)=69K. Total visas are about 140K per annum. So there should be some movement. i dont understand why there will be no movement.

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  • clif
    06-15 09:07 AM
    Bumping up...
    :confused: My H1B is about to expire in Oct 2007 and I haven't yet filed for 7th year extension. I have approved I-140 with April 2006 PD. Should I file for 7th year ext. of H1B or I-485 or both? If I file for H1B extension, will I get 1 year ext. or 3 year ext? :confused:


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  • wildcat1313
    03-30 11:32 PM
    Client lawyers have advised against it. So vendor can't do anything. I'm still trying to see if they can fax it directly to the consulate or send it in seal envelope to them

    Everyone from HR Head to Technology Heads are involved and are doing the best to help me. And then I'm just a contractor whom they can always kick to the curbside.

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  • Ann Ruben
    01-24 05:18 PM
    Unfortunately, you are now out of status, and you are no longer authorized to work. Your employer can file a new petition for you, but because you are not in legal H1 status, you are not entitled to an extension of H1 status. The same is true if a new employer files an H1 petition for you. In either case, you will have to leave the US, get a new H1 visa stamped in your passport and re-enter the US using that visa in order to regain legal H1 status with authorization to work.

    Premium processing isn't required, but if you want to get back to work as soon as possible it would be a good idea.



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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    01-20 02:45 PM
    OK OK, EB1 kicks ass too !!!! :D

    If they are so good, Show the list of names.

    Any EB3 started big company after getting Greencard? Any EB3 invented after getting Greencard?

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  • Pasquale
    03-01 05:04 AM
    It could be neat to see a photo comparison to the real thing so the likeness can be observed!


    tattoos of quotes on feet. foot tattoos quotes.
  • foot tattoos quotes.

  • susie
    07-13 09:32 PM

    Why and how do members get those green and red squares when they post messages? I do know red squares are bad since a mouseover shows the text that the member has had some bad behavior. However, I have seen various texts for green squares. Mine says "I'm on a distinguised road"...I had no idea I was on one, but I sure do hope it ends with a Green Card in hand! :)

    Anyway, does anyone know all the different variations of text for green and red squares and how do they change for different members?


    Now I am curious to see if I have any so making this post to check

    tattoos of quotes on feet. foot tattoos quotes.
  • foot tattoos quotes.

  • justin150377
    06-22 09:27 AM
    any advice?


    tattoos of quotes on feet. tattoos of quotes on feet.
  • tattoos of quotes on feet.

  • satyasaich
    01-27 07:02 AM
    US needs EB1 and Ph.Ds

    Others not contribute as much

    Looks like you are EB1, but your comments are reflecting mindset of uneducated person / so many members of congress and senate of this country.
    What a pity

    But for sure, i'm happy to see something related to EB immigration is addressed ( no matter which 'category' that is)

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  • hpandey
    01-21 11:37 AM
    I had a doctor's appointment today and my doc asked if I had read this article: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior - ( and if I agreed with the author (coming from an asian/indian family)

    What do you think?

    Has it anything to do with immigration??

    It will only start a fight between members on parenting style.. and a bitter fight at that.

    If u like the article you are free to raise your children like that.

    Read this to know what your children will think of you when they grow up ...


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  • jonty_11
    01-16 02:50 PM
    Whats a good score for Immigration purposes on the IELTS. Looks like the scale is 1 to 9.

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  • pappu
    03-05 10:56 AM
    I am an IT consultant

    What is the probable Approval date for this application?

    My details:
    EB2-labor 09/2006.
    I-140 SRC078XXXXXXX(Texas)
    Reciept: 02/27/2007
    Notice: 07/31/2007
    section: Member of professional w/adv degree or of exceptional ability . Sec203(b)(2)

    I-485:# SRC08-008-53-XXX(Texas:2008:eight day from 09/01/2008)
    Notice :09/11/2007
    Section: Adjustment as direct beneficiary of imigrant petition.

    Finger Printing:12/20/2007

    Could you please add that in your profile as well


    tattoos of quotes on feet. tattoos of quotes on feet.
  • tattoos of quotes on feet.

  • rolrblade
    07-20 03:02 PM
    Use G325A since it has four pages. Each page will be sent to different places written at the left bottom of each page. My lawyer sent me G325A.

    I disagree. if you read the instructions on Form I-485 it clearly states nder the inital evidence that you are required to submit Form G325A. No where did they mention GA 325.

    So if i were you, I would agree to the earlier post to submit the G325A along with all your details in a letter or wait for a receipt.

    Consult your attorney.

    tattoos of quotes on feet. tattoos of quotes on feet
  • tattoos of quotes on feet

  • gee_see
    10-19 10:54 PM
    Experts... any advise???

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  • usirit
    11-21 12:24 AM
    By the way, what "...You are from ROW..." means :o

    07-08 01:53 PM
    07/08/2007: Massive Flower Send-In Campaign by Indian Community in Spirit of Mahatma Gandhi's Nonviolent Protest Against the Injustice Involving Visa Bulletin Fiasco

    The East Indian community has been engaging in an interesting campaign sending a massive bouque of flowers with a message of protest to the leaders of the USCIS and the State Deparment, including Mr. Emilio Gonzalez, Director of USCIS and Dr. Rice, Secretary of Department of State relating to the ongoing Visa Bulletin commotion. Indians are the primary sources of foreign high-tech workers and the country's much needed sources of brains for the businesses and the employers, and it turns out that the current Visa Bulletin fiasco has hit most them and their U.S. employers. Considering the fact that the Congress sidelined foreign legal workers and brains as a backburner issue in the ill-fated CIR, the current Visa Bulletin fiasco appears to add the heat of outrage to the Congress' unfair and unjust treatment of the legal immigrants by leaders in this country. OUCH!

    Thanks a lot for posting!
    Please post the URL, always, if I may add.

    08-07 10:54 AM
    Though its not mentioned it is good file I-134. You are not eligible for I-864.

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