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steven spielberg quotes. steven spielberg quotes. where Steven Spielberg got; where Steven Spielberg got. optophobia. Nov 17, 04:46 PM. Does he at least put them on for you or do
  • steven spielberg quotes. where Steven Spielberg got; where Steven Spielberg got. optophobia. Nov 17, 04:46 PM. Does he at least put them on for you or do

  • john2255
    07-20 02:44 PM
    I am sorry to start a new thread but I feel the following thread is not getting the importance it should get. Everyone please dont miss the following thread. Its a big defeat during our celebrations.

    Major loss to us Cornyn amendment rejected

    steven spielberg quotes. steven spielberg quotes. steven spielberg Anysha+; steven spielberg Anysha+. yayitsezekiel. Apr 28, 11:33 PM. No way in crap would I pay a crap tax like
  • steven spielberg quotes. steven spielberg Anysha+; steven spielberg Anysha+. yayitsezekiel. Apr 28, 11:33 PM. No way in crap would I pay a crap tax like

  • buddhaas
    02-02 03:57 PM
    Why Is H-1B A Dirty Word?
    By Eleanor Pelta, AILA First Vice President

    H-1B workers certainly seem to be under fire these days on many fronts. A new memo issued by USCIS on the employer-employee relationship imposes new extra-regulatory regulations on the types of activities in which H-1B workers can engage as well as the types of enterprises that can petition for H-1B workers. The memo targets the consulting industry directly, deftly slips in a new concept that seems to prohibit H-1B petitions for employer-owners of businesses, and will surely constitute an open invitation to the Service Centers to hit H-1B petitioners with a new slew of kitchen-sink RFE's. On another front, USCIS continues to make unannounced H-1B site visits, often repeatedly to the same employer. Apart from the "in-terrorem" impact of such visits, I personally cannot see the utility of three different visits to the same employer, particularly after the first one or two visits show that the employer is fully compliant.

    But USCIS isn't the only agency that is rigorously targeting H-1B's. An AILA member recently reported that CBP pulled newly-arrived Indian nationals holding H-1B visas out of an immigration inspection line and reportedly placed them in Expedited Removal. The legal basis of those actions is still unclear. However, the tactic is too close to racial profiling for my own comfort.

    Finally, recent H-1B "skirmishes" include various U.S. consular posts in India issuing "pink letters" that are, simply put, consular "RFE's" appearing to question the bona fides of the H-1B and requesting information on a host of truly repetitive and/or irrelevant topics. Much of the information that is routinely requested on a pink letter is already in the copy of the H-1B visa petition. Some of the letters request payroll information for all employees of the sponsoring company, a ridiculous request in most instances, particularly for major multi-national companies. One of the most frustrating actions we are seeing from consular officers in this context is the checking off or highlighting of every single category of additional information on the form letter, whether directly applicable or not, in effect a "paper wall" that must be overcome before an applicant can have the H-1B visa issued. Very discouraging to both employer and employee.

    How have we come to a point in time where the H-1B category in and of itself is so disdained and mistrusted? Of course I'm aware that instances of fraud have cast this category in a bad light. But I think that vehemence of the administrative attack on the H-1B category is so disproportionate to the actual statistics about fraud. And interestingly, the disproportionate heavy-handed administrative reaction comes not from the agency specifically tasked with H-1B enforcement—the Department of Labor—but from CIS, CBP and State. Sometimes I just have to shake my head and ask myself what makes people so darn angry about a visa category that, at bottom, is designed to bring in relatively tiny number of really smart people to work in U.S. businesses of any size. It has to be a reaction against something else.

    Yes, a great number of IT consultants come to the US on H-1B's. It is important to remember that so many of these individuals are extremely well-educated, capable people, working in an industry in which there are a large number of high profile players. And arguably, the high profile consulting companies have the most at stake if they do not focus on compliance, as they are the easiest enforcement target and they need their business model to work in the U.S. in order to survive. Some people may not like the business model, although arguably IT consulting companies provide needed services that allow US businesses, such as banks and insurance companies to focus on their own core strengths. Like it or not, though, this business model is perfectly legal under current law, and the agencies that enforce our immigration laws have no business trying to eviscerate it by policy or a pattern of discretionary actions.

    It is true that some IT consulting companies' practices have been the focus of fraud investigations. But DOL has stringent rules in place to deal with the bad guys. Benching H-1B workers without pay, paying below the prevailing wage, sending H-1B workers on long-term assignments to a site not covered by an LCA—these are the practices we most often hear about, and every single one of these is a violation of an existing regulation that could be enforced by the Department of Labor. When an employer violates wage and hour rules, DOL investigates the practices and enforces the regulations against that employer. But no one shuts down an entire industry as a result.

    And the IT consulting industry is not the only user of the H-1B visa. Let's not forget how many other critical fields use H-1B workers. In my own career alone, I have seen H-1B petitions for nanoscientists, ornithologists, CEO's of significant not for profit organizations, teachers, applied mathematicians, risk analysts, professionals involved in pharmaceutical research and development, automotive designers, international legal experts, film editors, microimaging engineers. H-1B's are valuable to small and large businesses alike, arguably even more to that emerging business that needs one key expert to develop a new product or service and get the business off the ground.

    The assault on H-1B's is not only offensive, it's dangerous. Here's why:

    * H-1B's create jobs—statistics show that 5 jobs are created in the U.S. for every H-1B worker hired. An administrative clamp-down in the program will hinder this job creation. And think about the valuable sharing of skills and expertise between H-1B workers and U.S. workers—this is lost when companies are discouraged from using the program.
    * The anti-H-1B assault dissuades large businesses from conducting research and development in the US, and encourages the relocation of those facilities in jurisdictions that are friendlier to foreign professionals.
    * The anti-H-1B assault chills the formation of small businesses in the US, particularly in emerging technologies. This will most certainly be one of the long-term results of USCIS' most recent memo.
    * The attack on H-1B's offends our friends and allies in the world. An example: Earlier this year India –one of the U.S.'s closest allies --announced new visa restrictions on foreign nationals working there. Surely the treatment of Indian national H-1B workers at the hands of our agencies involved in the immigration process would not have escaped the attention of the Indian government as they issued their own restrictions.
    * The increasing challenges in the H-1B program may have the effect of encouraging foreign students who were educated in the U.S. to seek permanent positions elsewhere.

    Whatever the cause of the visceral reaction against H-1B workers might be—whether it stems from a fear that fraud will become more widespread or whether it is simply a broader reaction against foreign workers that often raises its head during any down economy –I sincerely hope that the agencies are able to gain some perspective on the program that allows them to treat legitimate H-1B employers and employees with the respect they deserve and to effectively enforce against those who are non-compliant, rather than casting a wide net and treating all H-1B users as abusers.

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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-17 05:21 PM
    huh!!! no responses...Am I the only one with this issue????

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  • alterego
    05-07 07:17 PM
    How long can one stay unemployed on EAD? my pd is Nov2005 EB-2
    I got laid-off on Monday I was on H1-b. The employer has notified USICS to withdraw the H1-B. But will not be revoking any GC related stuff. Was on H1-b Laid off 485 pending 180days+ have EAD :(
    Your responses will be really appreciated.ASAP

    A few question pop to mind here.

    1) Has your 140 been approved?

    2) How easy/difficult is it to get another job in a same/similar job in a reasonable time frame.

    3) When is your EAD valid until?

    4) Have you had a good relationship with your previous employer and will he leave the 140 untouched.

    Here is what I see. H1b cancellation is a red flag for an astute officer. He/she might send you an RFE on your 485 if he/she wishes, you will then need to show present or future job offer pay stubs/offer letter.
    If your 140 is not approved, you might need to consider aggressively getting into another job and restarting your application.
    If you can find a same/similar job offer within a reasonable time frame, that being a time frame before you either get an RFE or your case is being adjudicated, then you are within the law.
    EAD renewal times tend to be one of those junctures where the case profile is reviewed and RFEs come your way. Just my personal experience.
    Your 140 being left untouched and your employer willing to help you giving a letter that he has a job for you in the future can quell any nightmare RFE scenario, since EB green card sponsorship is usually for future job offer. Ironically most of us are already gainfully employed................makes you realize how antiquated the EB immigration system really is in this country!

    Good luck. Keep us posted.


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  • gcformeornot
    01-09 03:43 PM
    With rampant job losses lets see how our community is doing. If you know somebody who lost job or about to loose job in future, please vote.

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  • nhfirefighter13
    October 22nd, 2005, 08:00 PM
    I like the second shot a lot. Nicely done.

    I think the third shot needs to be closer. There's a little too much negative space around the arrangement. Just my 2 cents.

    The first shot....I'm not too sure about that one. Technically, it looks fine but it's not holding my attention.

    One thing I've noticed about studio product shots is that the most difficult part is finding the props to support the atmoshere of the photo...and then arranging them in a pleasant fashion. I've still got a lot to learn in that department.


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  • coopheal
    11-10 05:13 PM

    IV has put in significant effort in creating this survey to map the strength of our community.

    Answered the the survey.

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  • Berkeleybee
    09-19 09:03 PM
    I hope you all took note of the fact that the article dates from May 6, 2006. Very old news. Discussed in the news article thread. IV also wrote a response to NYT.



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  • santb1975
    01-28 09:46 PM
    you are awesome

    Tomorrow evening, can you rise to the occasion???

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  • chanduv23
    03-14 12:16 PM
    Thank you all for your responses. We just wanted to keep a plan B active. Both of us are on h1b and from India. After residency, she will have 3 more years on h1b, and I am entering 8th year on h1b, if we don't get GC after all this, we would like to try various options like India, Canada, Australia etc.. and that's why we started enquiring.


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  • indianabacklog
    11-10 04:04 PM
    You can volunteer in a role that is always undertaken by individuals who are volunteers, such as in a hospital setting. In reality if you are volunteering for a for profit they are really getting unpaid assistance which technically should be done by an employee.

    If you go serve dinners at a homeless mission or work as a hospital volunteer for example then you are just fine.

    I do have this information from a lawyer incidentally as this question arose in our family.

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  • LCtank
    07-14 01:44 PM
    EB3 retrog is completely hopeless in next 2 or 3 years unless the legislation release is passed. Lobbying is the only way to influence.

    suppose this SKIll bill is passed, probablly not this year since election are aboutto happen. what are the chances that EB3 worldwidw will become current when SKILL BILL goes into affect. I am sure there are majority of people here are Eb3 category.

    What if someone is got a few monts left before they finsih the Masters, but their process in in EB3. Can they take advantage of this bill. Obviouslly one has to finish the degree first.



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  • mishras
    05-14 09:13 AM

    Received REF this week: for LCA vioation for a particular period.
    I ve approved labor, 140 and EAD, still working on valid H1 with the same employer since 2003.
    My employer missed filling LCA FOR 2006.

    Please let me know if anyone else in the same boat, ANY COMMENT AND ADVICE WILL BE HELPFUL....

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  • Ann Ruben
    05-13 11:56 AM
    The US branch of your employer should consider filing an H-1B for you. The quota has not yet been used up for this fiscal year, and if it is approved, you would have the certainty that you could begin work in the US on October 1, 2009.

    It is very possible that the appeal would not be decided before Oct. 1st, and the odds of the AAO reversing the denial are generally not good.

    You might also want to consider whether you might be elligible for L-1A status.


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  • mchundi
    07-09 12:44 PM
    Upgraded to premium processing on June 19th. No news so far....No update on uscis website whatsoever....

    Anybody in same boaT?
    Me too. Upgraded to Premium on 20th june. No updates yet.

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  • belmontboy
    11-09 06:02 PM
    Dr. Balkrishna Matapurkar, a surgeon at New Delhi's Maulana Azad Medical College, has pioneered a stem cell based technique for the regeneration of tissues and organs. He already holds a patent for this innovative technique. Incidentally, he is of view that embryonic stem cell research is one of the lost sciences of ancient India.

    But please note that I am not trying to propagate that indian culture is best or better etc. I just wanted to share that stem cell related view of mine.

    A couple of the fellow members might be cursing me to have posted this in. I know its nowhere related to immigration, but just a thought share.

    That would be the view of Dr BalKrishna Matapurkar.

    There is no accepted literary evidence to support his views. If so, please point me to that


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  • justice4all
    02-25 04:57 PM
    This is the link.

    Hi akhilmaharajan,
    I cant access the link. It opens a blank page. Can you tell me why?


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  • pcs
    06-01 01:53 PM
    Core guys,

    what do you say ????

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  • andy garcia
    10-05 10:37 AM
    The best way to first start the changes to happen is to file a law suit against USCIS. If we can find a bunch of people would have the same kind of application credentials and different PD were the later PD application was approved we can sue USCIS for losses in personal life and career due to their ineffeciency.
    How many of you would be intersted in a law suit like this. If we have even a hunder people to file a law suit we will get more media publicity and our problem will get more recogniction than rallies and lobbying.

    This is what the law says:

    INA Section 203(e) provides that family-sponsored and employment-based preference visas be issued to eligible immigrants in the order in which a petition in behalf of each has been filed.

    What is your argument to sue?

    06-22 09:41 AM
    TB test should be positive or nigative. does it make any different in immigration

    any responce

    01-25 04:52 PM
    First of all, everyone on this forum knows that Bush was never the obstacle for skilled immigrants - his restrictionist partymen in congress are the problem. So what purpose does this story serve and how in the wide world is this "promising"? We have been hearing such "promising news" for the last year now with nothing actually happening.

    TOI makes it sound as if Bush is dispatching Air Force 1 to India for a planeload of skilled desis and will issue them US passports at the port of entry. s/articleshow/1461553.cms

    This is very promising and can help our IV team to press on for relief provisions for Skilled workers already here.

    Good luck to us all.

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