Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • sieger007
    05-17 12:53 PM
    Hi Folks
    1 ) I just read that EB2 has retrogressed to 2000.Now IF I ALREADY FOR 140 APPROVED AND IF I GOT EAD ALREADY does that Labor filing priority date apply to GC too ?
    2) I got EAD and I am waiting for my GC.My 140 Is also approved .
    I filed under EB2 and I got AP and EAD Card Nov 2008. Since then I am getting all paystubs ( from Aug 08) from the sponsoring employer. I left this employer in 2006 and joined him back in Jan 2008.
    I believe I applied via NE Processing Center.
    How long before I get my GC.

    3) From Nov 2006 to Jan 08 working in India and come to US on B1 and returned back to India. Jan 08 continued with same employer.Would this cause problems with my GC.
    What about the FBI name check thing - is that going to cause delays

    Please somone reply

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  • rajuseattle
    07-01 01:47 AM
    I am also in a simlar situation except that the job location is same but job position going to be Sr. Programmer analyst for the same employer who is sponsoring my GC and for whom i am working for last 6 + yrs.

    According to our company attorney and HR, i am eligible for promotion using the AC-21 and they are preparing my AC-21 package to USCIS.

    In the AC-21 letter to USCIS it is clearly mentioned that i will be using AC-21 provision of the immigration law to accept the new position for the same employer. HR also verified that this is a natural progression for my job position.

    Anyways i would suggest please talk to your HR and company attorney as they would know the best course of action for you. Remember in the immigration world even if you think u r into similar situation with other person, it may not be true in all cases.

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  • franklin
    09-23 02:42 AM
    FWIW - I never got any copies of receipts, just the numbers, from my attorney

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  • mirage41
    06-13 05:04 PM
    Just a quick update:

    All 3 Lofgren bills will be marked up next week in the subcommittee.

    IV is working with the committee members at this time and will give more updates as the bills move forward. Please continue to make calls.

    What does 'marked up' mean?


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  • drirshad
    08-08 11:16 AM
    how much is 40 credits ...........

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  • gsc999
    04-15 01:54 PM
    Hello, I think I made a mistake. I recently went from GC to citizenship and it cost me my job. I was
    fired shortly after becoming a citizen.

    Senthil for once I agree with you :D Tell me who moved my Cheese!

    abby: GC to citizenship, lost job eh!
    US law doesn't permit discrimination in employment based on race or Country of origin.

    There are many websites that advertise jobs in India, depending on your situation and goals. Send me a PM with your resume and phone number, I will try getting you a job in India. Average pay scale is thousand dollars/mo and commute time in 3 hours. I am sure, those are non factors because you so sincerely desire this.

    Also, I would recommend taking a break from this all and think about your future plans. I am not sure how young you are, there is a call for surge in Iraq for our troops. It is perfect time for a citizen to show his patriotism. I heard sign-up bonus is amazing :-) I was planning to volunteer, they refused me because I am a prospective legal immigrant. I want to contribute but can't, I feel bad.


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  • skagitswimmer
    June 5th, 2005, 09:46 PM
    I have a new eos 350 and am slowly starting to learn to use it. One problem I seem to be having is that on some of my flower shots I am finding that the reds and yellows seem to get blown. I am sure the exposure is right because I bracket like crazy. And I am shooting in raw and then use the slidebar and curve in the photoshop CS raw converter to tone down the image untill the clipping is all gone. But there is still no detail in the area in question - which was the area that showed up as blown out or clipped in the raw image.

    The area I am talking about is the petal on the far side of the flower near the center of the image.

    I would have assumed that because it shows up as clipped in the initial RAW image then there is no recoverable detail. However if I desaturate the image almost completely or add reds I do get some detail in the blown area.

    I am using a photoshop colourspace in the camera. Saturation and exposure are set to normal.

    Is this a problem with me or with the camera?

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  • dealsnet
    03-31 05:46 PM
    The OP (MORON) is a fake. He is promoting some Taliban type groups. India will not take any one without passport or embassy out passes. If he went to India without these, he will be in JAIL. If something wrong, USA will not send out any one.



    I wonder why his/her handle is "webPromo"??? hmm... promoting "something" on the web...:D.


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  • smartboy75
    09-22 11:11 PM
    09/22/2008: USCIS Ombudsman Assistance Available for EAD Delay Cases

    If your EAD applications are pending more than 90 days and you need ombudsman's assistance, the following steps should be take:
    Step 1: Call USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-(800) 375-5283 and record the time/date of the call and the name/number of the customer service representative: Explain to the customer service representative that your EAD has been pending more than 90 days and ask for a �service request.� You should receive a response to your service request within a week.
    OR Ask the customer service representative to request an interim card for you. You should receive an EAD or response within a week.
    Step 2: If you choose to visit a local USCIS office, schedule an INFOPASS appointment to visit that office on www.infopass.uscis.gov. At the appointment, ask to apply for an interim EAD. Note that USCIS local offices no longer issue interim EADs. The local office can review your case and determine eligibility. The local office will forward your request to the USCIS service centers. You should receive an EAD or response within a week.
    Step 3: If you have tried both Step 1 and Step 2 and have still not received your EAD or an interim card, please email the ombudsman's office at cisombudsman.publicaffairs@dhs.gov with the details of your efforts. Please include the date and time of your call to the NCSC and the name of the customer service representative. If you visited a USCIS office, please provide that information. The office will look into your case and review how we may be of assistance.

    Source: www.immigration-law.com

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  • hebbar77
    03-15 02:14 PM
    First thing is when u have higher salary , u got nothing to worry.
    Next job tittle/description have to be similar in words not only in nature(becos USCIS officers are not tichnical folks, they just match words). Also it has to be in similar job code. This code is in the ETA* form filed during the labor phase by ur current employer.

    But you can do AC21 with EAD or H1. H1 is safer than EAD.


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  • mundada
    11-06 04:30 PM
    I did not want to start a new thread for this. But I had earlier last month contacted many senators with the official I-485 pending inventory as proof and asking them whether it was humane, ethical and moral to ask someone wait more than 15 years for a green card! And what they are doing to remedy the situation.

    This is the reply I received today from Sen. Frank Lautenberg. May be this is very standard format, I am not sure but it does mention specific bill and recapture provision.

    In Response to Your Message‏
    From: Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (senator@lautenberg.senate.gov)
    Sent: Fri 11/06/09 1:00 PM
    1 attachment
    0A953776.gif (2.8 KB)

    Dear Mr. Mundada:

    Thank you for contacting me about employment-based immigrant visas. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

    Under current immigration law, employment-based immigration is limited to 140,000 visas, or green cards, per year. The process for obtaining employment-based visas can take years to complete, causing many of these visas to go unused. There is also an annual per-country limit that caps at seven percent the number of employment-based immigrants that can come from any one country. In some instances, this per-country cap causes employers to consider country of origin, not talent, when hiring foreign workers.

    A bill has been introduced in the Senate that would address some of these delays and caps. The “Reuniting American Families Act” (S. 1085) would recapture unused employment-based visas from prior years. This bill would allow the Department of Homeland Security to issue any unused visas from Fiscal Years 1992-2007 and in the future roll over any unused visas from one year to the next. It would also increase the per-country cap for employment-based visas to ten percent of the annual total.

    This bill is currently pending before the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which I am not a member. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind should this or other relevant legislation come before the full Senate. Thank you again for contacting me.


    FRL: mts

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  • delhis_007
    12-21 10:39 AM
    I'll be joining in from ND. I dont know of any other members from this state.


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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-06 06:35 PM
    When do the polls close?

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  • youngindia
    06-08 01:27 AM
    Its not abt H1-B abuse, its abt the way it was brought up. Instead of looking into his own house (USCIS and DOL) Sen.Durbin held Indian companies responsible and almost started bashing them. Little did he anticipate that they will come back in this way.

    H1-B abuse is a different issue. Sen. Durbin should have looked into rulemaking part of the game than bashing players of the game.

    When the US was instrumental in doing WTO negotiations during late 90's (BTW-your's truely grew up during that period witnessing this through newspaper articles - was an exact reversal of roles played by India and US then)they never realized that globalizing markets would lead to globalizing labor market also. Now, IT has become a virtual industry with a pretty much open labor market. Professionals making Rs.50000 ($1200) are competing with those making $5000 a month. US politicians made a classic judgement error in 90's. Now, protectionist measures are being brought in by the very same people who championed globalization for a decade.

    The letter puts things in perspective for sen. Durbin. It seems to carry a veiled warning about backlash of these protectionist measures on the US companies doing business in India. Starting from McDonalds,subway,coke (now even Walmart) to Ford, GM, IBM, Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, Abott, J&J, JP Morgan, Bank of America and many more have huge business interests in India. The size of Indian market totals upto atleast 0.8 billion human individuals with need for housing, auto, computers, electronics, healthcare, finance, consumer products etc. Losing an inch of it can make an international co. nervous.
    As far as Indian consumers go they now have options- British, German, Japanese, French and now even the Indian companies.

    Durbin tried to scare a cat, unfortunately for him it turned out to be a big wild cat- aTiger.


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  • pdakwala
    03-01 08:04 PM
    Support IV now or else start packing bags. There are few things that you can do and that is not difficult.

    1. Become member of IV
    2. Support them by contributing money.
    3. Support them by taking part in conference call and meet the lawmakers.

    You can do it. By the way stop giving others BS that

    1. We are on H1B and so no one will hear us.
    2. Is it legal or illlegal to contributing money.

    These are nothing but just excuseS. In reallity you don't have guts and faith in yourself.

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  • zCool
    04-13 06:36 PM
    Hello All,

    I came across this site while researching for *urgent* solutions or options that my friend needs to pursue or has.

    These are my friend's details --

    EB3 -- India.
    I140 approved in July 2007.
    485 filed in July 2007.
    MS in Engg from USA.
    MBA in Finance from top ten school in USA.
    Has applied for couple of patents in tech field.
    Author of few papers in tech field.

    My friend worked for his green card petitioning employer for 7 years in a technical position on H1 visa. He had to leave this job under some unfavorable circumstances around a month back. He has now taken a job as Marketing Manager for a big firm and is using his EAD. Two weeks back he has received an RFE on his 485 application. (Very curious and bad timing indeed too). This RFE needs a Employment Verification Letter. The current position that my friend works as does not match the position description on his labor petition. The RFE reply needs to be sent in within next 2 weeks.

    What are his options to reply to the RFE? One of the lawyers that was consulted said that since Green Card is for a future position, he needs to get a legit letter from a future employer that the employer is willing to hire my friend after he gets his green card.

    Also suggested were EB2-NIW and self-employment options.

    What would you suggest -- best course of action? Would you know anybody who has gone through a similar situation. Any fallback options that my friend needs to evaluate?

    I really appreciate all your replies. Pl treat this as very urgent.


    Lawyer is correct. letter needs to be from future employer.
    EB2 NIW generally can not be applied by Marketing Manager, where is the National interest when you hawk the wares or services? Unless he's marketing Boeing planes and saving jobs thro' his branding brilliance, it's crapshoot..


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  • sabr
    09-19 06:06 PM
    company A applied for my GC. They cant provide me jobs.
    I am working with company B as a contractor (corp to corp with company A and B).. project will finish in a month. already did not work for 12 months even though my I-485 is pending with company A.

    now company B offered me to work perm with them by using EAD. while my H1b renewal is pending with company A.

    can I work with B while A is still my sponsoring company.
    my Q is once h1b approves lets say in a month and renewal for 1 year( can I work with B with EAD for like another 6-8 months and then go out and reenter for H1b with A?

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  • sanin
    01-16 05:51 PM

    I was working with company A since June to Dec 07. and Now I got offer with company B which they are filing my H1 transfer.

    but i dont have the last 2 months (Nov & Dec) paystubs from company A (have paystubs from June to Oct). because my employer always give me latest 2 months the paystubs but i have proof of Bank Acccount mentioning the payroll information in bank account for month of Nov & Dec 07.

    So does the Bank Account statement will be valid for H1 transfer ?

    Please reply me ASAP.

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  • shsk
    07-17 01:02 AM
    Thank you very much, I will be sending the document tomorrow:)

    07-17 08:42 PM
    I think it is high time we need to set rules and roles for senior member alike - they are supposed to bring people to the group not the otherway around - We are setting a wrong precedence - A guy who has contributed more than you, can ask you to lay off ilikekilo, and that is not far away.

    Anyways, Some of the members have become super stars by being here and wanting to do more so let seniors show the real attitude to freshmen.

    Thanks for your understanding

    so what is your point? ?

    FYI ksirh its noth how much u contributed? its the way u ask! pl wake up

    08-03 05:16 PM
    whatever is the reason of revoking ? I just want to know if employer revokes an approved I140 withing 180 days of filling, will the employee know about it.


    Any answers to this questions ?

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